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[ Updated : October 16, 2017 ]


Pieces Of You Drabble Series [ Members x Reader ]


• Coffees and Chill [ Ch.1 |  Ch.2 | Coming up soon ]   |   Fluff
Summary: How far will you go to get that book you need for a final paper?


24 Hours with Suga   |   Fluff
Summary: “I thought you didn’t like cats?” | “Way to go, kid.” | “Stop looking at me like that, weirdo.”

Sinners Prayer (Mafia!Yoongi AU)   |   Angst
Summary: “Hear my sinner’s prayer. It’s the only one I know. It sure as hell don’t rhyme, but it’s as good as, good as, good as, good as gold” 

Serendipity (College!Yoongi AU)    |   Fluff with a little bit of Angst
Summary: [requested] “I’m not in love with her!” Yoongi shook his head. “She’s like my sister.” He added hastily, repeating the words one more time to reassure them ( or maybe just him ).

Kiss The Girl (College!Yoongi & Mermaid!Reader AU)   |   Fluff
Summary: Min Yoongi was so close to killing his roommate and he would have been in jail for first degree murder if it weren’t for Hoseok who recommended ‘A very nice Marine Biology nerd who loved sushi and baths a little too much’ to be his new roommate. 

• Weltschmerz (College! AU)  |  Angst, Fluff
Summary: Yoongi had been her home ever since he stumbled into her life three years ago, with his music talents, overflowing dreams, bright smiles that rivaled the sun, and kisses that gave her butterflies in her stomach.  So why did she feel homesick when she was already at home?


• Leather Bound Book [ Ch.1 | Ch.2 ] - Completed     |   Fluff with a little bit of Angst
Summary: As the famous saying goes, curiosity killed the cat, or the time where Taehyung found her journal and decided to read it. (College AU!)

Hold Me Tight  |  Angst
Summary: “I only see just you, only you. I see nothing other than you.” Based on Hold Me Tight by BTS


Winter Bones (Soulmate!AU + College! AU + Cafe!AU)  |  Angst, Fluff
Summary: “It won’t disappear, you know. The pain?” She added with a knowing smile as she gestured her chin towards his mark. Jungkook’s eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.  “It just gets less painful. But it won’t disappear.”


All The Things You Are (Neighbor!AU) |  Angst, Fluff
Summary: Her cheeks were flushed red once she got to him, eyes still twinkling with so much fondness that made him think maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t an unrequited love after all. But the little bitter voice in his heart laughed, crushing whatever glimmer of hope he had within him.”



5 Kisses [ Ch.1 | Ch.2 | Ch.3 | Ch.4 | Ch.5 ]     |   Fluff with a little bit of Angst
Summary: Five kisses that made Woo Jiho feels all warm and gooey inside.

It’s You  |  Angst, Fluff
Summary: “It’s always been you”

• Stardust [ 1 ]  |  Angst, Fluff
Summary: ONE DAY!AU - A series of drabble/scenarios revolving Jiho & [Y/N] ‘s relationship throughout the years. (inspired from the novel One Day)



I Like You The Best   |   Fluff with a little bit of Angst
Summary: Jealous boyfriend! Yongguk (ft Best friend! Yoongi).

You overheard? CS fanfic

I heard about the walkie-talkie spoilers and I’ve been reading lots of posts about it but the best was when feathers-and-hooks wrote a post saying that what if Elsa and Emma talked about Killian and he overheard everything through the walkie-talkie so here’s my idea for that.

Cs Fanfic based on 4x02 spoilers


“Emma! Love can you hear me?”

Emma heard his frantic calls coming from the walkie-talkie in her hand and even though the ache in her bones from the cold was making her be in devastating pain a small smile managed to reach her lips as the image of Killian learning to use the walkie-talkie came to her mind.

Emma was struggling to press down on the walkie’s button to assure the worried pirate of..what exactly? That she hadn’t died yet? That the pain was subsiding because her body was going numb?

Emma felt someone kneel in front of her and when her eyes raised she saw Elsa with a devastatingly worried expression on her pale white face.

“How does this work?” She asked referring to the walkie-talkie in her hand.

“Pl-pl-pl-please press thi-ii-is button and the-then st-st-stop to-to hear them.” Emma told her while pointing with a trembling hand.

Elsa took it from her and pressed down where instructed then she raised it to Emma’s lips.

“Ki-ki-Killian” Emma’s voice cracked both from the cold and the emotion she had been holding back.

