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Dating Castiel Would Include:

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Author’s Note: I haven’t caught up with supernatural because I’m lazy (I still need to watch 2&3) so here is a ‘dating x would include’, this is first one I’ve ever done and I hope you all like it!

  • Cas being really shy because you’re the first human he falls for.
  • Cas holding your hand all the time.
  • Cas giving you cheek kisses and making Dean gag.
  • Cas holding you close when your asleep because he knows about those nightmares.
  • Late night movie sessions to get Cas caught up in his pop culture.
  • Endless stories about Heaven and the Garrison. 
  • And stories of him and his brothers and sisters.
  • You learning Enochian so you all can send messages without the brothers knowing what you said.
  • You teaching Cas how to text.
  • Cas zapping you around the world to see a certain land mark just because.
  • Cas showing you his wings.
  • You telling Cas how beautiful they are.
  • You telling Cas how much you love him.
  • Being Proud of Cas no matter what he’s done.
  • Cas giving you silly nicknames like ‘honey bee’.
  • Making all sorts of angel puns.
  • Cas givng you soft kisses when no one’s around.
  • Laying your head on his shoulder while riding in the back of the impala.
  • Cas telling you he loves you so much.
“It’s funnier in French.”

So last night I was browsing Pintrest and I came across this picture right?

Let’s talk about it for a minute, shall we?

At first I ignored the bit about Supernatural because I hadn’t really actually fully looked at the French sentence yet.

The joke being told is “comment s’appelle un chien vend des medicaments?”

I took French for three years in middle school then got my language credit after taking French 2 my freshman year of high school and, although I legitimately do not remember everything since the last time I studied French was about four years ago, that still gave me a basic understanding of what was being said. I ended up laughing at the joke, laughing at the Supernatural GIF which made it and even better joke than it was before, but still I kept going back to that damn joke because something just didn’t sit right with me about how it was phrased.

After a little bit of thought (and, okay, maybe some help from Google Translate) it turns out that the English translation for the word “comment” means  “how” and the word “s’appelle” means “called”. That means that both the joke in French and it’s English translation were grammatically incorrect, and so the joke actually roughly translates to:

how is called a dog that sells drugs?

Now, anybody who’s as big of a Grammar Nazi as I am (or just hates grammar errors in general) will automatically know that the joke is not written correctly. With this new information I typed the English translation into Google Translate, and here is the grammatically correct form of the joke along with it’s answer:

Qu'est-ce que vous appelez un chien qui vend de la drogue?

Un pharmachien.

Although being grammatically correct, this will not necessarily make the joke easier to understand, but I’m getting to that.

Because I am also a nerd and enjoy a good joke, I sent my girlfriend mooglekingdom13​ the newly translated version, and below is a screenshot of what she responded with.

And, since she did not understand, naturally I tried to explain it to her.

(Which, admittedly did not go well, as you will see from my texts below.)

Basically, the entire joke is a play on one single word, which just so happens to be the answer: “Un pharmachien.” There is no English translation for this because “pharmachien” isn’t actually a word at all, it’s two words, mashed together, to form the actual joke.

Take the English word “pharmacist” and take “chien”, which is also the French word for “dog”, and then just mash the words together like so:

pharmacist + chien = pharma-chien

And holy smokes there you have it, your answer and the real joke.

  • Who at a drug store sells drugs?

Your answer?  A pharmacist.

  • And if that pharmacist was a dog?

Your answer?  A pharma-chien.

It’s a word-play on “pharmacist”, they just added “chien” on the end.

D’you get it?
Or is it just funnier in French?

Some fic recs for you guys ♥ These are the ones I read during the months of December and January. There’s also 2 christmas fics (the last 2) 

[13 fics]

  • The Choices We Make [NC-17, 17k, spn verse]

Castiel, now human, faces the decision of whether or not to step up and fight along side the Winchesters. He knows the life of a hunter is far from easy, yet Castiel’s existence has been anything but easy, after all. In time, they will find out whether the former angel’s choice was the right one or doomed to end in failure.

