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minimalist leather hair ties by suroundstudio

accent your ponytail or top knot with a glinting metallic leather tie in either a feminine princess crown or plain wrap shape — some of them are even reversible! two ties in one!! ;) happy monday all!

Bucky’s Little Spy (Bucky X Reader / Bucky X Reader’s daughter)

Title: Bucky’s Little Spy  ( Big Hero, Little Hero drabble series 3.0 )

Pairing: Bucky X Reader and Reader’s daughter

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Bucky needs all the help he can get to plan the perfect date. Who better than his own personal little spy?

Previous parts: 1.0 My Little Hero ||  2.0 Mini Winter Soldier  


“Hey Poppy, do you know which food places your mom likes?” Bucky asks, his large figure slumped in his pastel purple beanbag, eyebrows tightly knitted together.

Right next to him, Poppy was settled in the new study desk and fluffy chair Pepper got her for her birthday, head buried in the new book Bucky has gotten her.

“Well, she likes having breakfast for all her meals?” Poppy answered, her eyebrows scrunched up just like Bucky’s.

Bucky heaved a sigh and slumped further down his bean bag as he held his head between his hands.

“I can’t possibly bring her for pancakes for a date can I?” his voice came out muffled.

Hearing that, Poppy perked up and twisted her tiny body to face the distraught man next to her.

“You are going on a date with mom? Do you think the birthday fairy heard my birthday wish?!” Poppy squealed, clamoring her way down her chair and climbing onto Bucky’s lap.

Bucky held her young girl to stop her from falling from her excited flailing and replied with a chuckle, “Yes Pops, the birthday fairy must’ve heard you.”, as he blew raspberries on her tummy.

Floods of giggles escaped Poppy and she struggled to get away from Bucky.

“Well, if you’re going on a date with mummy, we’ve got to make sure you are all prepared!” she exclaimed, catching her breath from giggling.

The girl jumped off of Bucky’s lap and held him by his metal arm, tugging him towards where she was heading.

Her tiny feet moved quickly till she reached Bucky’s room, twisted the doorknob and pushed the door wide open.

She used all her strength, pushed Bucky to sit on his couch and made her way to his wardrobe.

Pulling the doors of his closet open one at a time with her small hands, her nose scrunched up with distaste at the lack of color in Bucky’s wardrobe.

“Bucky bear! You’re no fun! Where’s the purples and yellows? Greens and rainbows? It is all black, gray, brown and blue.” she huffed, sticking her head in the closet, her voice muffled from the clothing.

“You don’t think (Y/N)’ll like my wardrobe choices? Should… should I go buy something now? Do you think I have enough time? I could probably go and get back in an hour! What do you think she’ll like on me?” Bucky’s voice came out in a rush as he got on his feet and is rummaging for his wallet.

Just as the wheels of thoughts are churning in his mind, Poppy pulled herself out of the dark colored closet and in her hand was a red henley Bucky forgot he owned.

Poppy shoved the shirt towards Bucky and said “This will do!” a smirk tugging at her lips.

“You really think so? (Y/N) will like this?” Bucky asked with his frown back on his face.

Poppy used all her might and pushed Bucky back onto the couch and settled herself on the carpeted floor in front of him.

“Now Big Barnes, I’m going to give you a crash course on my mom,” Poppy announced, arms crossed in front of herself.

“Oh… oh! okay!” Bucky answered. He straightened himself and reached for the notepad and pen on his bedside desk, a look of concentration etched on his face.

It was date night and Bucky has everything planned to perfection with the help of his trusted partner, Poppy.

He was wearing the red henley the girl picked with snug jeans and black leather combat boots, his hair tied into a low bun, also courtesy of Poppy.

In front of (Y/N)’s apartment, Bucky’s nervousness was evident from his sweaty palms. One arm holding onto his gift, he knocked on the door and held his breath.

After a short minute, the door opened showing (Y/N) dressed in a comfortable cream colored knitted sweater, jeans and a pair of deep red flats that matched Bucky’s henley. Her hair was plaited to the side with a few stray strand framing her face.

(Y/N) greeted him with a wide smile, her eyes twinkling her excitement.

Bucky was left stunned for a moment, his face flushing red at the sight of her. He stumbled over his greetings and clumsily gave (Y/N) the pot of mint plant he got for her.

Seeing the potted plant, (Y/N) smile got wider as she ushered him into her house. She busied herself with placing the plant in her mini window garden whilst Bucky stood staring at her back fondly.

“Poppy’s with Scott and Casey for a sleepover tonight! Though I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to have you over.” (Y/N) said as she twirled around to face him.

