least stressful vacation

Im feeling like the last time I used tumblr from my computer was in 1577. 

This is freedom

This is what ppl call ‘breathe’?

Wait, I need to work tomorrow too. 

Ok. warning for my followers: (I never knew why are you there, -if you are following me by some misclick I can totally understand it. Yo can fix it soon-)  —–> This next 2 weeks probably Im going to squeal a lot more, shitpost even more than usual, RP bad as always and upload random drawings that nobody cares at all.

Ok, that was my warning. Love you anyway!


Remember in arc 1, when Kurapika just gets a blanket and settles down when Leorio has fallen asleep by the wall?  So cut to one of the LATER ARCS.  It looks like a seriously aged Leorio up but tbh Kurapika probably ages him like 40 years every time he does something “reckless.”

YEAH enjoy another sketchcomic