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I’ve heard a good number of rap producers talking about “using FL Studio” makes their “drums hit hard, bang” and monkey see monkey do. Let me let you simps in on a big secret. ITS ALL SOUND WAVES AND FREQUENCIES. It DOES NOT MATTER what program you use, as long as you have the knowledge on how sound waves work and how the frequency ranges work you can use ANY DAW [digital audio workstation] and make hard hitting, high quality beats!!! But niggas dont take the time to get they knowledge up and ultimately still make muddy beats. As soon as you turn the volume up vocals and other instruments get drowned out. It all boils down to Layering different wave frequencies on top of each other properly + the sound your going for for your overall mix. I’ve used pro tools, fl studio, ableton, studio one and bitwig to produce and my sound is the same straight through because I KNOW HOW SOUND WAVES WORK. Plus i actually love science and its all technically one and the same. Take NOTE. Read a damn book. Learn some damn basic science. #808 #808mafia #flstudio #flgang #fls #protools #ableton #studioone #bitwig #music #production #beats #trapbeats #drill #trap #rap #hiphop #edm #instrumentals #headsup #payattention #learnmore #science

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The Eternal:

“They are those who have outrun President Vernal and the Affliction. Once a part of the Affliction, they had one precious treasure that was horribly lost, and as a result, they bear the calligraphy mark of an E.”

  • Those of the Eternal are normally former Sentinels from the Affliction.
  • They are all on the run from President Vernal.
  • Most of them suffer from a major psychological disorder. Some have addictions, though, not all. Their common addictions include: smoking, getting high, and masochism when it comes to sex.
  • Most of the Eternal are in disguise as lower-class citizens of Primordium.

(Image caption: Isolated cells in the visual cortex of a mouse)

Johns Hopkins Solves a Longtime Puzzle of How We Learn

More than a century ago Pavlov figured out that dogs fed after hearing a bell eventually began to salivate when they heard the ring. A Johns Hopkins University-led research team has now figured out a key aspect of why.

In the current issue of the journal Neuron, neuroscientist Alfredo Kirkwood settles a mystery of neurology that has stumped scientists for years: Precisely what happens in the brain when we learn, or how Pavlov’s dogs managed to associate an action with a delayed reward to create knowledge. For decades scientists had a working theory of how it happened, but Kirkwood’s team is now the first to prove it.

“If you’re trying to train a dog to sit, the initial neural stimuli, the command, is gone almost instantly — it lasts as long as the word sit,” said Kirkwood, a professor with the university’s Zanvyl Krieger Mind/Brain Institute. “Before the reward comes, the dog’s brain has already turned to other things. The mystery was, ‘How does the brain link an action that’s over in a fraction of a second with a reward that doesn’t come until much later?’ ”

The working theory — which Kirkwood’s team has validated — is that invisible “eligibility traces” effectively tag the synapses activated by the stimuli so that it can be cemented as true learning with the arrival of a reward.

In the case of a dog learning to sit, when the dog gets a treat or a reward, neuromodulators like dopamine flood the dog’s brain with “good feelings.” Though the brain has long since processed the sit command, eligibility traces respond to the neuromodulators, prompting a lasting synaptic change.

The team was able to prove the theory by isolating cells in the visual cortex of a mouse. When they stimulated the axon of one cell with an electrical impulse they sparked a response in another cell. By doing this repeatedly, they mimicked the synaptic response between two cells as they process a stimulus and create an eligibility trace. When the researchers later flooded the cells with neuromodulators, simulating the arrival of a delayed reward, the response between the cells strengthened or weakened, showing the cells had “learned” and were able to do so because of the eligibility trace.

“This is the basis of how we learn things through reward,” Kirkwood said, “a fundamental aspect of learning.”

In addition to a greater understanding of the mechanics of learning, these findings could enhance teaching methods and lead to treatments for cognitive problems.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a book on here. Hill’s Manual of Social and Business Forms, 1880, leather bound with gilt edges. This one has everything from penmanship to correspondence to alphabets to flourishing and more. Illustrated and instructional, this is a really good one to snag if you come across it. #readmore #learnmore #lettering #books #penmanship #flourishing

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Yes, it’s time for another book from the collection. Gaskell’s Penman’s Hand Book, 1883, first edition. This book has everythingggggg in regards to penmanship, flourishing and lettering. One of my new favorites and easily one of my top 5 reference guides I own. #readmore #learnmore #penmanship #books

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