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Queen of Darkness

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Summary: Negan has his eye on a Gothic girl he brought back to Sanctuary, but all his advances on her fail.

Pairing: Negan x Mary

Warning: Swearing, Smut, Daddy Kink, Spanking, Choking, Rough Sex

“So this will be your room Mary” Negan said with a smirk as he led you into a small furnished bedroom. Negan took you into his compound ‘Sanctuary’ after him and a few of his men found you fighting off walkers in the forest by yourself. You walked over to the wooden dresser that was in the corner of the room and started putting away the few pieces of clothing you had, when you suddenly felt someone standing behind you, you glanced back and saw Negan staring at you with hunger in his eyes; he gently put his hands on your waist and started pulling you towards him, until you pushed him off “what the fuck are you doing!?” you shouted; shocked by Negan’s actions. Negan put his hands up and backed away “sorry babe, couldn’t fucking help myself” he said looking you up and down. You felt heat fill your cheeks at his words “can you please leave? I want to finish unpacking and get myself settled in”, Negan sucked his teeth and smiled “sure doll, dinners in a fucking hour, I’ll get Dwight to come get you and show you to the cafeteria” you nodded your head and watched as he walked out of your room shutting the door behind him. You didn’t understand why Negan was being flirtatious with you; you had a very Gothic style, covered in black from head to toe. You had long waist length jet black hair, black lipstick that you’d never go a day without wearing and all the clothes you owned were black including your favorite leather creeper boots. You didn’t think that you were Negan’s type; even though you had to admit you found Negan attractive, it turned you on seeing how arrogant and forward he was but you weren’t going to let him have you that easy.

An hour had passed and you soon heard a loud knock on the door, you got up off of your small brass bed and opened it to see a thin man with blond hair and half of his face pretty much melted off. “You must be Dwight” you said with a small smile, “yeah that’s me” he replied in an ‘I don’t give a fuck’ tone as he started walking off. You rolled your eyes and followed him, he led you to the cafeteria and you both walked in. “There’s my queen of fucking darkness” bellowed out a deep voice, you sighed as everyone in the cafeteria was now staring at you in silence. “You motherfuckers can mind your own fucking business, your making Elvira nervous” he chuckled, you flashed Negan a pissed off look as everyone quickly went back to eating and chatting away. “Mary get your ass over here and eat with me!” Negan yelled out at you again motioning you to come over with his finger as a huge grin plastered across his face. You let out a deep breath and slowly walked over to his table and sat beside him. Negan wrapped his arm around your shoulder, “Dwight bring her a tray of food” he smirked to Dwight who was about to sit down and have dinner himself “yes, sir” he grumbled before walking off.  You rolled your shoulders making Negan take his arm off “Elvira’ seriously?” you asked annoyed as you took the tray Dwight had brought over to you. Negan grinned “boy it’s fucking loud as shit in here aint it? Why don’t we go somewhere quieter and eat?” he looked at you with an obviously fake innocent smile. “No thanks, I think I’m going to stay here and chat with Dwight” you said as you looked at Dwight who was sitting across from you, he looked at you then at Negan confused as what he should say. “Dwight get the fuck out of here” Negan growled, Dwight let out an annoyed sigh and stood up grabbing his tray as he made his way to a different table. “As I was saying, let’s go somewhere quieter” Negan leaned in closer to you. You quickly stood up and starting walking back to your room, leaving the tray. “Who does he think he is” you whispered to yourself.

The next morning you woke up and noticed a small note that was slipped under your door. You picked it up and read “head over to my office as soon as fucking possible to get assigned a job – Negan”. You crumpled up the paper and threw it into the small trashcan in your room and threw on a baggy black sweater, as well as your black jeans and headed out towards Negan’s office; asking people for directions along the way. You knocked on the door that had a paper sign attached to it with ‘Daddy’s Office’ scribbled on the front. “Come in” you heard Negan call out, you opened the door and walked in. Negan was sitting at his desk writing things down onto a notepad, he looked up and smiled “there’s the woman in black, did you like the sign on the door? I made it for you” he said giving you a wink. “For fuck sakes Negan” you said as you turned around and started walking out “hey hold on a fucking minute!” he yelled out. You stopped walking and turned around folding your arms; Negan could see you were clearly annoyed. “I’m sorry doll, the joke that bad?” he gave you a devilish smirk “I informed the kitchen staff that you’ll be coming in and helping them out” he said going back to writing on his notepad. “I can’t cook for shit Negan, can I get another job?” he looked back up at you and leaned back in his chair “well..you could always be a wife, we can do the interview right now if you like just take a seat on my hard dick and tell me how bad you fucking want it”. You stood there in shock as you felt wetness starting to puddle in your panties; at that moment you wanted Negan so fucking badly. “Kitchen work is good” you whimpered out before quickly leaving his office and making your way to the cafeteria where the kitchen was.

