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Outfit #171 “Inglorious Bastards”

Breaking Bad S05x07 “Say My Name”

Our dove carried forward this outfit from the last episode. He was wearing it when Mike tried to off Walt, and babe begged for him to hear Walt out. Oh, the humanity.

J is in all black, which is a beautiful rarity for him. Also a rarity: a button-front top hiding under that leather jacket. The noir look must be to highlight how J is backing the wrong horse here. He doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt, so clearly Walt falls under that category, but dude should have let nature take it’s course a bit there. Anyway, his support of Walt leads us to this eye-roll moment wherein Walt makes a point to tell the gangsters he’s trying to woo that Jesse is one of the best meth cooks EVER, just like him. And, I just love Walt dialling up the sycophancy in this episode toward J. His manipulations have never been more overt, nor have Jesse’s reactions to them. Ever since the whole whistle-through-the-grief moment, he’s like, is this guy for real? 

And so, Jesse tries to follow in Mike’s footsteps with the “I’m out” business, and Walt steamrolls him like a Dad making you sit through family dinner before you can talk about that ski trip / prom date / whatever the fuck y’all had to talk through with your ‘rents. I was 100% spared this kind of parental fuck-shittery so it makes me cringe all the more. What, is he going to make J write out a little pro and con list so they can really talk that shit through? Ugh. I just want to shake Jesse and be like, DUDE, you are free. It’s just a mental prison. Fly away, little bird. 

Shutter Speed Ch. 3

I am so sorry this took so long to write but I made it extra long for you guys and I hope it’s okay! 

Ch 1 | Ch 2 | AO3 

“What do you mean you met her?” Jughead asks, walking into their apartment, Archie trailing behind him.

“I mean exactly what I said. I met your model, Betty,” Archie says, like it’s the simplest statement he has ever said.

“I’m confused. How did you meet her, and where was I?” Jughead asks, dropping his bag on the couch and turning around face Archie, who rolls his eyes.

“I bumped into my friend Veronica, that girl I was telling you about from my class? Who I really like and talk to all the time?” he looks at Jughead expectantly, who just shrugs. “Anyways, they were shopping together, and I met her. You were off finding a shirt, and I didn’t want to tell you because I knew you’d freakout. So I told you now.”

Jughead sits on the couch, looking thoughtful. He stares at the floor, tapping his finger on his knee before glancing back up at his friend.

“What was she like?” He asks quietly, eyes looking hopeful. Archie smirks and plops down on the couch next to him.

“She was nice, really nice. Seemed a bit shy I guess, because I was a complete stranger I’m guessing. But really nice and polite.” He turns to Jughead, smirking and nudging his shoulder. “Even cuter in real life, too.”

“Oh, shut up dude. This is strictly business,” Jughead explains, not able to stop the blush that creeps up his face.

“Oh yeah? Gonna get down to business, in the bedroom maybe?” Archie smirks, continuously nudging him. Jughead takes a pillow from beside him, hitting Archie in the head with it. He just laughs and tries to block it, catching it after a few hits and holding onto it. He grins maniacally at Jughead, who groans and gets up, walking to his room.

“I hate you and I’m never telling you anything about my life ever again,” Jughead mutters as he stalks to his bedroom.

“Love you too, Juggy!” Archie calls as the door is slammed.

Jughead would be lying if he said he didn’t get excited when he saw Betty answered his email. He responds quickly, suggesting a time that works for both of them. He wants the shoot to start at his apartment, since he had the equipment he needs already. He tells her the address, and tells her if she needs to bring someone along to help her with her makeup or anything, she can. He leans back in his desk chair, looking up to the ceiling with his hands behind his head. A small smile plays on his lips as he imagines the shoot in his mind. He wants it to be simple, doesn’t want to go all out for his first shoot. He thinks his apartment has enough good areas to use as a backdrop. And if Betty is willing to do another location, he knows the perfect location. He couldn’t wait. Saturday could not come fast enough.

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Good Morning EXO: Suho

Sorry for the wait! Emily here you are! @cheolily

With my head resting on my desk I death glare my alarm clock, who’s numbers are glaring back at me, 4:00 AM. I groan flipping my head the other way to come across my other enemy, my phone. The device itself isn’t the problem, the man who’s handsome face illuminating the screen is. Kim Junmyeon, my boyfriend of a year and half, in the photo he is wrapped around me, smiling so brightly my heart hurts thinking about out last conversation.

I groan again before planting my face into the book in front of me, literally right in. I yelled at him, I mean he yelled too, but I yelled at Kim Junmyeon, Suho, the guardian of EXO. If the fans hear about this I’m done for. Another groan has me leaning back in my seat rubbing my face furiously. My eyes are still puffy from crying earlier, if I had went to sleep like I wanted they would have been fine by now but I have to study. With my exam in eight hours I still need to look over a lot of things. Stupid exam, stupid school, stupid Junmyeon.

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Guess who’s coming for dinner?

In a button-up shirt, relaxed poly-blend pants, square-toed shoes, and a rich chocolate brown shantung silk single-breasted dress blazer, accessorized with a nylon handbag, oval glasses and A SCRUNCHIE, GIllian is, as always, in it to win it. 

Cate Blanchett, for her part, is not to be outdone, and is ready to rumble in a longline leather coat and leather pants