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Shipping neutral here. I don't mind either IR or IH, but what I'm trying to wrap my head around is why does Ichihime get so much hate? I don't see why people think Orihime is a stalker or obsessed when she does have a life outside of her love for Ichigo and shows concern for others, or that Ichigo 'doesn't notice her' when he clearly does and even comes to rely on her. I don't see how it's unhealthy or 'wrong'.

Its because for a long time people have been watching/reading bleach with a certain amount of tightly constrained shipping goggles.

A lot of people have been observing the series as nothing more than a weird coming of age romance between Ichigo and Rukia. Orihime to them is a third wheel that needed to learn her place (bow her head like a good girl and hop on her consolation prize which was either Ulquiorra or Uryuu depending on the era of Bleach fandom) and for that reason was hated when Kubo was showing signs he would go elsewhere with the character.

The soul society arc was huge which produced a lot of IR shippers. By the end of the arrancar arc they were still there even though IH began to form a much smaller but loyal following.

This inadvertently caused/influenced two things: a rise in the number of Orihime hate and the increase of toxicity within the fandom.

A lot of people seemed to project a lot of hate of her character based on their own insecurities or lived vicariously through Rukia and made Orihime the enemy for some reason. To them, Rukia was unbelievably strong, smart, funny, beautiful, snarky and tough who all the cool characters loved while Orihime was an awful big boobed whore who got in the way and people barely tolerated (including Ichigo). People would write essays about how unworthy Orihime was of Rukia’s friendship all the while writing headcanons of how much Orihime envied and secretly hated her and other female characters close to Ichigo. You can see this false dynamic play out in the way people write about the characters after the Bleach ending.

Anyway, Orihime has always been a perceived threat to certain pairing fans even when people tried (badly) to insist they didn’t see her as a threat. Any time Ichigo and Orihime had an interaction, there were several essays claiming they where unimportant. Anytime Orihime was shown to think of a nakama apart from Ichigo, people would praise her for ‘character growth’ but would go back to bashing her when Kubo stressed she still loved Ichigo.

They’d take any moment of Orihime feeling terrible as proof of Rukia being a goddess or the truth of IR. Take the notorious Orihime jealousy thing at the beginning of the arrancar arc. It was something that happened in one particular moment where Orihime couldn’t cheer Ichigo up because she herself had been injured alongside Tatsuki and Sado, which proceeded to reveal her own feelings of inadequacy that would be explored in the HM arc. Yet certain fans have twisted this scenario to make out Orihime is constantly jealous of Rukia (or knows the 'truth’ about IR) throughout the series.

Tl:dr Shipping goggles made people read what they wanted to in Bleach and blatantly misunderstood characters and their character arcs to justify their headcanons that were increasingly shown to bear little semblance to reality.

Take the last arcs of Bleach. People had noted dropped plot lines and the likelihood IchiHime was endgame but people still insisted Kubo ruined the manga for pairings that came out of nowhere (nevermind the dropped plotlines and character arcs which didn’t get resolution) instead of forcing Ichigo live in Soul Society with his 'twu luv’ Rukia.

Not to say others didn’t hate Orihime. She was a non-action person in a very action heavy manga.

But a huge amount of derision came from shippers who ignored where things were going after the SS arc.

Everyone is my teacher. Some I seek. Some I subconsciously attract. Often I learn simply by observing others. Some may be completely unaware that I’m learning from them, yet I bow deeply in gratitude.


Here is a second one. It’s beautiful too, super sexy, and the song is amazing. Give it some love too! :)


In Nara the deer have learned to “bow” for deer cakes! It’s so cute!!

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Im writing this on my phone in a parking lot so spelling and stuff is gonna be wild.

know ppl are scared. Hell I dunno HOW I feel really. I’m not cynical or basic enough to be excited for what’s coming. My hope is that we’ll bring the fight to the racists, the fascists, the type that want to crush and control us. My hope is that they laying back in the cut and won’t see us coming.

