leather craft

Guys, I need your help 。◕ ‿ ◕。

I want to help my mom starting her own business (she is unemployed atm and there’s a huge crisis in my country), she doesn’t think she’ll have success but I honestly think she will and I want to make her dream come true. 

So if you like things made with leather or cute notebooks, personalized notebooks, crafts, etc, please like this facebook page or follow this pinterest account, it’d mean the world to me, seriously, and you’d be helping my family and what’s more, you’d be making my mom happy.

Thank you so much to anyone who has read this, i love you all!


Look how awesome these turned out!! I got this cute idea to expand my Mythical Merits into nice, rugged leather patches and I’m so excited by the end result! They’re a lot bigger than my buttons (about 2.5 inches along the side) - so a single one makes a great statement on a small bag or multiples can nest together on a medium/large bag. The details are etched directly into the leather and each patch has pre-cut holes to make sewing onto fabric a lot easier.

Currently available patches:

  1. Loch Ness Monster
  2. Werewolf
  3. Ghost
  4. Kraken
  5. Phoenix
  6. Demon Trap
  7. Dream Demon ‘Bill Cipher’

Depending on interest for these, I’ll be expanding into the other Merit badges.