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Hi ! I need some real help. My exams are coming and i don't know how and why i don't have motivation for NOTHING. It has been 2 days and i don't want to do anything and even if i study , i just push myself. Zero motivation, zero desire. Any tips for getting back on the track ? (btw i was doing good when i was feeling like studying)

Hello!! SORRY THIS IS SO LATE (;﹏;) omg dont give up we aRE HERE ok here are some of my tips and i’ll link you to some posts okay! (^v^)



  • you have to check yourself from time to time and ask yourself why are you doing this? studying, why am i studying? for my education and for my future and for myself so always remember that this is for yourself. you are studying because you want to learn and not because it is a job that you are forced to do and love everyday, no. school is here to teach us not to force us to do things we dont love
  • by the wise words of justin bieber..im joking dont kill me…but yes, love yourself. forgive yourself. we all have that phase where we just ask ourselves like why am i doing this & we have no desire to study but if you love yourself enough, and you want to prove yourself that i can do better than this you will achieve great things 米^-^米
  • i know your exams are coming in and yes maybe its a bit stressful but its okay to relax and just do nothing sometimes i mean life is already tiring as it is right and being a student and more is super uGh why so you have the right to just rest but you can always use your time management skills & find something you love to do right before you study will motivate you 。^‿^。
  • here is my tiny masterpost on time management if u want it
  • you are studying for yourself, forgive yourself, make yourself proud & manage. do not force yourself, try but do not force okay? take care please! ヽ(´∀`ヽ) feel free to drop by and message me!

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