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In the end it’s all about Jesus, do not let hate or fear blind you from the love that is eternal. Look to Christ, it is only when we see the storm around us that we begin to sink, just keep your gaze on Jesus.

The hope of heaven is far greater than the reality of earth, learn to trust God even when your heart is troubled. His love is greater and it will never fail.

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Soo i have been shipping evilde for quite a while now but since vilde is lowkey cancelled since Friday I became interested in Evana. Please tell me why you ship it/reasons to ship it. This is sooo interesting and new and I'm so hyped about it. If there's a post or something that kind of sums up all the Evana content in the seasons so far it would be amazing if you could reblog it or something. Thanks already!! 💖

Hi, Anon!!!

Oh boyyyyyyyyyy, here we go.

  • Evana = easily, the most beautiful, prettiest sounding, sonically pleasing ship name you will EVER hear in your life tbh?
  • They’re an interracial wlw couple of 2 bisexual girls. And one of them is Muslim. This is HUGE? GROUND BREAKING???
  • They both know what social exclusion, isolation, loneliness, and losing your friends feels like.
  • Eva’s been practically the ONLY girl this season that’s somewhat noticed Sana’s discomfort/loneliness, and felt guilty about it.
  • In the bus meeting, Eva was the only girl to wear a colour close to black, that Sana was wearing, whilst everyone else wore white. That’s pretty telling how similar their struggles have been in terms on insecurities that come from friendships going wrong.
  • Sana literally told Eva to dump her boyfriend, and then straight away after that told her she’s the prettiest girl from the entire girl squad, and this was literally in the same week that she met Eva for the first time, ever.
  • They both are the most fucking domestic. Oh my god. Kitchen girlfriends tbh. Dancing in kitchens, or sitting on the countertops and watching the other make breakfast.
  • Eva would support the HELL out of Sana during her basketball matches.
  • Sana literally saved Eva from getting into trouble when Isak left drugs at Eva’s house.
  • They both have the most BOMB fashion sense, and their jackets? WOW. WOW WOW WOW.
  • They’re so beautiful? They just look … SO beautiful together??
  • Eva was so fucking IMPRESSED by Sana and her comeback in turning down a guy when he offered her to sit on his face?? Like Eva??? CHILL.
  • Eva was probably one of the FIRST girls who really understood a HUGE insecurity that Sana has, when she said “Sometimes, you just have to learn to trust people.”
  • Urm, they’re forever judging people together.
  • If they’re explored more, god, Eva could be SUCH a GREAT friend to Sana. SUCH a GOOD friend.
  • Eva was the FIRST person Sana texted when she suspected something was wrong with Sara’s behaviour last week.


For those suffering with anxiety, we must remember that God would never give us fearful thoughts. God’s very nature is love and his perfect love casts out all fear. We must learn to trust God more than we trust our thoughts of fear.

It doesn’t matter if you just went through a bad breakup or you’re unsuccessfully searching for a new job, whatever it is, don’t let it break you. And you know what’s amazing? When you consider it pure joy, it cannot break you: “Consider it pure joy…whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” -James 1:2-4 You’re only maturing in your faith and getting so much stronger than you were yesterday.

When faced with difficult things, you might feel emptied out day by day, becoming more and more exhausted and less and less motivated to move on, but know that God is doing a mighty work in your life and in this process, through Him, you are lacking nothing. It doesn’t matter who abandoned you. It doesn’t matter what situation just fell through, even when you’ve been thrown the most challenging, heartbreaking battles of your life, consider it joy. Consider that no matter how bad it gets, God is going to bring you through this. You’re going to be able to tell a story you never thought you would tell. God is going to reveal so much to you that you never imagined you would see. Hold onto that! That’s what it means to consider it pure joy.

Dig into God’s word on a daily basis so you can be reminded just how true this is for every single thing you’re going through, no matter how big or small. This is important because even though if we had it our way, we wouldn’t have to deal with trials, we are still going to face them. When we learn to put out trust in God by continuing to be joyful no matter what comes, we mature in our faith, getting stronger and stronger when the trials come our way. This is how you can become that woman that walks around with an unshakeable faith, no matter what gets thrown at her, who no matter what, considers it pure joy.

Written by @morganhnichols for #thedevoco

the ending is soo rushed and a little goofy, but this video is in response to a message i just got

thank you for trying to tear me down, and i’m sorry you failed. thank god i have learned to trust the voice in my head, and not the voices of strangers who are too insecure with themselves to realize/to care how a message like this could have been received. 

from the very bottom of my heart, i hope you learn to be okay with yourself. i hope you think about why you sent this, and i hope it’s the last one you send. but trust me when i say, you have not won. 

the majority of my concern lies in that there are others all across this community who get these kinds of messages, and who don’t react the way i do. i will not stop talking about how influential cyber bullying (because that’s what this is) can be on someone until, to use trump’s words, “evil losers” like yourself realize what it is that you’re doing, and find it in your heart to stop.

(also a special appearance from my youngest sister halfway through)

Faith over feelings

Job endured many tests and trials but his patience and faith triumphed in the end, as we will see in chapter 42. God tests us too. One of the ways He does so is by allowing us to go through dry times - times when nothing seems to minister to us or water our souls. We go to church, but we feel no different when we leave. We read the latest book or listen to the latest song but it does us no good at all.

