leather craft

THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to my first stream and made it such a wonderful experience! We made Celica’s headband out of leather! (My wig still needs some styling in this photo, but you get the idea)

I’m so grateful for your support of my crafting endeavors. ❤ I’ll definitely keep streaming my progress and have a more regular schedule set up soon. In the meantime, I’m gonna go enjoy the rest of my birthday!


Book of Paths

This book has structural differences from ones I’ve created in the past. With this one I tried many things I haven’t before and that led to many aesthetic imperfections. However I acheived the effect I was aiming for and that was a decoration representing choice and mainly how we can’t comprehend if we truly are in control of what is going to happen to us in life depending on these choices.

The book is decorated with interlaced borders and the spaces they create are filled with various other floral and geometric elements. The black in the tooling is acheived by coating the tools with carbon over a candle flame.


Transparent wooden clutch DIY

Hello everybody!!!

Transparent clutches are starting to become more and more famous.So why not make one of your own?

To make this transparent clutch you will need:
-2 simple wooden picture frames or you can make your own frames and glue the glasses as I did.
-2 metal clasps
-a metal lock clasp
-a belt
-a hammer
-a drill
Good luck!!

If you don’t want your all of your things to be visible there is a tutorial in the end of the video that shows you how to make a smaller embroidery wallet.


Here’s a video of how I made my new teal medieval belt! :D
If you have any questions feel free to ask. As this was the first belt of this kind that I’ve made, I’m definitely not an expert, but I’ll do my very best to help a brutha out. 

Also, if you like this kind of video let me know and I’ll keep ‘em coming :)

Made in a similar style as old Balkan manuscripts, this book is bound in light brown goatskin with cotton endbands around a hemp cord, this small blank journal could be the perfect companion on travels in nature or on a dark city night.