The rest of the day at work you thought about Negan, and not in an annoyed ‘what an asshole’ kind of way, you thought of all the ways you wanted him to fuck you. Every counter and table you looked at you pictured Negan fucking your brains out on top of it. You were deep in thought when you suddenly felt a scorching pain in your hand. You looked down and noticed you had absent-mindedly put your hand on the stove. John; the kitchen supervisor noticed, and quickly ran over to you and lead you over to the sink, pouring cold water over the burn. “Are you alright? What the fuck did you do that for?” he asked, “I-I don’t know” you quietly replied. “It’s okay, here let me take you to see the doctor, he’ll probably have a cream or something for that”. John brought you to the doctor and headed back to the kitchen, “let me have a look” said the doctor as he applied a burn cream to your hand and wrapped it in a cloth bandage “take the rest of the day off and rest in your room, I’ll let Negan know what happened and please try to be more careful”. You walked out of the doctor’s office and headed to your room, when you got to your room you slipped into your bed and drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later you heard a loud pounding noise on your door, “who is it?” you asked half asleep. “It’s the fucking Grim Reaper here to collect your soul” replied a gravelly voice. You sat up in bed and rubbed your eyes “huh?” you said with a yawn, “it’s Negan” replied the voice with a chuckle. You quickly got up and ran your fingers through your hair and fixed your clothes before answering the door. Negan pushed past you and went in your room; you closed the door and walked back to your bed sitting on the edge. “I heard you fucked your hand up, I guess you really can’t cook for shit huh?” he said with a smirk. You rolled your eyes “very funny Negan, actually I didn’t burn myself cooking I was too busy daydreaming about you fucking me against the counter and didn’t notice I had my hand on the stove..oops” you said innocently looking up at Negan, who stared back at you; looking dumbfounded. “Am I fucking dreaming?” he said still looking shocked. You got off of your bed and slowly walked over to him swaying your hips gently “you win Negan”  you purred looking up into his eyes that turned darker as they filled with lust “oh yeah? And what’s my fucking prize baby girl” he said moving in closer, filling in the small space between you two. You gently grabbed the front of his pants feeling his dick already getting hard; “whatever you want it to be daddy” you whispered into his ear. Negan quickly picked you up and threw you across his shoulder as he carried you over to your bed; he put you down in front of it and made you lay down on your stomach. He grabbed your waist and pulled your ass in the air “stay just like that baby” he hissed as he rubbed his hands along your ass before roughly tugging your jeans off, pulling your panties down with them.  You slowly pulled your sweater off over your head and unhooked your bra; pulling it off as well. You heard Negan begin unbuckling his belt, he pulled it out of the loops of his jeans and wrapped the belt around your neck; gently tightening it. You let out a moan as you leaned back and pressed your bare ass against the front of Negan’s jeans; rubbing it against his erection. “You’re such a dirty fucking girl, you like daddy choking you with his belt don’t cha? I bet your pussy is drenched for me already” he ran his hands down your body and gave both ass cheeks a big smack, you let out a low whimper and bit your lip. Negan grabbed your long hair, pulling your face back, he gave you a passionate kiss; slipping his tongue into your mouth letting it explore as he started to pull his pants and underwear down with his other hand. He then slipped his hand between your legs, making you gasp “oh fuck yeah, that pussy is fucking soaked” he growled. You felt your clit begin to throb; you wanted to feel Negan’s cock inside of you so bad. “Fuck me already Negan, I can’t wait any longer” you whimpered out, now rubbing your ass against his dick. Negan slapped your ass again harder this time “what’d you call me?” he hissed, “Negan” you moaned out. Negan slapped your ass again this time putting all his strength in causing you to gasp “c’mon now doll, what’s my fucking name and you better get it right this time” he said pulling on the belt around your neck. You softly moaned out “daddy”, “that’s it baby” he hissed before grabbing his cock and teasing your entrance with the tip. You let out an impatient moan which suddenly turned into pleasure as Negan slipped himself inside of you “mmm you’re so fucking tight” he groaned out. You tilted your head back as your pussy barely had time to adjust to his size as Negan began thrusting into you at full force. You heard Negan groan as he fucked you, his tough guy persona slipping away at every thrust. “Ohh god” you cried out as his cock slammed into your g-spot repeatedly drawing you closer to an orgasm. “Cum for me baby, I want to feel your cum drip down my cock” he whispered taking deep breaths. You couldn’t control yourself anymore as ecstasy flooded your body, making your vision go blurry as you came hard against him. “Fuckk” Negan growled looking down at your pussy as he spread your ass open with his hand. When you came down from the high you were feeling you started to pump yourself into Negan as fast as you could, you wanted to fuck Negan like he fucked you. Negan brought his hands up and stopped thrusting letting you do your thing. He grinded his teeth together listening to your small whimpers and the slaps of skin against skin. “I’m gonna fucking cum” Negan quickly pulled himself out of you and jerked off onto your ass, his warm cum pooling on your back as it dripped down from your ass.”Well fuck darling” he groaned out of breath before helping you unbuckle his belt from your neck, he chuckled as he noticed the redness around your neck that was surely going to bruise as well as the hand print shaped welts that had formed on your ass cheeks.

Negan helped you up and pulled you in for a kiss, “that was worth the fucking wait” he grinned. You rolled your eyes “you’ve only waited for like two days Negan” you said with a laugh. “Fuck that long?” he said sounding surprised, you gently smacked his arm. “How about we take a shower and get cleaned off?” he asked taking your hand, you nodded and you both got dressed and snuck off to the showers together, giggling as you walked by unsuspecting people who were oblivious about what the both of you had just done.

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What's a good outfit for fishnets and high waisted shorts?

A high neck crop top, choker, leather jacket and creepers
Or band tee tucked in, dad cap, vans and one of those chunky, detailed belts