Accounts Manager Dean Winchester and CPA Castiel Novak have been working at the same large company for several months, only interacting through office IM. Then a typo on an expense report leads to an unexpected phone call that results in a simmering crush on both ends of the line, despite neither knowing what the other looks like. Office romances typically never work out, especially when one of them has a slightly bad (though undeserved) reputation, and the other has a slightly bad track record with lovers. But their first face-to-face meeting at the company Christmas party makes them both willing to give it a go. Through a whirlwind romance, Dean wonders if they’re moving too fast, and Castiel worries that he’s opening himself up for another devastating heartbreak. Together, it turns out that sometimes good things do happen.

Castiel is captured inside a trapping circle of holy oil set by Dean and Sam Winchester. The brothers call him “Cas”, claiming that he has amnesia and that he is obligated to help them take down Crowley to atone for his betrayal of them. It’s the strangest story Castiel’s ever heard, and one he doesn’t have time for because he’s only just raised Dean from Hell and has work to get back to.

Who is Dean Winchester? When you get past the childhood trauma, militaristic upbringing, and crippling codependency with his brother, not to mention the unhealthy coping mechanisms, what’s left?

When Dean wakes up in a hospital, banged up and absolutely no memory of himself or his life, maybe he’ll get the chance to redefine himself. Especially since those around him refuse to tell him who he used to be.

Diverges from canon after 11x20. After Chuck defeats Amara and takes Lucifer back to Heaven, Castiel stops talking.

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estreladivinity  asked:

how can i learn enochian? all the posts im the tag are supernatural and don't actually teach you the language.

Here’s The Entire Enochian Dictionary, which I’ve heard good things about. It includes sections on grammar which seems really useful for actually mastering the language past the alphabet. 

I haven’t taken the challenge on myself (although I can write in it!), so if anyone else has good resources it’d be very appreciated!

-Mod Anafiel

Bite Me (Dean x Reader)

A/N: Two oneshots in a day? Guys, I’m on a roll HAHA kidding. But yay!!! A supernatural fic!!! Well, this isn’t exactly a Dean x Reader, but it kinda implied that it is haha. I don’t know if this is considered super awesome to y’all but it is to me…Anyways, enjoy!!

Request: hi! could you do an imagine for dean winchester where you guys don’t hunt together but somehow always end up on the same hunts and you guys dislike each other until you save dean’s life in a super awesome way? sorry if this doesn’t make sense.

Bite Me//Miss Me//Remember Me//Kiss Me

“I swear to god, Winchester, stop following me,” you shouted as you decapitated a vampire that had managed tackle you.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Y/L/N,” Dean replied as he kicked a vampire away from him before using his machete to cut its head off. “Why don’t you stop following me.”

“Hah, bite me,” you said, turning around in time before a vampire could bite you.

“Not the right time to say that, sweetheart,” he countered and you groaned, killing off the last vampire.

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Say, What?

Title: Say, What?

Pairing: Cas x Reader, mentions of Sabriel, platonic Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, smut, unprotected sex

Word Count: 2,212

A/N: Some Cas lovin because he’s been mysteriously absent lately, and I’m procrastinating on my Destiel fic. Oops

 abaddonwithyall some Cas feels for ya! 

but-deans-back-tho  thought you might like some Cas, heh. 

Credits to baekhyunsalilshit for helping me phrase this little plot bunny into an imagine.

Imagine Gabriel teaching you an Enochian phrase and you show Castiel, not knowing it’s true meaning.

Two weeks. Two whole weeks and you still couldn’t get it right.

“Damned it all to hell,” you cursed angrily, trying out the strange words on your tongue once again.

Gabriel popped into your room, lips wrapped around a lollipop and an eyebrow cocked in amusement.

“How’s progress short stuff?” he asked, grinning wickedly when you scowled at the nickname.

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Howl at The Moon

Summary: They boys had continuously underestimated you to the point of annoyance especially after they decide to leave you again with all the paper work and none of the action. With Castiel gone with them, you were devoid of any entertainment till their last case come to bite you on the ass…literally.

Pairing: Castiel X Reader

Warnings: Smut! Fluff! Unprotected sex! You have been warned!

Exclaimer: Part 3 of Bad Moon Rising

Part 1: http://killerofthesouth.tumblr.com/post/142370266081/bad-moon-rising

Part 2: http://killerofthesouth.tumblr.com/post/142430264196/moon-and-moon

You were awoken to the melody of a piano sounding out from your radio alarm clock. You huffed slightly as you reached out an arm and went to turn it off only for a hand to grab your own. You looked up from your makeshift pillow and saw the beautiful crooked smile that belonged to your favourite angel.

