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Heya! Im back to sewing my ‘Enerjohnnies”!  I am making more Decepticon brands this time because I was told at different times, that there is not enough Decepti-merch out there. That can be helped! The goal is to get a table again at Conventions, sell my stuff to people who love unique and sturdy convention-shopping-whatever-bags. Here are the first ones I finished now, Faux leather and sequin applications galore. All bags come with a zipper now. <3

All My Idols Ch 6: A Princess, Her Princes, and Her Knights

I have never been so annoyed in my life, curled up in a ball on the floor facing the corner, like a child in time out as GD struggles into his ridiculously tight pants behind me. Unni insisted that I hide in the make shift dressing room that was built out of sheets that are tucked into the ceiling panels. She promised me I could come out when the show actually starts but since the boys don’t want me running around out there by myself, I’m left hiding. Even though they get their own waiting room they are required by the show to leave it open incase some of the younger groups have missions that require their help. Though none have had missions, many younger groups have stopped in just to greet them.

“I’m done,” GD says when he is finally dressed in his black leather pants and sequined jacket that is the same bright red as his newly dyed hair. Turning around I’m surprised to be faced to face with a squatting GD. I let out a little yelp in surprise making him laugh.

“Ya Jiyong! What are you doing to our Charlie?” Top grumbles from the other side of the curtain.

“Nothing, I just scared her,” GD continues to giggle as he strokes my head.  

“I have to go to the restroom,” I say as I peek out of the curtain with GD peeking out above me. Dae and Riri are getting their makeup done by some of the few makeup unnies who know about me, while Top and Youngbae are sitting on the couch right next the make shift changing room on their phones.

“I can show you,” One of the unnies says with a pretty smile. The guys nod and let me follow her out into the hall. Still dressed in my work clothes I don’t stand out that much from the dancers and idols other than for my darker skin and western features. After working through a labyrinth of halls we find the bathroom, she sends me in, “I’ll be out here when your done.”

I give her a smile and say, “Thank you,” Before heading inside. I’m only gone for a couple minutes at most but when I come back, she is gone. Glancing around nervously I wait by the bathroom door, hoping she just wandered off for a second but after a whole ten minutes I know I have to find my way back alone. But after taking only one turn I automatically regret my decision as I run into Bobby.

“You again,” Bobby says, but this time his words lack hostility, he even smiles at me.

“Hello to you too,” I say with a little bit of playfulness.

“Did you come here with the hyungs? We didn’t see you when we passed by a few minutes ago,” Jinhwan asks with a small smile, a smile I can’t help but return. I don’t know what it is about him, maybe it’s his soft features and small height, but I feel comfortable around him.

“Yea, I kind of got lost,” I say with a bit of embarrassment.

“We can show you the way,” He offers kindly.

I beam at him, “That would be amazing! Thank you!” A blush spreads across the older man’s faces, making him even cuter.

“No problem, it’s this way.” He leads me down the hall way with me following behind him, and the others tailing me.

“Sorry about earlier,” B.I walks faster to keep up with me.

“No worries, I’m happy you care about your hyungs,” I smile at him.

“Earlier, you said you were a fan, is that why you stopped by our practice?”

It’s my turn to blush at the fact that I have been caught, “You saw me?”

Junhoe answers this time, “Yea we have seen you every time but thought we should leave you alone until we saw you wander off into the direction of the studios.”

“Charlie-ssi?” The massive maknae asks from behind me; I glance over my shoulder at him, humming a yes. “Can we call you noona?” I automatically stop and spin around to face him, all the boys stop and take a step back; surprised my by actions and scared of my massive smile.

“Of course you can! I don’t have any dongseangs.” This boy also blushes under my attention.  

“Does mean I can too?” Junhoe and Bobby say together with hopeful grins.

“Yes! Since I’m older than all of you except for Jinhwan oppa,” I give the oldest my mega watt smile.

“Yo! Bobby!” A familiar deep voice calls from down the hall. We all turn to see Rap monster from BTS standing at the end of the hall with Suga right behind him.

