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Fluff October 1

30 Days Till I Said…
First Day - First Meeting

[Decided to do 1,000 word dabbles instead of drawing because .. heh… I have a ton of pending art to do anyway]

Day 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Pairing: Edgeberry
Theme: Coffee shop/College AU (Yeah one of those, booo, I always wanted to try them :P)


The UnderGround Coffee Shop was busy that day but it was nothing that Fell couldn’t handle by himself, even if he did wish he didn’t have to handle it by himself.   His brother’s absence was sorely felt as he found himself expertly mixing several cups of his most popular caffeinated drinks.  One without sugar, one with just a tiny bit of cinnamon, another with nothing but a “whisper” of milk, and another with everything but just a tiny bit, because, of course.

He could do all of this blindfolded with one hand behind his back (it sure felt that way) but he prefer not to, that’s why he had reluctantly had put that HELP WANTED sign outside the shop.  He had a couple of other monsters to help with the customers but none of them could handle his complicated coffee machines like he or his brother could, so they were assigned delivery and cleaning duties.   

He wished Red had given him more notice before leaving, but it was no secret that his brother didn’t care for the shop as much as he did.   He grumbled to himself.  Well there was no helping it, he would carry on … like always.  

He heard the doorbell jingle as another patron entered his shop.  In the past, that sound had indicated money coming in, now it was just an annoying sound in the back of his head.  He heard the girl who handled the cash register greet someone and then continued to have a longer conversation with someone.  

So chatty.  He thought to himself.   He needed to have a talk with her.  Now that they were short one monster, she really needed to stop wasting time with idle chatter like that.  

“Hi!” he heard a young voice say from the other side of the counter.  “My name is Blue and …”

“Get in line” said Fell without looking up from his work.

“But …”

“Nobody skips the line” growled Fell.   

“… ok”  

Damn college kids.

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ashton irwin // study sessions

Pairing:  Ashton x Reader
Request: could you do a luke or ashton kinda blurb in which you go to college together and you’re helping each other out with idk physics or some nerd science subject like that and while you’re explaining something to him he can’t seem to get his eyes off of your mouth and it gets you all hot and bothered and you end up making out a lot and probably sex because why not THANKS
Word Count: 2.107

My small dorm room was filled with open books, a whole lot of papers, empty pizza cartons and one desperate student. Finals were coming up soon, which means, of course, studying like there’s no tomorrow. The whole college things is extremely important to me. If I won’t get at least a B in all my finals I’d be completely devastated, that’s why I spend my days sitting alone in my dorm room for hours, trying to get everything important in my head and not forget it as soon as I start with a new topic.

I’d like to think that I’m a fairly good student but studying was never a thing I liked very much though. It’s all about paying close attention and taking notes in class. That’s how I normally get through, but when it comes to the important finals, I’d rather like to be save than sorry.

There was still one week to go until the big Physics exam would come up. Physics is really not one of my favorite things to study that’s for sure but I think I’ll get through. The topic is pretty easy and not at all hard to understand once you payed attention in class. Besides, it’s much more math than it’s anything else. It’s a lot of work with numbers and loads of mathematical problems you can easily calculate with the right formulas.

A loud knock on my door interrupted me while I scribbled down a few sentences for me to remember later on. A groan escaped my lips and I rose from my comfortable sitting position on the floor to open the wooden door room.

“Hey, you busy?” The tall blonde guy who just interrupted me asked with a precious smile on his face. “Uh kinda.” I said and stepped aside so the boy could have a look in my messy room. “Are you studying for the physics exam?” He asked in a hopeful way. “Yeah Ashton, I am and you’re kind of disturbing me.” I uttered, ready to shut the door in Ashton’s face. “Could you help me out? Please? I don’t really get it and you’re always excellent in explaining stuff.” He asked and put the sweetest smile on his face.

“Fine.” I rolled my eyes and stepped aside. “You are a life savior (Y/N). Thank you!” Ashton chirped, pressed a light kiss on my cheek and entered my room. I sat back down on my previous spot right in front of the bed and made space for Ashton next to me. “Please, sit down my little student.” I giggled and patted the empty space next to me. Ashton obeyed laughing. He sat down cross legged next to me and pulled his books and his notebook out of his brown leather bag.