I have had those times in my life and ministry and Job certainly had them- in what seems like extreme measure ( see Job 19:7-11) I have gone through mountain top experiences and I have been through valleys. I have had dry times in my prayer life and in my praise and worship. I have had times when I would go into meetings or conference and be able to feel the presence of God and I have had times when I would go and feel absolutely nothing. I have learned to believe that God is with me whether I feel it or not. There have also been times when I could hear from God so clearly and know that I had heard “a word in season” for me. There have been other times when I have not heard anything at all.

Looking back on my spiritual life, I realise that at times I have gone up and down, up and down. When I was up I felt that I was saved and when I was down I felt that I was lost. When I was up I felt that I was saved and when I felt sure God had called me I was up, and when I was uncertain of my calling I was down. When dry times came upon me, I let them affect me. At the time I did not know what was happening to me or why. Now I realise that God was working all the harmful things out for me and getting me to the point where I did not base my faith on my feelings.

I will be honest with you. I rarely go through those times now. I just love God, and that’s it. I worship Him. And that’s it. I pray, I believe He hears me, and that’s it. I know I am called and I go out and do what I’m called to do and I do not go through all the ups and downs I used to go through. Why? Because I have learned to stop basing everything on my feelings and to live by faith instead. I do not allow my emotions to determine whether I believe God is with me or not. I just choose to believe he is. That does not mean I never experience a rough time or have a bad day but those times no longer control what I believe.

I do not believe God can allow us to go from one emotional high to another. If He did, we would depend too much on them and would probably start thinking more highly of ourselves than we should. God loves us and protects us from depending on emotions too much so that he can continue to use us.

We must learn to trust that God knows what he is doing in us. If we feel something in our emotions that is fine. If we do not feel anything this is fine too. We must remember that we are in this for the long haul - not just for those times when we feel good but also for those times when we feel bad or do not feel anything at all. Be patient and stay faithful. God will come through for you and you will be amazed!

—  Joyce Meyer

You might be waiting for things to fall in place, but that doesn’t mean that God has left you to do this alone. He is strengthening you and preparing you for things to come.

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service. - 1 Timothy‬ ‭1:12‬

More than we focus on where we haven’t been appointed yet and what hasn’t come together, let us remember that it is here in this season where we are hidden (and at times, maybe even overlooked or rejected by others) that we are actually gaining strength to accomplish what God has in store for us.

If you feel that you’ve been called to leadership or you feel your heart desiring marriage, a family, or anything else, no matter what it is, the way that you are having to learn how to trust in God now will be important when you reach those goals.

Trusting and obeying God doesn’t start to automatically just come easy once we’re finally more financial stable or no longer single. It’s a process of spiritual growth that you must develop today, even before you have the desires of your heart! So thank God for season. Thank Him that you won’t be going into future seasons without the preparation you need!

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

one of the worst things about being a gay Christian is even though you’re fine, your family’s fine, you have a good relationship with God, even though all of those things are there you still have a hole inside. a hole of uncertainty and confusion. does God *really* approve you being with him/her? Honestly, are you fundamentally flawed inside? Is it sinful? You don’t know if you’re going to hell and you always feel that you’re right on the hinges, right on the edge because your desire to love and be loved is so caught up in some force inside you, some sexuality, some identity that results in persecution and disdain and dislike and you still can’t sleep with the one you love without feeling dirty afterwards, without feeling ashamed, you can’t get married in a lot of the world, let alone live in other countries

And you just learn to rest with that, to cope with it. But it’s always there, gnawing and burning in the back of you. always. You don’t know that you’re alright with God, and you don’t know that you ever will be. to say this is hard to experience is an understatement

But if there’s anyone in the world who has learned to trust God and have faith in him no matter what, it’s us. and I think that matters.


”I don’t have time for your little crush on Carter”

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9 months

I’m really glad I started this journey. The 27th will make 9 months. Thus far I’m down 32lbs and I’m in better spirits. I believe I made the right decision in choosing this path.

Not only am I working out and eating better but I’m also working on myself. It’s a work in process. But everyday I’m learning to love myself better. I’m learning to trust God more and his process. Taken the time to do better by myself has been amazing! I wouldn’t trade it! 4 more months makes will make a year! And I can change this outfit too. Lmao

Happy Monday y'all!!!

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Hi. I was hoping that you might have some advice for me. Religion has always been a source of anxiety for me rather than a comfort. Recently this anxiety has gotten worse. I want to talk to someone about this. But my church is fairly conservative, and I’m not comfortable going to anyone there. I want to learn how to love and trust god, and learn how to trust myself again. But I have no idea how to do it, or how to find someone I can trust who can help me do it. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance. :)

I’m not going to lie, anon, I’ve started and erased answers to this something like five times. There isn’t an easy answer to your question, especially because it sounds like you’re at an age where your church decisions are being made for you by your family, so solutions like “find another church” are off the table (which itself is much easier said than done).

This really seems like the kind of conversation that’s best done in-person, which is going to be difficult, what with you not really feeling comfortable going to anyone at your church with it. But if that “anyone” doesn’t include the pastor, then that would very much be your best option. This sort of pastoral care is honestly a major part of being the pastor of a church, after all. But if the pastor is included in that group you’re not comfortable talking with, then… are there any other local pastors or pastoral-type people that you’d be comfortable going to?

I’m afraid to say that’s the best I’ve got. Maybe some of my followers might be able to add some thoughts of their own?