learning from mom

Okay but imagine: JLA group chat

-Bruce had originally made it for emergency use only, in case comms were down or whatever would warrant using civilian methods of communication
Naturally, it didn’t work out like that

-Barry uses it to send the team really bad puns and memes, as well as occasional science facts

-Clark sends pictures of animals he sees on the street (“look at this cute puppy I saw at lunch today” “Clark, this is for emergencies only” “Aw but look at its face”). He also will send advice and stuff, like once Barry stained his shirt and Clark gave him a quick stain remover recipe he learned from his mom

-In response to Clark’s animal photos Arthur will send pictures of various fish that he sees and will give extensive details about said fish (“this is an Acantholiparis opercularis, very nice fish”)

-Hal, who was originally excluded by Bruce but allowed in by literally everyone else, communicates almost solely through emojis

-Diana has threatened Bruce several times in the group chat while the others just sit back and watch the show

-Victor, who is also in a Teen Titans chat, is the one person who just doesn’t really say anything but will sometimes message at like 4 am with some random thing

-Since they’re all in different time zones, it can get really confusing as to when people are awake or working (but Bruce is always likely to respond since he’s all “no sleep, only justice.”)

-Sometimes they (mainly Barry and Hal) send selfies (“Just beat Captain Cold! #winning” “Barry, you are in costume, be professional” “Chill out B, it’s no biggie” “Did you just unironically say #winning?” “Okay Victor, nobody’s perfect”)

-Someone totally would have named it “Super Friends” out of nostalgia or like “The Super Seven”. Something really lame and cringey but amusing nonetheless

Can we talk about Magnus for a minute?

Can we talk about his reaction when he hears about Even walking around the city naked?

His laugh is so genuine, he’s not doing the typical “am laughing to pretend I’m cool”; he genuinely thinks this is funny. Which leads me to my point: this is 100% a coping skill he learned from his Mom.

Think about it, Magnus is being raised by someone who is bipolar and it must have been scary at times when he was very young, but at no point in this conversation does he make anything sound like a burden. It’s life, his Mom is fine until she’s not, they deal with it, and life goes on. 

I like to imagine that she sat him down a lot as a kid after she got super high or low and they had conversations around what happened, what it meant. I bet she taught him to laugh about these things that were not serious, all “we can laugh about this! We’re both fine and we can laugh about this.”

I am not saying he doesn’t get scared every time it happens, but he knows that as long as he can laugh about it, things are gonna be OK.

*Don’t mind me tho, I have too many feelings about everything*

I might be making my third trip to Europe.

I just found out the Austrian branch of my family is having a big family reunion in Tyrol, Austria this October and I was invited to go. I don’t know any of them, except for this one guy and his wife who I haven’t seen in over ten years. We never even confirmed that we were actually related, but we share the same last name (it’s pronounced the same, but spelled differently… probably got changed when my ancestors came to the US). Part of what they’re gonna try to do while we’re all there together is to get some kind of family tree put together and see how far back we can trace our roots, I guess. So I like highkey wanna go and bring @polysprachig with me for both friendship and translation purposes. 

That being said, I should really use this time to whip my ass into shape with my German studies and get serious to I’m not completely helpless.

I also know next to nothing about Austria… like all I know is The Sound of Music and Conchita Wurst. That’s it. So if anyone who sees this knows anything about Austria and the culture and potential fun things to do there, let me know.

I wonder if Beckendorf had lived, what kind of role model he might have been to Leo. Because I know we saw so little of Charles but what we did see was him putting the greater good above himself without hesitation and I can’t help but think having a brother like that might have impacted Leo in some way.

rhythm-nah  asked:

See i am from nigeria and there is was taught cursive in like grade 1 to 3 and then as i got older and moved to Canada i want to get rid of my cursive handwriting cause no one else did it but instead my "normal writing" is now the messiest cursive handwriting you ever see in your lifetime like doctor's bow to me, they worship me

this is the ultimate kind of cursed writing. congratulations.

your lie in april - adrien agreste

So I was watching Your Lie In April, and as usual, I thought of ML right away? Honestly, I’m unbelievable. 

And these turned out quite long, so there’s a part two coming up for Marinette!

Part One | pt. 2 | Read Part 3 → 

Anyways, I can’t watch anything without thinking of Miraculous Ladybug apparently. Oh well. Here goes nothing:

