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Okay so I had a debate whether to post this in one or not but now its here.

Word Count: 6k  *Warning: Smut*

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You are a beauty student and your task is to give someone a complete makeover. Who better than your geeky friend namjoon.

It was just an assignment. You had done hundreds of them in your time of being a beauty student so why was this one proving to be so difficult. Everyone is your class had their model weeks ago, everyone but you. So here you were flopped face first across your best friend Namjoon’s sofa stressing as the deadline drew closer. “What’s up Y/N?” Namjoon asked as he sat down in the small space that your body wasn’t taking over. “I’m going to fail.” You mumbled into the armrest, Namjoon stroked your hair and encouraged you to sit up. “You won’t fail what are you talking about?” He questioned before you let out a sigh and stood up, “I have to give someone a complete makeover and produce all the coursework in two weeks for my beauty project. All these years of work and I’m going to fail all because I don’t have the balls to ask anyone to be my partner.” You explained as you paced the length of his apartment. You probably would have ran yourself into the ground had your face not been met with a firm chest, “Y/N you’re my best friend but you are an idiot sometimes.” He laughed at you, “Not bringing up my confidence Joonie.” You mumbled hiding your face in his body. “No, I meant I’ll be your model.” He said while still chuckling at your childish behaviour as you jumped back. “Really? You would do that for me?” You asked quizzically, “Of course Y/N whatever it takes for you to pass. Or just to see you smile because I hate seeing you stressed like this.” Straight after he said this you were running around with relief. “Thank fuck. Okay let’s get started because I’m already like two weeks behind.” and with that you were dragging him out of his apartment with you.

First step: concept

“Okay first things first we have to specify what your opposite is.” You said flicking through a folder of different styles you had collected throughout the years, “I wouldn’t want to put you in anything you are uncomfortable with but we basically have to change everything for this project.” You explained letting him have a flick through while you set up the photoshoot. “Um Y/N I know I’m no expert but I swear the photoshoot goes at the end?” Namjoon questioned placing the folder on the table of your workshop, “I need a before and after shoot so get your ass over here and try not to smile.” You say as you fiddle with the settings on your camera and the lighting. “I thought the point of a photo is to smile?” he joked while awkwardly standing on the perfectly placed cross on the floor. You couldn’t help with laugh at how uncomfortable he looked, “Relax it’s for a school project not a mug shot. Here stand like this.” You said as you adjusted his feet and arms so he was stood like how most male models in magazines stand. You guided him through different poses as you tackled different angles for the shoot. About half an hour later you were just gathering the last of the photos, “And done. Well for today at least. Thank you again for all of this Joon, I don’t know where I would be without you.” You said as you packed up your camera, “Probably still face down on my sofa.” He joked and you hit him on the arm.

It was about three hours later when you finished editing the photos and you texted Namjoon.

Y/N: Hey I just finished editing the photos from today’s shoot. Do you wanna see some?

Joonie: Yeah sure.

You sent him through the best ones that you planned to use in your project,

Joonie: Holy Hell these are insane. They look like they could be out of a magazine.

Y/N: Well I should hope so, that was kind of the look I was going for.

You continued to fill him in on your plans for the rest of the project while making sure he was still one hundred percent comfortable with the concept. Once he confirmed he was fine with whatever you had planned you began to mindmap your ideas.

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So for the 1k follower micro fics (Congrats!! I've been around since 100 I think lmao) I was thinking shance model AU? Like Shiro is a photographer, and Lance looses his first photographer for being too reckless in his shoots or having too outlandish ideas or smth. Shiro finds him and recognizes him and they work together? Romantic obviously, shance is beautiful. Thank you if you decide to do it! 😉 Hmu sometime you're awesome?? Ily?



An annoying brat.

Won’t listen to his betters.

A waste of a nice body and face.

I heard he’s still here just because he knows the CEO.

You really don’t want to work with him. He’ll just drag you down.

All of these warnings floated through his head, but he pushed them away. Shiro had a very strict rule of judging people for himself, and Lance wasn’t going to be an exception. Allura asked him specifically, calling him after months of silence, so the least he could do was genuinely try.

“Listen, Shiro… I know you work in Japan now, but just this once, won’t you come back?” she begged. “I have this male model, and he’s everything you ever dreamed of. Slightly androgynous, especially when he puts on makeup. He’s tall, naturally skinny, has so much natural talent…”

“What’s the problem, then? What do you need me for?”

“No one would work with him.“ 

Shiro was quiet for a moment. “Why?”

“He’s… Cocky. He knows what he can be, but he’s not there just yet, and it pisses people off, and depresses him too when the photos don’t come out as well as they could.”

Shiro hesitated. Said he needs some time to think about it. In response, Allura sent him the guy’s portfolio. He didn’t hesitate in the least when he booked the nearest flight out to New York.

Lance was so much more than his photos.

