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A Girl Worth Fighting For. Ch, 8.

A/n: What time’s it? 12 am? Okay. Posting this a day early because just now I’m realizing I won’t be home all day for b/c of the Superbowl. So this one goes out to all the people being bombarded with that.

Summary: Trapped in Purgatory, the Reader meets a vampire by the name of Benny who wants nothing more than to help her. But she doesn’t trust him, and he definitely isn’t telling the truth…at least not all of it.

Chapter summary:Dean isn’t having it, whatever happened in those woods between you and Benny he’s gonna figure it out. And when he does? God help him. OR Three pigs and a problem.

Based on these two songs: Ride- 21 Pilots (For Benny), and Don’t Hurt Yourself - Beyonce (For Reader).

Pairing: Benny x Reader. (Slight Dean x Reader.)

Word count: 2,394

Warnings: Cursing, Angst, like MAJOR angst, I really let loose on this one guys I’m proud. Fighting, Someone is an Idiot.

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Dean’s POV

I’m just tipping my head back to sleep when I see you push through the woods and into the clearing. It’s dark, but that doesn’t cover up the fact that you look like you’re about to sucker punch someone. Or maybe Stone cold stunner? No, Batista bomb. You’re definitely a Batista bomb kinda girl.

“What the hell are you giggling at?”

I have to force my cheeks to stay down. “What? Nothin’.” Change of subject. “Where’s Benny?”

You shrug. That’s it. No answer, no ‘how the hell am I supposed to know?’ , just shrug.

Oh-Kay?” I shift so I’m at least partially facing her and prop my leg up. Gotta be cool if I’m gonna. “You okay, Y/n?”


“You sure?”

Yes.” She’s like a viper. You blink a couple of times and turn away from me. I’m not stupid.

“Y/n,” I scoot closer and manage to get my hand on your leg. “What’s wrong, sweetheart, hey—look at me.” I hook my finger under your chin and when you look at me it’s like I can just feel my heart punch itself.

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au for @everythingelsegoesherethen: dean winchester owns the marauders’ map and uses it to make sure he and castiel always ‘accidentally’ meet at strange times.

Since he became a Prefect at the beginning of his fifth year, Castiel Novak has dealt with a lot of troublemakers who clearly just haven’t read the Hogwarts rulebook.

Dean Winchester is not one of these.

Dean Winchester is clever. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s read the handbook and

And he never, ever gets caught.

Which is why Castiel is confused when he apprehends Dean for the third time in a month, trying unsuccessfully to get into a secret passage out of the school that Cas /knows he knows exactly how to access. And yet he’s tapping all over the one-eyes witch with his wand, cluelessly trying every combination of “Let me in!” that he can, acting for all the world as though he’s under some kind of Confundus charm.

He turns the light of his wand on Dean, and Dean turns around, doing a very good job of pretending to be startled.

“Dean Winchester?”

“Yeah, that’s me,” the boy grins, blushing and looking down at the floor but not seeming at all upset that he’s just been caught breaking five school rules at once.

“Yes, well, you’re out of bed after lights out, you’re messing with school property and you’re using magic in the corridors.” Cas is a little flustered and he can’t even explain why, but he still manages to tick at least some of the offenses off on his fingers.

“I /am? Oh, man, Cas, I’m so sorry. And I promise you it won’t happen again.” Dean is all mock-apologetic as he claps Cas on the shoulder and starts to walk away down the corridor.

“F-five points from Gryffindor!” Cas calls after him in a shaky voice.

This becomes a recurring problem. The following week, Cas runs into Dean in the restricted section of the library without a note giving him permission to be there. A few days later, he catches Dean in the act when he’s just about to set off a whole box of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes fireworks. Another time, he finds Dean on the Quidditch pitch after dark when it’s supposed to be locked up, flying loops just to show off. Sometime after that, Cas goes to take a bath in the Prefects’ bathroom at the end of a long day, and he finds the tub already overflowing with bubbles, Dean in a pair of red swimming shorts lazily swimming laps.

And for some reason it’s always harder for Cas to keep his cool around Dean that it is around anyone else. Usually he’ll dole out detentions without even blinking;the whole school respecting his authority, but something about this kid has him barely remembering the name of the red and gold house that he’s supposed to be taking points from. It /irks him, because he was given the Prefect position for a /reason, and he’s supposed to be unbiased and impartial and above such things.