Castiel looked down his body and saw your beautiful (Y/E/C) eyes staring back at him. His chest tightened at the sight of you, the dim light of the room was enough to highlight your curves perfectly, and just enough to see a thick mane of (Y/H/C) sex mused curls that surrounded you like halo. If the human interpretation of an angel was correct, you would have been it.

You felt your cheeks grow warm as Castiel’s eyes searched your face. You looked away from those searching blue orbs and looked down at his chest as your fingers gently traced enochian onto his pale skin. You felt his eyes watch your fingers as he understood perfectly what you were tracing into his skin.

His hand suddenly snatched yours up from his chest. Your eyes met his blue eyes which glowed with a supernatural intensity as his eyes then flickered to the hand he held up to his face. He leaned up and pressed his lips to your fingertips as if kissing away the invisible ink you marked him with.

Castiel felt his heart swell as his skin remembered each symbol you drew on it. He didn’t want you to feel the need to finish it. He knew, after last night he knew how you felt, and he made it perfectly clear that you knew how he felt to.

“I know.” You giggled at the fantastic pop culture reference making his crooked smile grow wider as you blushed, as he returned your hand to his chest. You could feel his fast heart beat beneath your sensitive fingers tips as you moved up his body. His hand followed your curves as you straddled his hips. His large warm hands rested on your waist as you kneeled there naked; you pressed your hands against his chest as you hovered just above him.

Castiel was silently praying for your lips to press against his, to feel the soft velvety texture of them against his own chapped lips. His tongue darted out between his lips dampening them as you smiled down at him. In that moment he believed that for a single moment that you were the only two people in the world.

No angels.

No demons.

No humans.

Just you and him.

Your eyes became half lidded as you pressed your lips against his. His arms wrapped around your body, pulling your against him as he deepened the kiss. You slid your soft hands up from his chest to his neck, your nails carped the sensitive skin at his hair line as you pushed them into his mused hair. He teased your bottom lip with his tongue begging entrance to into your mouth.

You moan as his tongue danced with yours with no particular rhythm it was raw and passionate, as he rolled the two of you. Your legs instinctively wrapped around his waist as he passionately kissed you, you arched up pressing yourself closer against him, feeling his hardening length press against your stomach.

You removed his lips from yours you whimpered form the lost contact as he stared down at you, suddenly he arched his back pressing his hips firmly into yours. You gasped and bit into your lip, trying to stifle the load moan that bobbed in your throat. He unwrapped his arms from around you, and reached up with one hand. He pressed his thumb against your bottom lip and pulled it out from between your teeth.

“I want to hear you (Y/N). I like the noises your make when I cause you pleasure.” His eyes pleading with you and he rolled his hips against yours. He gasped and moaned as his hand moved across your body gently caressing your sensitive skin. You arched dup into his hands as they gently skimmed over your breasts.

Castiel noticed your need to be touched, like an automatic reaction to eth pleasure your arched up pressing your beautiful breasts into the palms of his hands, and like instinct, he grasped them pulling a whimper from you as he rolled his thumbs over your nipples.

Castiel watched in fascination as you reacted so beautifully to his touch. Each moan, each whimper fed his own arousal, as you couldn’t help lifting your hips to rub yourself against him. He twitched and ground against you eagerly as he leaned back down and pressed kisses across your pale skin.

“Castiel please.” You begged the angel for mercy as you could feel your own arousal on your thighs as he teased your relentlessly.  You felt him shift, pressing himself against your core asking permission before entering. Your fingers grasped his hair by the root and pulled making his moan as he looked up at you, his eyes clouded with lust and his lips open and wet from kissing your skin.

“I need you Castiel.” He blinked as if the haze of lust had faded from his gaze. He heard the need in your voice as he looked down at you. Your body was shaking in anticipation of the act, he reached up a hand and cupped your cheek, and he pressed his lips gently against yours. Before sharply thrusting into you.

You almost choked on your scream as he filled you completely he moved his head to your shoulder, moaning into the sensitive skin at the crook of your neck. Your fingers pulled at his hair, as your body shook from the intensity of him filing you. You had never felt more whole in your life until now, as your lay beneath the angel you loved slinging to him as if he was the only thing keeping your from falling.