“How’d you know I was missing a mint plant?” she added, her eyebrows cocked up in question.

“Well… I may have a little spy spilling classified information to me.” Bucky answered, humor lacing his words.

(Y/N) let out a laugh in understanding and reached for her purse.

“Well, then I guess you and your little spy must have had an interesting covert operation discussing this evening? I’m looking forward to it, Mr. Barnes,” she said cheekily, leading him out of the house.

The evening was everything (Y/N) loved and more. They had dinner at a famous pancakes house and ordered a main and dessert to share. After the meal, Bucky brought her to a little hole in the wall bookstore as they found books for each other, even picking out a few for Poppy.

As they strolled down the sidewalk, (Y/N) felt Bucky’s hesitancy in reaching for her hand. She glanced at the man and saw his faced scrunched up, seeming like he was debating with himself, clenching and unclenching his hand.

(Y/N) was standing to the side of Bucky’s metal arm. He didn’t know if it was appropriate to hold (Y/N)’s hand, much less hold her hand with his metal ones. He was starting to get dejected until he heard her voice.

“I guess your sneakily little spy didn’t help you with this part of the date?” came (Y/N) mischievous question, a smile tugging the corners of her lips.

Before Bucky could form his reply, (Y/N) intertwined her hand with Bucky’s metal one, firmly holding on to him. She continued walking, not minding Bucky’s shock.

After a moment of silence, Bucky voice broke the quietness. He softly said, “You know, for some reason. You and Pops just aren’t scared of my metal arm. You both hold onto it like it’s just a normal arm.”

(Y/N) stopped in her tracks and turned to Bucky, his gaze on the path in front of him.

It is just a normal arm Bucky. You’ve seen how much Poppy loves you. It’s the whole of you. Arm included. That goes for me too, Bucks. All of you. Arm included.” came her reply as she tiptoes and plants a soft kiss on his cheeks.

The sound of Bucky’s ringtone broke the beautiful silence. He fumbled with the phone as he fished it our from his pockets and grinned at the name flashing on the screen.

“Hey, little spy. What can I do for you?” Bucky asked, glancing at (Y/N) with a fond smile on his face.

“Everything’s going great. Your mom and I are very satisfied from the pancakes and we even got you a gift.” he continued.

After a momentary pause, Bucky’s face turned a shade of bright red as he stuttered a soft “Goodbye, love you too.” and hung up the call.

(Y/N) looked at Bucky quizzically, wondering what got him so red.

“Poppy, uhh, Poppy she… she said to not worry about her. She and Cassie are having a good sleepover. And that uh, that we uh, we should also have a good sleepover.” he mumbled out.

At that, (Y/N) blushed from the tips of her ear as a helpless shy smile grew on her face.

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So here’s the next part to “Big Hero, Little Hero” and I hope it is enjoyable! Feedback would be great and any form of support gives me the push to continue writing! As per usual, let me know if you would like to be tagged or untagged, for this drabble series or for all future writings! 

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  • Timeout.com: It's [Have One On Me] been called a pop record.
  • Joanna: ‪I guess it's almost like I'm saying the same thing [as on Ys], but the intention is a little different for me. For some reason I was in the mood to make something very direct. I felt like I had been so abstract in some ways and kind of ungrounded, there were a lot of frenetic, hypercomplicated musical or harmonic transitions, an extremely compacted, compounded density of lyrics as well as a hyperawareness of the structure of the lyric, the syllabic emphases and the interior rhyme structure. Just a bunch of stuff like that. I had felt like I had been in that very constricted space. Sort of outfitted in this specialized writing gear. I felt like an astronaut or something in my crazy suit walking around in space doing this specialized, technical thing. For me, for whatever reason, that was what I need to do at the time to make what was ultimately a very emotional and intense at times record.‬
  • Timeout: It is a sad record, isn't it?
  • Joanna: For me, it was. But I think for whatever reason when I started work on this record I zipped off the astronaut suit and wanted to be grounded on earth and very earthy, very bodily, physical. I wanted the songs to be easier. Warmer; and a lot of that was intention and a lot of that was a product of the mood that I was in. I did a German interview the other day, where I said that it reminded me of when I was really little and I would go to church. I was five or something. I remember wearing my little sailor dress and zip collar and itchy wool tights and patent leather shoes. My hair was tied up into some really tight French braid and I would get home and tear it all off. Throw it in a pile in the corner and run around outside...Sunday! Run around with my brother and my sister and the dog. Run through the sprinklers if it was summer. And that feeling. And there was something like that that pervaded the process of editing this record. I'm unburdening and setting off to work in a way. I think that it lends a directness probably to the record which might be what some people call a "pop feel." Because it's certainly not a pop record.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Title: Óhræddr

Fandom: Vikings

Characters: Ragnarssons and Njæla

Pairing: Named OC Njæla x Ubbe Ragnarsson

Warnings: Mentions of rape, abuse, torture, blood, violence, sex and cursing.