“Hey Hyung,” Bobby yells back as he makes his way to his friend.

Oh my god! I scream inside my head as I try to keep my cool. I have never wanted to fan girl so much in my life. As much as I love my big bang oppas, BTS is definitely in my top three favorite groups along with them. But with big bang I have seen past their idol image to see the people they really are so the fan girl in my head is gone when I’m with them. BTS on the other hand are the idols I had posters of hanging in my room; they are still the idols I fantasized about.

The guys greet each other as I drift to stand behind Ikon, not wanting to loose my way back to my oppas but not wanting anymore unwanted attention. They talk for a few minutes, by that I mean Namjoon talks as Suga looks interested but tired. He must feel me staring because his eyes shift to me and I see something spark in them. Feeling uncomfortable with his intense gaze fixated on me I step behind Jinhwan who automatically notices Suga trying to see around him to me.

“Bobby,” Jinhwan calls, interrupting Bobby and Namjoon’s very active conversation. “You can continue, B.I and I are going to take Charlie back to the hyungs before they start to worry.” He grabs my hand and leads me past his group with B.I trailing behind me. Trust me, I already know they are going to be worried.

“Who is this?” Suga asks as we try and walk by, blocking our way. When no one responds he asks, “Charlie was it?”

“Yea, Charlie,” I say pronouncing it slowly so he can hear it properly.

“Sorry Yoongi hyung but we have to get her back before the show starts,” Jinhwan says ask pushes past the older boy, B.I follows with this head down.

“Fine,” Suga’s irritation is obvious as he glares at Jinhwan. “See you during the show Charlie,” He gives me a gummy smile that I have honestly fantasied about. As we turn the corner I want to scream in frustration and happiness as the rest of BTS comes barreling down the hall. I tuck myself behind Jinhwan as the boys stop to greet each other.

Am I ever getting back? Jinhwan gives them a little bow, giving them a small glimpse of me behind him, they all step back, surprised.

“Who is that?” Jin asks as he looks over Jinhwan to me, why are these damn boys so curious? Have they never seen a girl before?

“A friend,” B.I deadpans with a forced smile, “We have to go, so we will see you later.” He tries to push Jinhwan and I past them but the boys don’t move out of our way, in fact, they move closer to get a better look at me behind Jinhwan.

“What is your name?” A deep voice I recognize to be V.

“Why haven’t we seen you around before?” The smiley boy with orange hair asks.

“Why are you all so interested?” Jinhwan asks, obviously annoyed with not just their questions but also their presence in general.

“Yea,” B.I adds as he actually sniffs my hair, I stare at him with a face of both confusion and amusement. “Do you have some kind of idol attracting perfume on or something?”

“Why are you attracted to me?” I tease back, enjoying the deep blush that spreads across his face.

“Good to see you guys got far,” Junhoe laughs as he and the rest of the group we left behind joins us once again, including Suga and Rap monster.

“As much as I am enjoying meeting new people I really need to get back to my oppas,” I say to the crowd of attractive boys around me. They all look to me, their attention flooding me with nervousness and I find myself dragging both Jinhwan and B.I in front of me for protection.

“Cute,” A few of them coo at me like a child.

“Okay guys seriously, we are going to get in big trouble if we don’t bring her back soon so let us through,” Jinhwan says seriously, I silently thank him for stepping up.

“Where are you even taking her?” Rap monster asks.

“We need to take the princess back to her prince charmings.” Junhoe explains with a smile in my direction.

“Princess?” I scoff.

“It fits you well,” Bobby joins in.

“I want to be your prince!” V says jumping forward.

J-hope can’t help but jump in as well yelling, “No me!” All of the sudden all of the boys minus Jinhwan and B.I start shouting at me about how they want to be my prince. And if I wasn’t mentally drained for being up for basically 24 hours I would be enjoying this and even joining in on this little game but all I want right now is to find my oppas.

