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“[Money’s] never been the why or the driving force,” says Josh Warner, who has been sculpting hand-crafted luxury silver and brass goods for over 25 years at his company GOOD ART HLYWD. “The driving force has always been ‘create good effects.’”

DIY EL Wire and Leather Necklace from Instructables’ User MikaelaHolmes.

This is an extremely detailed tutorial on how to use cheap electroluminescent wire (EL wire) to make a necklace. This is not one of the quick and easy DIYs I often post, but this DIY EL wire necklace gives you an example of how EL wire is being used. Also, this DIY has a very elegant solution for making the battery pack look like part of the necklace.

If you missed my last post on using EL Wire to make neon signs, fashion and accessories, check out these DIYs below:

DIY EL Wire Cement Light Bulb Lamp Tutorial from I SPY DIY here.

Another really good tutorial for making an EL wire sign is from A Practical Wedding here.

EL Wire has long been used in fashion and costumery. I posted this DIY EL Wire Hair Bow Tutorial from Adafruit Learning System here. Video here.

For an extremely detailed tutorial, check out this DIY EL Wire Sign from The Poopers here.

DIY EL Wire Neon Sign Tutorial from I Spy DIY here.

I posted about this $5 DIY Neon Cactus from Shrimp Salad Circus here.

Hey tumblr,

i’m not new here, i’ve been here for around 4 years now and still adore this site.

I’ve never asked for much on this site, never thought it my place, and never asked for anything free.

Well to pursue my dream or living the life of an artisan, working with leather, wood, and metal, i currently do not have anymore money to put into the business, i’ve put all i had left to give into it and have nothing left and now my hours at work got cut and im still in college.

I do not ask for a free hand out, i don’t even ask you to purchase, just sharing this post with a link to my etsy shop is enough, because maybe someone who likes my fund raising keychains will see it and purchase one to help my business.

Right now (5/9/2015 they are 40% off for fund raising purposes, but tomorrow morning they go up to their original price. As soon as i get 3 more sales on Etsy there will be a free give away contest.

I’m not asking for a free hand out, just for some support of a fledgling business trying hard to swim and not sink.

i need around 170$ to take the next step up in quality i’d like my projects to be, and that’s not counting the costs of leather in of itself.

Every reblog/share/purchase helps me, i just want to create great works of art and utility that i can provide to happy customers and use the profits to fund my expansion into black smithing.

Thank you for reading this and i hope you have a good rest of your day/night.

-Bryan of Norseman Crafts


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Instagram: @Norsemancrafts



DIY Leather Belt Cuff Tutorial by Making the World Cuter for Make It & Love It.

Some of these cuffs have snap closures and other just tie. I like that you can also make unisex versions of this DIY leather belt cuff.

For more DIY leather cuffs, see below:

DIY Unisex Leather Snap Cuff from The Red Kitchen here.

DIY Belt to Leather Cuff with Rhinestone Closure from Wobisobi here.

DIY Leather O Ring Bracelet from Sometimes Homemade here.

DIY Two Easy Knockoff Tutorials for the Celine Spring 2012 Leather Ring Cuff from DO/DIY and Sketch 42 here.

DIY Leather Hardware Cuff at Think Crafts! here. This is one of my most repinned Jewelry DIYs on Pinterest.