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daily reminder: create things for jack and the community but mostly for yourself bc you want to and you enjoy it. i love jack but i dont make things for him, i make them for us and if he likes it then thats cool too! this helps get rid of the idea that if jack doesnt notice the thing you’ve created, its worthless. because its not. you have enjoyed it and the community has enjoyed it. 

never stop creating.

I want to make a full masterpost for each of these that goes into more detail, but I don’t know which to do first, so let me know what you’d like to see! SORRY this is so long omg I got carried away

1. Time Management

  • it’s impossible to study 3 subjects at a single time
  • it’s not practical to do all your homework on Sunday night
  • make a to-do list!!!
  • make sure you have (and update) a planner!
  • I have lots more on time management so I’ll probably make a masterpost v soon if it would be helpful!!

2. Breaks Things into Smaller Tasks

  • how do you eat an elephant?
  • in smalll bites.
  • look at everything you do as progress
  • if you have 85 math problems and you’ve done 10, you’ve made progress.
  • knowing that you’re making progress towards a goal is going to help motivate you!!
  • don’t be afraid to use this on your to-do list
  • write “do ten math problems” ten times in your planner
  • not “do all math problems” once!!!

3. Highlighting and Rereading are Not Effective on Their Own

  • if it works for you that’s alright!!
  • I’m just sharing what I’ve learned
  • Why doesn’t this work for most people?
  • because it isn’t active learning

4. Become an Active Learner

  • “active learner” wow sounds scary
  • fear not!! with a little practice you’ll see what it’s all about!
  • rereading something won’t make you fully understand it
  • you might remember some definitions (which is good)! but
  • unless you can use the word in new context, it’s not really useful in your long term memory
  • here’s more on actually becoming an active learner
  • use the quizzes at the back of your textbook chapters
  • or find quizzes online (or make your own if you can’t find any)
  • don’t just answer the question, explain why your answer is right
  • do this in as much detail as you can
  • why? because this will force you to use your learned information in a new way
  • if you don’t know how to explain it, read your notes and book again until you can write out an answer

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I have learned
there is no safety in silence
there is no comfort in holding who I am
so close that it falls down my throat
and is lost
relief of that heart squeezing
lung crushing worry
that comes moments
before breathing a thought
around anything or anyone outside of myself
does not come
until it is done
like the fear of the bullet and the way it shatters the air
that comes before the trigger is pulled
and then the satisfaction in the echo
of the circles of reverberations hitting
the ears the hearts the lives of the souls within a mile
rather I assume this is how it feels
I have never released the ammunition
I don’t know if it would come out a bullet at all
I don’t know what I look like past the chamber
through the barrel
but I do know
that I cannot love whatever it is
until I can see it and touch it and feel it’s heft
—  A.O.A.M. || In Which I Turn My Thoughts Into Bullets And Myself Into A Gun

I am realizing that this skin I’ve worn
this quiet
may not be fitting any longer
it has begun to strangle me blue
yet I don’t know how to be
anyone else

I suppose I should learn
how to be big
and angry
and unapologetic
how to take up space
how to scream out of anything other than fear
how to be unafraid of being seen
and how to stand up when I am questioned
or ridiculed
instead of turning on myself
because I was under the impression that it’s easier
to tear myself apart with the rest of the wolves
than to defend my own ideas
this is the year to try

—  A.O.A.M. || Outgrown 

never let someone make you feel bad for wanting to learn something because of a form of media you like! 

you want to learn piano so you can play ‘his theme’ from undertale? 


you want to learn to swim because of free! Iwatobi swim club? 


you want to learn to knit so you can make sweaters like mabel from gravity falls? 


you want to learn how to garden so you can be like jade from homestuck?


you want to learn how to write books  so you can inspire others like your favorite author inspired you?


you want to learn how to draw so you can inspire others like your favorite artist inspired you?


you want to learn how to make games so you can inspire others like your favorite producer inspired you?


you want to learn this activity because something that makes you happy relates to it? 

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Eyes closed
and behind fingers
two shields too many
your lashes are already fluttering, babe
you can feel it
open up

Hiding head between legs
your own legs
not someone else’s
and that is precisely the point

You’re standing stiller than the pine trees
this October
everyone else is shedding their leaves
showing their bones
who they are
what they’re made of
you’re missing it
get naked
—  A.O.A.M. || Conifer

jboyega_Another great activity! Learning how to throw down and cook some jollof. Believe it or not it tasted decent for a first try 😁

How older people learn

As a person ages, perception declines, accompanied by augmented brain activity. Learning and training may ameliorate age-related degradation of perception, but age-related brain changes cannot be undone. Rather, brain activity is enhanced even further, but for other reasons and with different outcomes. Researchers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) discovered these facts in a recent study, the results of which have now been published in Scientific Reports.

