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Thankfully she was just the precursor, so Andrei left her be.

Whilst smelling of and standing in a puddle of her own whiz, she happily sang a cultural song as he sped away.

If that ain’t Champs Les Sims in a nutshell, well…

Spiderman: Homecoming Review (SPOLIERS INCLUDED)

After months of excitement, I finally watched Spiderman: Homecoming. As you can tell the waiting nearly killed me and I was glad being able to see it before I go on holiday (I think the next town is 1h journey away, we stay at the country side so there are no cinemas near by xD). So here is my review and again, this is just my opinion on this movie and I hope you enjoy it (before you start: I’m really sorry if there are any mistakes in the text, it’s really late as I’m writing this :D). So, here we go!

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The story starts with a flashback to understand why Spidermans new Enemy Adrian Toomes becomes The Vulture and does all this bad stuff. I liked it a lot, it was a good introduction into the movie. The timeline wasn’t confusing so everybody gets when the different events happen. A sequence filmed by Spidy followed (The vlog style was amazing I wished the included that more often) and after that you knew where the time at the movie is set.

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The story was a good one, I liked it a lot. It had its twists, funny moments and awesome action scenes. As I talked to my friends afterwards we agreed one one thing: Seeing that Peter and Liz don’t come together was a great choice of the writers so it wasn’t not this cliché-love-story as you might have guessed in the beginning. The scenes Peter talking to Karen were one of my faves, such as the little spider-drone - I want one so badly! A nice little bit was also including Cap in the movie, I enjoyed that. And Pepper at the end: Wonderful as usual, Tony and her are goals! The interaction between Tony, Happy and Peter were really funny, I’m glad that Happy had a bigger role in that movie.

One twist shocked me a lot: As the audience saw that The Vulture is Liz Dad I went: “Oooh fuuuuck.” That’s what I call a good old plot twist! Spiderman saving The Vulture and handing him to the police was also a great one - I mean he could have killed him but Peter is a good person. The Vulture don’t say Peters name in prison, when he is asked to do it and that was my favorite twist; Adrian Toomes realizes that Peter saved him and took care of his daughter which is a sign of (maybe) becoming a better person, he didn’t call Peter out as the guy told him he wanted to kill Spiderman. And Peter leaving Liz at Homecoming and later not coming together with her was a welcome change of this classic hero-love-story-things, as I already said - she even moves to another city so it sounded like she would never see him again - but who knows?

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The shots were great, I loved one especially: Peter sitting in a physics class, looking at the watch behind him and as he turns back to the front, he wears googles and is in a chemistry class. I would write a novel if I would describe all the fighting/saving scenes of Peter, there were just awesome, really cool! I would have died if the movie would have been in VR at the scene where Spiderman is on the top of the Washington Monument - Damn that’s high!

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The “running away from Liz at Homecoming to ruin The Valtures plan” shot really got me, the setup and the light was well placed and gave the scene some dramatic touch.

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The dialog between Tony and Peter was one of my fave scenes. How cool Tony is stepping out of this suit like a boss and how sad Peter is when Tony takes his suit… my heart is melting.

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(I wanted you to be better.)

The one thing that bothered me the most was that there weren’t that many 3D-shots in the movie. The only one I can remember was the spider-drone-shot. There was no jumping Spidy towards us or flying chitauri-metal …I didn’t got the 3D-thing, after the movie I was like:

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I was a little bit disappointed with the music. Michael Giacchino is a great  composer and has done some cool pieces but I was so focused on the happening in front of me, so I couldn’t pay attention to the music. I only remember the great placements of the music as Spiderman fights against The Valture on the invisible Jet. I hope the put the music more in the foreground in the next Marvel movies because it’s great.