“Emma! Thank the gods. Dave she answered! Are you alright, love?”

“I’ve be-been bet-tt-ter.” Emma said trying to humor him and herself because finally struggling to talk Emma started to realize what the cold was doing to her. This could be her end.

“Emma where are you?” Her father’s voice spoke through the walkie-talkie.

“I f-f-followed Els-s-sa into a cave. It’s n-n-near the t-t-town line.”

The silence over took the cave and Emma tried to move her head to see if maybe it was Elsa still holding the button. Emma’s eyes began to droop close.

“Emma no! You have to stay awake!” Elsa exclaimed while shaking the savior awake.

“Hello this is Elsa we’re trapped inside the cave and it’s below freezing!” Elsa yelled into the black box wondering if that’s how it worked.

“She’s freezing isn’t she?” Killian’s voice trembled as he spoke into the walkie-talkie waiting to hear what he already knew was true.

“Yes.” Was all Elsa said her heart breaking because she had caused this.

“Emma, love your father went to the crocodile’s store to get him to help. I’m on my way to you. I’m coming, Swan!” His voiced oozed with worry and that made tears come to Emma’s eyes she was too tired to hide them.

“You need to stay awake!” Elsa said kneeling back down over Emma.

“I j-j-just want to rest.” Emma closed her eyes but was jostled awake by Elsa violently shaking her.

“Speak to me. Tell me about the man that spoke from the box.” Elsa knew if she kept her talking long enough people would arrive and save her.

“His n-n-name is Killian.” Emma said willing herself to stay awake.

“What does he look like?” Elsa asked and couldn’t help but smile at the lecherous grin that Emma had thinking of the answer.

“He’s g-g-got soft, black hair. He wears all lea-leather showing to much ch-ch-ch-chest hair. He’s tall and lean and he ha-s-s the most br-br-breathtaking ocean blue eyes.”

“He cares about you a lot.” It wasn’t a question but Emma still felt the need to answer the queen.

“Yes.” Just the thought of never seeing this man again had her heart hurting even worse than all the pain from her freezing bones.

“Emma it’s going to be alright.” Elsa assured her.

“I n-nee-need you to t-t-tell him something.” Emma pleaded with the ice queen.

“Emma you’re going to be alright; you will tell him yourself.”

Emma stubborn as she was kept going. “Tell him I’m s-s-sorry I made him wa-a-ait so long. I was s-s-scared but I shouldn’t have been be-because he’s incredible.” A shiver ran down her spine making her stop her words.

“Emma come on it’s fine. Tell me how did you meet this incredible man?” Elsa’s eyed showed the panic she was feeling but her voice remained calm

“Under a bu-bu-bunch of corpses.” Emma said and tried to laugh but her throat burned.

Elsa gave her a confused look.

“it’s a long s-s-st-tory.” Emma answered willing herself to stay awake thinking of everyone she cared for. Henry, her parents, her baby brother, her pirate.

“My pirate.” Emma whispered.

“What?” Elsa couldn’t hear her and was afraid she was losing her.

“My pirate. K-Killian is my p-pi-pirate.” Emma said louder so Elsa could hear her.

“Emma please hold on!” Elsa begged her “He’s coming I’m sure he’s on his way.”

“He always co-comes back for me.” Emma said with a small smile.

“Swan!” Elsa stood when she heard the yelling from outside.

“We’re in here! Hurry!” Elsa yelled back.

“Dave is right behind me he should be here any second!” Killian yelled back.

After an excruciatingly long minute Emma heard power tools digging into the ice and after another couple of excruciating minutes the wall trapping them had an opening.

She allowed herself to close her eyes because they were there. She was safe.

Emma felt someone put a heavy coat over her shoulders and pick her up. She breathed in and smelt the unmistakable scent of her pirate. Leather, rum and the sea.

“it’s okay. You’re okay. Dave went to start the truck we’re going to take you to the hospital. Please stay awake, sweetheart.”

Emma slowly nodded but couldn’t help as her mind plunged itself into darkness.
She awoke to the sound of a steady beeping. She opened her eyes and recognized she was on a hospital bed next to her asleep on a very uncomfortable chair was Killian.

“Hey.” She said while slightly shaking him.

He awoke in an instant with a start and his eyes widen when he saw she was awake. He let out a relief sigh and hugged her.

“You came for me.” She whispered while squeezing him as hard as she could.

“I always come back for you. I am incredible and your pirate after all.” He said with a sneaky smile.

“How do you-? She never stopped pressing the button. You overheard?” Emma said closing her eyes in embarrassment.

