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My instincts were wrong for years. When it’s hot out and the sun’s punishing, you throw the windows open for relief, to feed on the scraps of even the limpest breeze. Push the window up to ride the rope and ring the dull bell of the iron pulley. Let them all yawn open like the mouths of lazy dogs. This is right, right? It would have to be. I did it for years. I pressed my face to the rust of the screen and begged the air to cool the sweat between my chest and belly, at the base of my neck and in the hair around my temples. But it was never right. It was a failure of childhood. These, now, are the days of misery heat. The dog days. The temperature climbs into the 90s for days on end, with no relief. These days require wisdom. At precisely the time when your mind’s been mushed to wet pulp, you have to consult your wits. So keep the windows closed all day. All of them. Pull the curtains tight and keep the home dark as a crypt, from the morning coffee to the iced whiskey of an evening. The air outside is hotter than the air in here, so keep it out. It can be stuffy, but it will stay cooler. You open those windows only when the sun dips below the roofline and dives for the river. Let whatever dark air might move come inside. Invite it in like you would a guest. Let the gauze of the curtains billow in ocean waves when you sleep, splayed out and grateful for a rare understanding.

[Photo: The Americans by Robert Frank, 1955]

🍃 // 23rd july, 2016  // 🍃

7/100 days of productivity! I’ve made it to a week of being productive every day! 🎉 Today so far has consisted of getting up semi-early, studying bail and remand, lunch with the family and some Psych revision. It’s been raining here all day which I love the sound of but it’s so cold 😣🌧 I have an 18th party to go to tonight! *rejoices at the fact i won’t be staying in on a saturday night for the first time in months* ☺️🎈

Listening: When It Rains - PARAMORE. 


Today’s reading is the “Forgiving and Learning" card from Doreen Virtue’s Romance Angels deck. This card reminds you that as you release painful experiences from your past, you open up space for new. loving experiences to fill your present. Rose Quartz will complement and enhance the energy of this card. Please feel free to use the code HCTUMBLR10 for 10% off your order.
<3 Stephanie T.

18 Apr 2016 ||

First day back at university! I just had my first class in Medieval English. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m having a coffee while copying my notes. 

bullet journal printable by @plantstudies@highlighteurs


Natural history museums are truly awesome and astonishing places, but did you know that they’re home to even more specimens than what they have out on display? The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) in Washington, D.C. maintains a vast collection of specimens that’s over 90% larger than what’s on public display.

“These collections serve as primary reference materials for exploring and understanding the solid Earth and planet, biological and cultural diversity, evolutionary relationships, biological conservation, and global change. They help us to interpret our biological origins, our cultural heritage, and what the future may hold.”

Messy Nessy recently shared a fascinating series of photos of some of the Smithsonian NMNH’s backstage collections, enormous rooms full of seemingly endless drawers, shelves, racks, and cabinets all full of carefully cataloged and organized specimens from many different branches of natural history. The photos were all taken by the late Chip Clark, photographer for the Smithsonian Institution.

Head over to Messy Nessy to view more.

[via Messy Nessy Chic]

19 May 2016 ||

Last-minute revision for my test on corpus linguistics! I even made flashcards for this (which I don’t usually do). Good luck to everyone doing exams at the moment, I believe in you!

Vocab for essays (Spanish-French-English)

I had this list in Spanish and French, and I decided to translate it into English. So here it is, a trilingual vocabulary list for essays :)

Con tal que -  Tant que  - As long as
Ni siquiera -  Même pas  - Not even
Por eso -  C’est pourquoi  - That is why
Mientras -  Pendant que  - While
Mientras que -  Tandis que  - While
Mientras tanto -  Pendant ce temps  - In the meantime, Meanwhile
Resulta que -  Il en résulte que  - It follows that
A raíz de -  À la suite de  - In the wake of, Following
A partir de -  À partir de  - From
Cabe subrayar que -  Il faut souligner que  - It should be emphasized that
Desde luego -  Décidément, Certainement  - Definitly, Certainly
De ahora en adelante -  Désormais  - Henceforth
Ya no -  Ne plus  - No longer
Ya que -  Puisque  - Since, As
Sea como sea -  Quoi qu’il en soit  - Either way
Desde entonces -  Depuis lors  - Since then
A pesar de -  Malgré  - In spite of
En vez de -  Au lieu de  - Instead of
Desde hace tiempo -  Depuis longtemps  - For a long time
Tan pronto como -  Dès que  - As soon as
A medida -  Au fur et à mesure  - Progressively  
En efecto -  En effet  - In fact, Indeed
Entonces -  Donc, Alors  - So
Además-  De plus  - Besides, Moreover
A continuación-  Puis, Ensuite  - Then
También -  Aussi  - Also
En particular -  En particulier  - In particular
Especialmente -  Notamment  - Specially