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Peppa Pig in Different Languages

I’m pretty sure everyone knows who or what Peppa Pig is. If you do, you probably have watched it one time or another when you were little. I used to like it because of the simple vocabulary it has and it gave me great joy when I understood a whole episode in English.

If you’re a language learner you know how difficult it is to listen to shows or movies in your target language because they’re so fast. Peppa Pig is obviously a children’s show, but it has been translated into a lot of different languages that may help out any beginner in a language or anyone who wants to give a watch and see if they understand it! Peppa Pig - being a children’s show - uses slow speech and simple vocabulary that small children can understand, here’s a list of Peppa Pig in different languages you can watch on YouTube:

These are the ones that can be found on YouTube. Unfortunately, there are some languages missing but if anyone knows where one can watch them please feel free to add!

No, Paul, It Wasn’t Because of “Growing Pains”

House Speaker Paul Ryan, in his press conference following the demise of his bill to replace Obamacare, blamed Republicans who had failed to grasp that the GOP was now a “governing party.”

“We were a 10-year opposition party, where being against things was easy to do,” said Ryan. “You just had to be against it. Now, in three months’ time, we tried to go to a governing party where we actually had to get 216 people to agree with each other on how we do things.” 

It was, he said, “the growing pains of government.”


Apparently Ryan doesn’t grasp that he put forward a terrible bill to begin with. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, it would have resulted in 24 million Americans losing health coverage over the next decade, hardly make a dent in the federal debt, and transfer over $600 billion to the wealthiest members of American society.

The so-called “Freedom Caucus” of House Republicans, who refused to go along with the bill, wanted it even worse. Essentially, their goal (and that of their fat-cat patrons) was to repeal the Affordable Care Act without replacing it at all. 

Ryan is correct about one thing. Congress is in the hands of Republicans who for years have only said “no.” They have become expert at stopping whatever a president wants to do but they don’t have a clue how to initiate policy.

Most of the current Republican House members have not shared responsibility for governing the nation. They have never even passed a budget into law.

But their real problem isn’t the “growing pains” of being out of power. In reality, the Republicans who are now control the House – as well as the Senate – don’t like government. They’re temperamentally and ideologically oriented to opposing it, not leading it.

Their chronic incapacity to govern didn’t reveal itself as long as a Democrat was in the White House. They let President Obama try to govern, and pretended that their opposition was based on a different philosophy governing.

Now that they have a Republican president, they can no longer hide. They have no philosophy of governing at all. 

Sadly for them – and for the rest of the country, and the world – the person they supported in the election of 2016 and who is now president is an unhinged narcissistic child who tweets absurd lies and holds rallies to prop up his fragile ego.

His conflicts of financial interest are legion. His entire  presidency is under a “gray cloud” of suspicion for colluding with Russian agents to win office.

Here’s a man who’s advised by his daughter, his son-in-law, and an oddball who once ran a white supremacist fake-news outlet.

His Cabinet is an assortment of billionaires, CEOs, veterans of Wall Street, and ideologues, none of whom has any idea about how to govern and most of whom don’t believe in the laws their departments are in charge of implementing anyway.

Meanwhile, he has downgraded or eviscerated groups of professionals responsible for giving presidents professional advice on foreign policy, foreign intelligence, economics, science, and domestic policy.

He gets most of what he learns from television.

So we have a congress with no capacity to govern, and a president who’s incapable of governing.

Which leaves the most powerful nation in the world rudderless. 

The country on whom much of the rest of the world relies for organizing and mobilizing responses to the major challenges facing humankind is leaderless.

It is of course possible that Republicans in congress will learn to take responsibility for governing. It is possible that Donald Trump will learn to lead. It is possible that pigs will learn to fly. 

But such things seem doubtful. Instead, America and the rest of the world must hold our collective breath, hoping that the next elections – the midterms of 2018 and then the presidential election of 2020 – set things right. And hoping that in the meantime nothing irrevocably awful occurs.


