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52 Clony pleeease :)

Prompt: 52. “Can we cuddle?”

(Okay, so for some reason I really struggled with writing this one and I don’t know why?… My brain just wouldn’t co-operate with me so I apologise if it’s slightly crappy, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Warning: Implied homophobia from a relative.)

Tony climbed through the younger boy’s bedroom window silently, his whole body wound tight with concern as his leather boots hit the carpeted floor with nothing but a soft thud, the sound gently resounding throughout the otherwise quiet room as Tony allowed his eyes to roam over his partner’s body, taking stock of his weary figure and the way his eyes glistened around red rims in the dark. Evidently, things with his grand-parents hadn’t gone well.

“That bad, huh?” He murmured gently, his voice barely above a whisper in consideration of the younger boy’s sleeping parents as he moved swiftly to close the short distance between the both of them to wrap his arms comfortingly around his partner’s waist, his heart silently breaking as the taller boy trembled despondently in his hold.

“Apparently we’re going to hell.” Clay informed his boyfriend shakily, his voice cracking involuntarily as he turned his head to bury his face in the crook of the shorter boy’s neck, allowing the familiar scent of motor oil and leather to wash over him. “Mum kicked them out.” He added lightly after a moment’s pause, his voice muffled by the older boy’s clothing.

“Good.” Tony responded vehemently, his tone laced with disdain as he tightened his hold around the younger boy while shifting the angle of his head slightly to leave a tender kiss against his temple. “Did you want to talk about it?” He queried softly, his hand moving subconsciously to rub soothingly across the other boy’s clothed torso as he tried to calm his boiling blood; he wanted to go and knock the elderly Jensen’s heads together while ripping them a new one, but the prospect coming to life would probably cause more harm than good for his partner in the long run and so he forced himself to rework his anger into consolation and reassurance. 

 “Not really.” Clay shook his head, closing his eyes momentarily against the assault of memories replaying in his head, hating himself for the way the little voice in the back of his mind shouted at him for being ‘wrong’ and an ‘abomination’- both things that his grand-parents had called him in their verbal onslaught. “Can we just- can we cuddle?” He asked hesitantly, pulling away marginally from the older boy to rest their foreheads together, his eyes flickering apprehensively across Tony’s own as a sudden rush of anxiety and self-doubt flowed through him.

Tony smiled fondly at the sight despite himself, marvelling at how Clay had managed to retain his timidness throughout all of their time together as he tilted his head back slightly to capture the younger boy’s mouth in a brief kiss of reassurance. “I love you.” He said in way of an answer upon pulling away, shifting his arms from around his partner’s waist to grip at his hands instead so he could deftly move them over to the bed, more than willing to accommodate Clay with his request.

“I love you too.”