After all this has been going on for a good few months, and Cas is no closer to figuring out what exactly is going on in Dean Winchester’s unfairly pretty head, he finds a piece of parchment on the floor. It’s on his normal patrol route, but not on a main corridor - it’s on one of the back routes that only Cas is responsible for walking down on his shift after lights out. It’s placed right in the middle of the corridor where Cas is guaranteed to see it. Almost as though it was left especially for him.

He picks it up. It looks blank at first, but when he unfolds it, he sees that it’s a map - an incredibly detailed map of the whole of Hogwarts castle, every room drawn, Cas believes, perfectly to scale, labelled in calligraphy, every secret passage and hidden entryway marked. Not only that, but the map is enchanted, constantly moving, staircases twisting their way through the halls in what Cas suspects is real time, and most importantly of all, tiny sets of footprints making their way through the castle halls, each with a name attached to them. Cas spots his own name next to his own footprints, which are still in the exact spot that he’s in.

He takes a step forward, and the footprints move with him.

Most of the spots are clustered in the common rooms and dormitories at this time of night; just a few Prefects and professors wandering up and down the corridors. But Cas has a sneaking suspicion he knows who this map belongs to, and the person doesn’t seem to be in the Gryffindor boys’ dormitories where he should be. Against his will, Cas finds his eyes skating over the map, looking for the potential offender.

Dean Winchester’s spot is pacing the Tallest Astronomy Tower.

Of course, none of this necessarily means that the map /actually corresponds to where people actually are. It could just be an example. Could be everyone is placed randomly and doesn’t move, no matter where they really are.

Which, of course, explains why Cas is already walking purposefully towards the Astronomy tower, taking each set of stairs two at a time, checking the map every few seconds to make sure Dean is still in the same place.

He reaches the door to the tower, and he’s not even completely conscious of why he’s doing it, but he runs a hand through his hair to fluff it up and he straightens his blue and bronze tie before he walks inside.

Dean’s there, as predicted, no longer pacing but standing in the center of the room - waiting for him? The tower is open to the heavens - not like the Great Hall, not like an enchanted version of the sky, but actually open, the summer night stars glinting down and reflecting off of magical lights that have been conjured and left to hover all around the edge of the circular tower room, a light breeze ruffling Cas’ robes as he steps towards Dean, noticing that the usually bare wooden floor is scattered with large, puffy gold and bronze cushions.

Cas holds out the map. “I think this is yours.”

Dean takes it from him, not at all surprised to see Cas there. “Don’t think it’s really anyone’s. Thing kind of has a mind of its own. But yes, I’ve been using it for a while.”

“Tell me something?” Cas asks. “You just admitted this is yours. With this you can see anyone coming at any time, you can always stay one step ahead of any professor or prefect, you never have to get found out by anyone. But you keep letting me catch you. Why?“

"That depends,” Dean says with a smirk. “Why’d you bring the map back instead of handing it into a professor? Seems like it’s a contraband object. Seems like I /should get in trouble.”

Cas opened his mouth to retort to that, but realized he didn’t have anything to say. Why /had he come here? Dean was right, after all. His first instinct, as a Prefect with designs on Head Boy at some point in the future, should have been to turn the object over to a member of staff. His mind shouldn’t even necessarily have jumped to Dean. But it had, and now he was here.

“Alright. That aside, why’d you wait for me? Why’d you pick a specific place, here, that you have /no reason to be and just pace around hoping I’d show up to find you?”

Dean spluttered, but quickly recovered. “Why’d you look for me on the map? Why’d you stare at it for so long that you saw where I was in the first place?”

“Why’d you decorate? The stars, the lights, the cushions? Why’d you set this all up for a special occasion?”

They stared at each other for a while, breathing heavily, waiting for the other one to be the first to break.

Cas cracked, and Dean gave up at the same moment, and then he both of them were lunging towards each other, Dean grabbing Cas by the tie he’d just straightened, pulling it askew, Cas fisting both of his hands in Dean’s robes, both yanking the other towards them, crashing their lips together so hard that it was almost painful when they met, their bodies falling into each other, their teeth clashing and their noses bumping and when they pull apart, they both tumble down onto the pile of cushions they’ve set up and /now Cas understands why they’re there, /now it makes sense because their landing is soft and they can reach for each other again immediately, both of them lying on their sides in the heap of fluffy pillows, kissing each other over and over and over again, each one making their lips tingle. Over time, as they grow used to the feeling, the kisses become slower, softer, more languid, and the hooded eyes when they pull away from each other are less from desire and more from tiredness, and they’re both sure they’d be happy to sleep here.