  • Adrien Agreste as Arima Kousei
  • He’s a piano prodigy who learned everything from his mom, who was a kind and loving teacher from a music school – a bit different from Arima’s mom
  • But when she died from an illness, his dad took over his musical studies
  • This is where the “slave to the score” and “human metronome” nicknames come in
  • Gabriel is… a lot less like himself when his wife died, and he takes over Adrien’s piano lessons with an iron fist
  • Unlike Arima, however, his mom’s death doesn’t stop him from playing the piano
  • At least, not yet
  • Even when his dad goes away on business trips – Agreste is a renowned name amongst classical musicians worldwide – his teaching assistant, Nathalie, takes over Adrien’s lessons
  • He’s a bit miserable, but he still puts a kind smile everyday and walks on, clenching his calloused fingers into tight fists and hiding them away in his pockets
  • But he eventually grows to dislike the piano, and soon enough, his prodigal status slips away when:
  • Adrien stops hearing the notes
  • The realization had struck him in the worst place possible – in the middle of a recital
  • As usual, he was mechanically splaying his fingers across the keys, the score and rhythm drilled into his memory thanks to the endless hours of practice that he had undergone in order to absolutely perfect the piece
  • But the day of his recital… was also his mother’s death anniversary
  • And so when he plays away, he can’t help his focus from shifting onto her, and her connection to the piano, the instrument he had grown to dislike
  • And he remembers all those times her gentle hands would hold his, all those times her gentle hands would guide his along the keyboard, all those times her gentle hands would be there for him
  • It took a whole year… but Adrien only now fully realizes that no one will be there for him like that
  • That’s when his hands stop playing abruptly and panic washes over him and he’s crying oh god why is he crying
  • He knows damn well why he’s crying
  • His mom is gone and he can’t do anything about it, can’t keep pushing away the thought of her death like he had done for the past year
  • Even after explaining his fallout to his father, all the man told him was that he needed to simply get over it
  • She died a year ago, Gabriel reasoned, and in his mind, Adrien must get over it – piano first, everything else second
  • And with that, Gabriel dismisses Adrien to his room
  • Instead, Adrien runs to the family room, which has grown cold and empty
  • It is unused now, and hardly anyone spends any time there
  • Not like they used to 
  • But there is a grand piano that sits on the far wall
  • Adrien remembers how his mother used to play on it all the time
  • She would play Kreisler-Rachmaninoff’s Liebesleid (Love’s Sorrow), and that would be his lullaby
  • Adrien remembers curling up underneath the piano, nodding off to sleep
  • He would hear that song every single day
  • And now? 
  • Now Adrien hates the piano, hates the way the keys feel underneath his fingers, hates the way he can’t hear the notes anymore – only the heavy clunk of the keys when he presses on them
  • But at the same time, Adrien feels a yearning to play, a yearn to make up songs and stories to go with the songs, just as he used to with his mom
  • But he can’t have that now, can he?
  • Adrien finds himself sitting on the bench, fingers curled at his lap, clenching and unclenching his fist as he contemplates playing or not
  • He plays anyway, and settles for her song
  • And he doesn’t need the sheet music because he has the song committed to memory after all those times he’s heard her play, and all the times that she let him play
  • And the song starts off with it’s beautiful lilting melody….. it is perfect, as always, and it stays exactly how it was written
  • But halfway through, it happens again
  • Adrien panics because all he hears is the clunk clunk of the keys on the piano and no music is coming out why is there no music coming out 
  • He just heard the notes a second ago and now the notes are gone
  • And he stops, just as he did at his recital
  • And he falls to the floor and curls up and cries himself to sleep
  • From that day forward, Adrien has yet to touch the keys of a piano
  • And he swears to himself that he never will
Haikyuu!! Characters Cooking
  • Hinata: is actually really good but he never washed his hands when he touched the chicken so everyone gets salmonella
  • Kageyama: *puts pan on stove and just stares at it* is this carrots
  • Suga: will make ANYTHING and it's perfect and elegant, I'm surprised he's not a chef
  • Daichi: can make coffee and toast and that's it
  • Noya: *goes to convenience store* *buys pre-made sandwiches* *goes home and sets them up elegantly* i can cook
  • Asahi: can cook simple meals that he learned from his mom and every one loves them
  • Yamaguchi: makes really easy meals for Tsukki, ex: dinosaur shaped toast with "Dino" (hardboiled) eggs
  • Tsukki: a really good cook but keeps it a secret because he likes Yams making him Dino themed food
  • Tanaka: *pours milk into bowl* *puts cereal in* why do people think i cook it wrong?
  • Ennoshita: tells tanaka the real way how to cook cereal, in the meantime he burns toast
  • Kenma: cooks ramen noodles really good and Kuroo can't figure out why
  • Kuroo: is really good because he relates the ingredients to the elements table and uses a bunch of science terms
  • ["Kenma, could you get me the NaCl?"
  • "What?"
  • "Sodium."
  • "What's that?"
  • "SALT!"]
  • Bokuto: will eat his own food but no one thinks it's edible
  • Akaashi: is a decent cook but doesn't cook often
  • Oikawa: will cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Iwaizumi
  • Iwaizumi: can only make milkbread
  • me, whenever someone tells me im genderfluid because its a fad: i learned about genderfluidity from my mom who raised me gender neutral please eat my balls

Have you ever thought about Modern!AU Bilbo discovering at 30+ years that he is celiac and thus he has to reconsider his whole diet, dropping all the nice tasty foods for surrogates, and Thorin has to deal with all the drama (and secretly enjoying himself far too much).
“eat your rice Bilbo”
“This is terrorism I hate you”