Rating: NSFW [some chapters]

Summary: Njæla is the daughter of Rollo and Siggy, since her father’s betrayal and him abandoning her, she being cast out by the society of Kattegat. With an abused soul and wounded pride she leaves to live alone in the mountains far away from the memories of a family she once had. When the news comes of the destroyed settlement in England, the Ragnarssons convince her to return to her once home. With Ragnar’s returns to Kattgat, Njæla gets pulled in a game of politics, betrayal and revenge.

Words: 1970

Note: I do not own the GIF nor the characters of History Vikings. The timeline of the episodes can be slightly changed.

For lovely @ateliefloresdaprimavera

                                     Vikings season 4 episode 10 + 11

                     Since the day of my birth, my death began its walk.

                            It is walking toward me, without hurrying.

A shudder of cold woke Njæla cruelly from her dream, at first she fought it and tried to drift off to sleep again but the cold was stronger. Not fully awake yet, she squinted one eye open to meet de morning dawn but soon she found out that she lay in the cabin instead of the green meadow were she had fallen asleep last night.

A small ray of light angled through the window of her little wooden cabin and right onto her - still filled with sleep - face. She leaned back and rested her head on the furs and blankets that she used as a pillow, and she took a small break from the overwhelming light. Her fingers caressed the warm pelt that hugged her body, yet it was not enough to shield her from the cold that had woken her up. Her hand softly snaked over the circumference of her bed looking for a source of heat that she missed.

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  • riggs suffering from ptsd /depression / insomnia, miranda crushing his guard, holding him so tight until no demon remains (i don’t believe everything was butterflies and rainbows, not with riggs)
  • riggs doing mayhem in Mexico in black leather jacket, hair loosely tied back, dark glasses, mischievous smile, murthaug following him like his shadow
  • riggs being riggs, a funky, feral and confused ex Navy SEAL, showing some mad skills along the way
  • riggs

Sirius in a leather jacket, hair loosely tied back and bracelets around his wrist. Remus in a thin jumper, battered converse and skinny jeans, holding Sirius’s hand while the other grips the steering wheel. The radio is on, a mix of indie and punk rock shaking the speakers of the muggle car Remus is 92% sure is stolen but is laughing too much to think about. The windows are down and the sunroof is open, mainly because James broke it the week before. But it doesn’t matter, not even when drops of rain begin to fall on Remus’s curly hair or when it makes Sirius’s eyeliner run, because nothing matters when they are hand in hand. Nothing matters when they are happy. And right then, both know they have never been happier.

Imagine going to Juice for advice about Tig and Opie because you have a thing for both.

You watched on from the TM office as a few of the guys got ready for a run. Your gaze drifted to Opie and you watched intently as he shrugged on his kutte and leather jacket. His hair was tied in a bun on his head and you couldn’t help but think about the first time he had let you tie up his hair like that. He thought he would look stupid and wouldn’t like it, but he ended up loving it and hasn’t stopped doing it.

You felt guilt lurch in your stomach when Tig walked past Opie and you couldn’t look away. He looked around and caught your eye from across the car park. He smiled at you and you waved in return. You couldn’t help but feel some sort of loss when he looked away, having to get back to the task at hand. Tig’s stares made you feel so vulnerable, more so than anyone else ever had. Those eyes seemed to look right through your tough exterior and into your soul, and you didn’t know if that was a good or a bad thing.

You shook your head as though it would literally shake away the thoughts of the two men that had been plaguing your mind for the past month.

You and Opie had always been close, ever since that fateful day you met Gemma and she introduced you to the MC, and what started as friends easily and quickly grew into a romantic-limbo that the two of you were still stuck in. Everyone knew that you had more-than-friendly feelings for each other yet neither of you wanted to push the limits and test those waters in case you lost the friendship that you had. So instead, you stuck with longing glances, flirty conversations, light touches that were just deemed appropriate for friends and embraces that lingered a little too long.

Honestly, you couldn’t get him off of your mind and just when you thought you were ready to take that leap of faith with Ope, in waltzed Tig.

You had never really interacted with Tig all too much, at least not until Gemma had asked you to help her out at the Club.

You were re-stocking the bar when he walked in, blue eyes trained on you and a smirk on those sinful lips.

