least weasels


Stoat (Mustela erminea)

The stoat is a mammal of the genus Mustela of the family Mustelidae native to Eurasia and North America. The name ermine is often, but not always, used for the animal in its pure white winter coat, or the fur thereof. In the late 19th century, stoats were introduced into New Zealand to control rabbits, where the stoats have had a devastating effect on native bird populations. As with the least weasel, mouse-like rodents predominate in the stoat’s diet. However, unlike the least weasel, which almost exclusively feeds on small voles, the stoat regularly preys on larger rodent and lagomorph species. The stoat is an opportunistic predator, which moves rapidly and checks every available burrow or crevice for food.The stoat is a usually silent animal, but can produce a range of sounds similar to those of the least weasel. Kits produce a fine chirping noise. On average, males measure 187–325 mm in body length, while females measure 170–270 mm.

photo credits: wiki, wiki, wiki

Members of mustelidae (which is the weasel family) that live in my state. Drawn just for fun, because they’re one of my favorite groups of animals. I may have missed the least weasel, because the source I was looking at didn’t include them but another one did so I’m not sure if we have them.
Drawn with pen and marker individually, and compiled digitally.

I think the animal Taru gave me is a lumikko (least weasel?? that’s what wikipedia gave me) cause it’s so small. it’s pretty much the same size as my squirrel.
also both the big one and the pup have their skulls intact! so that’s cool.

these types of animals are probably the most common taxidermy pieces over here. along with birds.

I think it’s so nice that I have friends who think of me whenever they see taxidermy somewhere :D

I need to give them names. I don’t think I’ve named the last one I got yet :o
gonna go with the master and margarita theme for as long as possible.
I think the smaller brown weasel I have is going to be called Ivan. (I think I might’ve named it that already after all xD)
and the new ones can be called Hella and Berlioz.

Marshall eventually came about, his headache dulling thanks to a potion that Orville brewed for him. At least the weasel helped him sometimes. The Mafioso walked around, seeing some familiar faces and some that weren’t so familiar. Orville bumping into people, Nathan slinking around (well, in his opinion, anyone taller than him slinked around and it was awkward..), he even thought he saw John talking to some people.
He knew that this could be a great time to remember some of his past, or mingle with other people. Even though he chose the path of being a Mafioso again doesn’t mean he has to exactly act the stereotypical role.. thought the cannibal. Marshall realized a few tables filled with sweets, even the smell of the pastries bugged him, he found himself grumbling very quietly, walking away from the food. He wasn’t necessarily invited, and he wore the same attire he usually wore except now he sported a black bow tie.
Thankfully, Marshall dressed for success anyways.
He stood aside from the crowd, a very small smile formed on his lips. He enjoyed being here.