His skin, the most amazing shade of caramel Shiro has ever seen, practically glowed. It was clearly well taken care of. His hair was soft and shiny, even if a bit short to really play around with. Legs that went on forever, a smooth, taut stomach, slim waist and a gorgeous face.

Shiro’s stomach flipped and tightened as he crossed the room to officially meet him.

Lance noticed him approaching and broke into a wide, slightly goofy grin. “Well, hello there, handsome. Is that a camera in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Shiro was a goner.

They worked well together. Lance had a lot of great suggestions, but he was very pushy about them. Shiro could see how it might irk other photographers, but smitten as he was, he didn’t mind at all. And once he gained Lance’s trust, the young model became much more obedient and willing to listen to him.

They clicked outside work, too. Soon, dinner together became a habit. Either they ate out at restraunts, not exactly dates, but a bit too flirty to be friendly, or they cooked together in Lance’s tiny kitchen. Eating out was nice, but to Shiro, no gourmet meal could ever be as good as eating Mac&Cheese from a slightly chipped bowl in that kitchen.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he first heard him laugh so hard he snorted.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he saw Lance cry for the first time, plagued by insecurities about an upcoming shoot.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he fell in love with his cooking.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he fell in love with the charming, cocky yet insecure, incredibly adorable, irresistibly sexy man.

It was in Lance’s kitchen they had their first kiss. It was against the counter they fucked for the first time. It was in Lance’s kitchen that Shiro kneeled one day, holding a small box, diamond ring resting on velvet for the love of his life to accept. 

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STEREK AU / model! Stiles & photographer! Derek - LOVE & LUST AT FIRST SIGHT <3

Derek’s job is literally looking at beautiful people all day.

Which is to say that he’s a photographer, a real one (not one of those ones who run around and hide in the bushes, because that’s not art, that’s glorified stalking, but he digresses), and a good one, too.

The kind that rich people, and famous people, and beautiful people, and the stars that are that heady mixture of all three, literally fly exotic places and feed five-star meals and put up in fancy hotels, all so that they can pout into his lens and allow their shiny, stick-thin bodies to be slapped across the covers of glossy magazines to give the normal people in the world a chance, just for one moment, to live out their fantasies of also being scary-thin and air-brushed beautiful.

Not that he doesn’t love his job. But also not that he’d thought he’d end up here, taking pictures for Fantasy Magazine, when he’d graduated with a photography degree and aspirations of being a wildlife photographer. He’s more National Geographic than Fantasy, himself, but a guy’s got to eat, which is why he’d taken his first invitation for a glamour shoot five years ago. And hell, now he’s getting enough saved up that soon he can fuck off and go live with the wolves, like he’s always wanted.

The point is, Tyra Banks has him on speed-dial. He’s a close personal friend of Heidi Klum.

So there is absolutely no reason that this… this… boy should be making him feel this way.

Stiles Stilinski is one of the lucky few blessed with not only charisma and talent, but also with a face distinctive and yet beautiful enough that not a few boys and girls spend their nights sighing dreamily over one of the Teen Bop or Seventeen rip-out posters of him they have pinned to their walls.

He stars in the kind of movies named Our Last Summer, or It Was Always You, those kinds, with the posters of a too-pretty couple staring deep into each other’s eyes with a tagline of “Love Always Wins.”

He’s not really Derek’s usual clientele, nor is Derek his. Derek usually sticks to the supermodels and international icons, and Stiles Stilinski usually sticks to teeny-bopper publications.

Unfortunately, when Lydia Martin, who, though pretty enough to go in front of Derek’s lens, prefers to work behind it as his agent, says crisply, “Your shoot with Mr. Stilinski is next Thursday at 10 am sharp,” Derek already knows exactly who he is. Usually, when Lydia books him a less serious client, somebody who isn’t high fashion at all, but is just aiming for promotion and glamour and is famous enough to make it happen despite being wildly out of Fantasy’s normal range of talent, Derek has to google them so he doesn’t look like a complete idiot.

But Derek has a sister, who has a twelve year old daughter, who tells him at least once a week that she’s going to marry Stiles someday. Derek had actually gone to Stiles’ last movie with her—it was a trite fluff piece, but Stiles himself has a surprising amount of talent.

And beauty.

And he’s only five years younger than Derek—twenty-three—which made Derek feel a little less guilty about his clandestine jerk-off session featuring him once he had dropped Selene off back at home, because the costume department had done its best to make Stiles appear as the seventeen-year-old jock that he had played in the movie.

So besides the fact that Lydia is not going to let him back out of this one, and besides the fact that Selene, and thus, Laura, would absolutely have his hide if Derek did not meet and obtain an autograph from his niece’s idol… Well, Derek doesn’t hate the idea of this one, either.

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New Years

Can you do one about 2 friends getting together on nye

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AN: I think this one’s appropriate, considering it’s New Year’s Eve. Also, some of you may be concerned so I’ll clarify that on special occasions or globally-famous days (e.g. christmas, new years, easter etc.) I prioritise themed requests.

