learnt from the prince

Dancing with the Long Island crew!!!

 Here’s my second attempt at a gif headcanon, enjoy!!! or not


OF COURSE Saeki  insists on dancing the flamenco!!!! After learning it on your honeymoon, he wants to perform it with you again and again. Though he pretends to have discovered a new passion, there’s no doubt that’s actually just an excuse to touch you.


Like everything he does, Takao takes dancing really seriously. He practices alot and works on every little details to make sure everything is perfect. However, when it’s actually time to dance, he gets really nervous and his dancing ends up stiff and awkward.


Because of his big ego, Yamato feels like he has something to prove. He shows you his best moves so you know that there isn’t anything he can’t do. He also teases you about it, saying how he’s the best husband in the world. Though he won’t admit that he actually learnt those moves from the manager.


Ren is a prince, so dancing comes naturally to him. He dances in the most elegant way, his steps in perfect synchrony with the music. His eyes never leave yours, making you feel like you’re in your own little world.


Yuta, being the cheerful person he is, makes everything more fun. This includes dancing. He comes up with the funniest moves so the two of you can laugh and have a good time.