No more to you at this present, mine own darling, for lack of time, but that I would you were in mine arms, or I in yours, for I think it l o n g since I k i s s e d you.

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Guinea pigs!

Hey everyone, I’m completely new to the world of piggies so I was hoping for some friendly advice/tips or literally anything you think I should know about them beforehand!! I’ve been doing my best to read up on them and watch plenty of videos but if you are knowledgeable on all things guinea pig…! please give me few words of wisdom :)!

Mainly I’d like to know what you think is the best food/bedding/hay brand!! Want my little guys to have the best :,).! I’m possibly getting two this week! I have already ordered a MASSIVE cage off of Amazon!

Thank you for your time :*

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Do you recommend wannabe webcomic creators to start out with a oneshot or just start off on their big, long-running passion project that they've had for years???

OK, I’m not sure if I’m the best person to ask this to, but from my experience with Sam and Here it Comes, this is all I’ve learned. I fell assbackwards into SaM after seeing that one sigil post on my dash one day and just kinda felt like doodling updates. I had no plot, no plan, no experience with comics ever in my life.

I, personally, felt comfortable with episodic updates. Over time a plot formed and I started to stop the episodic stuff and connected each update with a chronological timeline. That worked for me from what I got used to drawing. Even still with some updates there are time gaps.

I then began to work on Here it Comes on the side after getting more experience from art school. The goal is to try a comic with more action, more detail, more planning and character development. It’s still in the early stages, what with SaM taking up majority of my time, so I’m still experimenting there (tho I do have a lot of brainstorm updates waiting to be finished and submitted to the blog/Tapastic).

I have one project which is my brainchild, a story I never thought I’d really make, but planned for over 12 years just daydreaming and doodling. That one is my baby. The one I actively don’t want to fuck up. I want experience from SaM and HiC before I even begin to touch that one. 

My recommendations to any new webcomic artists who have little to no experience is: don’t start with your passion project. Make up something else for your guinea pig. You learn so much with the first project you ever work on (ie: how you’re comfortable laying panels out, planning plot points, characters, perspective, colors, backgrounds, etc). Hone this project before you do your passion piece.

That’s just my opinion from my experience 3 years running with SaM/HiC. You don’t have to do that, but that’s what I would recommend. You want your passion piece to be as nice as possible. Not some fumbling mess of no experience.

Stressed Out

You thought it was a twenty one pilots imagine, didn’t you. I chose the wrong title. I see this.

(A/N: If you still have finals, don’t stress yourself out too much!)

Request: Hiii! Can you do an imagine where you’re studying for your finals and you’re getting so stressed out so brendon tries to make you relax?

Word count: 556 (Short, I know.)

“Ugh!” you shout, slamming your head down into your textbook. “Stupid, stupid, stupid! I don’t understand anything!” Studying for finals is terrible, especially when you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. All that slacking off and daydreaming is coming back to bite you in the ass.

Brendon walks up behind you, a concerned look on his face. “Hey, hey, hey. Don’t say that. You’re not stupid, just a little stuck. You’re capable of doing this, it’s just gonna take a little time.” he says with a reassuring smile.

“No I’m not!!” you snap at him, your stress making you angry. “I’m not smart!! I’m not capable!! I’m not any of those things! And I don’t have any time!! I’m going to fail all of my tests and then never get into college and get stuck in some shitty dead-end job like being the janitor at some McDonalds for the rest of my miserable life!!” you end your stressed rant, breathing heavily.

He looks at you in disbelief for a few seconds, before stepping forward and putting his hands on your shoulders. “Wh- Wha-”

“Shhhh,” he cuts you off, starting to gently massage your neck and shoulders. “It’s okay, (Y/N). You’re gonna get this. Just relax a little bit.”

“No, I can’t! I need to-”

He presses a kiss to your cheek. “I know you need to study, but just relax for a few minutes. Trust me.”

You sigh slightly, leaning back into his touch and closing your eyes. Next thing you know, you wake up, curled up in Brendon’s lap. He’s holding your hand and looking down at you with a smile.

