leather and wool

As we start to transition from fall to winter, and as you start searching for the perfect winter coat, remember to avoid feathers, fur, leather, and wool. These materials belonged to a sentient animal who was likely trapped, abused, and then killed for your coat. There are tons of inexpensive alternatives like polyester, cotton, nylon, faux leather/suede, or synthetic fleece. You can also shop second hand.

“I respect your decision to be vegan but don’t force your beliefs on others”

This is an argument that I hear a lot when talking to animal-users about veganism. Firstly, I never asked you to respect my decision to be vegan, because I’m not the one whose rights are being violated when you choose to consume animal products. However, I am asking you to respect the lives of those who do in fact suffer the consequences of your actions. Veganism is not simply a matter of opinion either. It is not my “opinion” that non-human animals are being murdered by the trillions every year. It is not my “opinion” that the animals lined up in the slaughterhouse do not want to die. It is not my “opinion” that mother cows grieve for their calves when they get taken from them at birth so you can drink their milk. It is not my “opinion” that male chicks are ground up alive at 1 day old so that you can eat eggs. It is not my “opinion” that exploitation, violence and murder is wrong. It’s just wrong.

tips for disabled people who cannot go vegan

I’m disabled & vegan,  w/epilepsy, so I’m fine on a plant-based diet, but I am aware that there’s a lot of people who cannot go vegetarian or vegan, so here’s just a wee list of things you can do if you’re keen on animal activism

  • Get involved & raise awareness! Sign up for any protests etc for animal rights in your area, maybe talk to abled/neurotypical friends and family, and get them to cut down some of their animal product consumption!
  • Veganism is about doing what is possible, not what is going to harm you! So never be too hard on yourself
  • When you hear people in the vegan community calling meat-eaters animal abusers/carnists, etc, keep in mind that this refers to people who can change but won’t. It’s kind of like when I talk about straight people. If I say that straight people are homophobic, I don’t mean every singe straight person is (I’m comparing here, not equating. sexuality has nothing to do with eating meat/disability)
  • Don’t let people on either side use you as an excuse. Don’t let vegans say that x disabled person can be vegan therefore all disabled people can be vegan, but also don’t let abled meat-eaters use you (a.k.a “I have a friend”) as an excuse to keep eating meat. 
  • If there is any animal product you can cut down on, then definitely cut down! Tiny steps have a massive impact on supply&demand.
  • Don’t buy leather, fur, silk, wool, etc (this does not mean that you should get rid of all your clothes. If you have to buy a new jacket, look for one made with faux leather!)
  • If you’re rich (lol what) , buy from local farms. 
  • If you’re getting a pet, adopt! My cat is from a shelter and he is the most wonderful baby. I love him. 
  • And again, don’t be too hard on yourself. You aren’t the problem here

There’s probably loads more, so feel free to add!