Now is the time to get signal, text all your friends and get out into the street. Find ways to support immigrants, abused women, houseless queer kids thrown out by their parents. Nows the time to learn encryption. Bows the time to tap into and contribute to a culture of struggle and liberation. Now is when you really find your friends, the people that will stick with you and make a life of joy and struggle. We don’t all need to be on the barricades, shit I got bad knees so I can do like three hours of barricade maybe. We DO all got to do our part to fight, wether you sending money to land defenders, passing out food to people sleeping outside, housing a fugitive, fixing kid’s bikes in your hood. wrapping books at your local books through bars, teaching classes on cyber security (or hacking cough), or making art that engages and enflames.

With love and rage.


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“You, too, are just mere moments away from being on fire as well!”–Maleficent. YAAAS QUEEN!

In villainy, looking your best is something quite desirable and there is nothing wrong with that notion. Nevertheless, that has never been exactly a reality in my life. What I have learned after years of bowing to everyone and keeping to myself is that it is indeed best to project security, power and fierceness.

So four intents and purposes I am going to teach you a spread that will help you focusing magical energy to project it to others. It is a glamour. There are many wonderful gifts to be gained from it. I have always admired the way one of the last Fairy Queens had to make everyone still their tongues and bow down to her. My dear Villainous Friends have done everything in their unholy power to give you an ever expanding magical arsenal to make things happen. Please, allow me to help you look like you mean business.

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My Lost Girl

“Hey sweety!! Thank you so much!! I was wondering if you just do Peter Pan imagines or Robbie Kay ‘cuz yesterday i watched Flight world war 2 , and no one does imagines from that… but in case you just do Peter Pan imagines only, i’d love to read a jealous Pan.

This was sent to me by bringpanback, thank you for being so kind!

Peter pan x Reader

You were focused on the bow and arrow in your hand as small beads of sweat dripped from your forehead. The bow and arrow was stretched out in your arms, and you held it close to your body, trying your best to aim at the target that was painted on the tree a couple of meters in front of you. Pan had asked you to learn how to use a bow and arrow, since you were going to be living on his island you might as well be of use to him. Your arms shook as you tried your best to keep the arrow in place, this was a lot harder than it looked. When you finally released the arrow, everything that could go wrong, did. The arrow completely missed its target, while the band attached to the bow snapped against your forearm once against. It sounded like a whip cracking against flesh, and you let out a squeal, gritting your teeth as the flesh on your forearm became bruised and bloody. Stupid Pan, how did he expect you to learn how to do this all on your own, when you have no experience at all? Feeling frustrated, you were about to give up when suddenly Felix appeared from behind the tree lines. As per usual he had his hood pulled over his dirty blond mane, which casted eerie shadows across his face. He glanced up at your direction, his blank face causing you to raise an eyebrow. 

“Hello Felix… can I help you with something?”

The male gave a dark chuckle, pulling the arrow from the ground and walking over to you. He twirled the arrow between his fingers, standing beside you. He glanced down at your bruised up arm and shook his head, letting out an annoyed sigh. 

“You can’t help me, but it looks like I can help you.”

He stated this matter-of-factly, which caused you to huff in annoyance. You were already frustrated enough that Peter wasn’t here showing you how to do this, and now here was Felix, trying to butt his head into your business. You were about to take out that frustration on him, ready to explain your stupid situation when he grabbed your arm and elbow from behind. You hadn’t even realized he moved to your backside until he held you. The warmth he radiated seeped through your skin, and a small blush swarmed through your cheeks. 

On the other hand, Felix stayed with his normal stone hard face. He lifted your arms up gently, placing the bow properly in your hands, as well as the arrow. He bent down a bit, so his face was close to your ear. You could hear his jagged breathing as he pulled back on the bow properly, his hands still wrapped around your own so you were following his same movements. Feeling his warm breath against your ear caused goosebumps to form all over your skin. You weren’t used to this much physical contact, especially with someone like Felix. Your heart beat suddenly started to speed up as more blush rushed to your cheeks, and you swallowed down the lump that began to form in your throat.


