least shrew

So I’m thinking of starting a new series where I compare different LIW adaptations of the same source material and look at what works and what doesn’t and why. Some of these series are still in progress, but others have finished, and so I can get to writing those if people seem interested.

Potential comparisons:

Much Ado About Nothing (Nothing Much To Do, Much Ado About a Webseries, and A Bit Much)

Anne of Green Gables (Green Gables Fables and Project Green Gables)

Emma (Emma Approved and The Emma Agenda)

Northanger Abbey (Northbound and The Cate Morland Chronicles)

Little Women (The March Family Letters and The Attic)

And several others that also have several adaptations but I’ve either only seen one of them or haven’t seen any. Give me recommendations so I can add to this list!

Nature, red in tooth and claw.

I found this tiny dead shrew on the lawn this morning - probably one of the neighborhood cats’ discarded playthings. I had my Tennysonian moment for the day early, and poured myself a second cup of coffee. 

God bless the brutes and beasts, and us, to whom he allegedly gave dominion. 

Please click photo for full view.

Least shrew (Cryptotis parva), in Portsmouth, Virginia.