learning to speak korean

“But what does johnny do exactly?”

Speaks english and korean, learning chinese, raised Mark Lee, plays the piano, raps, FREESTYLES, sings, dances, DJs, MCs, bakes, good at soccer, loves his mom, tells jokes, will treat you right, knows good hygiene, the man of your dreams probably. What doesn’t he do???

Polyglot problems

When you’re speaking a newer language and come to a word that you don’t know how to translate yet so the word automatically comes out in one of the other languages that you do know the word in. 


Want an AWESOME Korean grammar teacher? Go! Billy learns Korean is one of the best! He teaches vocabulary, grammar, but he is most helpful to me with sentence structure! Literally one of the best~ Check out some of his other videos ^_^ You’re welcome!


Practice reading Korean while learning new vocabularies!

I’m learning a little Korean each day and will share the resources that help me learn on this blog :)

Wishing you success in reading & speaking Korean,

“옷과 패션” - Clothing and Fashion Pt. 2!~

Clothing and fashion is an integral part of daily life and can really speak about who someone is. Today, let’s learn some words to describe different articles of clothing in Korean!

Speaking of fashion, I could really use some tips (sigh)~

*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~

티셔츠 (ti shyeo cheu) T-shirt
바지 (ba ji) pants
청바지 (cheong ba ji) jeans
반바지 (ban ba ji) shorts
치마 (chi ma) skirt
안경 (ahn gyeong) glasses
귀걸이 (gwi geol yi) earrings
반지 (ban ji) ring
손목시계 (sohn mok shi gye) watch
단추 (dan choo) button
양말 (yang mal) socks
신발 (shin bal) shoes

Hope this helps and happy studying!~

Do some people not understand that BTS is a Korean group and they were born in Korea and they speak Korean….that means that they aren’t obligated to speak a different language just because they go to a different country.

If you want your favorite idol to speak your language…Maybe you should try speaking/learning Korean then. Stop trying to get them to learn it, it’s really hard learning a different language. and on top of that, these idols are already in stress with their music/choreographies/ shows/fansigns and all that. DONT MAKE THEM FEEL BAD ABOUT IT.

Sanjoy Update 2/15/2017

Sanjoy Instagram live:

said he texted Youngjae last night.

When asked about when the song is coming out he responded that.  

He does not know exactly when because there are too many songs and they don’t want to pile things up on Youngjae.

“Release Schedule are different” 

(A/N: Since Youngjae has a comeback in March along with finishing all their fan meetings the poor boy is already so busy. Bless our Sunshine he is so hard working.)  

The collab is going to be an original song and remix of OBVI. (AHHHHHHHHH 2 songs???)

(A/N: While he was doing the live stream he was waiting for his sister at the store because his sister was getting her Degree framed. he is the cutest. Was showing off his sister master degree the whole time.)

Was asked to speak to Youngjae in Arabic. He asked how to say how “I like his hair”. Then realized he should learn it in Korean because Youngjae doesn’t speak Arabic.

(A/N: Youngjae’s hair is killing me this era)

favorite got7 song is Moonlight.

talks all the time with Youngjae

He communicates by just texts with Youngjae . They text in English.

He originally DM Youngjae and gave him his number. ( A/N Slide into his DM’s real slick).

How the call went according to Sanjoy:

“Youngjae: YO! I’m like 45 minutes away.

Sanjoy: Cool, Elliot and I are coming to see you. “

Concert (Turbulence Fanmeeting) was massive/ dope

“Jackson is so funny” and has met the others members like Mark Tuan.  

but is mostly in touched with Youngjae

When he goes to Korea we are going to see “really cool stuff”

They talk in English. Youngjae speaks English really well but he will learn a little bit of Korea to get around.

Sent the Obvi cover already with vocals, instrument, ect. Told Youngjae to do what ever he wants.  

“anything Youngjae sings is awesome.”

Will learn how to sing Got7 songs. but he cant right now. ( A/N: I think he means speaking Korean still but want to learn how to sing it but will sing it when he can speak Korean.)

“They [Got7] sees everything”.

(A/N: He was talking about the fanmade cover. where it says “+Youngjae” on it which is what he posted on his story. So that explains why Youngjae’s version is not in the link)

He says that he would sing Got7′s song but he would butcher it because he doesn’t know Korean .

Going to record with he uber driver he met because the driver can sing well and want to collab. ( A/N: precious).

Has to call his mom back.


Everyone go support OBVI.

Also keep being supportive of the collaborate but also kind and well behaved. We don’t want to overwhelm Elliot and Sanjoy or make them uncomfortable. So please mind what you write and send them. I haven’t seen any problems personally but lets keep this up. We won best fandom in 2016 for a reason so lets show why. 


In Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 10, there was a scene where Sara Crisipno was texting somebody. I am not sure if she was smiling or not, but for me she looked happy while texting that certain someone.

And poof! That someone was Lee Seung Gil! He received a text message from Sara Crispino. I can’t see the message clearly, but I believe that what I am seeing is true. THAT SARA’S TEXT MESSAGE WAS IN HANGUL. Meaning, she knows how to speak Korean. But why? Maybe she just likes learning languages. (BUT AS A SEUNG GIL FAN GIRL, ALL I CAN SEE IS THAT THIS BISH IS INTO MY SEUNG GIL TO THE POINT THAT SHE EVEN LEARNED KOREAN FOR HIM) HAHAHAHAHAHA sorry, please ignore my bias judgment. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that Sara used hangul to communicate with Seung Gil. I don’t know the meaning of this, but I believe THIS MEANS SOMETHING. I wish I could see a very clear version of this so that I’d google the meaning of the message since I’m still not that good in Korean haha.

However, Seung Gil said “mata ano onna ka” or “that woman again” with an irritated tone. (It can also be translated as what the subs has stated below, but I prefer “that woman again” since it has more irritated feeling than the subs.)

After seeing Sara’s message through the screen, (he did not even bother to open the message, did not even reply) HE TOSSED HIS PHONE AWAY. And look at his wonderful eyebrows, still on fleek. BUT LOOKS REALLY ANNOYED. And he said “again.” So does it mean that Sara kept on texting him? Or should we say “bothering” him? BUT WHY? Maybe she’s also a member of SEUNG GIL ANGELS or SEUNG GIL GIRLS OR WHATEVER SEUNG GIL’S FANDOM NAME IS :D Or they are actually close, or comfortable with each other but Seung Gil is a tsundere? I dunno, someone please enlighten me :D


*praises boy group for sexual choreography, bashes girl group for sexual choreography*

*only wants to visit Korea because of kpop*

*wants idol to speak English* *has no intention of learning Korean*