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The Ascendant

The ascendant is the sign that was rising on the horizon at the exact moment that we were born. Also known as the rising sign, it is our persona and operates as a mask that we reach for when we’re entering new situations, meeting new people, etc. It is the set of behaviors that we learned growing up that could help us navigate the world, and the lens through which we greet others. Often times it is related to the type of child our parents wished us to be.

Aries ascendant – The learned behavior is fiery and take-charge, the native was taught to lead with their passion.

Taurus ascendant – The learned behavior is steady and serene, the native was taught to remain calm in all circumstances.

Gemini ascendant – The learned behavior is bubbly and energetic, the native was taught to engage with their environment in order learn about their surroundings.

Cancer ascendant – The learned behavior is protective and emotional, the native was taught to enter cautiously and trust their instincts.

Leo ascendant – The learned behavior is boisterous and warm, the native was taught to lead with a smile and their ego.

Virgo ascendant – The learned behavior is cool and analytical, the native was taught to dissect their environment in order to learn about their surroundings.

Libra ascendant – The learned behavior is charming and approachable, the native was taught to engage by being inquisitive and lighthearted.

Scorpio ascendant – The learned behavior is calculated and intense, the native was taught to read between the lines in any situation.

Sagittarius ascendant – The learned behavior is positive and upfront, the native was taught to be forthright and believe in themselves.

Capricorn ascendant – The learned behavior is careful and considered, the native was taught to put their best face forward in all situations, and to be wary of showing undesirable traits.

Aquarius ascendant – The learned behavior is erratic and intelligent, the native was taught to shake up their surroundings to get a feel for what’s genuine.

Pisces ascendant – The learned behavior is nebulous and changeable, the native was taught to adapt to any environment in order to fit in.

Tu B'Shevat: Jewish New Year for the Trees

This Friday is Tu B'Shevat, or the New Year for the Trees. This is the date that was traditionally used for ageing trees: their fruit could only be harvested once it was five years of age. Although this holiday is not mentioned in the Torah, in the 16th century kabbalists developed a seder ritual that can be used to celebrate the day.

One custom, incorporated into the seder, is to eat fruit from each of the seven species of Israel: wheat, barley, grapes, pomegranates, figs, olives and dates. Some Jews plant trees to mark the day, or donate money to charities which plant trees.

This year, I’m going to use the day as an opportunity to learn more about Jewish attitudes towards the environment, and spend some time thinking about my spiritual relationship with nature (as well as eating lots of fruit!). How will you celebrate the day?

MBTI Learning Styles

ISTJ: The student (studies one thing deeply, but doesn’t strive to understand the meanings behind the facts)
ISTP: The practical learner (like the student, but with a wider range of interests which they learn about)
ESTP: The realistic learner (believes what he sees, and is usually accurate, but only on a superficial level)
ESTJ: The teacher (learns about what the environment requires for them to know, but don’t care to understand the meanings behind it)

ISFJ: The traditional learner (is interested in one thing passionately, but doesn’t usually understand the meanings and truth behind it)
ISFP: The artistic learner (is interested in alot of things passionately, but only on a superficial level, via their senses)
ESFP: The emotional learner (relationship-concentrated, learns and cares about other people in their environment)
ESFJ: The mainstream learner (doesn’t mean every ESFJ is mainstream, but they learn about what they see and others care about)

INFJ: The interested learner (like the INTJ, but with more passion, and have a emotional connection, a bond, to their interest)
INFP: The philosopher (interested in the meanings and morals behind the environment, and usually understands them quite well)
ENFP: The empathic learner (like the ESFP, but less sympathic and more empathic, because they understand the meanings behind people’s actions better)
ENFJ: The social learner (like the ENTJ, but are more concentrated on relationships between people. They also have a good sense of moral)

INTJ: The expert (learns really much about one thing and is really skilled at whatever that one thing is)
INTP: The curious learner (is interested in practically everything and the meanings behind those topics, and enjoys theories about those topics)
ENTP: The universal learner (someone who learns and knows about everything, not necessarily much though)
ENTJ: The leader (They learn only about what they have to, but they understand the meanings behind it, and that makes them good leaders)

Why must others be so ill-accepting of otherkin? We know we are human, we just have different identities than them. Our genders are not our kintypes. They’re separate entities from eachother and frankly don’t concern you. We don’t need counseling, we know who we are. But we do need a positive environment so we can grow and learn more about ourselves, but as great as tumblr is, it’s hard to find a place to be ourselves without being harassed.
Don’t give in to the pettiness and anger that trolls desire. Be the bigger creature and find solace in your maturity. You know who you are and no amount of negativity can change that.

