treasurecastiel  asked:

Hi! I'm going to be travelling soon, and I was wondering if you had some recommendations for any books? I'm looking for a lot of books, so even if you don't have many to recommend, could you ask your followers to send me some also? (I'll doubt you have to do this, but just in case.) Thanks!

Where are you going? That sounds like a lot of fun! :)



Contemporary/Standalone/Historical Fiction

New Episode


Heaven’s least favorite angel makes an unexpected trip home as the battled for power begins in “11x18: Hell’s Angel”.

We have Amara and Casifer’s storylines coming back to the front, Crowley making an appearance… in “therapy” and also on the side of the Winchesters perhaps?

With only a couple of episodes left this season and an anticipated appearance by G-d, this is sure to be an action packed episode…

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