You sit up and immediately begin to panic. “How long was I asleep? What time is it? Do I-”

“You only slept for a couple hours, love. It’s okay. Don’t stress out. You go back in there and you get those concepts down! I know you can.” he kisses your forehead.

You smile softly at him, his encouragements (and the nap) helping with your stress. You get up and go back to your desk, reopening your textbook.

“Hey, I’m gonna leave you alone for a bit so you can have some quiet time. I’ll be in my room if you need me.” he gives you a quick hug and a kiss on the forehead before leaving your room.

A large amount of intensive studying later, it’s like the planets have aligned, like a blue moon has come out, like a pig has learned to fly. You’re understanding things.

“Brendon! Brendon!! Come here!!” you shout his name frantically.

He runs in, looking slightly panicked. “What, babe, are you okay??”

You laugh. “Yes, silly, I’m fine. Sorry if I worried you. But look! I got one! I got a concept! I’m not an idiot!!” you squeal excitedly, holding up your notes.

He walks over and looks at your notes before pulling you into a bear hug, causing all your notes to fall to the floor. “See, (Y/N)! I told you you weren’t an idiot! You’re gonna ace these finals!” He kisses your forehead and smiles at you.

“Thanks, Brendon. You really helped me.” you smile back, leaning up to kiss him on the lips.


The Bestiary: Sea Pig

Boy oh boy was I looking forward to reviewing these guys. They are some of my favorite sea animals et al, they are echinoderms, and they are deep sea creatures to boot. What’s not to like?

So what do you get when you take a regular countryside pig, cross it over with a Metroid and add a touch of gummy bear, then dump the result into the ocean?

Probably not anything that resembles the sea pig, but the point still stands.

Look at this precious lil thing.

These guys are the genus Scotoplanes, a term which sounds very similar to “scuttling” and is thus perfectly fitting. Fuck you, I don’t know a shred of Latin.

These fuckos are some of the weirdest stuff you’ll find in the deep sea, which is impressive considering pretty much everything down there could cause Salvador Dalí to take a step back and reconsider his life choices, maybe even shave off his improbable moustache, Taxonomically, they are sea cucumbers, but their body plan is more similar to that of a fat slug that one day decided to grow legs just for the heck of it. The legs are pretty weird too, and function very unlike any other organ of locomotion on the planet. They are the same “tube feet” that starfish have, except a lot bigger. They are basically hollow socks of organic matter that the sea pig constantly inflates and deflates by circulating water in them. It basically does the job of an entire mall clown for each leg.

Despite the fact that they are more frail than a Fabergé egg made out of bath foam, and their exotic appearance, the sea pigs aren’t endangered. This is mostly due to the fact that they multiply with the vigor of steroid-enhanced bunnies, to the point where they constitute arund 60 percent of all seafloor life world-wide. Talk about the newest craze.

I weren’t kidding about the frailty though, these guys have the consistency of Jell-O. They are very vulnerable since they solve their water input by circulating entirely through their paper-thin skin, which makes studying them kind of hard, because, y’know, the sea pig you’ve brought to the surface will sometimes just straight-up fucking melt in your hands.

That’s not a big problem though,since there are lots of them. And when I say lots, I do mean lots. They act as the primary cleanup service on the sea floor, scouting around and getting rid of the organic muck in the mud. Their primary food source is so-called “marine snow”, basically a constant downpour of dead shit from the upper regions where other animals kick the bucket. Imagine it as the Biblical mana, except it’s much more macabre and not divine in origin. Hell, considering the place it falls down to, it probably falls right from Satan’s asshole.

This surreal corpse weather even has its own weather phenomena, most importantly the so-called “whalefalls”, which is basically a whale’s corpse slowly sinking to the seafloor. Whalefalls always involve the nastiest incarnations of pure NOPE dogpiling the carcass and gorging themselves on it until they can’t even move. Literally. The feasters include two-meter-long worms that sweat acid, cat-sized prehistoric isopods able to starve for five years, and bone-eating worms. The legions upon legions of sea pigs swarming these whalefalls look positively tame by comparison.

