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Unfair Dare - Michael Clifford [smut] (Punk!Michael)

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “Could you do a AU punk Michael? And like your s good girl and your friends made you come to a party where they dare Michael to have sex with one person in the circle and he picks you? Thanks!”

A/N: I have an idea to make this pretty cure at the same time.

Word Count - 2003

Why am I even here? you question yourself as you walk up the driveway to the already bouncing house party. It’s the first house party you’ve ever been to, the first party you’ve ever been to actually, and you’re wearing your nicest and most provocative outfit; a crop top, high waisted leather skirt and a pair of tights with boots. Your best friend persuaded you to go, only she could have done that, you’re quite a good girl, you rarely do anything bad or risky so you’re quite out of your comfort zone.

You step in the front door and the house is alive, most of your yer group and some of the years above and below are supposed to be here, why shouldn’t you be?

“Holy shit,” a voice calls above the rest. “[Y/N] what the fuck are you doing here?”

You turn to see renowned school punk, Michael Clifford, jogging towards you. You’ve never liked him with his black and blue hair, his eyebrow piercing and his tattoos, all coupled by his flannels and leather jackets.

“Am I not allowed to behere or something?” you say, trying to come off confident but actually seeming lost and confused.

“No, I just thought you’d be studying for the end of year exams or something,” he chuckles looking smug.

“We have another 6 months until the end of year exams,” you point out.

“Exactly, you’re behind,” he laughs.

“I’m not that much of a good girl, Michael,” you sigh.

“Oh really? Well get a drink and prove it,” Michael sips his own beer, wandering off.

You don’t want to obey Michael but you need to prove a point so you get yourself tipsy. You some beer and a shot and get to the point where you are pretty joyful, but as the night wears on you stop drinking and start to dwindle down from your high.

“It’s truth or dare time!” someone yells.

“Come on [Y/N],” one of your friends slurs dragging you into a space in a circle.

You sail through the truth or dare knowing that no one is going to pick on you that is until you hear one of the boys in the circle shout, “Mikey, it’s your turn for a dare”

“I’m not even playing, bro,” he responds.

“Doesn’t matter, shuffle up,” the boy commands creating a space for him. “Truth or Dare?”

“Well truth is shit, so I guess dare,” he sighs.

“I dare you to fuck someone in this circle,” one of the guys slurs.

“Really you’re going to make me chose a girl to fuck, doesn’t that sort of defeat the point in the dare being just mine?” he sighs.

You look around the circle and are disgusted by the amount of girls with hopeful looks on their faces, who in the right mind would want to be fucked by Michael Clifford?

“I hardy think it’s fair that anyone should be given a second dare, I know you lot and I know that you’ve been giving out pretty horrendous dares since the start,” Michael sighs.

“Well everyone here has had their turn so just pick someone,” someone adds

“[Y/N] hasn’t,” your very drunk best friend adds.

“[Y/N]?” one of Michael’s friends questions. “That goody two shoes?”

“Here!” you raise your hand.

“Fine,” Michael sighs in a halfhearted manner. “I guess I’ve got the good girl”

Your emotions and thoughts are running hot and cold, you desperately want to stay where you are but then again you want to go and see what happens, out of curiosity, you want to show off to Michael that you can be confident but, being a naturally shy and reserved person, that will be difficult.  You stand, only to be met by a chorus of wolf whistles and murmurs, Michael holds out a hand which you take, shooting him a death glare for treating you like such a child, and he takes you up to a seemingly random bedroom. You sit on the bed and fiddle with your fingers while Michael loosens a few of his shirt buttons.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you do anything, I just need to make it look like we did,” he says. “Do me a favour and ruffle up the sheets a little?”

“Why?” you question.

“To make it convincing,” he chuckles.

“No, why don’t you want to ‘fuck me’?” you elaborate using air quotes.

“Because you’re a virgin and you’re drunk,” Michael says seeming almost nervous.

“I’m really not that drunk anymore,” you reply.

“Yeah but you’re still a virgin”

“What makes you say that?” you try to laugh.

“Well, I’d be more surprised if you weren’t, plus have you seen what you’re wearing in comparison to these other girls, you could be going to church,” he smiles.

His smile is unnervingly charming, and he’s being quite pleasant to you for once, almost sweet.

“We’re going to stay here for half an hour, or until they’ve turned the music up full volume and gone back to partying,” he sits down next you on the bed. “I’ll leave first then you but in the mean time-”

You cut him off, “What if I want to?”

“Want to what?” he furrows his brow.

“Do it, you know…” you trail of, gulping.

“Have sex?” he seems amused as you nod. “I couldn’t do that, the only virginity I’ve been responsible for so far is my own and I don’t think I could handle taking yours”

“Why not?” you ask.

“1. You hate me, 2. Someone like you deserves to wait for someone better and 3. You don’t seem ready,” he answers you, his voice sincere and soft.

