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Who Is He? Pt 4 (JaredLeto!Joker Imagine)

Yes, finally. And pt 5 will be the last one. I want to mention that the last idea that I used to get this and next part done was thanks to @karissa-pengu and her friend (which name I don’t know)!! Thank u gurls =]

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When I tried to wake up my eyelids felt so heavy. I rubbed my eyes to help myself and I found me laying in a comfortable bed in a room I didn’t know. At least I was alone. I took a deep breathe, as I remembered everything that had happened in the last weeks, but a slight pain made me stop. I looked down at my abdomen and saw it was all wrapped up in bandages making me frown. Hell my life was a freaking mess.

I stayed in that position for a few minutes untill my body reminded me I was starving making noises in my stomach. As if someone else had heard it, the door opened letting a suited man enter. My eyes followed his movements till he was a few feet near the bed.

—I’m Louie. The boss sent me to tell you, if you were awake, that you have to take a shower in that bathroom —he pointed a door I had seen before— and then meet him at dinner.

I raised my left eyebrow looking expectantly at him waiting for an explanation to all those demands.

—Please, miss. Is what Mr. J said. His orders, not mines. —He smiled gently at me and left the room.

What. the. fuck? It took me a while understand what was going on. I reposed in the bed a little more, enjoying it after so many days without one. I was actually dying for a good shower too so I slowly and very carefully stood up from the bed and took a minute to let my body get used to beeing on my feet. My movements were easy and calm, trying my very best not to force my torso and hurt myself anymore. I walked to the bathroom at first observing it in a mini examination. Pretty. I let the hot water run and undressed my body. I didn’t know what or how to do with the bandages so after a second thought I decided to remove them and later I would try to put them back.

The warm water, the delicious soap, the magical shampoo and conditioner almost made me believe everything was okay again. Fuck how I had missed that. It was maybe the longest bath I had ever took and it was wonderful. My wounds were better and in process of healing. I cleaned my injured body, the water getting dirty with the dust and the red liquid. Once I was done I slenderly dried myself. I wrapped my hair in a towel and looked for new bandages, which I found in the counter with all I needed. I did the best I could and I was pretty satisfied with the result. In the way to the bathroom I had seen my bags on the floor and brought them inside the small room. I searched for clean clothes but before putting them on I examined my body in the big mirror. Apart from the cuts I had still little bruises from the beating of Paul. After I changed I took my so missed make up and started doing magic. Beginning with my very notable dark circles under my eyes, I applied concealer and everything else later.

I watched myself with attention in the mirror. I was myself again. Combat boots, black stockings, blue high waist short jeans, dark violet band t-shirt with an also black leather jacket. As accesories I had a chained choker, lots and lots of wristbands and a beanie the same colour of the shirt. My make up was hidding all the horror of my life, from the bruises till the dark circles, with my wine-colored lipstick, winged eyeliner and mascara. All of this distinguishing my natural  skin.

I calmed myself before opening the bedroom door, where “Louie” was waiting for me at the other side. He looked amazed at my change of looks but didn’t say a word about it. We started walking, he in front of me guiding me where to go. As I walked I observed everything around me, amazing me. Long halls, big wooden doors, nice portraits and masterpieces of art hanging in the walls… The house was incredible. I could only dream of something like that.

Finally we arrived a big big dinning room with a long dark wooden table with a beautiful flower arrangement in the center and twelve padded white and black chairs around. At one of the ends were two sets of plates and all perfectly accommodated, and most important, in the chair of the end was him. Dressed for a gala, with a black suit and a white flower in his chest pocket. Also he had a purple walking stick with his hands reposing on it. As always his green hair, extremly white skin and dark red lipstick were intact. At first sight he looked up and down my appearence but remained silent. His right hand made a gesture inviting me to sit down next to him where the second set of plates was. I looked suspiciously at him and slowly obeyed.

—Well well well, how are you feelin’, little girl? —the smile he gave me was kinda creepy I must say.

—Uhm… better, I think.

—Good good. Now —his creepy happy expression not changing —I guess you must be very hungry, don’t ya?

Okay so he was really creeping me out with his facial features and his attitude towards me.

—Suuure… —I couldn’t help the confused gesture in my face.

A waiter served a lot of trays, bowls and plates filled with food. Also a few jars with water, wine and juice. I looked at all the delicacy in front of me. I have never seen so many food together. Sometimes with mom we would have to pass the day without one or two meals, some days without eating at all. I have to admit she felt so miserable those days. A sudden wave of rage rushed inside me at the realization he had been living like this while I was lucky if I had two meals at day.

—Why the frowny poney, little girl?

—You really wanna know, looney? —I mocked at him. He looked a little startled but recomposed quickly. —Because I can’t believe you’ve been living like this as I was struggling to live! I can understand you couldn’t stand my mother, cause hell I know how she is, but I am your daughter! You’ve let me practically surviving alone in life!

Suddenly I stopped talking cause breathing had become difficult and I felt dizzy out of nowhere.

—Why don’t you eat something first, and then you can yell at me all you want, little girl? Cause you look like you just saw a ghost—he smiled again and began to fill his plate with food.

I took a glass of water and then began doing the same as him. The food was incredibly delicious. I tried to eat calmly but I just couldn’t. Between the hunger and the amazing taste I couldn’t control myself. At the same time I watched him eat. Always delicate and polite like some kind of king.


