Rounding out the Valentino fun is a huge selection of the Pre-Fall 2016 runway looks! I confess I saved the best for last :) 

We got a teaser of this pattern back in January, but I’m dying over all these different styles. Needless to say, it’s hard to beat Valentino’s Pre-Fall 2015 collection but this is a very close second. And also, I desperately NEED that bomber jacket. 

Available via @farfetch:

Biker jacket

Bomber jacket


Knit dress

Long sleeve dress

Short sleeve dress

Shift dress

Mini dress


And with that, Happy Friday Startorialists. May you dream of Valentino all weekend long (as I surely will). 

- Summer


Emily posted this Valentino jacket before, but it’s totally cool enough to post twice…especially since it goes so well with these starry blue dresses - check out the collar on the top one! 

All available over on @farfetch:

Star Studded leather jacket

Star Studded collared dress

Star Studded loose skirt dress

Star Studded a-line skirt dress

- Summer