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This weird guy went with us who I didn’t know and I have no idea what his point was. He just new one guy who I sat beside (Hello M, at this point - I had a lot of fun sitting next to you :D) and even didn’t sat next to him then (?!). As we got out of the cinema he went: “Yeah, that movie wasn’t that great …” And my inner self was like:

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SHUT THE FUCK UP, WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME, YOU DON’T KNOW ME (fuck yeah - uuuh na na ay)! I have no idea what his point was, he didn’t talked to me the hole evening and THEN he needed to make these comments? Really queen? I have no idea why I got so angry at this point but he just annoyed me through these 3 or 4 hours “I got to know him”. I haven’t met a person who is this negative about so many things in a long time; and after the hole evening saying the movie was shit - after we all said how much we liked it - was the tip of the iceberg!

Anyways … So, then to the actors! I’m trying to keep it down with the fangirling but I can’t promise you, I won’t get carry away with this cast:

Tom Holland: Peter Parker aka Spiderman. The hero. Tom did I really good job I liked him a lot as Spiderman. He portrait him as he is: funny, goofy, a little bit clumsy, cute and very sweet. I really believed him when he said sth and his sad face is really good - I have no idea how he does that but I nearly cried, as I saw him upset. He is a great actor, I’m looking forward to see him more often in this role.

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Michael Keaton: Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture. The villain. What a great actor! He was a reeeeeaaally good villain, it was something new with the he-is-Liz-dad-thing and he portrait him perfectly; he was calm and evil at the same time and I think that makes a great villain. He defiantly gave the movie some def so it wasn’t all about killing everybody but getting the business going. I’m exited to see if he’s going to get revenge on Peter even if he didn’t call him out in prison.

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Robert Downed Jr.: Tony Stark aka Iron Man. The mentor. You just know the movie is going to be funny when you see RDJ in the cast list. As usual, Robert was a cool, chilled and awesome Iron Man and him involving in this movie was great; But I thought he would have more scenes in the movie. Iron Man is a really good mentor for Spiderman and in the last bit (as he wanted Spiderman to become an Avenger and Peter said no) you could really see that he believes in him. (I want these glasses..)

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Jon Favreau: Happy Hogan. The contact. Happy was a funny character and I hope to see Jon in more Marvel movies; He being the contact person for every Avenger - how awesome would that be? His negativity and sarcastic comments made him to a character everyone likes.

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Jacob Batalon: Ned Leeds. The friend. What a funny guy! Jacobs Ned was the perfect match to Peter (I’m going to learn that awesome handshake soon!). Being the guy behind the desk (or was it the guy with the chair? - can’t remember) in future films - Imagine that! Great job, dude!

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Zendaya Coleman: Michelle. The brain. She had way too less scenes! I liked Michelle a lot and I hope she gets more scenes in the following movies. She as the team captain is a funny idea and I wanna see that badly. I love Zendaya, she did a great job as well, she made Michelle to a very funny character and now I wanna know more about her.

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Laura Harrier: Liz Allan-Toomes. The daughter. She is a sweet girl and the love of Peter. What a beautiful young woman, I hope she comes back - as a villain would be cool; Imagine her fighting against Peter because he got her dad in jail - THAT would be a good love-story-twist!

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One last thing:


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They together in a movie would be just the best, I mean look at these two:

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To summarize everything: I loved the movie. The actors are just the best and I’m looking forward to a second movie with this cast. As I told you this is my view on this hole thing and I would love to hear your opinion on the movie :).

See you next time xx

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I can’t help but feel my work as a writer is done….

Also if the lovely person who left these (and the other) brilliant comments sees this, you have 1000% made my day. The same goes to anyone who has ever taken the time out to drop me a line about one of my fics. There is nothing better than going to your inbox and hearing from someone so engaged with a story you’ve crafted :) 

I never expect comments, especially as I know some people find it a challenge to reach out (I do myself sometimes). But to receive them is wonderful and makes me want to continue. Especially on a longfic such as this one, when people come and go and you can get thoroughly discouraged. 

Comments matter to writers. That is all.