"So, what? You’ve been risking detention and house points for Gryffindor and your reputation as someone who never gets caught just to… just to get my attention?” Cas asks finally, propping himself up on one elbow.

Dean tugs him back down and kisses him again. “Well, you’re risking your Prefect position right now. But I feel like you always have to risk a little something to get the best things in life.”

And between holding hands on long walks by the lake, between screaming themselves hoarse together at Quidditch matches, between feeding each other Bertie Botts’ Every Flavour Beans while studying in the library, and between many, many more long nights in the Astronomy tower, Cas learns that as frustrating and complicated as he is; Dean is definitely one of the best things in his life.

Little Spoon

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader 

Warnings: Alcohol consumption 

Word Count: 851

Summary: Sometimes all anybody ever needs is a little comfort 

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You know they’ve had a bad hunt when both the brothers slump down the stairs of the bunker without so much as a word, their duffel bags falling from their shoulders to land in a heap on the floor. You stand there, all excitement of them finally coming home disappearing within seconds; instead you just watch them,tracing over each of their bodies, making sure at least that they’re all in one piece physically.

Normally Dean would have you in his arms by now, telling you how much he missed you while kissing down the side of your neck, your fingers moving to tangle into the short hairs at the back of his neck while Sam scoffed, his eyes rolling goodnaturedly. Neither you or Dean would pay much attention to Sam as he mumbled something about you guys getting a room before leaving you alone. You’d apologize in the morning over breakfast, letting him know you missed him just as much.

However that didn’t happen this time round; Dean made no notion that he’d seen you standing there, instead choosing to uncap the bottle of whiskey he’d just pulled from the cupboard and taking a few mouthfuls, his adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. You sighed, rubbing your fingers against your temple while Sam shot you a sympathetic look, his hand squeezing your shoulder as he passed.

Dean was tense, you could see it from where you were; his long sleeved Henley tight over his shoulder blades as he rolled them in agitation, his whole stance screaming with anger. All you really wanted to do was walk over there, wrap your arms around him and kiss right down his spine, inhaling his scent as you went. But you knew better than to try when he was in this mood, he’d come back to you when he was ready. Giving him the space he needed you headed back down the corridor towards your shared bedroom, deciding on just turning off early and hopefully waking up to a happier home. Dean would probably stay out in the library for a few more hours, he’d finish off that whiskey and stumble into bed later, you knew how this usually went.

You flipped off the light switch as you walked into the room, finding your way over to the bed with ease. Pulling the covers back up over your body you stared up at the ceiling, a soft sigh slipping from your lips as you thought about Dean torturing himself over whatever happened on that hunt, knowing that there wasn’t anything you could do until he came to you himself; you’d watched him push Sam away too many times to think you would be any different. So instead you just closed your eyes, snuggling down further against your pillow.

It seemed you had only just closed your eyes for a few minutes when the bedroom door cracked open again, Dean’s silhouette in the doorway. You looked at him, frowning when you noticed the way his shoulders had slumped, his head bent forward as he shuffled into the room. He didn’t say anything and neither did you but you saw the smallest flicker of a smile cross his lips as you opened your arms for him, beckoning him forward. It had always been an unspoken rule between the two of you that whoever was having the worst day would always be the little spoon; it was something about being held and loved that made the problems fade just for a while.

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Just wanted everyone to know I have an entire s10!AU going on at all times in head wherein which Castiel and Dean are together and conceived an angel/demon-MoC hybrid kid that’s probably going to be the most powerful of beings. The reason Dean is going more and more darkside is the need to protect and ensure nothing happens to Cas or their child. His end game is hell’s throne and assurance/control over heaven’s affairs.

Not a Big Deal

Suffice it to say that Castiel grabbing Dean’s hand across Baby’s front seat was altogether unexpected and wonderful and comfortable and really, not a big deal at all.

At least, that’s what Dean told himself. (660)

Episode coda for 12x01 Keep Calm and Carry On.