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I just realized another problem with the human zoo plot arc. The show confirms that Pink Diamond was the one who established the human zoo. That makes it even less illogical that the gems generally know very little about humans? In order to have humans in a contained environment you'd HAVE to learn many things about human health. I don't get how the writing staff missed this glaring issue.

i never realized this oh my God… i guess maybe pink diamond’s court might have been the only gems that knew how to take care of gems at the time, but then it shifted to blue diamond’s court’s care??? but yeah its so weird how the gems wouldnt know anything about humans even though two of the diamonds have owned a Literal Human Zoo…….

Today’s painting is of a camel that inhabited the arctic 3.4 million years ago.  These camels were found to be most similar to modern dromedary camels, and were a product of the higher diversity the camel group had during this time.  The fossils were found on Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, Canada.  Today this island is mostly cold and barren, but 3.4 mya local temperatures were high enough to support a taiga environment, mostly of larches.

When I first learned about this interesting camel species, I found that there weren’t many illustrations of it (I think maybe 2 or 3 at the time of writing this.)  So I decided to try to provide a meaningful contribution to our extinct friend.   Painting wise, this was the first time I tried underpainting.  I used a wash of cerulean and alizarin crimson to make the fog of an autumn morning.  Underpainting helped bring all the pieces of the painting together into one picture.

It’s watercolor and ink on B4 size watercolor paper.

Reptile curiosity is underrated

We spend a lot of time obsessing over whether reptiles experience emotions like affection or love, but I’ve realized that one of the most relatable things I’ve seen in my reptiles is curiosity.

I don’t know if curiosity is an emotion exactly, it’s probably more like a drive. But while we can debate back and forth all day about whether reptiles feel affection I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they experience curiosity. Curiosity is probably shared by most, if not all, vertebrates simply because of its survival value. But beyond that you can see a reptile’s curiosity when they explore a new cage or flick their tongue at an unfamiliar object to determine what it is.

Just like us they have a desire to learn about their environment, to experience new things, to understand, in whatever limited capacity they can, what is going on around them. I find it incredible that the same drive which pushes human scientists to study rare butterflies or send probes to Mars can be shared with a simple, primordial creature whose ancestors watched the dinosaurs come and go. 

I love the moment when I pick up a wild snake and, after giving up on trying to escape, it just looks at me. We stare at each other and it flicks its tongue in my direction to try and determine whether I’m a threat. Two species separated by millions of years of evolution and we are experiencing the same curiosity as we look at each other, both just seeking to know more about the other.

I love seeing animals be curious and I love giving them new things to be curious about. Sometimes I think enrichment is just as much fun for me as it is for the animals.

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Love this blog so much!!! What subjects do you think the Mastuno brothers would study if they went into college/university? :)

Ah, thanks!

Osomatsu is the type to spend the first year not knowing what he wanted to do, then end up taking a few bartending classes and drop out.

Karamatsu would take some music history, but his major would be in fashion design, and even though he only needs a bachelors, he’d work for a masters.

Choromatsu would go for a buisiness degree, and probably want to take managing courses, too.

Ichimatsu wouldn’t really know what he wanted to do, and probably just take all the afternoon classes just because they’re in the afternoon.

Jyushimatsu probably only got into college on a sports scholarship, but he would sign up for different exercise-related courses, not really considering how they would be of use to him in the future.