Castiel breathed heavily against your skin as he began to move. His pace started off slowly testing stokes, as he acclimatised to your heat, to your warmth as your core wrapped around his tightly, almost mercilessly. Every move he made, made the both of you moan. He soon picked up his pace as your body began to accept him.

Your words were lost as a chorus of animalistic noises escaped your lips, pulling grunts and hums of approval from Castiel. As his arms curled around you, his biceps tensing as he made his pace punishing. Your gasps were rough and your moans broken as your voice became rougher as your grew closer to your orgasm.

Castiel could feel you becoming tighter; it was almost painful in the most pleasurable way. His mouth sought your skin, his tongue tasting the bitter tang of sweat that coated your skin, as your arched your body against his. He groaned at the new angle, thrusting into you deeper than before.

You couldn’t hold back the scream that was threatening to choke you as he hit your G-spot. You let out a stream of prayers and curses as you throbbed around him. You were painfully close. You could feel tears in the corner of your eyes as he suddenly moved pulling you up from the bed and into his lap.

He sat there crossed legged, with you mounted on him. His arms wrapped around you, as he slowly lifted your off of his twitching member only to push you back down onto him. You cried out as you tightened around him. He continued to torture you till you were begging him.

“Castiel please! I…” he didn’t let you finish your sentence as he pressed his lisp painfully against yours, as he thrusted up into you fast, hard and deliberate. Your chest tightened as you balanced on the edge you were so close to falling.

“(Y/N) I need you please cum for me…please.” His plead for your release made you cry out as you came. Castiel pressed his lips against your shoulder his teeth latching onto your skin bruising it deeply as you both came. Castiel had never felt anything so intense in his life, he found it hard to breathe, to think, his actions felt lethargic as he placed slow wet kisses across your collar bone as your stayed seated on him.

You fingers relaxed in his hair and slid down his shoulders and back which were covered in a thin sheen of sweat, as he panted between kisses. You chuckled breathlessly, as you pressed your forehead against his. He gave you his signature lopsided grin as you kissed his rough lips.

Suddenly the door burst open to reveal the harsh artificial light of the hall way being blocked by Sam and Dean, they stood there blades ready to attack whatever creature who had happened to attack you, which was apparently Castiel.

“Goddammit Cas!” dean groaned as he covered his eyes. Castiel looked over his shoulder innocently as Sam and dean both cast their gazes away from the both of you. Castiel held you closer to his own naked body shielding your from their avoiding gazes. Sam grumbled his apologies as he tugged Dean’s arm leading him blindly out of the room. They slammed the door closed behind them, their heavy footsteps and voice the only thing you could here.

“I now have Cas’s ass permanently burned into my eye lids! Thanks Sammy! ‘I heard (Y/N) screaming she must be in trouble!’ or Sammy she just having more fun than we are! Goddammit I need a drink.” You heard Sam mumble his apologies to Dean as their footsteps faded away. You looked down at Castiel who was looking up at you his eyes bluer than before, more vivid than you ever thought was possible as you sat there in his lap looked down at him.

“When did you learn enochian?” he asked as he began to draw those strange and ancient symbols into your skin pulling up goosebumps where his fingertips trailed across your skin. You pulled yourself closer to him; you pressed your lips against his ear and kissed the soft skin before whispering your reply.

“I learned it so that if I ever got the chance to hear you speak it I could at least know what you were saying.” He nodded as your rested your head on his shoulder gently peppering kisses across the curve of his neck.

“Also to know why ‘you breed with the mouth of a goat’ is funnier in enochian.” He looked down at you with a raised an eyebrow at you, before giving you a lopsided grin chuckling heartily. You laughed gently as he continued to write his favourite scripture across your skin, whispering it as you sat there in his arms.

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you think the boys have a foreign language kink?

