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Werewolf!Jungkook x Reader

Halloween Drabble Series


Summary: you were in heat, Jungkook didn’t know.

A/N: This is my fic. I am re-posting onto my sideblog.

Growing up as a werewolf was hard. Growing up as a female werewolf without a pack was impossible. You had a pack that you were good friends with and asked for help and advice from, but that’s as far as it went, for now. You have yet to find a mate and enter a pack, and were currently going through heat so you had to stay indoors to avoid any…unwanted situations a.k.a. to avoid fucking random humans and/or wolves in broad daylight. You were holed up in your apartment, skin burning and your third pair of panties for the day, ruined. Walking into the kitchen and opening the fridge, you groaned, realizing that you were officially out of food and had no choice but to go to the store down the street.

You picked up your phone and dialed the Alpha of the pack you knew. Namjoon had always been willing to help you, even though you weren’t technically part of his pack. He had still always called you family.

“Y/n! Hey, how are you? I haven’t heard from you in days!” He cheerily answered, and you smiled to yourself, he always had a way of cheering you up.

“Hey Namjoon, uhm.. Well I kind of have a problem.”

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“The Rejects”
Pictures I didn’t post to Instagram for multiple reasons but I still like the pictures. 
I might start this as a series on my Tumblr. I take waaay too many pictures but only select one or two for Instagram.

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what is everyone's worst fashion choices? cause i'm sure that dallas jorts margolin can't be the only fashion disaster on the baseball team

Blake: probably the floral polos make him look like a douchebag.
Ben: what do you call those? Those cowboy jackets. This one:
Malek: you know him. The Croc Prince. He showed up at baseball practice wearing crocs with socks one time. It was a blast.
Tripp pants made him look like a douchebaggier Trent Lane.
Tyler and Phoebus: fisherman vests over flannels. Phoebus is guilty of wearing the hat too. Good lord.
Sara: there’s gotta be a Croc princess to Croc prince. She also wore those loose shirts that were printed with a hot babe’s body. Like this
Poppy: fishnet shirts over a bralette. She pulled it off in a “it’s so tacky it’s good” sense. Still.
Parker: he’s been made to dress preppy all his life so now he’s in Oregon he gets a pass to wear whatever the heck he wants. Maybe a rubber duck patterned long sleeve button down paired with chino shorts took it a bit too far, though.