Ashton and I have been friends ever since college started. It’s quite funny how we actually started talking. It was the first day at college for the both of us. I first noticed him at our first class but I was too afraid to talk to him just yet. But it didn’t take a long time for us to actually meet. When our first class was over I had to pee really badly but I didn’t know where the toilets were. I ran around the college building for a least ten minutes until I finally found a bathroom. Unfortunately for me I didn’t check the sign on the toilets door. I ran into the bathroom with only one thought in my head, ‘please don’t pee yourself at your first day of college’ and I didn’t notice that I ran into the boy’s bathroom. I stopped my tracks when I saw a curly haired blonde boy standing at the urinal taking a piss. I stood there completely startled and my eyes wide open when the boy noticed me as well.

“Well this is awkward.” He chuckled. “Uhm sorry…I didn’t mean to come in here..I just uh I..” I stuttered. I felt like a complete idiot and the worst thing about it all was probably the fact that I couldn’t take my eyes off of his cock. “I’d recommend you use one those toilets over there before you pee yourself. You can look at my little friend some other time.” He grinned. I shook my head slightly to get out of my state of shock and quickly walked over to the toilets, completely ignoring the fact that I was on a boys toilet. “He’s not that little.” I whispered as I passed him.

That was basically the story how Ashton and I became friends. Nothing ever happened between us though but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to him. Especially when he was wearing his big glasses. Whenever we’re in class or at our study dates my knees would always go all wobbly, it’s ridiculous.

“So, where do you want to start?” I questioned and looked up to him. Ashton’s head was facing the book on his lap. With a concentrated look on his face, he studied the pages. “I don’t get this whole magnetism crap. Like I can’t get the formulas in my head and I have no clue how the magnetic fields and levitation work.” He admitted and looked at me with desperate eyes. “Okay uh hold on a second.” I muttered and looked through my scribbles. When I finally found the right documents I handed them to Ashton. “There you go. It’s all I have on the topic. It’s pretty easy to understand.” I smiled. “Thanks but I think I’d understand it better if you’d explain it to me.” He said and put the papers aside.

“Okay fine. I try.” I sighed and started to explain to him everything we need to know about magnetism. While I was talking I noticed Ashton staring at my lips. He tried so hard to look in my eyes instead of my lips and to keep concentrated but I knew when he was not concentrated at all. I do have to admit that I was close to loose my concentration as well. With Ashton looking at me like that, my heart began to skip beats. It got harder and harder to keep focused on not kissing him right here and now. He bit his lip and shuffled back and forth, giving away an uneasy vibe. “You okay there?” I asked with furrowed eyebrows. “Sure why wouldn’t I be? I’m just trying to follow you.” He said nodding. “Okay then, what did I just tell you?” I teased, knowing he wouldn’t know the answer to my question. “You just said something about magnetism.” He answered, trying to cover up his lack of knowledge with a sweet smile.

“You’re a dork Ashton. Are you even listening to a word I say?” I asked. “Of course I have! I just got a little…distracted.” He admitted. “Distracted by what?” I frowned. After a short pause filled the air Ashton finally said, “By you.“ I looked at him, my eyes wide open. “Why? Am I that awful at explaining?” I chuckled nervously, trying to cover up the fact that my heart was racing like crazy. “No, more like, if I keep staring at you I’ll probably kiss the hell out of you.” He explained and licked over his lips.

“Well, maybe we should just try that.” I challenged and looked at him, biting my lip. Unsure of what to do Ashton run his hand through his thick dirty blond hair. “Oh for god sakes.” I groaned and straddled his lap, pressing my lips against his. After that little shock phase of what just happened, Ashton kissed me back hungrily. His one hand slung around my waist, pulling me closer to his chest while his other hand tangled itself in my hair. Within seconds the kiss got more and more heated. His tongue found its way into my mouth, winning our fight for dominance almost immediately. I wrapped my arms around his neck and let myself drown in the moment completely.

Ashton’s hand travelled down my waist and under my shirt. His cold hand let shivers run down my body. A soft moan escaped my mouth when Ashton bit my lip. I rocked my hips back and forth and run my fingers through his curly hair. “Oh fuck.” He groaned and ended the kiss breathlessly. “What are we even doing here?” I asked, not believing what’s happened. “Uhm a very important study session.” He declared and nodded his head reassuringly. “We should definitely do these study sessions more often.” I said and mimicked his nodding. “Hmh yeah definitely. How about we uh continue this one now.” Ashton urged and licked over his lips looking at me hungrily.