Dean was not expecting it.

He couldn’t say he was particularly surprised when it happened, but he wasn’t expecting it.

He’d had quite the couple of days: preparing to sacrifice himself to save the world and saying his goodbyes, managing to reconcile freakin’ God and God’s sister, getting his mom back – alive – after thirty-three years without her, discovering that Sam had been kidnapped, and, oh yeah, reuniting with Cas. Dean had had thirty-seven years of strange days, but these few were quite possibly the strangest.

And then Castiel had to go and grab Dean’s hand.

Dean was exhausted; what he really wanted more than anything was to be able to sit down with his mother and a cup of coffee, just talk, help her adjust her memories of the world to what she was seeing now. But Sam, Sam was the first priority, so the long chat would have to wait.

If he couldn’t have the chat, then at least he’d like to be in bed, asleep, knowing that Sam and his mom and Cas were safe. He wanted to catch a break for once in his life, to have a chance to relax. And no matter what the scenario, he wanted to have Cas close by his side.

Suffice it to say that Castiel grabbing Dean’s hand across Baby’s front seat was altogether unexpected and wonderful and comfortable and really, not a big deal at all.

At least, that’s what Dean told himself.

Not a big deal, he thought as he absentmindedly rubbed his thumb over Castiel’s, which was surprisingly soft.

Not a big deal, he thought as he glanced in the rearview mirror to check on his mom – she was staring steadily out the window, looking lost in thought – and catching Cas’ eye on the way to facing front again. There was the tiniest hint of uncertainty in Castiel’s gaze, but Dean smiled reassuringly and Cas’ gaze softened.

Not a big deal, Dean thought an hour later when his mom reluctantly suggested that they find somewhere to sleep for a few hours and he nodded and pulled off the highway and into the parking lot of a tiny motel. His hand was still entwined with Cas’ and neither of them let go as they walked into the lobby and requested a room with two double beds. Dean’s first priority was making sure his mother was okay, though she climbed into one of the beds immediately and told him to relax and get some sleep.

Not a big deal, Dean thought as he collapsed onto the other bed, unable to fall asleep now that his brain had time to think about everything that had just happened, was still happening. He could hear that his mom was already asleep, but he couldn’t stop tossing and turning in his own bed.

“Cas,” he finally murmured, hearing the angel rise from his seat on the armchair and sit on the bed. Dean rolled over and grabbed Castiel’s hand, pulling him down onto the mattress.

Not a big deal, he thought as he mumbled a tentative, “Hold me?”

“Of course,” Cas murmured back, sitting back up to shrug off his trench coat and blazer and then crawling under the covers. As he pulled Dean into his arms, Dean thought about everything he wanted to say to Cas – I’m glad you’re back and I was so afraid I lost you and I need you here with me, always… But it was too much, right now. They would have time later; he would make sure of it. For now though, he was content to just curl up in his angel’s arms, content to look forward to exploring a new side of their relationship once he’d gotten some rest, content to just relax and be held for once in his life.

For now, he would just enjoy this with the knowledge that their relationship would progress easily from here. After all, this wasn’t a big deal.

Dating Dean Winchester would involve...

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Dean being scared to fall in love at first, because he loses everyone he loves

Constantly reassuring him that you’re with him ‘til the end of the line

Waking each other up from nightmares and just holding each other until you fall back asleep

Dean singing softly to you when you can’t sleep

Annoying Sam with your out of tune duets on long drives…or short drives…just any drive…

Watching each other’s backs on hunts

Patching each other up after hunts

Dean promising that all your scars are beautiful to him, because it shows you’re a fighter

Bear hugs when things are tough

Avoiding chick flick moments at all costs, at least in front of Sam. Dean has a reputation to keep up, after all

Dean not being able to fall asleep without you in his arms

Being the ultimate power couple; anyone who pisses you two off should run, quickly

Imagine Dean and Castiel arguing over what to watch on Netflix

“Cas, seriously? I am not watching Orange Is The New Black again! We’ve watched all the seasons at least five times!” Dean exclaimed.

“But, Dean, it’s a really good show, and I still haven’t figured out how the title relates to the show yet. Maybe I’ll get it this time around.”

