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Some Fun Facts About Titanium!

Apparently, titanium scratches up super easily, which is why we don’t recommend rings made out of it to guys who do lots of work with their hands.

Now assuming that Zane is made of the same kind of refined titanium that our rings are (which is highly likely with how shiny he is), then he must have and get dinged up pretty regularly. I mean, he’s a ninja and on top of that uses super sharp throwing weapons!

So while everyone’s freaking out over the new scratch marks on his face, I’m over here like “Meh, he probably got it while training”.

Also, the kind of titanium we have has a light pink sheen to it.

Meaning, Zane could have the cutest pink-ish glisten to him when in direct light! ^o^

(Guess he still is ‘the Pink ninja’ after all!)

Hey there everyone! It’s only been a few months from when I first started this tumblr, but I already met so many wonderful people and friends! I initially just wanted a place to save the random things I liked, but it turned into so much more than anything I could ask for! I don’t have a lot of followers but I still love every single one of you and thank you so much for a wonderful year ^~^ Let’s make 2018 a year full of happiness everyone!

Here’s a post for all of you, ilysm thank you! <3

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As the parents regurgitate a mixture called “crop milk” into the mouths of their babies, the parents will slowly fade and lose their color, in effect transferring the pink color to their young. Fascinating! 

Want to find some more wild bird knowledge? Play this quiz written by user bottle_rocket titled Name That Bird In Three Clues!


“Oh, you’ve hurt your hand.”

“It’s nothing. Just a little cut.”

What happened?” 

“Nothing. The glass was cracked and it broke, that’s all.”

Rope (1948), dir. Alfred Hitchcock

My other pet peeve: people victimising themselves.

1) I didn’t tag you. If other people knew who that post belonged to, then that just means many people may have a problem with your attitude then you realise. This is NOT a single case scenario. This is more than one instance of you being rude. You might’ve apologised once, but if someone were to find all the times you were rude, it was more than just this time. That’s why people are upset.

2) Deactivating is honestly an overreaction. You could just turn anon asks off, because it’s not as if you actually looked at anon asks. You’re really rude to anons a lot of times too…

3) what was the point of pinging people who called you out on your shit? You have me blocked so I actually couldn’t even see the ping; someone had to tell me about it.

4) you need to get over yourself and your attitude. That’s the problem. The problem is not this one time you jumped down someone’s throat. The problem is the VARIOUS other times you were completely rude and entitled towards other fans, and it’s that unpleasantness which I’ve called out. You’ve shown an aggressive nature towards other people’s opinions, and you think that downloads are a privilege and that you don’t believe in second chances I’d people don’t ask for downloads correctly from you.

cool fact of the day: fish don’t have eyelids

seems pretty obvious in retrospect, considering they wouldn’t need to replenish the moisture in their eyes if they’re under water but 

you know

who thinks about fish eyes i sure don’t