leather bracelet

Valentine’s Day Project – DIY Bracelet for Him

Hello girls! Valentine’s Day is coming, wanna make something special for your boyfriend? Well, today I’m here to share you a tutorial on how to make a bracelet for HIM, hope it helps~

Materials and tools needed to make this cool bracelet:

6mm Cube Golden Alphabet Acrylic Beads
8mm Coffee Round Wood Beads
12mm Round Printed Porcelain Beads
12mm Round Coffee Porcelain Beads
1.0mm Coffee Korean Waxed Polyester Cord
Tibetan Pendant
4mm Black Leather Cord
Black Yarn
Stainless-Steel Scissor

Instructions on how to make the cord bracelet:

Step 1: Make the main patterns of the DIY bracelet.

1st, cut two pieces of black yarn and thread a 12mm round printed porcelain bead onto the middle of both yarns.

2nd, hold the left yarns together and slide a 12mm round coffee porcelain bead onto them, repeat to slide a bead to the right yarn.

3rd, cut a piece of 4mm black leather cord, separately thread four wood beads, three alphabet beads and one charm onto it, the order should be like the picture shows. Tips: here you can change the word “MAN” to your name or your boyfriend’s name.

Step 2: Combine the previous patterns together.

1st, cut two pieces of 1mm coffee Korean waxed polyester cord, wrap both ends of those previous patterns and cut off extra cords, do it like the following picture show.

2nd, connect the bracelet together with square knots.

3rd, respectively add one 8mm round coffee wood bead to both ends of the knot, and cut off extra cords.

Here comes the final look!

Cool and easy to make! Have a nice try and wish you a great Valentine’s Day!

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