I think Sam finds a woman who speaks a foreign language sexy, especially if she’s speaking a language that is not native to her. He likes to think about the time and effort she put into learning a new language - God knows he understands, he’s learned enough Latin and Enochian over the years - and the sheer amount of perseverance she must have needed to get it perfect. He can only imagine what kind of effort she’d might put into other things that she enjoys. He’d want to learn from her, let her teach him the language. He likes to watch her mouth as she forms the words, watch where she places her tongue, or how her lips are shaped as she speaks. He’d sit close to her, staring down at her, watching and learning. He’d prompt her, asking her to say a word here and there, just wanting to see what her mouth does when she says it. The sound of the words wouldn’t even be that important, because it’s all about the mouth and the lips and the teeth and the tongue for Sam. Eventually though, he’d notice he was having to force himself to pay attention, because her damn mouth was just so distracting. He’d find himself tracing a thumb over her lips, encouraging her to say the words again so he could feel what they sound like, her lips vibrating against his fingers sending tingles down his arm. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he’d catch her mouth in his, kissing her forcefully, exploring every inch of that mouth. It would be a while before he came up for air.  

Dean, on the other hand, loves the sound of the language, especially the Latin based languages like Spanish and Italian. It all started for him with Casa Erotica and Carmelita. The sound of her voice ringing in his ears got him off more than anything else. When a woman speaks a foreign language, he closes his eyes and lets the sounds wash over him, not caring that he can only understand a little bit of what she is saying, because it’s not what she’s saying so much as the ebb and flow of the language. He’d pull her close, his arm around her waist, slouching a little so her mouth was right next to his ear, close enough that every syllable, every tiny sound she makes as she speaks is right there, right next to him. He’d try to control himself, try to really listen, maybe learn a few things, but the sounds just push the buttons in his brain that turn him on. It wouldn’t be long before his lips were sliding down her jaw and over her neck, light tender kisses. He’d tell her to keep talking as he pressed his mouth against her throat and slid his hands over her body, his hands moving with the cadence of the words falling from her lips. He’d explore every inch of her body, encouraging her to keep talking, until her words faded into gasps of pleasure.


“Her eyes are perfect, they sparkle Dean. I’ve actually seen them sparkle” Castiel said as he looked off into the distance picturing you. “And her hair is perfect…she looks like an angel and that’s coming from me….are you sure she’d not an angel?” he asked, more rhetorically. “And she’s smart, she said she wants to learn enochian..I could teach her” Castiel’s rant was cut off as Dean lifted his head from his arm. “Cas” he practically yelled, making the angel snap from his daze. “Oh, I’m doing that ranting thing aren’t I?” he asked slightly embarrassed. “Yeah, a lot” Dean nodded.

So i was thinking, what about a pirate-ish/ trade ABO AU 

John is a high lord and often trades goods with an island called Eden and is raising his sons to take over once he’s gone. Dean thinks it’s all boring as fuck so he never really pays attention to what is going on and age 25 he is finally “allowed” to go with his father for like 4 months to oversee the goods being traded, to be nice to the natives and maybe enjoy time on the island. 

SO Alpha Dean says goodbye to his beta wife, Lisa, (arranged marriage and Dean was against it wholeheartedly but he likes her a just enough now) and boards and after a month of sailing they get there. Instead of going to a tavern to get food, drinks and sleep John has Dean see what is being taken off the board, sign for it and converse with the burly shipmates who look like they want to kill him. 

While he’s doing the most boring job in his mind he smells something amazing and sees a young black haired, blue eyed boy standing behind him. Dean, who has learned Enochian and speaks it fluently, asks the boy what is he doing. and the boy responds in perfect English that he’s wanted to know what Dean was doing so he came to watch. Dean, who always promised not to be one of those Alphas, takes a step back and is like “ok you can watch btw I’m Dean” and the boy says he’s Castiel. 

So Castiel comes by every day to watch Dean work and talk to him in his down time and brings him food for lunch. Dean has to yell at the shipmates every time they stop and stare at the omega male who is either in a light sundress, shorts or leggings because they have to do work and he hates overseeing. Secretly he wants to rip their heads off for staring at his Cas. After a week and a half of unloading Dean finally gets a break and he gets to go around doing things the natives do and talking to people about if their supplies are good enough, if not they can switch to Winchester’s shipping and have better ones. Castiel tags along and shows him non touristy spots and talks to him in Enochian and in English and Dean is just head over heels. 

