least makeup in a photo yet!!


idk lol, I tried to dress up as the type of characters I would draw if I had patience for detail (like supernatural beings in super elaborate outfits) but yet again my camera has failed me, the photos were so grainy I decided I would just over-edit them and add distracting colors and backgrounds and stuff, so the graininess seems to blend in anyways haha! I guess I will have to stick to learning to draw them rather than just trying to become them lol (O^O;)


Random Picture Post

I was looking back through my Google Photos stash. Here are some fairly decent pics that I had not posted yet. Some of these go back to October and September. You can see me in various levels of makeup and my hair in different states at least ;-) The picture with the plain black tee shows me wearing my “boy” glasses - doh! (I still sometimes wear them while working because they have better anti-glare than my more recent glasses). Thankfully these days even my old glasses look rather gender-neutral, which is why I chose them at the time. What do I care now though.. “Gender Schaamender!”