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Everyone’s Wingman

[Written for Erwin Week 2017 Day 3- Commander Handsome]
Apparently I’m incapable of writing short things. A tale of gentlemanly actions in 6 little parts.


The straight razor moves slowly along skin pulled tight against his jaw. A flick of the wrist sends soap into the washbasin. The motion repeats until his face is smooth.

This is a big night in the capital. All the Scouting Legion’s most fervent supporters (and detractors) will be present at the celebration. Erwin likes these parties. He’s good at charming nobles, and how can anyone dislike something they’re good at?

He pulls the dark jacket of his dress uniform on and pins on medals and decorations. Everything in its place. 

Fingers pause for a moment, ghosts of lost soldiers behind each insincere piece of cold metal rising to mind.

They would understand. He does this for them, to make their sacrifice so much more. To redeem them, he thinks, smoothing the jacket.

He pulls immaculately shined boots on, a pair that’s never seen the dirt of combat or blood of Titans and comrades alike. It’s unfair, how unstained and unyielding they are. The boots? Perhaps the nobles.

But tonight is a game, one Erwin will win.

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‘Love comes in all shapes and sizes.’ is the moral blurb at the beginning of the only TCW episode to feature Quinlan Vos and Obi-Wan interacting.