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How would all the chocobros, Iggy included, react to their s/o imitating Ignis' little "I've come up with a new recipeh" line? Like, they'll do it when least expected and or when he's in the middle of saying it himself?? I need this like I need air to breathe

Tried to write this as a headcanon, couldn’t do it. So enjoy some shameless short-to-medium length drabbles, lovelies :)

New Recipeh


It had become a game between you and Prompto. It had began as a way to make each other laugh while on the road; the two of you thinking of the most ridiculous things you could say to the other to make them crack a smile, or better yet, bust out laughing. The idea had dawned on you one afternoon, the instant Ignis had snapped his fingers after coming upon some Lucian tomatoes. Positioning yourself at Ignis’ back, you made eye contact with Prompto, snapped your own fingers, and did your best to mirror the expression and movements of your poor strategist.

Needless to say, Prompto was in pieces the first time you tried it. Ignis had given him the strangest look as he doubled over in silent laughter, turning to you. In an instant, you dropped the charade and mustered the most innocent face you could. 

As the chef raised his eyebrows at you in question, you shrugged, which only produced a loud snort from the blond goofball. 

He was lucky you were a much better actor than he was.

From that moment on, if you so much as whispered recipeh in his vicinity, it would reduce your lover to a cackling mess. You realized you were in too deep when Prompto began giving you his puppy-dog eyes every time Ignis said it and you didn’t copy him. Not that you really minded. Seeing the way his eyes lit up when he laughed was always worth it.


The Moogle Chocobo Carnival was spectacular, better than anything you could have imagined. You could tell Noctis was having the time of his life as well, much as he tried to maintain his too-cool-for-school demeanor he sometimes adopted around you. But every time you came across some new wonder, he squeezed your hand a little tighter and pulled you along.

But midday came, and you both needed a break. There was a small pop-up cafe set up for the occasion, with specially themed dishes made specifically with the festival in mind. You didn’t exactly need to beg Noctis for a pit stop. 

You ordered, and the brightly-decorated pastries were set in front of you with refreshing vigor. They were lovely and delicious, and like nothing you’d had before. 

“Gonna have to tell Specs about these,” Noct said, his mouth full of cake.

You giggled and poked at your pastry with your fork. “He’d have a field day if he were here. Can you imagine?” You brandished the fork with a flourish, pointing it towards the sky. “Ah’ve come up with a new recipeh.

You took another bite before you realized that Noctis was silently staring at you, his eyes wide.

“Um… Noct? What’s up?”

He blinked once, then snorted loudly, nearly spraying you with cake crumbs. “Nice job,” his eyes darted up to meet yours, a sudden playful glint appearing, “but I can do better.”

“Oh can you now, Prince Perfect?”

“It’s all in the breath support. More like: Aaah’ve come up with a new recipeh!

You shoot back, matching his sly smile. “Recipeh.”

He scoots closer to you, changing the inflection. “Recipeh.”

It progressed like this back and forth until the two of you were yelling ‘recipeh’ in the middle of the crowded cafe, in your best terrible accents.


It was late in the night. You’d volunteered to take first watch as everyone else had sauntered into the tent to sleep. You stared glumly into the fire, the boredom nearly driving you mad in the quiet night. Your eyes fell on the modest cookstove that Ignis had used to cook dinner. You could practically see the man snapping his fingers and setting to work. And that phrase he said… what was it again?

You said it, just barely breathing it out at first. The imitation of Ignis’ accent rolled off of your tongue, and you giggled softly at the absurdity. You tried it again, louder this time. With every utterance of the phrase, you became more and more bold, both in volume and in delivery. By the time you turned to see Gladio’s hulking form examining you, it had progressed into full-on Shakespearean acting.

Heat rushed to his face as he crossed his arms at you from the mouth of the tent. It was difficult to read his face clearly in the dim light, but his shoulders were shaking wildly with silent laughter.

“I… I had no idea you had such a talent for… acting,” he said, between gulps of air. 

You pursed your lips and gave him a swat to discourage his chuckling, but it only made him laugh harder. “Please don’t tell the others about this.”

He grinned smugly, wrapping you in his arms. “Or what?”

“Come on, Gladio, Ignis will poison my food or something!”

“Hey, maybe in exchange for my silence, you have to do something else for me.” His hand reached down and pinched your ass.

Heat rushed to your face once again, now for an entirely different reason. “Um, yeah, whatever–”

Before you could get the words out, his mouth was on yours.


You were roaming the forest in search of new ingredients to try. Ignis had insisted at being up at the crack of dawn, as he assured you the foraging would be more plentiful, but you knew it was just an excuse to be alone for a while.