This is not out of spite or anything, I just don’t see the point in writing a christmas imagine during March for example, so I prioritise them around the holidays. Keeping in mind that I do have a bucket load of requests to write. Love you guys, Happy New Years and unfortunately you may have to wait until next year for a new imagine :P xx


Your POV:

New Years was usually one of my favourite annual occasions, however this year things are a bit different. Unfortunately, over the last few years, as friendships have changed, so have the peoeple that I spend New Year’s with. Two years ago, it was family, as in, the WHOLE family. Last year, it was my close family and one of my friends with her family but this year, it’s just the four of us; my mum, dad, sister and I. Great. It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with them, I really do. But there’s one person in particular I wish I could see on New Years Eve. Y/C/N. It’ll never happen. He’s one of those popular guys and I’m one of those shy, unpopular girls who has her friends and avoids the populars at all costs. But that being said, there’s something about him.

On the last day of the year, I simply stay at home with my family, we’re all doing our own thing and I’m in my room as normal, scrolling through tumblr with music playing off my phone through earphones in my ears. It’s not lonely as some may think. I’m used to it.

It’s currently around 8 o’clock and I’m getting myself changed so that I at least look decent in case my mother decides to take yet another family photo, and in case I see anyone I know from our balcony. It’s highly, highly unlikely but I still think that I should be ready. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to make myself feel pretty for once.

“Y/N?” my sister calls from her room.


“We’re watching New Years Eve on TV until the fireworks at 9,” she begins, “Want to come?”

I call out a reply, “Sure, I’ll be there in a minute.”

I finish straightening my usually wavy hair, and putting basic makeup on before going downstairs and joining my family. Mum passes me the popcorn bowl and I take a handful before handing it back to her. “Thanks.”

We watch another hour of the movie before watching some fireworks at 9, and then continuing the movie. Soon enough, it’s 11:30 and we’re out on the balcony getting ready for the midnight fireworks. “So, Y/N, what are your resolutions?”

I sigh, “I haven’t really thought much about it to be honest. I guess I’m hoping I make it through Year 11 without too much stress.”

The only thing that I really want for next year besides not freaking out with my studies, is to be with Y/C/N but I know it’s never going to happen.

Never say never. my heart whispers,

As if, it can’t happen Y/N. my brain retorts. Ughh. I hate reality. Can’t I just live in hope that one day he might see past my stupid social status and utter lack of confidence and self doubt and ask me out?

11:55 looms and we’re still standing on the balcony. We continue talking about our hopes for the new year, until we hear the front bell ring. Strange, I would have seen it if someone walked to the front door. I turn to my mum who’s smirking. “Y/N, I think you should get the door.”

I nod. “Okay.”

I walk downstairs, and as I walk I hear my family screaming the countdown from the balcony. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and I open the front door. I can’t believe my eyes and my mouth literally drops. “Y/C/N?”

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” he shouts in sync with my family, making me smile.

“Happy New Year,” I reply. “What are you doing here?”

“I-It’s stupid.” he begins, looking down and blushing. “I wanted you to be the first person I saw in the New Year.”

“Y/C/N, that’s not stupid.” I begin, as he looks up at me. “It’s really sweet.”

He smiles, “So, can I maybe come in?”

“Oh, yeah, shit sorry.” I reply, gesturing next to me, but as he walks past me, he pulls me into a sneaky hug and kisses my lips, giving me my first kiss. It’s slow, passionate and everything I’ve ever wanted in a kiss.

“It’s a tradition to kiss someone beautiful at midnight.”

“Oh Y/C/N, stop it, you’re making me blush.”

He smiles. “So, just upstairs, or?”

I nod. “This way.”

I take a second of courage and grab his hand. I am surprised to see that he doesn’t let go, but simply smiles to himself. “Wait, Y/N, before we go out there, will you be my girlfriend?”

I nod. “Of course I will Y/C/N!”

We then walk onto the balcony and my parent’s greet Y/C/N as we spend New Year’s Morning together.

Told you so. My heart whispers, and for once, I’m listening to it.

Looks like 2015 is going to be a great year.


Random Picture Post

I was looking back through my Google Photos stash. Here are some fairly decent pics that I had not posted yet. Some of these go back to October and September. You can see me in various levels of makeup and my hair in different states at least ;-) The picture with the plain black tee shows me wearing my “boy” glasses - doh! (I still sometimes wear them while working because they have better anti-glare than my more recent glasses). Thankfully these days even my old glasses look rather gender-neutral, which is why I chose them at the time. What do I care now though.. “Gender Schaamender!”



idk lol, I tried to dress up as the type of characters I would draw if I had patience for detail (like supernatural beings in super elaborate outfits) but yet again my camera has failed me, the photos were so grainy I decided I would just over-edit them and add distracting colors and backgrounds and stuff, so the graininess seems to blend in anyways haha! I guess I will have to stick to learning to draw them rather than just trying to become them lol (O^O;)