“Hey doll,” he had greeted you with, “You’re Gem’s friend, right? I’m Tig.”

He held out his hand for you to shake. Politely, you took his hand but when he brought it up to his lips and pressed a soft kiss to your knuckles, well that’s when you felt your knees buckle.

The two of you started talking and that spot in your heart that you thought was reserved for Opie started making room for Tig. You stayed there chatting for nearly two hours, and it would’ve been longer if Gemma hadn’t come looking for you.

Now, you found yourself in some sort of unofficial love triangle and you didn’t know how to get out of it.

“Hey,” you heard Juice’s voice from the doorway and looked up at him with a smile.

“Hi,” you replied meekly, tearing your eyes away from the men who had your heart. “What’s up?”

He gave you a small smile. “I was going to ask you the same thing.”

You couldn’t help but fidget nervously and avert your eyes from his. You never could keep secrets from Juice; he was too nice to lie to.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You said.

He shot you a look that screamed ‘don’t play dumb’. “You’re thinking about Tig and Opie, right? Feeling guilty and over-analysing your feelings?”

You flushed deep red and looked back out the window. Tig was fiddling with the oil in his bike and Opie was taking the hair-tie out of his hair, letting his locks hang loose around his shoulders. Juice came to lean on the desk beside you. “Am I that obvious?”

“Nah,” he said with a shrug. “I just know what you’re like.”

And it was true. You had also gotten close to Juice since meeting the boys, but while Opie developed into something more, Juice remained like a brother to you. He nudged your shoulder with his and gave you a smile, silently telling you to spill it.

“I just don’t know what to do,” you said, shoulders slumping in defeat.

“About what?” he asked.

You shot him an incredulous look. You knew he knew, but you also knew he wanted you to say it.

“My…my feelings for Opie,” you confessed. “And for Tig.”

It was the first time you had admitted it out loud; you had feelings for two guys and no idea who to choose. You knew that no matter who you picked, the other would be respectful of it. This choice rested on you and you alone. Still, just saying it to Juice lifted a heavy weight off your chest.

“They’re both great guys; they’d both treat you right and either of them would be lucky to have you.” He told you.

You groaned and smacked his shoulder playfully.

“You’re not helping Juice!” you exclaimed but there was no real bite behind your words. “Who should I pick?”

“That’s not up to me. That one’s on you,” he said.

“I just,” you heaved a sigh, “I don’t want to hurt either of them.”

“And I get that, but what you need to think about right now is you. How do you feel? Because by trying to preserve their feelings you’re hurting all three of you. You’re just stringing them along right now and I know you aren’t meaning to, but none of you are going to move on until you make a decision.”

“I know that, I do, but how do I choose? Like you said; they’re both great. They’re both attractive, they make me laugh, they make me happy. I can’t imagine my life without either of them in it.”

“No one’s asking you to. Just because it’s not going to work out with one of you doesn’t mean you can’t stay friends,” he told you. He was right and you knew it. “Just think about this for a second, alright? Where do you see yourself in, say, five years? What are you doing and who are you with? Who do you want by your side for the rest of your life? Who will you regret not taking a chance on? Tig? Or Opie?”

You thought for a moment, letting the weight of Juice’s words sink in. Your mind swirled with thoughts and memories and scenarios of the future with Tig and Opie.

And then, like a tidal wave, it all seemed to fall into place. You glanced up and out the window of the office. Tig and Opie were both on their bikes, ready to go. This was your chance; if you didn’t do it now then you knew you never would. You had to tell him.

You hugged Juice, muttering a quick but sincere ‘thank you’ before rushing out of the office.

“Wait!” you called out to the guys on the bikes. The two of them looked up at you, but you were only paying attention to one. You raced up to him, his slightly-confused gaze locked on you.

Without a word, your hands were in his hair and your lips were on his. The kiss was chaste but it couldn’t have been more perfect. You felt him smile against your lips as the people around you started to cheer and holler “about damn time!”.

You released him from your grasp and with your heart hammering against your ribcage, said “I love you.”

He smiled back at you and pulled you in for another kiss. You had barely broken apart before he was telling you he loved you too. You happily wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders, feeling like you were on cloud nine and not wanting to let go.

Despite yourself, you said “you need to go. You have a run to do.”

You felt him nod into your shoulder. “I do.”

Reluctantly, he released you.

“I’ll be here waiting when you get back.” You said with a smile.

You had already wasted too much time not being with him and you weren’t going to waste a second more.

Siel: Part Six


Sam was in black fighting leathers, his hair tied back in a leather strap. These witches needed to be taken care of once and for all. Innocent women and children were being harmed. This was his kingdom. It was his duty to protect it.

