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Youtubers I like & watch... [Language/ Polyglot Theme]

I watch a lot of Youtube lol, so here is a list of some of the youtubers I like to watch regarding languages, language learning, polyglots… etc.                                      (Just to kind of be organized) 

These are just some for now


Polyglot Progress: makes videos on languages, language learning, etc

Ophelia Vert: language learner/speaker who makes videos on languages +

Ambie Gonzalez Tv: Polyglot, makes videos on languages, travel, Korean and Spanish content +

Azren the Language Nerd: Language learner/teacher, polyglot- knowledgeable and gives great tips

Jasmine Lipska: Makes content on positivity, language learning + ~studies/speaks Korean(+)

linguamarina: Makes content on language learning, travelling +

Language Learning Lounge: Makes videos on language learning & tips, plays games & streams in different languages

Steve Kaufmann - lingosteve: Polyglot, gives great knowledge on languages and learning ~wise

Langfocus: Gives detailed information on languages and their history

NativLang: Talks about languages, uses visuals and video to explain history and reason for languages in the past & present

Damon and Jo: Language learners and world travelers who make videos in different languages & gives travel tips & language tips

Lindie Botes: Polyglot ~ gives tips and advice on language learning; most known for learning/speaking Asian languages

Lina Vasquez: Gives tips and advice on languages and polyglotism (?) + 

Kamila Tekin: Makes videos pertaining to language learning, so far has done Portuguese and Spanish related videos

Organizedstudy: Mostly Swedish vlogs for those who are learning it; also learns languages & studies- new


if you make videos on languages, or similar topics, link your blog/channel

on a date

him: what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done ;) 

me: haha good question haha um so do you ever enjoy pretending to talk on the phone in a foreign language in public?


Actual video of the most memorable moment of 2017 ©

“Some of our young people in America are learning to speak Korean so that they can keep up with the band SHINee. In exchange, I understand SHINee has developed a passion for America’s In-N-Out Burgers.“

언어 (Language)

Language - 언어
Korean - 한국어
English - 영어
Spanish - 스페인어
Mandarin Chinese - 중국어
Cantonese - 광둥어
Japanese - 일본어
Russian - 러시아어
French - 프랑스어
German - 독일어
Arabic - 아랍어
Italian - 이탈리아어
Dutch - 네덜란드어
Finnish - 핀란드어
Greek - 그리스어
Latin - 라틴어
Hebrew - 히브리어
Hindi - 힌디어
Indonesian - 인도네시아어
Irish - 아일랜드어
Portuguese - 포르투갈어
Thai - 태국어
Vietnamese - 베트남어

☆Can you speak____?
____ 할 수 있어요?
☆Can you speak German?
독일어 할 수 있어요?

★I can speak ____.
____할 수 있어요.
★I can speak Italian.
이탈리아어 할 수 있어요.

♦︎I speak ____.
♦︎I speak Hindi.
힌디어 해요.

♡I speak ___ well.
____잘 해요
♡I speak English well.
영어 잘 해요.

I think we should focus on admiring what a dedicated actor Kyungsoo is. Just for Swing Kids he’s been practicing tap dancing for months, he learned to speak with a north korean dialect, and he shaved his head which is a pretty big deal considering his image as an idol. All this while rehearsing and recording for two comebacks. Oh, and he also enrolled in university. Do Kyungsoo truly is an inspiration for us all.


A question I’ve been asked many, many times: How do I learn multiple languages at the same time? This video is both in Korean and English, but there are complete subtitles for both languages. I hope this video helps you! 

“But what does johnny do exactly?”

Speaks english and korean, learning chinese, raised Mark Lee, plays the piano, raps, FREESTYLES, sings, dances, DJs, MCs, bakes, good at soccer, loves his mom, tells jokes, will treat you right, knows good hygiene, the man of your dreams probably. What doesn’t he do???


I’ve studied Korean for many years but I still make stupid mistakes and I’m lazy and don’t look up words in dictionaries and just make up meanings… this has gotten me into some trouble. Here’s a funny, lighthearted video about Korean words and phrases that are hard to translate into English. There are English subtitles if you click CC. Hope you enjoy!