“Ya! Ya! Ya!” I almost shout to calm the large group of boys. “I have been up all night and most of today, I do not have enough energy to play with you guys today, but if you let these to lovely gentlemen take me away I promise to play with you guys next time.” All of the boys frown deeply, something that always seems to happen when I mention my sleeping habits to anyone. As idols I expect them to understand but from the looks of disapproval and guilt on their faces I see that that will not be happening.

“We’re sorry Noona,” Bobby says as he looks at me with guilty eyes, now understanding why I was upset earlier this afternoon.

“Yea, sorry Noona,” The rest of Ikon echoes.

“Noona?” Jimin says confused.

“Yea Noona,” Hanbin responds for me.

“July of 1994,” I explain shortly.

“Really?” The maknae line and leader of BTS exclaims.

I nod.

“Sorry Noona,” The four boys bow their heads.

“Thank you all,” I bow my head to them before letting Jinhwan lead me out of the pack, B.I still trailing behind me, but this time he has a grasp on my other hand. We weave through the halls, doing my best to keep my head down to avoid anyone else but I feel eyes roaming me and hear familiar voices I want to follow but maybe some other time. It takes a few minutes for us to reach Big Bang’s room that has a few security people walking out of it in the other direction. The boys release my hands before letting me lead the way to the door. Peeking in I call out, “Oppa?”

All five of my oppas are there, Daesung and GD are sitting on one of the couches, their faces buried in their hands. Top, Seungri and Youngbae are all pacing in different directions but they all stop and the others look up at the sound of my voice.

“Charlie!” They all yell and rush to me, fighting for who gets to hug me first. Top wins and holds me tight to his chest, kissing the top of my head multiple times before being forced to hand me over to Youngbae who does the same. I’m passed to each person ending with GD who doesn’t let me go, before they asks in unison, “Where have you been?” Their eyes shift to movement in the doorway, where my two knights in shining armor are standing awkwardly.

“What are you two doing with our Charlie?” Top snaps, earning a swat from me.

Jinhwan bows before saying, “Just returning the princess to her princes.” He gives me a small smile.

“And I thank you kind knight! I will cheer for you during your performance!” I give him and B.I another smile before signaling them to go, not wanting them to get in trouble for helping me.

“What was that?” GD asks me as he strokes my hair, his voice and actions are soft and sweet but I know he’s mad, they all are. They had been worried about me and it just looks like I was off messing around.

I snuggle closer to him, “I got lost and they help me find my way back.”

“What took so long? You have been gone for 45 minutes,” Top asks coming up beside us and placing his hand on my back. I turn my head to look at him as I yawn.

“When they would try to lead me away all these other boys kept popping up asking me all these questions and they kept staring and ugh!” I bury my face in GD’s chest, my mind completely spent. Top rubs my back soothingly.

“And the princess thing?” Seungri asks with a smile in his voice.

“Apparently I’m the princess, you are all my princes and Ikon are my knights.”

“I like it,” Youngbae says.

“Princess,” GD repeats.

“We have an hour and a half before the show starts so how about a nap, for everyone?” Top suggests. Without a word we all shuffle to find some place to sleep, Seungri gets the floor, Daesung ends up down there along with him. Youngbae, Top, and GD get the couches and I get to sleep on GD. He wraps his arms around me and wedges me in between himself and the back of the couch. Dae crawls over to the door to shut in and turns the light off while he’s over there, leaving us in a nice darkness. The only sound is coming from GD’s phone on the coffee table playing soft music.

Finally back in the comfort of my oppas I am completely at ease. We sleep for almost the whole time given to us, that is until Unni busts in, flipping the lights on.

“What the hell happened when you were gone?!”


All of the Osomatsu-san cosplay I wore at Sakura Con 2016!

I had a lot of fun hanging with and meeting people, and giving out lollipops to Jyushimatsu cosplayers (there were so many of you!), and giving away my special Easter eggs to Karamatsu Girls and Boys. You guys made my first SakuraCon awesome, thank you!!