“Cas, come on,” Dean pleaded, “let’s just find something else to watch, okay? Something new.” With a sigh, Castiel nodded and looked down to the floor, those puppy dog eyes slowly breaking Dean’s heart. “Oh, don’t give me that look, Cas.” The angel still went on. With a roll of his eyes, he finally broke. “Fine! Okay, okay, we can watch the stupid show again!”

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“But I’m not for you,” he slurs, the alcohol and food and whatever else they might have given him at the banquet weighing down his tongue, making him sleepy. The kisses up his ankle and shin only pull him deeper down the darkness lingering in his body and the last light breaking in through the temple’s windows.

Castiel won’t be able to reach higher than his knees, though. Dean’s white robe will prevent him from that, feasibly at least; not that Castiel has ever tried until now. All he does is wash Dean’s hair and embalm his limbs, sometimes pressing kisses to the skin he has yet to tend to, but nothing more than that. The reason for which is simple.

“I know,” Castiel murmurs, nonetheless dragging his lips against the clean-shaven of Dean’s legs, leaving behind a feeling of wetness. Dean doesn’t dare look down; doesn’t dare find out whether the only source of his wetness is Castiel’s mouth. Lest it be more than desire – desire for something beautiful and forbidden, something taboo. For something he knows is not his to take; as Dean is already promised. To the God of these lands, to Him who is Giver and Taker at once.

“Sometime tonight,” Dean whispers, terror warring with the weariness in his voice.

The kisses feel heavy on his feet.

“I know,” Castiel repeats, as choked up as Dean now, as stricken. His hands roam up to both of Dean’s knees, gently parting his legs and shoving up the white silk that he is wrapped into. For a moment, his hands curl around the knees, the tips of his fingers stroking over the sensitive skin hidden at their back, eliciting the softest of shivers from Dean, and then they are already drawing back again, leaving behind nothing but the bunched-up fabric and a phantom heat.

Trembling, Dean closes his eyes.

“I want to feel it before then,” Dean says, so quietly and shaken that Castiel has to lean over him to catch his words at all. Even still, he doesn’t seem to understand them yet, not really.

“What do you mean?” Castiel asks into the warm and private and quivering space between them.

“I want to feel you before I feel him,” Dean reiterates, shame staining his cheeks at once.

Castiel sucks in a sharp breath.

“Dean, we can’t– I– you have to remain pure for him and–”

“I know,” Dean echoes the sentiment from before with a small smile, “I know that he wants me innocent and pure. But I feel– I know that being with you couldn’t possibly taint me.“ He swallows heavily and averts his gaze, away from Castiel and towards the darkening skies outside. “If anything, the opposite would be true.”

“Dean,” Castiel pleads, voice rough and helpless, lost and fallen for the trembling sacrifice beneath him. “If I touched you like I wanted to, you wouldn’t be… he would reject you. He would punish you in ways unimaginable.”

The way the corners of Dean’s mouth tilt up speak of pain, and of unyielding longing. “I’d rather take his rage and a painful end than the promised eternity of his touch.” He shudders at his own words. “And if he still takes me, then I don’t want to bear his touch without ever having experienced yours.” Slowly, with dark and vulnerable eyes, he turns his head to face Castiel again. “I don’t want to be bound and married for all eternity without having been loved before.”

And with a gaze and gasp equally as broken, Castiel presses his forehead against Dean’s, rucks the tight grasp of his robes up above his knees and fits his lips and all of his body up against Dean’s, presses as deeply, as desperately and lovingly into him as he can.

All-Nighters Are Overrated

Description: Sam x reader fluff with a little Dean x reader friendship. The reader wakes up cuddled next to Sam and is left in an awkward situation.
Words: 2,673
Warnings: Maybe a swear word but does that even count!?
Author’s Note: It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! Been promising to do this for a couple weeks but it’s all ready to go now! Thank you @cestladoulerexquise for being my fabulous beta, missed you, hun!

Late nights were always going to be a part of the job description, just the same as a surgeon would see blood - although when you came to think about it, you saw your fair share of that too. Before you even opened your eyes, you could feel that your head was muzzy and pounding. Waking up didn’t seem like the best option when warm and cosy with the blanket pulled up to right under your chin. You actually contemplated going straight back to sleep again, before remembering that you hadn’t finished off the research last night. Damn.

