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Charles Vane Appreciation Week: Day 6 — Favorite AU

Modern!Vane. He obviously spends most of his time sailing and is in an on and off relationship with the young CEO of the Guthrie Shipping Corporation. He lives on his boat that he probably won in a game of of cards. Or he killed the former owner, no one remembers, truth be told, he’s probably a wanted man in at least 10 countries.

OtaYuri - Thinkin’ Out Loud

Pairing: Otabek Altin x Yuri Plisetsky

Warnings: none really, emotions and kissing

Word Count: 1675

A/N: Written for @otayurism because I enjoy writing for people and they seem nice enough to write for <3

Summary: Otabek and Yuri get some practice time in together, which leads to an improv pairskate with lots of dips and kisses, done to only the best song for fluff and deep love; Thinkin’ Out Loud.

Yuri took Otabek’s hand as Ed Sheeran’s voice echoed throughout the rink, dragging him out into the middle of the ice. Otabek skated circles around Yuri a few times, stopping in front of him and placing his right hand on Yuri’s waist, Yuri placing his left on Otabek’s shoulder.

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When i see zayn malik +leather+match couple the only result to me is 

Even fetus ziam

And fetus 1d with fetus ziam matching outfit with match Leather boots

And( my fave) zayn with leather jacket but the other person dont need to be with leather to match with zayn and even so one is mirroring the other