Quick photo manipulation of the Ace Combat ‘Strangereal’ world map. Each colour represents a different war and, by extension, video game from the series.

Note that Yuktobania and Osea were involved in both the Belkan War and the Circum-Pacific war. The continent of Usea has also experienced 3 separate wars, two of which are pictured here in the vertical split of yellow and blue.

Chronologically they are the following:

Ace Combat Zero- 1995, Belkan War

Air Combat- 1995, Skully Island Rebellion

Ace Combat 02- 1998, First Usean Continental War (i could not find an official name for this conflict so this is my own title)

Ace Combat 04- 2003-2004, Second Usean Continental War

Ace Combat 05- 2010, Circum-Pacific War

Ace Combat 06- 2015-2016, Anean Continental War

Ace Combat X- 2020, Leasath-Aurelia war

Not pictured: Ace Combat 03- 2040, Usean Corporate War (Likely was fought on the Usean and other continents. the change from Nation-States into Corporatocracy makes this map unsuitable)