leather bandeau

I went to see this musical yesterday and the lead actress was in a bandeau and leather pants and she had a 6 pack and I couldn’t focus on what was happening in the scene because my gay ass couldn’t stop drooling over her abs

miaa-mp  asked:

Hi first I want to say that I absolutely love your fashion and because of that I have a question. So I recently got this grey Guns N Roses shirt with a deep cut out in the front and I was wondering what I could wear with that shirt. I'm not used to clothing with a cut out because my clothing is usually very conservative and I'm not used to revealing clothes so I have no idea how I should wear this shirt. Can you help me?

Thank you so much! 💕 Band tees are a lot of fun to dress up! My style is usually more conservative too so I hear you if the cut is deep like this or this  here’s some options I like for band/graphic tees! 

- Denim jackets, denim mini skirts, denim jeans (any cuts, fades, washes)
- Leather jackets, leather mini skirts
- Bandeaus, bralettes
- leggings, tights
- chokers, fishnets, studs, vinyl, silver jewlery, layered jewlery, western & ethnic embellishments
- ankle boots, booties, converses, sneakers
- destroyed/frayed/ripped/bleached motifs on any of the above! 
- feel free to play around with undersizing & oversizing

Denim + leather + anything else that screams “rebel” & you have a pretty rock & roll ensemble. But if that’s too much throw in some boho stuff like a longline cardigan or layer a lacey cami under it with some leggings & it’s super casual! Hope that helps a bit c:  - xo

Affair: Part 8

Hi, here is part 8 of affair! You can read all the previous parts here. Enjoy, (mature) :)

~1 week later

Classes were going to start in two days and I was prepared. I spent my entire week studying, sleeping, reading and eating. I even resulted to getting shitfaced with Lisa Wu. She can be quite the drinker. This was two days ago, and a lot of students were starting to come back on campus. While we were drinking and playing truth or dare, I dared her to run down the corridor completely nude. She surprisingly agreed and once I saw her body, I understood why. She had confidence and an amazing body, so why not?

I had gotten a few texts from Harry Christmas morning, when he woke and I wasn’t in the guest room. He sent me “Where did you go!!” I called him and told him I was back at University, that it was hurting me staying there. Alison called me later that day to tell me how pissed off she was I had left without saying goodbye and that when classes started again, she wasn’t going to help me with my homework. Which, honestly I was totally fine with. Alison is a very forceful teacher.

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Splurge or Save: Charming Headbands

Don’t have time to meticulously work on your hair before you leave home for the day? Need to beat the early morning rush hour traffic, or desperate for your daily dose of pour over coffee from your favorite hipster coffee shop? We can totally relate. When you don’t necessarily want to hide your hair under a hat, consider wearing a headband to keep your locks neat and in place. 

Before you go on a headband craze, keep in mind that certain headbands work better for certain hairstyles and occasions. Don’t sweat it though, we’ve picked out 5 different charming headband styles to help you find a match (or more), just decide on whether you feel like saving or splurging.

1. Thin and Dainty: Delicately-shaped headbands work best with soft, straight hair. Because they’re dainty, their details can get easily hidden by thicker, curlier locks. Easily pair this style with a dress for day or night time. 

Save: Cara Skinny Pearl Headband
Splurge: Maria Nilsdotter Lost World Headband

2. Bow-Embellished: For those with an inherently cheerful manner of dressing, a bow-embellished headband is a perfect hair accessory to showcase a playful style. Choose one with a wider frame if you have thicker hair, so its details can still be visible. 

Save: L. Erickson Bow Headband
Splurge: Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Headband

3. Bandeau Headband: Don’t just reserve bandeaus for festivals! These headbands complete bohemian and casual looks. The best part is, they look great and can easily work with practically every type of hair. 

Save: MARC by Marc Jacobs Looped Turban Headband
Splurge: Eugenia Kim Natalia Headband

4. Floral Motif: For events that call for a little bit more elegance, go for headbands with floral motifs. Their reflective gem and crystal detailing pair perfectly with dresses and evening wear with similar designs. 

Save: ModCloth Bead That Headband
Splurge: Louis Mariette Claudia Headband

5. Spiked: Who says girls with edgier styles don’t have their fair share of headwear? Beanies and fitted hats aren’t the only alternatives, that’s for sure! Spiked headbands allow you to keep your hair in place, while maintaining a rocker, street style look!

Save: ASOS Spiked Headband
Splurge: Murmur Spiked Leather Headband

Inspired by the different headbands you saw above? Whichever hair accessory type works best for your hair and personal style, discover hundreds of trendy women’s headbands on Wantering.