“It only made me run faster to get to you. Let’s just look at it as more than needed insentive.” He said and kissed her knuckles.

“I’m going to get your parents and your lad they must be outside. They went to eat a while ago.”

Before he left Emma caught his attention.


He turned and patiently waited for her to gather her thoughts. Always waiting for her.

“I meant every word… And I want to see where this…us…goes…okay?” Emma looked into his eyes trying to read him.

Killian closed the distance between them and kissed her. Tenderly. Emma swore that’s all she needed to be warm his lips and his love and his passion.

“You owe me netflix, Swan.” Killian said smiling. Emma laughed in response and his heart soared even higher. He gave her one last kiss before walking out to find her other loved ones. She wanted them all in there with her making her warm with their affection which was something new for Emma But hey near death experiences are suppost to change people. And Emma didn’t mind it at all.

Day 2: Cat Costume

“Not happening!” I exclaimed as I stared at myself in the mirror.

“Oh, come on, Marinette! It’s Halloween! You have to dress up!” Alya whined as she adjusted the black and orange witch at she had on her head.

“Yeah, but I’m not wearing this!” I pointed to the tight black leathered jacket that ended right above my stomach that came paired with a matching short skirt. The skirt had a tail attached to the back and the jacket had a large gold bell for a zipper.

“Oh, come on! It’s not that bad.” I quickly picked up the packaging that the costume came in and practically shoved it in her face.

“Sexy Chat Noir?!” I exclaimed. Alya could barely control her laughter. “My parents are going to kill me if they see me in this!”

“Well, then. It’s a good thing we’re at my house, now isn’t it?” Alya smirked as she said this. I groaned.

“Can we please switch costumes?” I begged.

“Nope! I make a good Candy Corn Witch!” Alya twirled in her black and orange dress. “Don’t you think?” I groaned again.

“Alya! All of our classmates are going to be at this party!”

“Relax, by the end of the night, you will think this was the best costume ever!”

“And what makes you think that?”

“You’ll see soon enough.” Alya smirked as she turned toward the door of her room. I didn’t move from where I stood. “Come on! You look great!”

“Alya, I’m really not comfortable with wearing this. I don’t understand why you want me to.” Alya sighed.

“Fine, it was supposed to be a surprise, but I’ll tell you.” Alya turned to face me. “Nino told me that Adrien was going as Chat Noir, so I thought it would be cute if you two were matching.”

    “But if he’s already going to be Chat Noir, wouldn’t it make more sense for me to be Ladybug?” Alya thought about this for a second.

“Heh, yeah, you’re right. That would make more sense. Oh well!” Alya said, looking down to her phone. “Oh! We’d better get going! We’ll be late at this point!”

“I’m not leaving like this!” I exclaimed.

“Yes you  are!” Alya gripped my arm and started pulling my out the door. “Besides, you may get to slow dance with Adrien.”

“A slow dance… with Adrien?!” I felt excited. I suddenly spotted my purse on Alya’s bed.  “W-wait! My purse!” I tried to pull away from her.

“No, you don’t need it!”

“B-but-” I peeked back to the purse, Tikki stuck her head out and smiled. I sighed as Alya dragged me out of her room. We walked out of the front door and into the dark night.

“All right! Let’s head to the party!” Alya pulled out a black mask and a headband with ears and handed them to me.  I reluctantly slipped the black mask and ears on. She started to lead the way to the school, I followed her slowly.

We passed multiple crowds of people, with children all dressed in colorful costumes as they raced from house to house. I noticed a few of the parents would look at me, some were shocked and others seemed disgusted at my costume. I hugged myself and looked to the ground as I continued to push my way through the crowds. It wasn’t long after the crowds had passed that I realized Alya was gone.

I stopped walking and frantically looked around for her, but she was nowhere to be found.

“Alya?” I called, looking back into the crowds. There was no response. “Where did she go?” I looked around again. “Alya!” Still nothing. “Maybe she just went on ahead?” I decided that this was the case, and I continued to walk in the direction of the school.

As I grew closer to the school, I came across a detour sign on the sidewalk. I looked at it questioningly as I didn’t remember hearing about any construction around the school. I decided to continue on the sidewalk instead of taking the detour.

It wasn’t long before I felt as though I was being watched. I glanced behind me, but there was no one there. I brushed it off as me being paranoid from walking alone at night and continued on my way, although the feeling didn’t go away. As I looked around, I could have sworn I saw someone on one of the roof tops, but as I looked back toward the roof, they were gone. I, again, shrugged it off as being paranoid. I continued my walk.