During the first year, Todomatsu would spend most of the time partying. Most of his classes would be whatever classes girls were in.

at my middle school, when you were in sixth grade, every student had to go to this outdoor school so basically it was a week where they went to a sleepaway camp and learned about the environment and got to have camp fires and learn about various animals and birds and stuff and so they have nature classes instead of academic classes and many kids look forward to this week all year cuz it’s so fucking fun

my little sister just got back today from outdoor school and i called her to see how she liked it and i was super surprised when she said she would only give it a 5/10 because i remember it being so much fun. so i asked her why it was a five out of ten and her response was “i didnt like any of the hiking or walking or climbing or… basically any of the physical activity”

aries learn about themselves by exploring their environment and following pure intuition
taurus learn about themselves by centering in the moment and contemplating reverence
geminis learn about themselves by talking to other people
cancers learn about themselves through the memories they hold onto
leos learn about themselves through creative expression and the responses and validation they receive from others about who they are. they may enjoy personality profiles, astrology references, and mbti types etc;
virgos learn about themselves through helping others through their own crisis
libras learn about themselves through projection, observing others, and psychological reflection
scorpios learn about themselves through intense probing of the self, the ego, and the spirit, like a self sought psychiatrist
sagittarians learn about themselves through travel and exploration, soaking into new language and cultures and ways of life and philosophical values
capricorns learn about themselves through withdrawal and solitary contemplation, they surprise themselves by what they can truly accomplish
aquarians learn about themselves by observing the cosmos, science, and ideas, they learn about themselves when they find positive attributes in humanity they can apply to themselves
pisceans learn about themselves through dream, journal writing, the answers they receive in prayer, projection and reflection of others


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Gotta agree a lot of mod responses have been rather blunt lately. Like I've followed this blog awhile and it's a bit surprising because it's out of character for u guys but idk just watch the tone u guys take. Like how can we trust u to be cool headed and fair when sometimes it feels like ur having a chuckle at people? Maybe u aren't and u can say u aren't but that's how it's been coming across

Hey! R here.

I haven’t been around lately due to personal issues doing donuts on the front lawn of my soul and leaving tire tracks over my entire life. So as a result, I haven’t been keeping an eye on asks lately. But I am here now. 

We do have new mods, and some of them have a style that’s more ‘cut to the heart of the issue.’ They’ve also been learning about what it is like to interact in the blog’s environment, so they’ve had some hiccups. I’ve just read back on Mod Dom’s responses to the asks sent in and they are perfectly polite and I am proud that everything was handled with such grace. 

So it is a moderation-stylistic-thing. In the worst case scenario, please always remember that you can specify which mod answers your question in the ask. All mods will have permission to chip in, and probably will contribute ideas behind the scenes, but if you like how a certain person words their answers, that might be the way for you. 

We will always do everything we can to make sure you’re comfortable during your interactions with the blog, anon or not. But, as you mentioned, tone is the thing. Please do keep in mind that this is the internet and it is a written format. So, sometimes you can read things into our tone that we’re not intending to be there. If so, please just let us know specifically, as you have now, and we will work on it in the future. Tone is particularly hard in a blog like this, because we have to balance having enjoyable writing with provided information. So there is only so much we can do, but, we will do what we can going forward.

I always say that our our priority is always going to be our followers. Our second priority is going to be providing unbiased and correct information.  You and the service we provide are what keeps this blog running. We will always do our best to be here for you. We’ll never be laughing at anyone for their OCs and I’m sorry if you feel we are. We’re here to help. We take that very seriously.

I will encourage the other mods to work on their tone, but there is only so much we can do to change it. Please just know, that unbiased answers, and polite interactions are stressed every time I am stressing stuff to the mods. The mods can support me on that. It’s in all the memos. I won’t shut up about it.

Thank you for your time! We’re working hard on improving in all areas of this blog, so thank you for sharing this with us. If you have anything you want to talk about, or any particular criticism you feel like sharing, always feel free to share it here. But if there’s anything you want to jam out about in private, here is my personal askbox

We all love this blog, and our followers. We don’t want to do anything to hurt you, your OCs, your ideas, or how you feel about us.

Thank you!


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i rly like to write about myths and conspiracies, and i'm obsessed w languages (learning welsh german and ancient greek). care v much about the ocean and environment. i play violin and celtic harp and compose irish music. will fight for the holt siblings. i'm 5'2 and squishy. i got floofy brown hair that stops somewhere above my shoulders. i don't remember the last time i didnt wear a t shirt and overalls or a sweater. sometimes wears pleated skirts for fun. i live on a cheyenne rez w my brother

!!! Me too? I’ve done various projects to raise awareness about climate change and to help save the ocean, wow, let’s get together to do that! You’re so talented to be learning multiple languages, playing multiple instruments, and to be composing as well. Ahaha, the floofy brown hair is something we share. You sound so interesting, like such a great human being. I would definitely date. 

send me one?


