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Sirius in a leather jacket, hair loosely tied back and bracelets around his wrist. Remus in a thin jumper, battered converse and skinny jeans, holding Sirius’s hand while the other grips the steering wheel. The radio is on, a mix of indie and punk rock shaking the speakers of the muggle car Remus is 92% sure is stolen but is laughing too much to think about. The windows are down and the sunroof is open, mainly because James broke it the week before. But it doesn’t matter, not even when drops of rain begin to fall on Remus’s curly hair or when it makes Sirius’s eyeliner run, because nothing matters when they are hand in hand. Nothing matters when they are happy. And right then, both know they have never been happier.

Siel: Part Six


Sam was in black fighting leathers, his hair tied back in a leather strap. These witches needed to be taken care of once and for all. Innocent women and children were being harmed. This was his kingdom. It was his duty to protect it.

Ciel and Lyria finally showed up. Any trace of amusement was washed from their faces.

It was time to deal with the witches.

In a clearing behind the castle, Ciel let out a sharp whistle. A few seconds later, A small wyvern appeared in the night sky. Sam smiled. Abraxos.

Sam looked at Ciel then at Lyria. She blanched, her face white from color. “We- we’re flying?”

“Lyria. You are literally a bird. Are you telling me you are still afraid of heights?” Sam chided, she can’t be afraid. Not right now.

Lyria growled at him. Good. better to have her angry at him, her twin, her fear made into a blade, than to be useless in the upcoming fight.

Ciel climbed onto Abraxos and held his hand out to Lyria. She shook head, “I’ll shift.”

“Ookay. Sam?” Ciel said, reaching out a hand to Sam.

Grinning, Sam took Ciel’s hand and hauled himself up behind him on Abraxos, arms around Ciel’s waist. He tried to not react to the feel of Ciel’s lean stomach muscles.

Still glaring at him, Lyria shifted her gaze to Ceil, “I’ll scout ahead. If you hear me caw, it’s safe.”

Shifting into a falcon, her brown feathers gleamed in the moonlight, Lyria flew ahead, keeping to the tree-lines, hidden from aerial threats.

In front of him, Ciel said, “If you need to, you can press your arms tighter around my waist” He could hear the purr in his voice. Sam could feel the heat rise in his face. “I wouldn’t want you to fall.”

Sam let out a low growl. “Dick,” but he kept his arms around him. Abraxos lifted them into the night, following Lyria.

Sam looked behind him, at Ornyth. His home. He could see the silhouettes of his parents on the balcony, watching them leave. His mother’s flames were lighting up the night sky. Come home to me.

He was willing to do whatever it took to make sure his twin and his friend and his country were safe. He’d make sure his twin would return home, even if it meant never coming home, himself. Even if it meant never seeing his family again. He hoped it wouldn’t come to that. But he had a feeling the dark god would make him pay in one way or another. And he would do it. He would pay. Whatever the cost.


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