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dumb question but how do you get the text on your gifs to come in the moment they speak and fade off? if u learned it from a tutorial, a link would be fine too

hi nonnie :)

it’s totally not a dumb question… it took me a while to figure out what I was doing with pretty much everything to do with gifs (and I’m still learning all the time lol).

I can only explain the way I do it though, which is using PhotoShop since that’s how I make all my gifs.  I’m going to assume you have some knowledge of PS since you were asking specifically about the text effect.

If you use something other than PS to make gifs, then I’m sorry but I can’t help :|

(and this may not be the simplest way but it’s the way I do it with my clumsy, completely self-taught PS skills lmao)

I’ll explain using this gif I made of priestly today, since I still have the psd… 

‘tutorial’ under the cut…

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how many languages do you speak/are learning to speak? (ps love your blog your masterposts give me life!!!!!)

hello!! tbh i don’t think you ever stop learning a language, i learn new words in my native languages everyday as funny as that may sound. i speak maltese + english very fluently, i’m getting there with spanish a little by little + i began learning german last summer but kind of stopped for a while since i had exams and all that 🐝 also thank you, i’m super glad you like my masterposts! x

when i say i don’t play on console people assume im one of the pc master race elitists but really i’ve just never had neither an xbox or ps or actually learned how to properly use a controller, i ain’t judging no one

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What do you use to edit?? And/or how'd u learn how to?

uh i use a combination of krita, firealpaca, ps and gimp 2.0. honestly i just learned through trial and error, but it helps to watch tutorials and practice.


So after a really long time, I decided to plug this little lady back in. Attempting to learn #BrokenArrows by #Daughtry (PS. I don’t actually know how to play, but I try. Lol)


DD2_HW10_Learning Reflection

Ps. I could not figure out how to share the correct links to the comments I made, so I have attached screenshots of both into this thread!

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Hey, how are you ? I'm learning how to make gifs and animations on after effects and PS, and I would like to know how you did the Looping for infinity and BEYOND gif. I have no clue how to make it spin like 3D rocket. Sorry if there's someting wrong, I speak portuguese. I don't know, maybe you could say what effect or programs have you used to make it. Thanks :D

I’m super great! That gif was made mostly in the 3D software, Cinema 4D and then I used After Effects to finalize it and Photoshop to render it as a gif.