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Splinters In The Fire - Chapter Two: Serendipity

Summary: Life is strange in Riverdale. 8 Months ago Jughead Jones’ best friend Toni Topaz dissapeared. When he’s about to get shot, Betty can safe him by rewinding the time. Together they start to investigate the vanishing of Toni Topaz.

Finally back with a new chapter!

So this chapter mainly gives us more background story. We’ll get into the bigger plot next chapter, I promise! But I hope you’ll like this chapter anyways! <3

THANK YOU @allskynostars. You’re the best beta I could ask for <3

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When Betty left Southside High last week, she swore to herself that she’d just forget about everything that happened. It had been one week now, and she had been doing a pretty bad job at forgetting. Mainly because every time Alice Cooper barged into her room trying to force Betty to take her pills, she felt the urge to rewind time to get away from her overbearing mother.

She didn’t use her new skill like that, though. But she did try it from time to time during the week. Sometimes just to catch something that was supposed to fall on the floor. But she also used it in school, when she couldn’t concentrate on the things the teacher said. She would rewind the time to take proper notes. The whole thing really had some positive sides.

The bad thing was that she felt exhausted every time she used that skill. And she still had no clue why she could rewind the time suddenly. Sometimes she wondered if this was all just a bad dream. But then she would pinch herself, and when she felt the pain, she knew she was awake. In school many people had asked her (let’s face it, mainly Veronica and Kevin), if she was alright. Betty didn’t have the heart to tell anybody what was happening with her. She just told them she was exhausted from learning and writing for the Blue and Gold, and people believed her. Everybody believed what sweet little Betty Cooper said, with her cute smile.

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