“This is how your supposed to do it (Y/N)… hold it a little father from your body and.” 

At this both of you released the grip you had on the arrow, causing it to fly from the bow at incredible speed. Your face brighten up when you realized that the arrow was heading staright for the centre of the target! 

Suddenly a body stood in front of the target, his body tense and ridge. An angry look was scattered over his handsome features as he held the arrow tightly within his fist, a few centimetres away from his chest. He clenched his fist and with a loud snap the arrow fell from his hand, the broken wood tumbling to the ground. He didn’t say a word to the two, but as soon as Felix made eye contact with his leader he instantly released you, his arms falling limply to his sides. Pan, looking now slightly less angry stormed towards you, grabbing your wrist roughly and pulling you away from the other male, who kept his eyes on the ground.

“I’ll deal with you later” 

Peter stated in a blank tone, but even with no emotion behind his words, you could tell he was furious, which caused you to shiver in fear. The boy began to stomp away from the forest, still keeping his deathly grip tight on your wrist. You tried your best to pull away, you even dug your heels into the ground to see if that would stop Pan but it didn’t, he kept his brows furrowed as he dragged you along towards his tree house. 

Your wrist began to hurt, and you knew for sure that there would be a nasty bruise on your arm when he finally decided to let go. You cursed at him when he led you up the wooden stair case to the door of his cabin.

“Peter! Let me go! You’re hurting me! Why are you so angry?! You asked me to-” 

But your words were cut short when Pan pushed your back up against his wooden door. A small gasp escaped your lips when he leaned his body down against yours, his arms resting on either side of your head against the hard wood as to keep you boxed in. He lowered his head until his forehead bumped into yours, his breath shallow as his greeny blue eyes stared intently into yours. Just like when Felix held you, heat began to rise up into your body, but this time it wasn’t from nerves, this time you could feel the light butterflies fluttering through your stomach, and the blush that filled your cheeks was thick and hot. Your hands trembled softly at your sides as your heart beat began to speed up fast. Your breath came out in short breaths against the males face, and a tight knot began to form within your gut. When Pan noticed how much you were reacting to him simply being this close to you, he gave you his famous devilish smirk. 

“I am angry, (Y/N) because you are MY lost girl… Nobody is allowed to touch MY lost girl, but me.”

and there you have it!! i hope you all enjoy! thanks so much for the idea! 

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Whoa mate, if the kid wanna believe his stuffed bear will defeat you and that a green onesie will protect him, then you beg the teddy bear for mercy and crawl in fear of the pj's. Like. Why on earth would you wanna scare a kid when you can scare politicians am I right?

*cocks head to side*

So that he learns.

Nature does not bow to you. You force it to bend. This monster deals kindly with you when you earn it, not when you wear magical clothes and carry a bear. Reality is harsh.

I come from a different time, friend. I have seen all manner of how humans have raised their children. I can tell you that much about the modern framework is contrary to your nature. You prolong adolescence past the biological line. You treat people like children well into their 30’s. Responsibility and accountability become a priceless property of the aged. The very same aged who call you children’ on television when they mock the millennial vote. That is unhealthy, and it is part of the reasons so many of you feel lost or directionless- no one allows you your rightful place. They tell you to never stop believing in magic or the power of positive thinking, instead of teaching you the skills you need or how to own the product of your labor.

Perhaps if you’d grown up with a real monster…whose friendliness depended upon your actions…you would be as strong and forceful as you need to be in this world, such as it is.

That is why.

And the children I govern, who know quite well what I am, are not the least bit frightened of me. Just like they are not frightened of scissors or matches, or anything else that is dangerous except when put to a worthwhile purpose by a steady hand.