Enhanced brain activity at old age

The researchers asked test participants in different age cohorts to feel two needlepoints that were located closely to each other with the tips of their fingers. Older participants perceived two points as a single event even when they were located quite far apart, whereas younger people were still able to distinguish them as two distinct points, which is evidence for degraded tactile perception at higher age. This impaired perception experienced by older people goes hand in hand with a spatial enhancement of brain activity, which researchers generally interpret as a compensatory mechanism.

Learning and training improve perception

“Age-related degraded perception is not irreversible; rather, it can be improved through training and learning,” explains Dr Hubert Dinse from the RUB Neural Plasticity Lab. The question researchers then asked was: if age-related impaired perception can be restored, will the age-related expansion of brain activity be reduced as well? In other words: can training and learning lead to a “rejuvenation” of the brain?

Learning too enhances brain activity

Studies with young adults have shown that learning processes are typically associated with an enhanced and broadened brain activity. If age-related impaired perception can be restored through learning, learning should have a different effect on the brain in older people than in young adults: the age-related enhanced brain activity should be reduced. Yet, as the neuroscientists from Bochum observed, the opposite is the case: learning processes in old people result in a further enhancement of brain activity too, which is associated with improved perception.

Learning to understand ageing and learning processes with the computer

“We asked ourselves: how can the different effects of enhanced brain activity on perception in older people be explained?” recounts Dr Burkhard Pleger from the RUB Neurology Clinic in Bergmannsheil Hospital. For the purpose of the study, the researchers used computer simulations to model both brain activity and associated perception. To this end, they simulated a number of alternatives of how those results might have been generated. These simulations showed that the observed pattern of age-related changes at the level of brain activity and perception could only be explained by the weakening of a mechanism that limits spread of activation, thus keeping activity focussed. In contrast, the observed learning effects could only be explained by reduced inhibition, which leads to higher brain activity. This mechanism is operating in both young and older people. Thus, the older brain learns according to the same principles as the younger brain. Considering the magnitude of learning-induced improved perceptual ability in younger and older participants, the study shows that older people improve even more than younger people. This result too can be explained by the computer simulations through reduced suppressive neural mechanisms in the elderly participants.

Training pays off at every age – but it does not rejuvenate the brain

“The computer simulations explain how changed brain activity can have opposite effects on the level of perception. In addition, they explain the observation that the ‘treatment’ of ageing processes does not reverse age-related brain changes, but rather remodels them,” says Hubert Dinse. “They demonstrate that training and learning pay off at every age, in order to remain fit.”

So many times in life I’ve chosen sadness and called it fate. My own thoughts and beliefs brought me pain and suffering and I turned around and blamed others. I sat and waited for the world to change and made no effort to change myself. I’m just glad I’m slowly unlearning that mindset. Learning that I can actively improve my experience of life has made more of a difference than anything else I’ve ever done. Personal growth will not only change the trajectory of your life, it will transform your entire experience of being. I don’t think there’s anything more powerful than that.

The 5th House: Hobbies

The 5th house rules over hobbies, love affairs, and your approach to children as well as what type of children you might have some day. Today I am going to share some information on hobbies. To find out your 5th house check out astro.com for a chart reading.

Aries in the 5th house: Is attracted to challenging hobbies that they can do on their own. 

Taurus in the 5th house: Is attracted to hobbies that stimulate the senses or is artistically-driven. 

Gemini in the 5th house: Has MANY hobbies, especially those that stimulate the mind/are considered “intellectual”. 

Cancer in the 5th house: Is attracted to “domestic-like” hobbies such as cooking, grilling, knitting, home-brewing, or home improvement. 

Leo in the 5th house: Is attracted to any hobbies deemed “creative”. They might have a special tie to theater.

Virgo in the 5th house: Is attracted to mentally stimulating but also self-enriching hobbies like chess, a sport, or learning a new language. 

Libra in the 5th house: Attracted to hobbies that are creative or involve group work/working with other people. 

Scorpio in the 5th house: Attracted to hobbies that involve research or show large feats like bodybuilding, tattoos, or car restoration. 

Sagittarius in the 5th house: Is attracted to outdoor hobbies or any hobby deemed “exotic” like scuba diving or martial arts. 

Capricorn in the 5th house: Attracted to hobbies that involve collecting, history/lineage, shopping, or working with their hands.         

Aquarius in the 5th house: Attracted to unusual hobbies like lock-picking, taxidermy, astrology, or extreme sports.

Pisces in the 5th house: Is attracted to any hobby that lets them express themselves

If you are interested in learning how to activate the third eye and decalcify the pineal gland..