So after being there for a month Cas dances at a festival and Dean watches and feels like Cas is only dancing for him. Unfortunately the second Cas comes off stage he’s in heat and forgot to tell Dean to steer clear of him for the next week. Dean is taking Cas back to his apartment when his rut is triggered by Cas’ heat and he tries to leave only to come back when he hears Cas’ whining about his mate leaving him. So Dean asks to stay and Cas says yes and it ends with Cas getting knotted by Dean with a mark on his neck where Dean had bit him. Of course over the next week Dean’s mind is filled with thoughts like mate, breed, fuckhimpregnant, heneedsmypupsinhim, love you, and hints of fucktightshitsohotsogood

So after their first mating and Dean is feeling pretty good about mating Cas they do more couple like stuff like going to markets, sleeping over at Cas’, eating dinner at home with Cas, watching the sea with Cas and a multitude of other things. A week before he has to leave John finds out about this romance and is pissed because Dean has a wife back home and she’s from a good family and he can’t sever ties with them. He tells Dean to break it off because it’s probably some summer romance or something and Dean outright refuses until John commands him to. Dean goes to Cas’ apartment and tearfully tells him that he’s leaving and might not be back for a while. 

Cas starts asking if Dean can stay with him because he doesn’t want to be uprooted like this. Dean tells him no but tries to offer Cas a home with him overseas which Cas really doesn’t want. People of Eden are usually treated like freaks overseas and some of the people who do come over think that they island people are dumb as fuck so Cas really doesn’t want that. Dean tells Cas that their mating will overturn his marriage to Lisa and Cas doesn’t want to leave his home where all his friends are. Dean leaves. John, who witnessed the entire thing, comes and threatens Cas not to see Dean anymore because their relationship is poison and Dean needs a clear head if he’s going to take over. 

Cas, who is backed into a corner, says yes and doesn’t even go to see Dean off. When John and Dean are back on the ship John tells Dean that sea men have children in other islands with people they thought were their mates or with prostitutes or just random people and not to feel bad about it cause it’s commonplace and even tells of Adam who is living somewhere north of where they live. Dean is disgusted with himself because what if they were to have a pup together? He would never see it most likely. 

They get back, Dean goes to Lisa and tries to mate with her but her scent is waaaaayyyy off and it doesn’t turn him on at all and he finds out that she had a pup before she married that she didn’t tell him about. So they live with her pup and John dies a year after they ported in their homeland and Dean takes over. For 4 years Dean never went back until he found out that something happened with his sea men and the natives and it’s a pressing matter that he has to see about. Meanwhile Dean divorced Lisa and his body felt like his mate died because of how much he missed Cas

After a month of sailing he talks everything over with his ship’s captain and the people in charge of giving the goods and when everything is done he starts to go to a tavern but smells something amazing and something that makes his heart sore. He looks behind him and sees Cas with a pup with black hair and green eyes on his shoulders. Dean is shocked and appalled with himself that he would leave them both and he wants to make up for it. So he invites them to dinner with him so he can talk to Cas. Cas agrees.

After Dean left Cas found out about being pregnant and wished he had gone with Dean because at least he would be with his mate. His body hurt like Dean had died and it made the pregnancy harder than it should have been. People would take pity on him, give him things or offer to watch the baby while Cas worked and it went well-ish. His friend Gabe always was free to watch little Henry and that made a lot of things better for Cas. He still danced and did well for himself. 

Dean told Cas about the death of John, the divorce, Bobby coming to Eden, and thinking about moving here because they weather is better and he has a better reason now. Sam wanted to move too, and a lot of the friends he made had already immigrated, integrated or were already in Eden so why not? There wasn’t a place for him overseas without his kid and mate. 

So Dean moved his company to Eden, mated Cas again, and married him. The wedding was huge and beautiful and was talked about for a long while. Dean and Cas had a bunch of pups together and tried forgetting about every bad thing that happened between them. They had a large family of other people from Eden and overseas in Eden and they were happy that they found each other. 

Ahh! I love stories were they’re separated and then there is a baby! It’s so good. 

glitter-lisp  asked:

Imagine Sam learning Enochian in the Cage, but it's not like he actually knows how to hold a normal conversation (he can say "keep quiet" and "don't struggle" and a lot of other things he wishes he didn't know), and it makes him cringe whenever he hears it spoken, so Cas takes it upon himself to show Sam how lovely the language really is by whispering "beautiful" and "I love you" against his skin.

This is wonderful! 

And Cas listens whenever Sam tells him to stop, that it’s too much, too many memories, and backs off, but somehow Sam always ends up inviting him back to try again, because it really is beautiful the way Cas speaks it, the words he says, and eventually he’s better able to distance himself from the filth he heard in the cage and keep that separate from the beautiful words Cas uses.

