This costume has so many little details that were really fun to work on! My litmus test for every material I chose was, “can I make it shinier?” Almost every fabric, pigment or thread in this thing reflects the light in some way. I might have an addiction.✨

Photo by Ngo Photography
Costume made and worn by me

Coming to Kickstarter!  The Mountain Belt has been selling for over 2.5 years now and continues to be one our leading products. In an effort to reduce the build time of this belt, we’ll be running a #Kickstarter in about 2 weeks to help fund some major equipment purchases. This will greatly reduce turnaround time on belts and help us to market them to a wider audience. It’ll slightly change how the screw posts are laid out from our original design, but that is the extent of the change. You can expect the same great leather from Hermann Oak and the care and attention to detail in our Mountain Belt. If you’re interested in this double lifetime belt and the price has just been out of your reach, then the crowd funding campaign is for you!