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eyyy it’s my new witchsona! for some reason, i can never come up with a good design for these for myself. so i had twitter help me out and they came up with some really rad ideas that i tried to mash into one design, and i think it turned out pretty freakin cool, but not too cool that it’s not believably still me y’know

happy fall!!!

the Star to every wand’ring bark

Andromeda is stuck in the library, watching her day tick by..

Ted Tonks sits quietly nearby trying not to pay attention to her

Narcissa: that she wont be doing because it involves someone from another house.

*Exit Narcissa- persued by love*

~* Some time later *~

Sensing a lull in the conversation, Ted goes to speak at last –!

– Or not…

Raveclaw student: Is something the matter?

Andromeda: Oh no- I just thought I heard…

~To be continued 

( Andromeda and Narcissa Black - @askdoratonks  

Ted Tonks - @masksofmickey )

RE: “Maybe” - 知らんけど

Yesterday I learned one Kansai version of the ever-elusive “maybe” expressions.

知らんけど (しらんけど) - literally, a shortened version of “I don’t know though.”

Shortened 知らない - the negative form of “to know” - 知る。

けど is harder to translate, but roughly, it’s just a word to indicate contradiction, like “but.”

So this is used after a statement as a softener but also sometimes when you’re actually unsure. For the most part, though, it’s just a phrase you affix to a mostly declarative statement so as not to sound too blunt. (As we know, Japanese has a tendency to not be very straightforward.)

We use this in English too, though. When I say something and don’t want to sound too direct, I say “….but I don’t know.” (I don’t think that’s just me?)

This is unmistakably Kansai, so if you use it, people will assume you’re from the Kansai area/use Kansai-ben!

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Right at the end of the EB Rhett makes a polyamorous joke about something link said and links reaction is kinda... Questionable. He goes "no. NO!" As if he was insulted that Rhett even said that, and Rhett goes like, yeah, you can't put that on network tv. While mayim was going ugh because she made a video talking about how she finds it unhealthy and got backlash for not using the right terminology.

Gosh, yeah, Nonny. That really piqued my interest, I gotta tell you.

The moment Nonny is talking about is at the end of Ear Biscuit Ep. 113. It starts at 1:07:31 when Link talks about him and Rhett recording the audio book version of The Book of Mythicality. Link says “It’s getting heated and awkward in here.” Mayim makes a comment on how that should be their next book to which Link responds that he wants to be “Heated” because he doesn’t want to be “Awkward.” It turns it into a TV series. At 1.07.33 Link starts talking about this show and who it’s starring and at 1:08: 34 Link says that “they get into dating– they get in a love quadrant with Hot and Heavy.” and Mayim asks what a “love quadrant is” to which Rhett replies “I think it’s like polyamory.” But Link says it’s like a love triangle but with four people instead of three.

I did catch that Mayim’s reaction was on the negative side with her “aw for pete’s sake”. I didn’t get the impression that Link had a strong negative reaction, however. He just said “Nah, I’m just saying, it’s like a love triangle with four people.”

It’s interesting that Rhett would say that it is a polyamory term because the term “quad” does indeed exist and it means “a relationship involving four people, each of whom may or may not be sexually and emotionally involved with all other members.” A common form is two couples forming a cross-couple relationship. If we use Rhett, Jessie, Link and Christy as an example, their quad could be that Rhett and Jessie, Rhett and Link and Link and Christy are involved but there are no other combinations. So Rhett already has a partner and Link already has a partner but Rhett and Link are dating, with the consent of the partner they already have.

Seeing as Mayim’s reaction was negative, that could have RandL backtracking and trying to veer away from polyamory. Because it did seem like that was what Link was talking about with these four characters (who one could assume, if one wants, would be Rhett and Link and their wives, given context clues) until Mayim reacted badly.

I just gotta say that I’m all for Rhett and Link talking about polyamory if it’s in a positive way. Since I am polyamorus, I of course want the discussion to be positive. It’s never fun hearing that you’re an immoral person and that what you are doing is wrong when everyone involved is very happy and feels very loved.

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Y'all have the kind of life I dream about. I'm so incredibly happy for you.

It still feels like a dream to me.

I can’t believe I have a wife & 9 month old baby. I can’t believe we live in a beautiful home, in a wonderful neighborhood, where we are completely out as our authentic selves.

We are blessed beyond belief. I don’t take it for granted for a single second.

QUICK REMINDER: as a studyblr you don’t have to be taking the hardest classes ever. I’m taking college algebra and am allowed to struggle as much as I want!! This community is about personal success, and that means different things for different people :) so keep on going friends 🌻 we’ve got this!!