Okay, I’ll admit, I’m usually far more eloquent with English, complete with commas and contractions, but punctuation isn’t a thing Enochian really has, last I checked.

Sorry my writing isn’t quite so…ornamental. I wanted to spend more time with it, but I felt I would mess up a hell of a lot more in pen. If I can find my way to a calligraphy pen, though, “Mama Kazzy” will be the first thing I write, and I’ll be sure to show off more.

Have a nice day. Bye.

Olani Hoath Ol

Characters: Dean, y/n (female)
Pairing: Deanxreader
Warnings: A few mentions of sex, but nothing happens. A ton of fluff!
Word Count: 566
Author: supernaturalsweetiepie
Summary: Castiel is teaching the reader Enochian, so she tells things to Dean in Enochian that she wouldn’t say if he could understand what she was saying.

“Wanna watch a movie?” Asked Dean, flashing you his signature, ‘I’m really frickin’ cute and I know you will say yes’ smile. “You can pick whatever, as long as it isn’t a chick-flick”
“Ol G-Chis-Ge Fisis” you replied. It was Enochian for ‘you are cute’. But Dean didn’t know that.
He took your smile as a yes.
He didn’t respond to the foreign language because he didn’t like to admit that you knew an entire language that he didn’t. You were still learning Enochian; Cas had only started giving you lessons three months ago.
“Captain America” You told him.
He groaned, but you knew he really didn’t mind watching it. He just liked hanging out with you.
You two were alone in the bunker besides Sam, and he preferred to sit around on his laptop all day, making all the Men of letters’ files digital.
You and Dean would watch a movie at least once a week, provided that no monsters tried to kill anyone.
You knew he saw you as a friend, but you had had a secret crush on him since forever.
Enochian was your Saving Grace (both literally and figuratively).
You could say anything you wanted to say, directly to his face. Time and time again you professed your crush to him, but he never understood a word of it. ‘You look sexy in those pants.’, ‘Don’t ever put your shirt on again, please.’, 'Every time I see you in the morning with your hair ruffled I want to bang you.’, And 'You stupid idiot, I’m flirting with you.’.
“Fine, Captain America. You go get the blankets, I’ll go make some snacks.” He turned and headed for the kitchen.
“Ol G-Chis-Ge Oiad Oiveae Oe Ol Dosig” you whispered after him. Which means, 'You are the stars in my night.’.
You watched Captain America again, and then you both parted for bed.
You had a hard time sleeping, you just couldn’t get Dean Winchester out of your head.
The next morning you arose from bed to the sweet smell of pancakes cooking on the stove. You rolled out of bed and sleepily wandered to the kitchen.
“Morning Sunshine” Dean smiled, sliding a pancake onto a plate and sliding it across the counter to you.
“Good morning, Dean.” You took a seat and slowly bit into your delicious golden pancakes. “Mmmmmm” you moaned through a mouthful.
Dean chuckled. “I’m glad you approve of them, Vvrbs Gorh”
Your heart skipped a beat. Did he just….
“Oh man, did I say that wrong? I screwed it up didn’t I?”
Vvrbs Gorh was Enochian for beautiful girl. THE Dean Winchester had just called you beautiful girl.
“That was correct” you whispered. You felt heat rising into your cheeks. “How did you…”
“I got curious as to what you kept saying, so I asked Cas for a lesson last night. I repeated some of the things you said, and he told me what they meant.”
You blushed more furiously, realizing that this made him aware of your crush.
“y/n, Olani Hoath Ol Abai.”
I love you too.

hiya kaz2y5-imagines :D I realize that this has nothing to do with Supernatural but I saw your picture with the Legolas cutout, and thought that I should write some stuff out in Elvish for you (the ones on top are in Sindarin and the ones at the bottom are in Quenya; there’s not much of a difference actually, just vowel placement). I haven’t learned Enochian yet (which I hopefully will soon), but I wanted to write something for you cause you’re so awesome and amazingly talented :) I have only been in Fort City once because I live in the Philippines, basically on the other side of the world from you guys (time differences and all that), so I haven’t really talked to the other Kazzies much, or you at all, but I’m so glad that I found your blog :D thanks for being awesome ~ Issa ^_^