“The answer is yes. Definitely yes.” I agreed and pressed my lips against his once again. We made out for god know’s how long when I broke the kiss again. “So do we keep making out or..?” I asked shyly. “What do you want to do?” Ashton whispered and put a streak of hair behind my ear. “I wanna fuck you.” I blurted out and traced my finger down his muscular chest. A quick smirk washed over his face before he nodded. “With pleasure.”

My lips met his again while my fingers fumbled with the button of his jeans. When I finally managed to open it, I let my hand disappear in his jeans, slowly rubbing over his already semi hard erection. “Fuck. He moaned in my mouth when my cold hand got in touch with his length. I pumped my hand up and down as fast as I could while Ashton’s lips connected with my neck, leaving small purple marks behind. “God that feels so good.” He moaned, throwing his head back in pleasure. “You know what would feel even better? Me riding your hard cock.” I winked and pulled my hand out of his tight jeans to pull them and his boxers down his long legs, letting his erection slap against his toned stomach.

I pulled my shirt over my head, revealing my naked chest and then stood up to strip down my shorts and panties. Ashton watched my every move, his hand wrapped around his length, pumping himself. “Fuck baby you’re so hot.” I smirked and sat back down on his lap, removing his hand with my own. I pumped my hand up and down, making him even harder before I lifted myself up to prop his length on my opening. “You ready?” I asked smirking. “What kind of question is that?” He chucked. “Just asking.” I winked and lowered myself onto him. “Holy shit.” I cursed and squeezed my eyes shut as I slowly let him fill me up.

I circled my hips around a few times, getting used to his size before I slowly started to move up and down. Ashton placed his big hand on my ass, helping me to move up and down in a quicker pace while his other hand found my clit. He used his index finger to rub over it in sloppy circles, causing me to moan out. “Fuck Ashton. That feels so fucking good.” I managed to breath out in between moans. “You look so fucking good riding my cock.” He hissed through gritted teeth while he rubbed his finger in a quicker pace.

I clenched my walls around him when I felt a familiar knot building up in my stomach. “Shit…shit I’m c-close.” I cursed. “Cum baby, cum for me.” Ashton demanded. I moved my hips back and forth and up and down rapidly, scratching my nails down Ashton’s chest. He pressed his lips against mine and grabbed my ass tighter. “Oh my…ah fuck!” I moaned into his mouth when my orgasm rushed through me, consuming my entire body. Not long afterwards Ashton’s own orgasm followed. He shot his hot load inside me, curse words leaving his mouth.

I rode out both our highs before I climbed off him. Silence filled the air. Neither of us said a word for minutes. “I don’t know about you but I think we should like date now.” He announced. “What?” I frowned and looked at Ashton with raised eyebrows. “Well it’s no secret anymore that we obviously like each other. Like really like each other so why not make it official?” He shrugged.

“How subtle.” I scoffed and put my shirt and panties back on. “Okay sorry let me rephrase it.” He started and cupped my cheeks. “(Y/N) do you want to be my girl?” A huge smile spread over my face and my heart was dancing in my chest. “I’d like nothing more.”

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pls?? elaborate on lynch bros feels??? i beg of u

i mean not all of my thoughts are entirely safe-for-work/life so consider that a fair warning, but here are some that are a little more mild

  • declan coming back from college to help ronan clean up one of the stables at the barns in the early summertime and the two of them ending the day drinking cold pomegranate iced tea in one of the fields, cups sweating with condensation as they lay in the tall cool grass and watch one of ronan’s dream bugs flit about in the hazy heat
  • ronan dreaming up a really nice leather messenger bag for declan to bring back to college with him that feels light no matter how many books it holds, because ronan knows how many textbooks declan hauls around with him all the time and doesn’t want his shoulders to be sore at the end of every night
  • declan telling ronan memories of niall that ronan was too young to remember or quietly singing the tunes of some of niall’s old irish music any time ronan is especially missing their dad, because declan knows niall meant the most to ronan and he still misses him a lot sometimes
  • ronan inviting declan to feed the forest animals with him one early summer morning. declan’s feet are bare and there’s dew on the grass and the sun is so warm and pleasant and the deer’s nose feels so velvety against declan’s palm and ronan has never seen him act so soft and tender and calm