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Chasing You -- Baekhyun

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There’s something oddly magical about wandering through the city at night.

The streets aren’t crowded like they are during the day, the amount of people walking around dwindling down from the high thousands to the low hundreds.  Neon lights dot the otherwise dark landscape, more and more businesses remaining open throughout the night to accommodate people like yourself who stay up late.  Coffee shops, convenience stores, and a smattering of restaurants are ready to welcome you with open arms, silently beckoning you with delicious smells and eye catching displays.

It’s a small cafe next to a laundromat that ends up reeling you in.

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Pocket Wallets

20 money holders to shop now

Let’s face it. It’s time to let go of your old, worn-in wallet. We get that it’s hard to part with, but why hold onto the past, when the future can be just as good, or even better. With our selection below, you can choose from 20 different wallets and find your new, daily go-to. From pocket-sized leather wallets to handy money clips, shop the best new holders from Jack Spade, Fossil, Herschel and more today!

Hank Harris Tweed Bifold Wallet

Drexel Zip Wallet

Sandqvist Abraham Leather Wallet

Teziano’ Leather Embossed Wallet

Faustino Magnetic Money Clip

Estate Leather Mag Money Clip

Two Fold Money Clip

Ariat Shield Perforated Edge Money Clip

Money Clip with Credit Card Case

Paul Smith Accessories - Navy Bordered Money Clip

Arena Classic Billfold

Lizard Folding Wallet

Perforated stripe leather wallet

‘Vesper’ Wallet

Leather Dress Wallet

Edoardo intrecciato vn wallet

Paper Clip Money Clip

Dipped Leather Wallet

ASOS Canvas Wallet with Patch

Printed Leather Billfold Wallet

Serial Entrepreneur/Indepedent Journalist in Singapore

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This is my extensive everyday carry as a college student in Florida. While some of these pieces are left behind from time to time, I like to be well prepared wherever I am. Enjoy! Some more details on the pieces: -The Swiss knife was a gift and I couldn’t locate the model online. -The flashlight is a bit of an off-brand however it’s incredibly cheap and incredibly powerful. -Parker pens have a sturdy build and beautiful ink flow at a very reasonable price -The pocket screwdriver was purchased on a whim and rarely sees use. The title “precision” is very literal: The bits are tiny. I hope ya’ll enjoy this first submission!