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“Pana Po'o“ is the Hawaiian word for scratching your head in order to help you remember something. Now you know it.

rocks, minerals, and other stuff in mandarin

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(i apologize for the title i am not a creative person)

岩石 yánshí rocks

火成岩 huǒchéngyán igneous

花岗岩 huāgāngyán granite

黑曜岩 hēiyàoyán obsidian

玄武岩 xuánwǔyán basalt

浮石 fúshí pumice

沉积岩 chēnjīyán sedimentary

砂岩 shāyán sandstone

石灰岩 shíhuīyán limestone

白垩 bái'è chalk

燧石 suìshí flint

砾岩 lìyán conglomerate 

煤 méi coal

变质岩 biànzhìyán metamorphic

板岩 bǎnyán slate

页岩 yèyán schist

片麻岩 piànmáyán gneiss

大理石 dàlǐshí marble

矿物 kuàngwù minerals

石英 shíyīng quartz

云母 yúnmǔ mica

硫磺 liúhuáng sulphur

赤铁矿 chìtiěkuàng hematite

方解石 fāngjiěshí calcite

孔雀石 kǒngquèshí malachite

绿松石 lǚsōngshí turquoise

高玛瑙 gāomǎnǎo onyx

玛瑙 mǎnǎo agate

石墨 shímò graphite

宝石 bǎoshí gems

红宝石 hóngbǎoshí ruby

紫水晶 zǐshuǐjíng amethyst

黑玉 hēiyù jet

蛋白石 dànbáishí opal

月长石 yuèzhǎngshí moonstone

石榴石 shíliúshí garnet

黄玉 huángyù topaz

电气石 diànqìshí tourmaline

蓝宝石 lánbǎoshí sapphire

绿宝石 lǚbǎoshí emerald

玉石 yùshí jade

海蓝宝石 hǎilánbǎoshí aquamarine

钻石 zuànshí diamond

金属 jīnshǔ metals

金 jīn gold

银 yín silver

铂 bó platinum

镍 niè nickel

铁 tiě iron

铜 tóng copper

锡 xī tin

铝 lǚ aluminium 

汞 gǒng mercury

锌 xīn zinc


“It’s time, Rinea. Come with me. We’ll hold our wedding atop his funeral!”

Quick fact. Ready?
Our very mitochondria, the power houses of our cells, have its own specific set of DNA known as mtDNA. This genetic material is different from all other cells in which it is only inherited from our mothers, not our fathers.

How very strange.

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"Fun fact! Do you know that there's this little mummified humans called Jenglot?" "Saraswati, are you saying humans still do mummification for their dead children after all?" "Uh, no? Jenglot is like... this little hermit men people owns to bring good luck." "...." "The owner has to feed them blood periodically or they will go berserk. "Saraswati-- you know that this is not a fun fact, right? Are you doing this on purpose?" "Yes." "I hate humans."

This is amazing and I love this. 

I have nothing else I can think of to add except I am already very interested in Saraswati and any other fun facts Saraswati might know.

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imagine being a wlw and blaming a single non-famous actress for all of hollywood's racism instead of 1. admitting it was an open casting call, they saw multiple ethnicities 2. admitting chyler wanted floriana so maggie/alex had believable chemistry & she had someone she felt safe doing this story w/ 3. conveniently never blaming the white male executive producer who called maggie latina. 4. doing all this while stanning white women. imagine being wlw & being racist & misogynistic af basically.

WHEW ive never had tea but i imagine it tastes like this

The cash machine turns 50-years-young today. But, how much do you know about the humble ATM?

  • It was invented by a British man called John Shepherd-Barron, who came up with the idea when he wanted cash but his bank was shut.
  • The first one was opened in 1967.
  • They worked by inserting paper sheets which were laced with carbon 14. The machine would recognise the paper & then match it to the correct pin number.
  • There are now more than 1,600,000 cash machines in the world.
  • There’s even a cash machine on the South Pole!
  • Dogs can use cash machines! A UK charity has trained its guide dogs to use cash machines for their visually impaired owners. Yet another reason dogs are the absolute best.



Quick fact. Ready?
Orange pigmented foods like sweet potatoes and carrots, and leafy greens like kale and spinach, are absolutely amazing for eye health. They provide a high supply of beta carotene and other important antioxidants, which are required for vision processing as well as preventing vision deterioration.

Quick fact. Ready?
Vitamins are more complex in chemical structure than minerals are. Also, it is far easier for vitamins, especially the water soluble B and C vitamins, to escape from foods through rough handling, washing, or high temperatures.

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God bless you [about the hamilton actually being a republican thing]

Oh my god someone read that and didn’t attack me????? Thank you! Whenever I see posts that say Jefferson was only for the rich peeps I cringe bcs no guys, that was daddy ham. He was about big government and giving the power to the people high up in power. Jefferson was for the states and the people, he was known as poplar among the people too. Democratic-Republicans are actually just democrats guys. And Federalist is old talk for Republican.