We had chocolate brownies and ice cream for dessert, thing I hardly tasted cause I was so full. But I was in a better mood now I had eaten and I was feeling the energy rebulding again. He stood up and again made a gesture with his hand indicating me to follow him. We walked trough other compartment connected with the dinning room. There were more expensive couchs the same theme as the chairs, black painted wood and white leather to sit on.

The waiter came again and He just nodded at him, the waiter going away like if he did this everyday. We spent like five uncomfortable quiet minutes till the waiter came again this time his right hand holding a tray with two cups, two spoons, a teapot and a sugar bowl. He placed everything on the little table in the center of the room and left, leaving again the tedious silence.

He crossed his legs at the knees and filled his cup with coffee, adding one spoon and a half of sugar. As he took his first sip his eyes looked at me just above the edge of the white cup, waiting for me to start rambling.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them I let a heavy sigh leave my body relaxing myself. Focus Cassandra. Keep yourself together come on.

—I think it would be a good idea that you tell me how everything happened so we avoid my angry rants, shall we?

He nodded and put his cup down. He took a moment to think his words and calmly began talking.


When he was done talking I stayed thinking everything he just said and analyzing every word. Some things were the way I had supposed and others I haven’t even imagined them. One of my conclusions were that the three of us were guilty. He was as guilty as my mum and I was a lil too. They obviously hadn’t used protection, my mom never waited to talk with him, he was insane and didn’t know how to manage himself and I blamed them for my mistakes. We were all wrong and right at the same time. This wasn’t easy at all.

—Well… what now? —I looked expectant at him. I wanted to try make peace, and I was still afraid of going back to the apartment. And the streets weren’t an option anymore.

—You know I can’t let you l—Please. —I didn’t feel okay calling him dad just yet, but Mr. J felt as incorrect—Joker… I don’t have anywhere to go… I don’t want to go back at that building and I don’t want to be beaten up again… Please…—I never begged but this was far out of context.

He kept quiet with a thoughtfull expression. —You are no safer here, little girl. Besides your mother must be worried sick. You have to go back.

—Please! I promise I won—No, Cassandra. I’m not discussing this. You can stay here tonight but tomorrow my men will take you to your mom. —Ple—Enough!

I looked down at my lap and released a weak sigh again. My eyes closed in an attemp to stop the pain but it didn’t work. Was I that worthless for him?

—Goodnight. —he finished his coffee and stood up quickly, leaving me alone in the room.


At 6 am I heard a knock at the door.

—Coming. —my morning voice plus my bad mood sounded extra raspy and annoyed.

I uncovered myself from the bedspreads and walked to the bathroom where I brushed my theet and looked at my sleepless expression. I haven’t glued an eye in all night and the dark circles showed it. I took my bags and opened the door to find another suited man waiting for me. I followed him downstairs to the principal door. There he was, standing straight and confident as always. He turned his head, given that he was back facing me, and his eyes examinated my face. I didn’t even glance at him but I could see he frowned a lil bit. He noticed my attitude but I think he decided to ignore it. And ignore me.

Although all the bullshit, I did feel the need to thank him. After all he had saved my life, despite I didn’t want to, feeded me and let me sleep in a bed. So before getting into the black car waiting for me I turned around facing him.

—Thank you. For everything. —I didn’t wait for a reply cause I was still hurt from the night before and I didn’t want anymore pain. Not physical, not emotional. Not anymore.


I stood frozen in front of the grey door with my bags hanging in my hands. I was just standing there staring at the door. The door that would change my life, the door that leaded to my misery, to violence. I was just thinking. But I was so immersed in thought I didn’t notice the door had opened and my mom was looking amazed at me. Her eyes filled with tears and a second after her arms were wrapping me in a tight embrace. I didn’t hug her back. I just waited for her to let me go, which she did after long minutes.

—Oh my baby girl, you’re back! You have no idea the hell I’ve been trough without you here. You got me so worried where, in the name of God, were you?!

—I don’t wanna talk about it. This changes nothing though. I’m here cause I need my bed and the bathroom. Nothing less nothing more.

Hurt crossed her eyes as she gave me a sad smile. I looked behind her to the couch where the Devil usually was but I found it empty. My eyes went bac to my mom and she answered my silent question.

—Paul left yesterday and hadn’t come back yet. Sometimes he disappears for few days and then comes back… Are you hungry? I can bake you a cake…?

—No. I’m fine…


Three days went on since I was back in the apartment and I have barely left my room. Apparently Paul hadn’t come back yet but my mother keeps saying is normal, so my chances of him never coming back are almost null.

—Honey can you please do me a favor?

I sighed heavily and stood up from my bed going to the kitchen.


—Can you go to the store and buy me this? —she handed me a list with food supplies. —The money is on the table. —she said while she kept washing the dishes.

I took it and saved both the money and the list in the pocket of my hoodie. I put my earbuds again and went down the stairs to the cheap store near the building. When I reached the ground floor I saw a blue car parked in front of the building. The windows were polarized so I couldn’t see if it had people inside. I looked at it suspiciously but walked away from it in direction to the market.

When I was coming back with a bag filled with the things my mom asked I looked again at the misterious car as I walked to the door of the building. I didn’t get so far. I freaked out when two big strong arms grabbed me.  I hadn’t hear anyone coming behind me because I had music blasting in my earbuds. My hand let the bag fall while I struggled to escape from the grip.

I recognised the big body. It was him. It was my worst nightmare. Paul was back and ready to beat me up to death… or worse.

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