Ciel and Lyria finally showed up. Any trace of amusement was washed from their faces.

It was time to deal with the witches.

In a clearing behind the castle, Ciel let out a sharp whistle. A few seconds later, A small wyvern appeared in the night sky. Sam smiled. Abraxos.

Sam looked at Ciel then at Lyria. She blanched, her face white from color. “We- we’re flying?”

“Lyria. You are literally a bird. Are you telling me you are still afraid of heights?” Sam chided, she can’t be afraid. Not right now.

Lyria growled at him. Good. better to have her angry at him, her twin, her fear made into a blade, than to be useless in the upcoming fight.

Ciel climbed onto Abraxos and held his hand out to Lyria. She shook head, “I’ll shift.”

“Ookay. Sam?” Ciel said, reaching out a hand to Sam.

Grinning, Sam took Ciel’s hand and hauled himself up behind him on Abraxos, arms around Ciel’s waist. He tried to not react to the feel of Ciel’s lean stomach muscles.

Still glaring at him, Lyria shifted her gaze to Ceil, “I’ll scout ahead. If you hear me caw, it’s safe.”

Shifting into a falcon, her brown feathers gleamed in the moonlight, Lyria flew ahead, keeping to the tree-lines, hidden from aerial threats.

In front of him, Ciel said, “If you need to, you can press your arms tighter around my waist” He could hear the purr in his voice. Sam could feel the heat rise in his face. “I wouldn’t want you to fall.”

Sam let out a low growl. “Dick,” but he kept his arms around him. Abraxos lifted them into the night, following Lyria.

Sam looked behind him, at Ornyth. His home. He could see the silhouettes of his parents on the balcony, watching them leave. His mother’s flames were lighting up the night sky. Come home to me.

He was willing to do whatever it took to make sure his twin and his friend and his country were safe. He’d make sure his twin would return home, even if it meant never coming home, himself. Even if it meant never seeing his family again. He hoped it wouldn’t come to that. But he had a feeling the dark god would make him pay in one way or another. And he would do it. He would pay. Whatever the cost.

cinema-corner  asked:

Hi, I wanted to take a moment to say that I absolutely love your writing and it's a pleasure to read anytime, SWAS is a particular favorite of mine but I like them all. Also I know requests are open & if it's not too much I have an idea: Astrid strikes me as someone who'd laugh at the idea of being a mom, with her wanting to be right in the action and adventure like hiccup, but would love the thought after having to look after a baby who really likes her. What do you think. Workable scene maybe?

A/N: Okay, first–this is insanely late. I’m so sorry that I haven’t fulfilled this request until now.

And second of all–I put a little spin on it and placed her in the situation of caring for more of just, like, a little kid! On the other hand, I do have some snippets of interaction between Astrid and an actual baby saved in my drafts, but they felt a little not-as-good-as-they-could-be. I’ll get them out eventually!! :’)

From his place in the forge, he could easily see Astrid sitting a short distance away from the workshop.

She was seated in the grass with a young girl of five years sitting in front of her–a girl who Hiccup recognized to be Ragneid, the only child of the Haugen family. The two were stationed near a patch of small wildflowers; while Astrid skillfully twisted the child’s light brown locks into an intricate set of braids, the young girl babbled happily and weaved flowers into strands.

Hiccup couldn’t help but stop his work to watch the two bond.

It was a rare sight, after all.

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Open rp

The nameless male was casually talking to a black haired girl on a bench.

The girl was wearing a nice red dress with a black leather jacket, her hair was tied up in a high pony tail and bit of it was platted.

The boy had his hood over his head but a few bits of his black hair stuck out and his hands deep in his coat pockets.

“So there I was” the girl spoke, giggling slightly “Just about to strike when all of a sudden…” she quickly went silent when she saw someone walk past

Elements of Family

Requested by Anon

Prompt:  Hey, could you maybe do an imagine where the reader is an orphaned teenager and was brainwashed like Bucky and she used to work for Hydra cause she was good at fighting and also an elemental and she stayed with Bucky after they escaped and they know what each other went through so they’re like really really good friends and they think of each as family. Could you maybe do a scene from civil war or just a scene from before where they’re just like living together or something?

Warnings: Death of your family & Civil War Spoilers!!!

Bucky’s hard cold eyes watched as the agents of HYDRA drug you in, hands bound. Another recruit. Perhaps one day a partner. As if he’d ever need one. His arms were folded over his chest as he listened to your screams of terror. They didn’t phase him. He’s heard worse. She looked younger than the rest. Just a kid really. 13? 14? It didn’t matter. Soon her pain would be over and she would comply just like him.

