leather buckle bracelet

anonymous asked:

I have long hair for personal sensory reasons but I'd like to try out being more masculine in appearance but like..... It never pans out that way. Any tips?

Oh sure!! It depends what style you have but I’ll write it from my farmer goth cowboy-that-lives-in-a-mondrian-painting perspective;

  • Sports bras are where it’s at babey!!! Or just….letting ya titties hang out. Be like go free my children and throw your bra out of a moving car like a low budget version of the car scene in gone girl
  • Mens shirts because they’re big and usually better quality without annoying titty darting
  • Ripped up mom jeans
  • Chunky plain belts in block colours with big buckles
  • A single hoop earring
  • Flannel…..any flannel….
  • Crow (for shoulder)
  • Chunky watch/those little tooled leather bracelets
  • Belt buckle with horses on it
  • Raven (for other shoulder)
  • Try an all black outfit
  • Wool cape coats are hot
  • A nice hat matched to the main colour of your outfit/your shoes is a great way to look like you put thought into it
  • Leather gloves
  • Chivalry
  • Cool knife pinning an important looking letter to your mantle