In the body, located in the pituitary and pineal glands, that is where DMT chemicals are released naturally. We can experience a release at anytime, in vibration, through the care of the higher energy centers. Our two eyes represent the duality in the third dimension. Through the third eye, we dissolve the illusion of seperation. You can begin breaking seperation through mindfulness. Notice the glitches in the matrix, everything is connected and synchronized. There are no coincidences. When our higher chakras are activated, we awaken our infinite power and all cells in our body. We become more intuitive and more clairvoyant. You are becoming reborn, you realize this ‘way of life’ is and has been a lie and you want to discover the truth. You’ve got a hunger for wisdom. You realize that your thoughts are co-creaters of your reality. You have to become conscious of what you are thinking, because you are living in the world you are thinking of.. through the manifestation of You. Steer clear of becoming glued to technology, distracted. The radiation from cellphones decreases melatonin and stunts the growth of the pineal gland. One of the easiest ways to decalcify the pineal gland is through food, our diet. Although, we have been raised in society, to believe in the normality of eating meat.. it just does not support the auric bodies and ultimate spiritual health. The better we eat, the more the veil is lifted. More awareness comes when you are eating better. We have to avoid acidic foods because they will slow down the activity of the pituitary and pineal gland. Even cheese is considered acidic because it is mucus creating. We have to incorporate lots of plant based foods, super foods, alkaline, raw and organic foods in our diet. Foods with live enzymes. Water crests, dark leafy greens, kale, hemp seeds, blueberries, spirulina. Lots of blues, indigos, and violets, colors associated with the pituitary and pineal glands in the endocrine system - wear them, breathe them in, meditate on those colors, eat them, FEEL them. Green is associated with the heart chakra center, that’s why green foods promote heart health! It is only through the opening and clearing of the heart, can the pathways to our higher chakra centers be unblocked. Color is frequency! Also, we have to take control of increasing our serotonin levels to get those energy centers flowing. Avoid flouride at all costs because it is also a decalcifier due to the poisonous metals within it. They have iodine (found in seaweed) supplements that will open your glands through the intake of strong nourishing minerals and nutrients in it. Don’t forget about the care of your mental and emotional bodies. Remember that fear will keep you from connecting to your higher self, so live in and come from a place of love. Welcome the love vibration into your life diminishing all fears, doubts, and ego. Realize we are spiritual beings in matter. We are living in a material world and we must balance also, our spiritual world. Remember to breathe, we ARE what we breathe! We are energy as is all of creation! I am a step closer as more and more information presents itself to me. And I am compelled to share with others.

Love to All

A team of neuroscientists at John Hopkins University has found that within the first 5 or 6 hours of practicing a new motor skill, the brain shifts the new instructions from short term memory to the areas responsible for permanent motor skills. As subjects initially learned a task, the prefrontal cortex - involved in short- term memory and many kids of learning - was relatively active. When the subjects returned 51/2 hours later, they had no trouble retracing the movements. But at that point, the premotor cortex, the posterior parietal cortex, and the cerebellum - regions that control movements - had taken over. During the intermission, it seems, the neural links that form the brain’s internal model of the task had shifted from the prefrontal region to the motor control region. Even without practice, after 5 or 6 hours the formula for the task was virtually hard-wired into the brain. This suggest that a newly learned skill could be impaired, confused, or even lost if a person tried to learn a different motor task during the critical 5-to-6 hour period, when the brain is trying to stabilize the neural representation and retention of the original task.
—  John J. Ratey, M.D., A User’s Guide to the Brain: Perception, Attention, and the Four Theaters of the Brain. 
Memory Tips and Techniques:

Know your personal learning style. The techniques which are appropriate for you will vary according to your learning style.

  • Sensory or visual learners normally have a preference for practical approaches involving the use of images.
  • Active learners tend to prefer to learn by physical activity such as manipulating materials.
  • Reflective learners prefer theoretical and analytical approaches to derive meaning.
  • Verbal learners opt for word based tactics.

Creating lists: this is the most basic technique. Distill your notes into a series of headings. Ding this helps imprint the knowledge and the end result is an overview of the subject allowing you to place your knowledge in the right context. This is suited to verbal or read-write learners. Numbering your lists can be useful for memory.

Making timelines: You can use timelines to plot the progress of events, procedures, or developments. These can be drawn as vertical or horizontal. They are particularly useful if a lecture has referred to a set of events.

Sketching Mindmaps: These are extremely visual and rely on their colour and shape to produce a memorable and attractive image. Some people use these in lectures or classes. For revision, they should be quick, legible and coherent. Concept maps can be as useful as outlining answers.