“Michael, I was clued up on every detail of sex possibly by 15, and I was 'ready’ by 16, I only dislike you when you’re an ass, which you aren’t right now and I’m going to have to lose it at some point, why not now and if 'someone better’ shows up I’ll at least know what I’m doing,” you say, being very serious.

“I’m not sure,” he says.

Suddenly embarrassed that you even thought of the idea you say, “Forget it, it was a stupid idea”

“No, it wasn’t, I just…” he doesn’t continue.

“Am I really that repulsive?” you question, being louder than you first expected to be.

“No, you’re not, never think like that, I just don’t think I’m the right person for you to do this with, and you don’t understand how difficult it is for me to say no, especially to you,” he replies tracing a finger across your hand.

Desperately you what to question the meaning behind what he said but instead you say, “Then if you want to why don’t you?”

He shakes his head for a minute and there’s a small silence as you watch him think, practically able to see the cogs turning in his head.

His eyes shoot up to meet yours, “You’re sure you want this?” you nod. “Positive?” you nod once more. “Alright we’ll do this then?”

Your heart begins to race and you ask, “Wh-where do we start?”

He laughs, but in a sweet manner as a response to your obvious nerves, “Would you like me to lead?”

You nod yet again and watch as the smile slips from his face leaving only a look of care as one of his hands ghosts across your cheek while the other guides your arms to rest around his neck. A short shaky breath leaves your lips as Michael gently presses his lips to yours. Your lips respond to his as you kiss back, a feeling of electricity flowing through you. The kiss gets a little more heated as he takes a deep breath, pulling his lips from yours only briefly, resting his forehead against yours as he lays you down on the bed. His hands move under your shirt lifting it up over your head. He lifts his head, placing a knee either side of your legs and gazing down at you with almost loving eye. Michael gives you a small questioning smile as he gently lifts the collar of his shirt as if to ask if he should take it off. You reply with a short, anxious smile, and he pulls it over his head, showing a multitude of tattoos along his collar bones and over his chest, coupled with a perfect body. He leans back down, this time attaching his lips to your neck, exploring until he finds your sweet spot, triggering a high pitched moan that you try to conceal. He smirks against your neck and allows his hands to move down your body, briefly cupping your breasts and then gently moving your tights and skirt down your legs until they are off completely. Michael continues kissing down your neck and the valley of your breasts while you get a little confidence and toy with the buckle of his belt, unfastening it and then undoing the zipper and button, before beginning to slide them down his legs. He takes over and you see the bulge in his boxers as his jeans join the rest of your clothes on the floor, that was all your doing.

“What do I do now?” you ask when he hovers above you.

“Nothing, this is all about you,” he replies, kissing your forehead.

You watch him palm himself, obviously needing a little more, so you cautiously place your hand over his until he meets your eye and pulls his hand away letting you take over. A deep throaty groan escapes him which tells you that you’re doing it right.

“Something about knowing it’s you making me feel like this turns me on even more, princess,” he whispers in your ear.


A hand slips below the waistband of your panties, not teasing you but pleasuring you, making your back arch and your stomach tighten. He returns his lips to yours withdrawing his hand and moving up to run his hands around to your back and to the clasp of your bra. Once that is gone he pays attention to your chest kissing across each breast and kneading them to give you the most pleasure possible. He pulls off your panties and his own underwear exposing his ready hard length, as he reaches over into his jean pocket to pull out a condom and roll it on, bringing back your nerves.

“Ready honey?” he questions.

You reply, “As I’ll ever be”

“If it’s too uncomfortable just let me know, I don’t want to hurt you,” he says, genuine concern in his voice. “It should feel… better after a minute”

Michael kisses you more abruptly this time, rougher and more passionately and you feel him ease himself into you with a low growling groan. The original discomfort is enough to bear seeing that you’re giving Michael so much pleasure but once he starts to move in and out at a leisurely pace you start to get a feeling of bliss spreading through your body making you moan.

“That’s so hot” he pants. “Am I making you feel good baby?”

“Fuck yes, Michael,” you say.

Feeling your high approaching you clench around him spurring another moan.

“Fuck, you’re close aren’t you?” he questions.

“Yes, god, I think you,” you say through heavy breathing.

“Cum for me, princess,” he whispers in your ear.

That’s enough to push you over the edge and, once you’ve helped him ride out his high he falls down onto the bed next to you, panting and exhausted. An arm drapes around your shoulders and he kisses your cheek before resting his head on your shoulder.

“That was amazing,” he pants.

“I know,” you add.

“There’s a reason I’m such an ass hole you know,” he looks you in the eye.

“Oh really and what’s that?” you smile.

“I sort of, maybe, kind of like you,” he says.

You’re a little taken aback but his eyes keep you calm.

“I think I like you too”


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