Think what you like of that.


Bellamy- Slow Dancing

The group had been completely silent for most of the hunting trip, afraid of scaring away any possible game. You trudged alongside Bellamy at the front group, your makeshift bow in hand. On the Ark, you had always loved guns; you spent days on end learning all about them until one day you came across the art of archery. You immediately fell in love with the traditional bow and arrow, you’re parents being a little higher on the chain of command than most, they were able to convince Canceller Jaha to make you one and give you a place to practice. You spent what time you had after school in the archery room, the silence around you was blissful, the sound of the arrow cutting through the air for a split second before hearing the dull thud of it hitting the target. That is also where you learned how to make a bow when you were stranded in say, the god damn forest.

A plentiful amount of arrows strapped to your back, you continued on though the woods.
That’s when you heard it. The low toned horn cutting though the trees, you all immediately stop and look around.

“No…” Clarke whispered, before grabbing Harpers hand “Acid Fog! Run!” She screeched, and took off. Jasper began looking around desperately before Miller shoved him along and told him to follow. You retracted your arrow and began running, desperately looking around for some sort of shelter.

“Y/n! Over here!” Bellamy yells a couple meters ahead of you. He was gesturing wildly at something in the ground, you wasted no time running to him as he pried open a trap door. He motioned you inside and you dropped down, him following quickly after.

“What is this place?” You ask quietly, looking around. The little bunker had all the makings of a bomb shelter. Bellamy stays silent behind you as you walk around. Quietly you pick a small picture off a desk that sat in the back of the room. A family of three stood in front of a house, all closely knitted together and smiling widely.

“I don’t think they made it here..” You say, more to yourself than anyone. Your sadden expression was quickly aided when you spotted the record player in the corner. You gasped and walked over to it; you bent down to open the shelf under it and began flipping through the records.

“No fucking way.” You whispered, pulling out a record. Your eyes glinted with joy as you stared down at the cover. You couldn’t believe a record of your favorite composer of all times was actually here in this bunker.

“What is it?” Bellamy finally spoke, walking up behind you. You quickly stood and turned to him.

“Beethoven!” You squealed, obviously excited. Bellamy rolled his eyes and smiled, watching you as you place the record in the player and set everything up. Suddenly, soft piano music filled the bunker. You closed your eyes and smiled, leaning your head back slightly.

“I used to listen to him while I practiced.” You spoke softly, smiling at the memories.

“The beautiful melody always helped me concentrate; nothing existed outside of the music when he’s playing.”

Slow but steady hands find their way to your hips and you feel Bellamy gently pull you against him. With your back pressed against his chest, you forced yourself to stay cool. Your heart sped up but your eyes remained closed, gently you leaned your head against his shoulder.

“Do I exist?” He asks quietly, his warm whisper hitting your ear and sending a chill down your spine. You took in a breath and hummed softly,


You could feel him smile into your neck, his arms moved to wrap themselves around your waist and you hands rested on his. He began gently moving both of your bodies. Slowly you both swayed, eyes closed and breathing in time. The rise and fall of his chest centered you; truly nothing existed outside of this moment.

Rock In The Road

I loved how few names there were in the opening credits this time.  

Kids with bows?  Traumatized Daryl stuck in a place where kids need to learn how to shoot bows?  I’m thinking that’s what’s going to bring him back.  And provide a lot of “aw” moments.  Hopefully someone will take Judith to him so he can look out for her.  He’s practically her mother, yet we never get to see them together.

And good for you, Rosita.  When your bf goes sniffing around your friend she needs to Lucille that shit immediately, even if she’s attracted to him.  Especially if she’s attracted to him.  Sasha has some apologizing to do.

Maybe Kirkman should consider doing an animated version of TWD where Carol dies early, Daryl doesn’t exist and he can show Glenn getting his head pulverized in excruciating detail.  Kirkman can afford it now.  AMC?  Not so much.

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