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This entry comes from Guest Professor Robert, who also wrote our entry for Smeargle.

Requested Anonymously

Lickitung uses its tongue to sense its surroundings rather than its other appendages. We humans get most of our sensory information by using our eyes. However, it is very common in the animal kingdom to use other senses as a primary source of information. Insects, for example, primarily use their sense of smell to interact with their surroundings, detecting pheromones with their antennae.

Lickitung uses its tongue to feel and taste things to learn about its environment, similarly to how insects use their antennae to smell things for the same purpose.

Since Lickitung uses its tongue to get most of its sensory information, it is very probable that its tongue is highly developed. There is a phenomenon in humans referred to as “supertasting” that causes certain people to taste bitterness more strongly, and in some situations where an individual without the trait would taste nothing at all. This is partly because supertasters have more taste buds than people who do not have the trait. Since Lickitung’s tongue is so large, it would make sense that it has a lot of taste buds. In humans this has been beneficial as it has allowed supertasters to more easily detect toxins and avoid consuming them. It is very likely that lickitung has this trait, causing it to be especially put off by sour things specifically. A sour taste is detected when the tongue is exposed to acidic foods; perhaps some evolutionary pressure caused lickitung’s ancestors to need to better taste acidity (a slightly acidic food that caused death in those who consumed it perhaps), to allow them to know to avoid that thing.

Lickitung exhibits traits of supertasting that allow it to better detect sourness and possibly other tastes as well.

We should also discuss the extreme size of Lickitung’s tongue. Here is another pokédex entry:

It has a tongue that is over 6'6" long. It uses this long tongue to lick its body clean.

Having appendages grow from generation to generation is not uncommon. Bats’ wings for example, evolved from the hands of their ancestors. The fingers got longer and the webbing between them filled in the entirety of the gaps. This allowed the animal to fly.

Pangolins, a small sandshrew-like mammal, have extremely large tongues as well. They use their tongue to reach into insect nests to eat. This leads us to our third pokédex entry for Lickitung:

When it extends its over-six-foot-long tongue, its tail quivers. There is a possibility they are connected.

A pangolin’s tongue is attached to its abdomen, to add support to the long appendage. This could explain Lickitung’s tongue being attached to its tail as well. Attaching it deeply in its body gives the tongue extra support, and would also allow Lickitung to more quickly retract it into its body, to prevent it from being damaged.

Lickitung’s tongue being six and a half feet long allow it to taste things before consuming them, allowing it to taste test things without the risk of it going into its digestive system. This allows lickitung to taste and detect possible toxins without getting poisoned by it.

Lickitung’s long tongue allows it to taste things without the risk of being negatively impacted by allowing the thing to enter its digestive system. The large tongue, however, needs added support, meaning it must be rooted deeper in the body than the tongues of other species, such as humans.

A Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmer (AIRR) receives a hug from a man he rescued from the Gulf of Mexico after the man’s boat ran aground and capsized approximately three miles off of Cape San Blas, Fla.

Navy AIRRs embody the courage of America’s Navy – readily going into harm’s way to complete their rescue missions in some of the most extreme environments imaginable. Learn about this career.

Seeing Tomorrowland earlier got me thinking about what other Disney Land movies might be about.

Main Street, U.S.A.: A spunky teenager obtains a special pin that transports them to a turn-of-the-century town and they learn a valuable lesson about the importance of nostalgia.

Adventureland: A spunky teenager obtains a special pin that transports them to a tropical rainforest and they learn a valuable lesson about the environment, climate change, and protecting wildlife. Also, they get the actual Dole Whip recipe.

Frontierland: A spunky teenager obtains a special pin that transports them to the Old West and they learn a valuable lesson about accurately preserving the past instead of rewriting or over-romanticizing it and treating all cultures with respect.

Fantasyland: A spunky teenager obtains a special pin that transports them to a fairy tale village and they learn a valuable lesson about gender politics and that boys can be princesses and girls can be heroes.