Dutch denim company lets you lease organic and recycled jeans
Mud Jeans are bringing apparel to the circular economy.

“We think recycling is fun,” Bert Van Son, the CEO and founder of Mud Jeans, told me.

The Dutch denim company has created a leasing system, called “Lease A Jeans.” Clients have the option of leasing their jeans, for a €20.00 deposit and €5.95 for each month of use for a year. The lease includes repair services, should you rip your jeans. After a year’s lease, the jeans can be swapped for a new pair, bought outright, or simply returned.

The jeans themselves hit just about every box on the ethical apparel checklist. They use GOTS-certified organic cotton or recycled fibers. They’re made in fair-trade factories in Italy, for distribution in Europe.

More at Treehugger.

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Beijing’s tiny apartments squeeze tenants for profit 

Do you think a 90 square meter apartment can accommodate more than 20 people?

If your answer is negative then you’re wrong. 

An apartment near Beijing’s Central Business District, home to many corporate offices, had 26 men squeezed in an apartment the size of a badminton court. This two-bedroom apartment had four bunk beds in each room plus five bunks in the dining hall. 

These kinds of apartments, though inconvenient, have become an economical choice for recent graduates who move to the capital in search of better jobs and opportunities. Rent for such bedding space ranges from 400 to 700 yuan (around 63 to 110 US dollars) each month compared to the average rent of 3000 yuan (around 470 US dollars), according to 5I5J, a rental agency. 

And this is how this works. 

The person who leases the bunk spaces is called the “second landlord.” The person leases the place and pays the entire rent to the actual owner while renting out the apartment to other individuals. The secondary landlord furnishes the apartment with bunk beds allowing him to have more tenants. This way, the secondary landlord, makes more money turning this trend into a profit-making business. 

Branded as “job-seeking apartments,” though it aims to help recent graduates with frugal finances, these rentals are deemed illegal. According to legal provisions, tenants are not allowed to make partitions or change any specifications in the apartment. 

According to the rental housing rule released by Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in 2013, the average living area should not be less than 5 square meters and each room should have no more than two people.

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