Drawing Diagrams: Diagrams can be used to show hierarchies, processes, or relationships. They can be used to build an answer outline. Sometimes they can even form a part of your formal answer. They are extremely useful to visual learners. However, take care when they are personal and only have meaning to you because they may not add value to any content in exams.

Posters and Post it notes: This is good for people who like to subliminally absorb information. It suits kinesthetic learners. The idea is to create an area full of posters to help embed the information into your memory a a part of your normal everyday world.

Use nonsense words and mnemonics: I will always remember the colours of the visual spectrum through Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain.

Use rhymes: We all know how memorable music is and how much it gets stuck in our heads. Use it. Create your own lyrics for a tune you know, or adapt rhymes that you’ve known since childhood. Nursery rhymes are really great for this.

Journey pegs: Think of a long journey with which you’re familiar. Identity stages on the journey that you are able to remember. Map the facts onto thee stages by “pegging” a memory to that place through relation.

Create a story: Especially useful if the story is funny.

Listing: Knowing how many points there are meant to be can hep you work out if you’ve forgotten something.

Practice: Keep going over the material.

Revisit your notes with memory techniques in mind.

Encoding:Think about how you normally remember thins; acoustically, semantically (meaning) or visually? Use it. Use rehearsal out loud for acoustic encoding of memory. Question the material and it’s meaning for semantic encoding. Look at the material and note it’s key visual features for visual encoding.

Chunking: Chunk the information (break it up into smaller and more manageable pieces).

November 29, 2016
My dearest Melody,
Please forgive the negative tone predominating my last letter. One would think by now I had learned to discern the difference between rational and irrational presumptions. I suppose I haven’t. The darkness of mind reveals itself in the most cynical application of logic, clouding our judgment in the process of labeling truths and theses. Still, it intrigues me how both our memories and preconceptions of the future ultimately share the same trait: surreality. It’s hard to stay aware of this and not get locked up in one’s own mind frames, which will always be subject to the whims of fleeting emotional states of being. The mind is a wondrous thing; a powerful tool of conjuration and alteration. Realizing this should offer some sort of mental liberty, a particular brand of freedom I have always so desperately sought to obtain. With varied results, evidently. I am still learning. I have to actively remind myself that which is truth doesn’t necessarily have to be logical. An interesting concept, now I think of it. Wouldn’t that be the most accurate description of a miracle? That which defies logic, or a logical outcome. Surely, in that case love would be the greatest miracle of all. A comforting thought. I do believe it is, dear Melody, and I am certain you do to. You were always remarkably attracted to the against-all-odds-scenario, perhaps it was because you were waiting for your own miracle. Yet, I wonder if you would ever be able to conceive the truth of your own miracle; that in fact you are a miracle? Though I do very much appreciate your humble nature, I do fear you are selling yourself short from time to time. So let me state it clearly: you are my miracle. For what doom awaits the perpetually tormented, hearing the creaking of his dungeon’s lock on the day of execution? Certainly it cannot be freedom, joy, and love. That would be all too much. At the very least it would be highly illogical. Yet that is what you have given me. It is but a metaphor, but words can hardly convey how much you mean to me; how truly remarkable you are. And yes, I know for some life-saving is a daily occupation; I’ve always held nurses, doctors, firemen, and anyone who would dedicate their life to saving people in high regard, but what could possibly be greater than saving a life through the sheer power of love? So please, never let anyone make you feel anything less than a miracle. Though some would conceive such a feat only to be reserved for a deity, opting to define any miracle as an act of God. You are more. At least, you are more to me. After all, it is life which makes existence miraculous. It is us! We are the wildflowers growing through the cracks in concrete; we are the puppy adopted on the day of humane euthanasia, bringing joy to the hearts of a family struggling to stay together, making them realize how much they love each other; we are the falling leaf causing ripples in the pond, startling the fish into fleeing before the heron even contemplated the decision to land on its edges. We are shifting shapes of chaos, with the added aspect of altering reality by our choices, which will always be subject to the whims of our emotions. Life is an accumulation of uncertain factors –  Then this must be the greatest human flaw, this urge to define everything within frames logic, conjuring up anything to disenchant and make the ethereal, the magical, the miraculous – seem logical. That’s what makes this special to me. You loved me. Out of nowhere there you were, obliterating every concept that ever made sense to me, carrying the truth of unknowing; the chaos of infinite possibilities. And I lived in undying fascination; the boundaries of my mind stopped making sense from the very first moment your soul started speaking to my own. It is odd to think and realize I never figured I had one until you looked at me and unraveled the purity of it all. And I wonder if I would ever be able to regain this sacred feeling of perfection if life proves me to be anything other than perfectly yours.
Yours faithfully,
—  M.A. Tempels © 2016 (Letters to Melody (4))