His graceful fingers were intertwined with yours, leading you through the trees. He seemed to be taking the errand far more seriously than you were, as was usual. His eyes scanned the ground for possible produce, while yours were turned toward the sky, watching the world wake up. It was there you spotted a familiar purple fruit dangling from a tree ahead, just out of your reach.

“A plum!” you nearly shout, breaking the silence and pulling him to the tree. 

Ignis jumped at your sudden outburst, but allowed himself to be towed toward the fruit.

You turn to him, squeezing his hand excitedly. “I know that fruit! We used to have a tree growing in our yard back in Insomnia! My mother used to cook with it!”

He squinted up at it from behind his glasses. “You’re certain?”

You roll your eyes at him. “I appreciate the caution, but I know what I’m on about. But I can’t reach it. Could you maybe…?”

You point up hopefully, and he gives you a small smirk, reaching to retrieve the fruit. He handed you the wild produce and flash him a grateful smile. You’re about to put it in your bag when an idea dawns on you. Your smile turning devious, you lift your newfound goods triumphantly and yell to the heavens, “Aah’ve come up with a new recipeh!

He freezes, and after moments of hearing only birds chirping, you worry that you’ve offended him. Finally, he blinks slowly, his mouth slightly ajar.

You hastily stuff the fruit in the bag, and your hand finds his again. “Ignis? I’m sorry, did I–”

He shakes his head, bemused, and a smile creeps onto his face. “I suppose I should not be surprised you have my… catchphrase down cold?”

You relax instantly when you hear the teasing in his voice. “You might say it kind of often. Might have heard it a few times.” You steal a quick kiss, pressing your lips to his softly. “You’d be surprised how quickly I can pick up on things.”

He gathers you in his arms and shakes his head again, a rare chuckle escaping. “Do I honestly sound like that?”

You giggle and nestle yourself into his embrace, the sounds of your laughter breaking the peace of the morning.

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Well Louis pays for their trips and LA stays and whatnot. Also what did he do you know? Tweeted a few times about the song etc. Everyone would do that. I just feel like as long as someone shows support to Louis, this fandom fandom forgets and forgives everything. But when it comes to other boys, they don't. It's just frustrating and I feel sorry for the underaged fans who were harassed by them. (And im a bit shocked Louis kept them around tbh)

I take strong issue with the notion that Calvin deserves accolades. First, his “promo” reaches only Louis’ existing hard core fans. Big deal. Second, he’s lived a life of luxury through zero talent or effort of his own for TWO YEARS. A handful of SM mentions seems like the least he can do. Third, he is clearly trying to position himself as a social media influencer (he’s been doing product promo) & tap into the 1d fanbase. So redeeming his image within the fandom is self-serving, at best.

I don’t disagree with either of you, but he IS Louis’ friend, he is around him a lota nd I doubt that he’s just part of the laddy lad image. So, what can we do about it? Nothing. I am glad some fans still cultivate the notion that it’s healthy and fair not to approve of someone just because they’re technically told they should, though. Do you see me waving a Calvin flag here? Or anyone’s flag, really (besides Steve’s at times)?


Suicide Squad isn’t the first time we’ve seen Joker having a hard time with Harley Quinn’s absence. This scene from the animated series gets me every time.

The Clown Prince of Crime can’t even find his god damn socks without Harley.


So many tomatoes in this strip

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we may not all agree on ships, but i’m glad we do agree on these things.

- miss grundy should be in jail
- fred andrews has shown himself to be the best parent and least dysfunctional adult so far
- hermione lodge would be perfect if she’d stop laundering money for her incarcerated husband
- alice cooper and penelope blossom are the devils incarnated
-jughead does not deserve to be treated this way
- we all love jellybean jones even though we haven’t even met her yet
- reggie mantle should get more screentime
- where the hell is the joaquin x kevin storyline at
- no matter who you ship these actors are all very talented and have good chemistry

feel free to add on

Inktober 023: Victor and Yuri ; w ; 

thank god i scanned the sketch because i can do a much nicer digital version lmao this one stressed me out so much

Tools: Zig Cartoonist Sumi Ink, a dip pen with a Manuscript Leonardt Drawing Nip (DP801), Strathmore Bristol Board, Copic Opaque White

that’s not a proper confession, Baku

I know some people are upset that Guzma isn’t the lighthearted goofball that was predicted, but let’s look at the facts