Suddenly, a man, in a ghost costume without a mask, stumbled on to the sidewalk and fell over. I quickly rushed over to him.

“Are you okay?” I asked, helping him to his feet.

“Yes.” The man replied, “Sorry, I must have had a little too much to drink.” The man laughed.

“Are you going to make it home all right?”

“I should,

I waved him off, only, he didn’t leave. I ignored it and began walking again, only to notice the man started walking in the same direction as me.

“Tik-” I looked down to my side, only to remember that I had left my purse at Alya’s house. Panic immediately overtook any other emotion I had. I peeked back to the man, he had picked up his pace and was now closing in on me. I wasn’t positive that he was following me, but just in case he was, I didn’t want to lead him to the school where he could hurt my friends and classmates. As I got closer to the school, I took a turn away from it and continued down the street, passed the school and  my house. Sure enough, the man took the same turn. I started to pick up my pace a bit.

Suddenly two other men, dressed in a similar fashion as the first appeared at the end of the street. I stopped walking as they came towards me, I looked back behind me and saw the first man walking towards me as well. One of the men reached for me, I closed my eyes and covered my head expecting them to grab me from all sides. Except I only felt one arm, it wrapped around my waist tightly.

Was it one of the men? No, this arm was gentle, protective, almost. I opened my eyes. All three men were running away in the opposite direction from me.

“Are you okay?” That voice. I knew that voice. I peeked up at the person the voice came from. I immediately recognized the blond hair, the black ears, and the tight leather jacket.

“Ch-Chat Noir?” I asked. He glanced down to me, tucking his staff back into place. Chat Noir smirked and pulled me closer to him.

“Now, time to see who the lovely impersonator is.” He reached up for the mask.

“N-no! Don’t-” I tried to push his hand away, but he had already slipped the mask off my eyes.

“Princess?” He questioned, smirking even more. “I didn’t expect you to wear something so…” He stopped and glanced down, then back up to my eyes  “Unique.”

“Shut up.” I replied, pushing him away. “I didn’t want to.”

“Then why are you?”

“My friend made me. We were supposed to head to a school party, but we got separated, then those men showed up and-”

“Oh, I see.” Chat Noir replied. “I can take you to the party, if you want.”

“N-no! You don’t have to!”

“I’m headed in that direction, anyway.” Before I had the chance to reply, he scooped me up in his arms and we were flying through the air.

We landed on the roof of the school in no time and he placed me down onto the roof. I peeked down into the open school yard and saw nearly all of my classmates, dancing and laughing to the music.  Adrien, however, was nowhere to be seen.

I sighed pathetically as I sat at the edge of the roof, my legs dangling off. Chat Noir sat beside me.

“Thank you, by the way.” I said, “For saving me.” I suddenly heard the music slow, and watched as everyone paired off. I sighed again.

“What’s wrong?” Chat Noir suddenly said. “You look disappointed.”

“Huh? Oh… I just… My friend was supposed to be here, and I was hoping to dance with him but he isn’t here. It’s probably not his fault he’s not here, though. He’s an amazing person, but his father is so strict. I feel bad for him, sometimes.” I swung my feet over  the edge of the roof as I watched the party below. Chat Noir stared at me for a minute, then stood up.

“Well, I may not be as amazing as that guy you wanted to dance with, but…” He extended his hand. “Why don’t you dance with me?” I stared at him, then smiled. I took his hand and he pulled me to my feet.

He placed his hands on my hips as I hesitantly wrapped mine around his neck. We started to move slowly. I studied him, making sure he wasn’t planning anything suspicious. He didn’t seem to be.

I bit my lip nervously as he placed his forehead against mine. He chuckled a bit.


“No!” I exclaimed.

“Liar.” He whispered. “Why?”

“I-I’ve never…”


“Never been this close to you before…like this. Or… really anyone for that matter.” I muttered, knowing the blush on my face was clear by now.. His eyes widened, then he smiled.

After a while, the music stopped but before we could pull away, Chat Noir gently placed his lips against my cheek as he handed back the mask. He pulled away and smiled, then turned around.

“You look great, by the way.” Chat Noir said, before quickly jumping over to one of the buildings and disappeared from sight.

I stood there, totally speechless, as I watched him leave. I didn’t know what just happened or why it happened, however, I did know one thing.

This definitely was the best costume ever.

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SnapBack Michael is life 😍