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Whys she looking through his sea chest? 👀

I know, right??

Nosy Swan!

You know what? I’ve just woke up and i’ve still got sleep in the corner of my eyes but fuck it! I’m gonna drabble it!

She digs the stray sock out from underneath the bed that had somehow worked its way towards the centre and tosses it into the hamper wit its companion.  She rises to her feet again and places the two stray books on the cabinet back on the shelf. 

Living here, she knew she’d take pride in it. It was her home she refused to treat it like one of her old apartments in Phoenix; this wasn’t some stopping pit she knew she’d barely take care of because she knew she’d bare;y be in it long enough to get attached. This was her forever home. And she was going to treat it as such.

She picked up the spyglass that perched on the windowsill and smiled, remembering the way Killian had eyed the waves two mornings before.

“Morning love. The waves are rather choppy this morning, i’d say harsh winds and a bit of rain might be on their way.” 

She moved across the room and opened his large chest to put it away, taking care of his small collection of worldly possessions. Emma was hit with the scent of Oak and leather as the lid creaked open.

She couldn’t help but be curious. This box was all him; his life collected in small artefacts in this chest and she wanted to know him more than she did- she always did.

She placed the spyglass to the side and began to take a peek. 

She smiled fondly at the old yellowed book filled with charts. Something told her this was Liam’s as she knew his cabin had been filled with charts just like this, yet he felt this one in particular was to be kept close. 

Her fingers brushed over the leather back of a familiar signet that lay next to it. 

A decorative dagger in a velvet box, two silver goblets wrapped in a chiffon cloth, a folded square of chick embroidered fabric - all these items looking so delicate and antique, with centuries of stories to tell.

A medium sized compartment sat near the bottom, plain and partially open. Emma lifted the lid to find it filled with gold doubloons. 

My pirate. She chuckled softly to herself, knowing this was probably nowhere near his complete loot, but knowing it was enough to keep them going for the year. 

A small black box sat on top of the coins. Emma could tell it was new; modern in design with no aged fading or damage. it held no otherworldly mystery to it. This box screamed ‘Land without magic’. She retrieved it from its hiding place and popped it open, gasping in shock as she saw the diamond ring that nestled inside.

Emma felt her heart race and her cheeks grow hot. she plucked it from its holding and held it; gazing at it with awe. It was a simple ring but beautiful non the less… but emma wasn’t focussed on what it looked like, it was what it meant. 

Killian wanted to marry her. 

And staring at this ring, she knew with absolute certainty that she would say yes.

She sat back against the footing of the bed and continued to play with the piece of jewellery, smiled widening as she dreamt. 

She was going to be Mrs Emma Jones. 

She was going to wear a white dress and say ‘I do’ with her family and friends around her. She was going to dance until her feet hurt with the love of her life, and drink champagne til she was dizzy. She was going to come home to the house they shared together and wake up together, as husband and wife. Her husband. The pirate. The hero. The lost girl was going to live, in her big white picket fence house, with her husband and her son, her family. Her happy ending.

“Emma, you home?”

Her heart stuttered its rhythm at his voice. She placed the lid on the chest back down and stuck the ring in the front of her jeans pocket. Thoughts about finding it while snooping flew out o her head - in that moment she didn’t care, she’d own up to it. She just wanted to get to him, too excited for the question she wanted him to ask, and too eager to begin the future that sat waiting in the pocket of her jeans.

She bounced down the steps and launched herself into his arms, happy to welcome her future husband home. 


So my boyfriend MADE me this kickass witch box for christmas. Like he distressed it and finished it and added all the velcro/leather holders in the lid not to mention tracked down all these glass bottles and even made some of the corks
I’m so blown away this is the best gift ever. (He even made me a lil travel version w lil slips in the bottles that say i love you like omg)


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 2.9.16

mason jar leather mug by goforthgoods

this traveler mug is made from a 16-oz. mason jar wrapped in vegetable-tanned leather — four of goforthgoods’ ‘signature colors’ are available! choose from natural, saddle, mocha, or black. too effing cool.

.455/.476 ‘1900 Model’ revolver by Wilkinson, no. 12083

Retaining much original blued finish, the octagonal barrel with open-sights, the left side stamped .455/.476, fluted cylinders, the left side of the frame stamped with H W in a hexagram, the butt with one-piece chequered wooden grip impressed W797 with silver escutcheon impressed Audactter below a lion holding a five point mullet and butt-cap with lanyard-ring 6in. barrel, London Black Powder proof In its leather case with lid stamped J. Orr Ewing, 16th Lancers.


Major James Alexander Orr-Ewing (1857 - 1900)
Orr-Ewing was educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge. He joined the 16th Lancers in 1880 and was promoted to Major by 1896. Retiring from the 16th Lancers he joined the Reserve of Officers, and was gazetted a Captain in the Warwickshire Yeomanry in 1898. He was Aide-de-Camp to Lord Londonderry (Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland) from 1885 to 1890, and Aide-de-Camp to Field-Marshal Earl Roberts (Commander-in-Chief in Ireland) from 1895 to 1896. He was killed in action in The Second Boer War at Kleis, on 28 May 1900, whilst helping a wounded officer out of a river.

Chapter 23 is up, in which the aftermath of Ruby finding out about their relationship leads to some trolling of Gold, and Belle’s insecurities grow

Thanks to everyone who nominated this for Best Au and Best Fic in the TEAs, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  It has a small readership compared to the other amazing fics it’s up against, so I don’t expect it to win, but I’m happy to be in such esteemed company :)

Under the cut due to underage smut.  Also on FF.net and AO3

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