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Cr: “未完” MV from 「Untitled」 album


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Cr: “未完” MV Making of from 「Untitled」 album

Jesus on the Cross

Let me say that I am not a Christian; however, as a secular Buddhist, I revere the man Jesus of Nazareth. I think of Jesus on the cross. An entire religion has been built up, not of his teaching, but of his torture, death and, as the faithful believe, his miraculous return from the dead.

There were two other men crucified with him. The Bible says that they were thieves. The Romans did not crucify thieves. These men were probably Sicari the men of the long knives, rebels who assassinated those who cooperated with the Romans. 

Now, these two other men were treated just as Jesus was. They were beaten with the flagella the Roman leather whip with attached lead weights. They were nailed up as a warning to others just as Jesus was. Physically they suffered the same as Jesus suffered. Slow certain death is a terror. Beheading or hanging is swift. Dying on the cross is slow and painful.

However, so the Bible tells us, Jesus knew he was the son of God. He had heard God’s voice so he knew that death wasn’t the end. Not believed or hoped but KNEW. These other two men did not know this. So, I ask, who suffered more? 

One of the things that I love about Jesus is that he had a very human crisis of faith. Starting at Gethsemane and culminating in his feeling of being forsaken by God as he was dying. He may have been the son of God, I do not know, but he died a man and I love him for it.