Weeks later you stood by him, dressed in leather and kevlar, your hair tied tightly behind your head, your face covered with a mask similar to his. You were the newest weapon of HYDRA. Your talents were still raw and untamed, they chose the Winter Soldier to train you. They wanted the two of you to work well together. He was getting too much chatter in the intelligence community. He needed more accidents, more deaths that couldn’t be traced back to him. Once your powers were under your full control your orders always remained the same; Keep The Winter Soldier’s tracks covered.

September 4, 1992 - Your family

HYDRA didn’t want anyone identifying you, ever. They worked too hard to allow your programing to be broken. Your eyes were cold and empty as you watched gunpowder rain over The Winter Soldier’s victims, a single bullet through each head as they laid sleeping like babies. Three bullets, your mother, father and older brother all gone from this world now. The family seemed familiar to you, something about this mission bothered you to your core but you had your orders and no reason to not follow them that you were aware of. On the way out your hand brushed over an abandoned candle, igniting the wick. The other pushed the flame to catch the nearby curtains. As they flickered your attention drew to the smoke alarm. With a wave of your hand a small wind stird around it, keeping the smoke from setting it off until it will be too late. The Winter Soldier looked at her with awe. Young but ruthless. The programing obviously settled well. Though he couldn’t help wondering why he didn’t get powers? Was his arm his power? They watched from a few blocks away as the house burned to the ground. No survivors.

“Who were they?” You asked once back at the base looking lost and confused as you watched your partner being put back into his cryofreeze.

“They were just some people who could have gotten in the way. Now come on. We need to process you before you go into your cryofreeze.” The handler answered before taking you to a room where they encased your hands in boxes to keep you from activating your powers before shocking away any memories of the family you once had.

April 27, 1996 - William Colby

You trailed Colby for some time, The Winter Soldier your silent companion. Your orders were always the same; Keep the Winter Soldier’s tracks covered. This one was tricky. The opportunity for a clean shot with a believable clean up never arose. But then there it was, the perfect death. The moment Colby stepped foot in that canoe and paddled off down the Wicomico River he signed his own death certificate.

“Can you do water?” The Winter Soldier asked flatly, looking from his target to your cold harsh face. You held the look of a killer now, grim threatening and unyielding. Just like him. He could swear they were siblings…Were they siblings? They worked so well together, and they always looked after each other. Isn’t that what siblings do? He remembered you weren’t always around, but once you showed up you were…It made sense to him. That’s how kid sisters come about isn’t it?

“Yes.” You answered with a severe lack of emotion as you read into what your partner wanted you to do. You held out your hand forcing the cold icy water up into Colby’s mouth and nostrils. Drowning him before his lifeless body ever hit the water. Once Colby slid into the crystal waves of the river you looked up to your companion, your protector, as if looking for approval. You could almost swear looked proud of you. In his eyes you could see the same killer that sat in yours. Was he your brother? He always made sure you were safe. You couldn’t remember a time with him not around. Yes. He must be your older brother.

Though on the way back to the base you didn’t speak a word to each other you both felt a mutual bond growing between the two of you. You were both killers. You were both HYDRA. And whether it was true or not you both knew in your hearts you were both family.

Once back at the HYDRA base the handlers could see the difference in the both of you. They could see the bond formed. But to them it didn’t matter. It just meant they had more leverage in the event that one of you broke your programing. But it was obvious how well the two worked together. The girl’s talents proved to be more valuable than they ever expected. Back on ice you both went.

Over the next 20 years you were brought out every few years to take care of someone else with your deadly partner…Icing the wings on a plane to make it crash, burying someone Bucky shot in the head in a mudslide…If it wasn’t for you the Winter Soldier’s confirmed death count would be much higher. All the while you both held firm to the belief that he was your older brother. He began calling you “sis” and you called him “brother”.

But then 2014 came…

They almost didn’t thaw you out for this mission, they didn’t see a reason for it. It was time to take down SHEILD and Captain America. Everyone was in place DC was a war zone. But the Winter Soldier wouldn’t allow you to be left behind. He insisted he needed his little sister. She was his best form of back-up. Your orders were the same as always…Cover the Winter Soldier’s tracks. They were hoping for him to slip away unnoticed once his job was done. They knew they were outed and needed to keep their locations as under wraps as possible. But then something strange happened. He didn’t kill him. Why? Well, to you it didn’t really matter much why. Maybe his orders changed. When he dove into the river to save the target you followed your orders. You went after him, stirred the water to make it easier for him to lift the heavy soldier and his own metal arm then covered an escape. Thanks to you there weren’t even footprints in the gravel.