- he loves hot chocolate
- his bed has three pillows on it
- he has an actual throne with an overflowing treasure chest next to it
- his throne plays his theme music
- he arranges a hilariously complicated password system including a twist ending that likely involves cussing someone out if this wasn’t an E rated game
- he at the very least permits Wii U tournaments and could very well partake of them himself
- he has a catchphrase
- he climbs phantom trees for no reason
- he leaps after an Ultra Beast without his pokémon, indicating that he was probably going to fight it himself
- his outfit and Flava Flav necklace
- his room access involves going out the window and crawling across the roof
- he spray paints graffiti indoors

So yeah he definitely has a goofball side.


literature posters, featuring anna karenina

“There was no solution, but that universal solution which life gives to all questions, even the most complex and insoluble. That answer is: one must live in the needs of the day – that is, forget oneself. To forget himself in sleep was impossible now, at least till nighttime; he could not go back now to the music sung by the decanter-women; so he must forget himself in the dream of daily life.”


whenever i watch the part when isak first sees even at emma’s party, i always wonder how much the way the viewer sees even is influenced by isak’s subjective perception 

throughout this scene, when we see even, he looks like he’s having the time of his life - in this bit when he’s greeting friends, and later on when we see him kiss sonja. but i have such a hard time believing that he was. because we know the nature of his feelings for isak, and how much he meant to him, and how painful it was for him to let go of him because he thought isak would never want him. this is the day after he broke things off. a day 

ever since isak received even’s text the night before, we haven’t seen him smile, not once. during the pregame with the boys, we didn’t see him smile. throughout that whole scene, he seemed lost in his thoughts, he seemed heartbroken. he couldn’t bring himself to at least fake a smile 

now i’m not saying that isak is simply imagining everything, it’s not that simple. maybe even is smiling a little, polite little smiles when greeting people. i think even is good at making himself seem fine when he is not, keeping up a facade to not let people know that he’s hurt. i don’t think that in reality even is looking as crushed as isak seems, but i also don’t believe he is that cheery

in that clip, even looks beautiful. radiant. unattainable. because that’s how isak perceives him. isak has no idea that even decided to end things because of his comment in the locker room, because even thinks isak wouldn’t want him. isak thinks even is the one who doesn’t want him, isak thinks he’s the one who is not good enough, he thinks even is better off without him, that he’s doing better, feeling better now that he ended things. he thinks even wanted to end things. he thinks even is glad he ended things. so that’s how isak perceives even in this scene, happier without him 

Yuri Plisetsky: born to make History

so I just rewatched Yuri on Ice and realized something.. 

remember this 

Victor promised that he’ll someday give Yuri the best senior debut ever, which means he’ll win gold with a program choreographed by Victor himself.

at least Yuri didn’t forget Victors promise and requires a program that’ll let him win..   and so we have Victor making Yuris short program ‘Agape’.

and then we have this scene.. it is none other than Otabeks line, his thoughts while he’s skating.. thanks to this post and my third watch of this episode (and my lowkey Otayuri shipping feels), I feel confident that Otabek’s thinking about Yuri.. he tells him not to forget what he wants, that he’ll be able to win gold in the Grand Prix Final and

that this is exactly the right time for Yuri to shine.. Yuris senior debut, which Victor promised him to make the best in history (and it actually was) will be only the beginning of Yuris rise in his figure skating career.

Yuri did it. Yuri made history! (and I’m pretty sure he will continue to..)

can we just talk about how much exposure doyoung is getting and the talent that sm sees in him? realistically speaking, he was one of the most underrated members of nct. he didn’t have many stans starting out despite his obvious talents and love and passion for the career he has chosen. many didn’t see doyoung as the most handsome of the team, or recognize his charms. he was often forgotten but now he’s taken up solo schedules by storm. he’s mced, he’s hosted, he’s been a guest multiple times. he’s stared in an ost, and soon will be in another song collab. when people were pushing him aside, sm picked him up and plopped him in the spotlight and he has stayed there, persevering with schedules on his own. his face, his voice, his entire self has been dangled out there alone for others to debate and to garner attention towards nct. for a boy who was born to shine on stage, he has shown us that he was made for much more than singing. for the first time i can proudly say that sm made the right choice, and it was a choice that i didn’t even think would be an option back in january.

two sleepy cats tuckered out from a long night studying and game-strategising (๑^ ↀᆺↀ ^๑)

These guys totally used to be best buds and I gotta know what they were like before the leg incident please disney i beg u 

Wasn’t entirely sure how to go about a younger Tama but I figured at this point he’d have at least amassed himself enough ~*shine*~ to cover his shell