With a small grimace you prised your eyes open, and blinking to clear them, you decided you should probably check the time. You remembered looking at the clock at 2am, or was it 3am? You hoped you’d had at least 4 hours sleep but you weren’t betting on it. As you went to shuffle about to find your phone, that was when you truly woke up, suddenly becoming aware of an arm wound around your waist.

You swallowed hard and racked you brains for the last thing you could remember. There hadn’t been alcohol, nothing like that, in fact you knew you’d been sitting on the bed with Sam gathering data for the hunt. Chances were you’d both just drifted off. He probably hadn’t even realised either and it left you in an awkward situation.

You weren’t sure whether to stay still and pretend you were asleep to prevent the mutual embarrassment; that seemed a reasonable option even if it just meant delaying the inevitable. It was possible you could try to sneak away without waking him. He obviously hadn’t woken up yet so you might be able to pretend this closeness hadn’t happened. Either that, or just attempt to wake him up anyway and see what happens. It wouldn’t be embarrassing, you were just close friends and hunting buddies, that’s all…

So why were you still thinking about it rather than doing something already?

Truthfully, you knew exactly why. The nervous flip in your stomach was enough to tell you that. You’d wished for this more times than you could count. Admittedly under different circumstances, but the feel of his hand lightly resting on your stomach, rough fingers touching where your shirt had ridden up in your sleep. That was all very real. And it made your decision for you. Was it your most honest idea? No. Was it comforting to close your eyes and nestle back further into his chest? Absolutely no question. So that was what you did. You pushed yourself back, relishing in the feeling of his arm readjusting around your waist, pulling you in tighter as he sensed your movement.

Just for a few minutes you could pretend. You could pretend he viewed you as more than a friend and harboured even half of the feelings you did towards him.

It was at that point of settling back down, as you concentrated on making your breathing sound as if you were dozing that it changed. You felt it as he leaned forward and pressed a light kiss into your hair, tucking himself back in further with a contented sigh. Only that gesture made your eyes shoot open. You two may be close, but that? That was a line you two had never crossed. Not that you wouldn’t want him to but…

“Sam, are you awake?” You said barely above a whisper. You could feel your heart hammering but what was more alarming was how you felt his muscles instantly tense and his breathing catch. Not something a sleeping person did.

Oh God.

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Gone Swimming (Dean Winchester Smut for Anon)

The three of you had been in the car for over ten hours. To make it even worse, the Impala didn’t have air conditioning, so you got to burn to death in the back seat while driving down the East Coast in the dead of summer. At last, you all finally arrived in the Podunk town of Welch, West Virginia. There was a case there involving a vamp nest, or at least, that’s what Dean thought. You all passed a numerous amount of motels, all of which were looking all like a Four Seasons Resort at this rate. “Dean what are you doing? We could stop at any one of these?” You grouched, growing annoyed. “Just hold on Y/N. You’ll see.” Dean said, a slight smirk on his face. “If it’s any longer, I’m going to jump out of this fucking tin can.” You snapped at him. Sam sighed. “Dean, Y/Ns right. We’ve been in the car forever. I don’t think any of us have the tolerance for you being picky for which dump you wanna stay in.” Sam said passive aggressively. Dean rolled his eyes and turned up the radio. You rested your head on the car door and fell asleep in what seemed like a pool of your own sweat.