“Why did we save him Brother? He was our target. We have to go back.” You asked concerned for your brother’s wellbeing. You weren’t entirely sure but you suspected he might have broken his programing. “We have to finish the job.”

“He was my friend…” Bucky’s memories were starting to flood back into his brain as his decades of brainwashing slowly lost its grip of his mind. “I remember him.” He looked scared, and for the first time since you could remember you felt scared too. Regret sat on his face for all the things he’d done but not you. You didn’t have anyone to trigger this in you anymore. “I remember things…Sis…This is wrong.”

“We should get back. They need to fix you. They’ll fix you then we can finish the job.” Your eyes darted back and forth, water dripping from your hair. Your breathing became heavy as you didn’t know what to do. You had your orders, but now following your orders meant betraying HYDRA.

“If they ordered you to kill me do you think you could do it?” He asked as his large hands came to rest on your shoulders. “Because if that’s what you think you can do then go back. If not, then come with me.” You could feel your heart racing. “I’ll keep you safe. No more killing.” Your orders were clear. But deep down you knew that wasn’t it. He was your brother, no matter what you had to stick together.

~ ~ ~ ~

Two Years Later:

It took much longer for you to break your programing. For months you still held the face of a killer, a HYDRA You loved Bucharest, it was sweet, quaint, but best of all it was quiet. By now of course you knew that Bucky wasn’t actually your brother but it still felt like he was. He was the perfect substitute for the one you lost and he was more than willing to take on the roll. You both remembered what happened to your family, it kept you up at night. You couldn’t close your eyes without seeing the flames burning in the night.

You missed your bed, your real bed, it was so much better than this mattress on the floor. As you woke up screaming from the images of the flames in your head Bucky rushed to your side, shhing and holding you close to his chest with his bionic left arm, his right combing through your hair. Tears rolled down your cheeks as you buried your face into his chest as he sang you a soothing lullaby to chase your frightening past away.

He felt pity for you. You were just a kid and saw so many terrible things. He knew you didn’t have a home to go back to and he knew he was in part to blame for that. You were his responsibility now and he would make sure you were always safe. He sat with you until morning in your rundown little apartment, it wasn’t much but it was just enough for the makeshift family of two.

“You want some breakfast?” Bucky asked softly as the sun peeked through the windows.  Dark circles of sleepless nights sat under both your eyes, you both knew this had to stop, if only either of you knew how. You nodded a bit as you wiped your tears away, watching him get up off the floor. “Go on and get a shower, I’ll head out to the market.” He smiled just a bit as he lead her by the head towards the old out of maintenance bathroom.

Your lips tugged upward just a bit seeing that. Bucky was more than just your friend, he was your rock, your support and after so long of working together, being his faithful shadow you tended to look to him for social cues such as this. Neither of you were by any means close to better, but you were being left alone and not hurting anyone and that was all it took to bring the smiles back to your faces. You stood in the shower, your palms pressed against the walls forcing the water through the pipes as the images of the night’s dreams washed away. As you pulled your hands away stopping the flow of water you heard someone enter your small home, too soon for Bucky to be back. Slowly, silently you cracked the door to see the target, Bucky called him Steve. You hid.

In the market Bucky was picking out some plums…yesterday you thought you remembered that you liked them. But something seemed off. As he looked around he noticed the man at the news stand watching him. Scenarios of HYDRA finding them ran through his head as he moved closer. No, couldn’t be HYDRA, if it was this man wouldn’t have ran so fast. But as he looked over the paper he realized it was much worse. Dropping everything Bucky rushed home to make sure you were safe.

You watched as Bucky entered the living room, his eyes darting from Steve to the bathroom door, moving to block his view of you as you exited. He wasn’t dumb, he knew people were coming for him and thusly coming for you. You didn’t need him to say what he wanted you to do, you knew him too well for that. You worked for years together with barely speaking a word. The attack came down on the apartment like a familiar song and dance to you. But with the rain of bullets came the exit plan. You knew it well, went over it almost every day, what to do if you were ever found. You wanted to stay, to help but Bucky wanted you out of there, safe. As he hurled the backpack out of the window you followed it. Anger boiled inside Bucky as he punched and threw people out of his way, drawing attention while you ran to the meeting location you had both agreed upon.

Bucky was cursing himself on the inside as the cuffs wrapped around his wrists. You were blocks away, he was so close but now further from you than before and unable to protect you. It would seem, however, that he forgot that you could take care of  yourself. You heard the sirens, you knew what they were for. And for the first time you abandoned your orders to go after him. Somewhere inside you knew it was your turn to protect him. You followed them.


You sat on the roof of the building for what felt like forever as you searched for the best strategy to get Bucky out, of course how were you to know someone had a plan of their own. You watched as people poured out of the building in a panic, rising from your hiding spot to see your brother, your Bucky laying claim to a helicopter. Even from the distance you recognized the look in his eyes. He wasn’t Bucky at the moment, he was the Winter Soldier. “Oh no.” You whispered as you ran. If he was active and mobile without you you knew there would be no finding him no helping him. Your eyes never left him as Steve held the aircraft down. “No no no.” You muttered as Bucky veered it into the building, sending them both into the water. You dove in after them, directing the currents to a halt as you and Steve both searched for your friend.

This was the last thing Steve needed, another unknown after his friend. Once on shore he readied to fight despite how worn he was and though he hated the idea of hurting a kid like you…but then again he didn’t know what you were capable of.

You looked Steve dead in the eyes, breath heavy, hair dripping. Bucky once told you he trusted this man, and it was now time for you to do the same. “Help me.” You didn’t so much ask as you did demand catching your breath.

Steve didn’t know what to make of this, he tilted his head as he looked over you, looking for a reason to trust you.

“Help me help him.” You clarified as the waters of the river began to move in their usual currents once more. “He can’t stay here. There’s a warehouse not too far from here. You’ll want to restrain him to be sure but I can break his programing before he wakes.” Steve nodded

Once under the cover of the abandoned warehouse you sang to him the soft sweet lullaby he sang to you when you had your nightmares. Even as he slept you could see his face softening from Winter Soldier back into Bucky.

“Who are you?” Steve asked, arms folded.

“(Y/N)…I think.” You told Steve the story of you and Bucky, he nodded deciding that not only that he could trust you, but that if Bucky wanted you safe that’s what you’ll be. He knew what was coming and he knew Bucky wouldn’t want you to be a part of it.

A smile danced across your lips as Bucky woke as Bucky once more but it quickly faded as you listened to what was going on. “(Y/N), you are good, and we could definitely use you in this fight but there’s a chance you might be taken and that’s not a chance I’m willing to take on you.” Bucky said rather sternly as Steve released his arm.

“Don’t I get a say in that?” You protested.

“You’re 16! So no! You don’t!” Bucky’s eyes fixed on you, concern for you written all over them.

“But where am I supposed to go? What if you get hurt?”

Steve stepped forward, he could see the bond you two had formed, it was so close to the one he had with Bucky before the war but yet totally different. “Don’t worry kid. I’ll take care of Bucky.” Steve rested a hand on your shoulder reassuringly. “And I know a good safe place off the grid for you to stay until all of this is over.”

You didn’t like this plan, it felt too much like the one that separated the two of you the first time but you reluctantly nodded in agreement.

~ ~ ~ ~

Clint brought you to his farm…to his family…his kids. How could someone trust you like that after what you did? He kept reminding you that it wasn’t your fault, that it wasn’t you and you wished so much that you could believe him. Laura was so nice and kind, she reminded you a lot of her mother. And while Bucky and Steve were off fighting their war to save the world you were sufe under her care, and the family was safe under yours. Until Steve showed up without Bucky telling you he was safe, wanted to see you.


The room was so crisp and clean, the exact opposite of what you expected out of the African nation. You bit your lower lip so hard you could taste your own blood as you fought back tears… Bucky said this was the best thing for everybody but you couldn’t see how this was the best thing for you. There was one person in the world who understood you and you were watching him being prepped for the last thing in the world you ever wanted to see happen to him.

“I don’t want you to go.” You whimpered as you hugged Bucky tightly.

His remaining arm wrapped around your back, rubbing it lightly. “It won’t be forever sis. Just until we can figure out a way to undo what HYDRA did to me.” He reassured you as he rested his chin on the top of your head.

“No!” You cried out in protest. “You can’t!” Tears rolled down your cheeks, dampening Bucky’s shirt. You felt like you were losing your family all over again. Only this time you knew you were losing it.

~ ~ ~ ~

Your fingers dug into Steve’s shirt, crying into his chest as you watched the ice move over your best friend. His arms held you tightly as he did his best to comfort you while he inside dealt with the same feelings he knew you were going through. You knew you could reverse this, you had the power to thaw him, force him to stay with you…but you also knew you didn’t have the right. T’Challa was going to keep him safe but that didn’t make the pain of the separation hurt any less. And despite the safe embrace of the only other person who shared a similar bond with the one you called brother you felt like you were now truly alone in this world that you were still a stranger in.


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