“Hey! Get up we’re here!” Dean said as he shook your clammy thigh. You stirred and saw Sam getting out of the car and stretching. “Jesus Christ, finally.” You said groggily. You got out of the car and stretched your legs a bit. Then you saw it. The motel’s name was ‘The Skinny Dipping Inn’ with a neon pinup girl sign. You got upset, had Dean really made you all sit in the hot car just so he could go to a motel with a perverted name? “Dean are you fucking serious?” You said pointing to the sign as you approached him. “You made me and Sam sit in the car longer than what we needed to for the ‘Skinny Dipping Inn’?!” You yelled as you glared at him. Dean smiled and laughed “Best pool in all of Welch.” He said as he headed inside to check in. A pool did sound nice, especially in this hot, humid weather, you thought as you followed the boys into the motel. “So can you actually skinny dip here?” You heard Dean ask the middle-aged lady at the front desk. The lady gave Dean a tired look, as if she had heard the question 3,000 times. “No. It became illegal in the 80’s because of hygiene reasons.” She said as she gave Dean a room key. You followed Sam and Dean down the hall to Room 119. Dean opened the door for everyone as you walked in. Then it hit you the overwhelming scent of mold and mildew. Usually, motels were smelly yes, but never in your life have you been smacked in the face by a stench like this. “Dear God.” Sam said as he covered his nose with his shirt. “It’s all a part of the experience.” Dean chucked as he walked to a sliding door at the back of the room. He opened the blinds covering the glass door, revealing access to the pool. “This place is looking more and more like a Hilton, huh?” He chucked as he flopped on the bed. “Yeah, all this credit card fraud, you think we would be able to stay in an actual Hilton.” You said as you tossed your duffle bag on the bed next to Dean. Sam began unpacking his laptop and starting research on recent deaths and missing persons. “Relax Sammy. We just got here, let’s unwind a little.” He said as he went into the bathroom with one of his bags. “What’s he doing?” You asked Sam. “No idea. All I know is we need to hurry up and get this research done. The sooner we do the sooner we can get out of this stench-pit.” He said typing away on his laptop. Dean came out of the bathroom with swim trunks on, wearing a giant grin. Sam couldn’t resist smiling either, and neither could you. “Maybe just a quick break. I need to cool off anyways.” Sam said as he wiped the sweat off his brow. You nodded in agreement. “When did you get those anyways?” You asked, pointing to his Rasta-colored swim trunks. “At the tourist store while you guys were asleep.” Dean said, still grinning. “Got you guys some too.” He said as he reached into his bag and threw a pair of blue trunks at Sam. Sam got up and went into the bathroom to change. Dean reached into his bag again and pulled out a red string bikini for you. “I wasn’t sure what size you were. So I got you a small. You look pretty small to me.” He said, as he handed it to you. “Thanks Dean, that’s really sweet of you.” You said accepting the bathing suit from him, while having a minor panic attack on the inside. “Anytime Y/N.” He said smiling back at you. “Alright, lets go.” Sam said as he stepped out of the bathroom. “I’ll meet you guys out there!” you said as they walked outside. You went in the bathroom. You were freaking out. Not only was the bathing suit nowhere even close to your usual size of large, you were self-conscious. You had to be honest with yourself, sitting in a car and eating fast food didn’t exactly do wonders for your body. Dean had told you all the time that you were fine and didn’t look bad at all, but, you didn’t believe him. You slipped out of your clothes and into the red bikini. “C’mon, Y/N!” You heard Dean yelling to you from outside. “Just a minute!” You yelled back. You finally worked up the courage to look in the mirror. Dear. God. Your boobs were practically hanging out of it, and the only thing truly covered was your nipple. You turned around. Your ass was basically eating the poor suit alive, making it more like a thong than a bikini. You tried to cover up as much you could and took down your hair to provide more coverage. It was no use. You finally gave up on modesty and trying to look skinny and finally mustered up the courage to walk outside. “Took you long enou-“ Dean said as he turned around in the pool. He stared at you, and so did Sam. “Oh my God, they think I look awful.” You thought. It silence was unbearable. Your destructive thoughts about your appearance were killing you inside, constantly beating you down about how disgusting you thought you looked. You felt emotion in your throat, feeling as though you were on the brink of tears. Your eyes began to water. “Sorry.” You choked out before speeding to the safety of inside the motel. As soon as you were out of the boys’ sight tears started rolling down your cheeks uncontrollably. You put on a tee shirt to cover up yourself. You couldn’t help it, you felt awful about yourself, and you felt embarrassed. Dean saw you like that, and despite his asshole ways, you cared for him. And now, you were worried he thought you were a disgusting fat pig. These were the thoughts that made you cry harder and harder. “Y/N? Is everything okay?” Dean said as he shut the door behind him. “Everything’s fine!” You said as your voice cracked and you wiped your tears. Dean shut the curtains and sat next to you on the bed. He didn’t say anything as he put his arm around you and softly kissed the top of your head. You knew that he knew what was wrong. “I’m sorry for staring at you.” He said gently. “It’s okay. I’m just really sensitive.” You said, still looking down in embarrassment. “No it’s not okay. I know you worry about how you look sometimes, and I shouldn’t have looked at you for so long.” He said. You were quiet. “I wasn’t looking at you because you looked bad though.” He said quietly. “You’re just saying that so I feel better about myself. You don’t have to lie to me Dean.” You said, finally looking up at him with red eyes. “I’m not lying to you Y/N. I’ve just-“He paused. “I’ve never seen that much of you before. You’re beautiful and I don’t know why I didn’t say it instead of looking at you like an idiot.” He said. You tucked your hair behind your ear and looked down again. “I-.” You started, but decided not to say what you were going to. You felt Dean looking at you. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “Nothing. Never mind. It’s stupid.” You said shaking it off and getting up. Dean grabbed your arm. “No, what?” he asked.” “I just-I want you to show me that I’m beautiful.” You said as you straddled Dean’s lap and took his face in your hands. Dean moved closer to you, his lips just centimeters away from yours. His breath made you dizzy with arousal and anticipation. You felt his hands rest on the small of your back. “I’ve been wanting to for a long time.” He whispered before locking his lips onto yours. You felt his hands slide up your back, hiking up your tee shirt. You parted lips and quickly took off your shirt. You slammed your lips back onto his, as he pulled at the strings of your bikini. It fell off your body, revealing your breasts. Dean’s tongue rolled around yours, as he pulled it in and out of your mouth. He spun you onto your back on the bed. His lips left yours and slowly trailed to your neck, sucking and biting on it. You bit your lip and let out a small moan. He moved his lips to one of your breasts, leaving a trail of hickies and love bites behind. He licked around your nipple, sucking and gently nipping on it as he massaged and pinched the other. “Dean!” You purred with pleasure. He moved down to your waist and slowly to the inside of your thighs. He slowly began to massage your clit though your bikini bottoms. You arched your back and moaned loudly. He hooked his finger under your bottoms, slowly pulling them off of you. He softly kissed the inside of your thighs, licking your lips. “Dean, please!” You begged him. He gingerly licked at your clit, slowly swirling his tongue around it, sending shockwaves up your spine, making you moan his name out, begging him for more. Dean delved his tongue inside you, sucking up your wetness. His slurping was enough to send you over the edge. “Dean, fuck!” You gasped as he rubbed your clit while hungrily lapping up your juices. He looked up at you and wiped his lips. He pulled off his trunks, revealing his massive length. Without warning, he buried himself inside you. “Dean! Fuck me!” You blurted out as he thrust himself in and out of you, releasing small pleasure filled moans with each thrust. “Faster!” You moaned as his pace increased. Dean flipped you around to be on top of him. You sunk down onto his length slowly and came back up. He put his hand on your hips and slammed you onto him, making you scream out. You rode him quicker and quicker, as he cupped both of your bouncing breasts. You jerked your head back and moaned out. “Dean I’m so close!” You rasped out as you continued riding him. “Fuck! Me too babe.” He choked out. You sunk onto him harder and quicker until you felt yourself dissolving into pleasure and the Earth stopping on it’s axis. You orgasmed, screaming and moaning Dean’s name with him following not too long behind you. You flopped onto the bed next to him, the room’s air steamy and hot. After regaining your bearings, you rolled over onto your side, propping your head up with your arm and looked at Dean. He looked back at you, tucking your stray bedhair behind your ear. You smiled at him. “Please don’t ever think you’re not beautiful. I should’ve showed you such a long time ago.” He said as he softly planted a kiss on your lips. “I forgive you.” You said sweetly as you got out of bed and put your bikini back on. “Where are you going?” Dean asked as he sat up. “Swimming.” You said confidently and walked out to the pool with Dean close behind you.

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Dean going to hell after spending 40 years there | 11x10 The Devil in the Details  

Dean: It wasn’t four months, you know. It was four months up here, but down there… I don’t know. Time’s different. It was more like 40 years.
They, uh… They sliced and carved and tore at me in ways that you… Until there was nothing left. And then, suddenly… I would be whole again… like magic… just so they could start in all over. And Alastair… at the end of every day… every one… he would come over. And he would make me an offer. To take me off the rack… if I put souls on… if I started the torturing. And every day, I told him to stick it where the sun shines. For 30 years, I told him. But then I couldn’t do it anymore, Sammy. I couldn’t. And I got off that rack. God help me, I got right off it, and I started ripping them apart. I lost count of how many souls. The – the things that I did to them.
Dean: How I feel… This… inside me… I wish I couldn’t feel anything, Sammy. I wish I couldn’t feel a damn thing. - 4x10 Heaven and Hell