Speaking of legions, sea pigs have a tendency to gather into hundreds-strong groups and feed together. They usually all face the same direction, so as to better sniff out the incoming marine snow, but they look more like the minions of Hell marching to conquer the mortal realm.

The other reason they’re not endangered is because they don’t have many natural predators. Sea cucumbers tend to be a gourmet prey item on many predator’s menu, to the point where they have to defend themselves by firing their own guts at the enemy out of their buttholes. A sort of fartillery, if you will.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the shitty puns.

Due to the fact that most deep sea creatures are more preoccupied with contemplating how fucking ugy they are than with hunting, sea pigs are in less danger. So they can get away with more conventional defense tactics, such as being drop-dead poisonous. Their poison, called holothurin, is entirely unique to sea cucumbers, and is so effective that Indo-Pacific peoples are said to poison entire coral reef pools with it, since it can knock out lots of fish at once, which are then free to catch. So yeah, biological weaponry in tribal hunting, pretty much.

So what have we learned today? The sea pig feeds on death, tastes like death and is pretty darn cute. All in all it’s a pretty satisfying sea animal we’ve got here.


Illustrations about travel for the Spanish-teaching video series I worked on last year. (The last of them! Phew!)

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Finally, my knowledge in mythological/fairytale creatures is useful. Undyne's name is both a joke AND could be a reference to a magic water spirit called an undine. These water spirits are usually women who lack a soul and need one in order to achieve immortality. Undyne's name pronunciation is actually very close to "undying" which again references immortality. Not sure how that helps anon but I thought this was a nice fun fact.

ay. factoids brought you by drabblemarble. thank u marble. uvu)/

Behind the Oak Tree

“Fine, were through then Kristen! I’ve had enough of your lies!” Steve yelled at his girlfriend. “Your always just full of shit!”

“Your such a jerk, stay away from me!” She screamed through a wall of years. “Your the one who cheated on me, not the other way around!”

But he wasn’t hearing anymore of what she had to say. He was already out the door, down the side walk, and just getting into his car. He slammed the car door shut at the same exact time that she slammed the house door shut.

He didn’t drive off, he just sat there and thought about how he could get revenge. ‘It may have been me who cheated on her but she had no right to go though my phone like that,’ he thought to himself. He wasn’t looking to be violent, he really just wanted to scare her to death.

Then out of nowhere there was a knock on the passenger side window. Steve nearly had a heart attack. When he looked over he saw Kristen’s 13 year old son, Benjamin, motioning for Steve to open the window.

Then Steve smiled as he realized he had the perfect solution. “Come on Benjamin, hop in.” He offered as he pushed open the door for him. No sooner did Benjamin get in than Steve floored the gas.

They drove a few miles before Benjamin finally broke the silence. “So you and mommy are broken up now huh?” He asked.

“Yes,” Steve replied with no hesitation. “Your mother crossed the line a few too many times. So this is the way things had to be because of her.”

“Oh,” Benjamin said with nothing more than a blank stare out the windshield. “So she’s pretty mad huh?”

“Not as mad as me.” Steve replied as he took a left. He didn’t even notice that Benjamin’s blank face had now twisted into dark smile.

The road Steve just turned down was a long desolate back road that he was positive Benjamin didn’t know. Now the kid couldn’t escape if he wanted to. Not that Steve planned on keeping him forever, just a day or two to freak kristen out a little.

“So kid, me and you are gonna hang out for a few days. We’re gonna find a hotel room that takes cash and just chill for a little. You don’t have to worry, nothing bad is going to happen. Your mother just needs to learn her lesson. That pig is always……”

But then Steve heard a little clicking noise and out of the corner of his eye saw a small pistol getting closer and closer to his temple until he felt the cold metal press up against his warm flesh.

“Hey Benjamin, what are you doin?” Steve asked carefully. Then he nervously let out a little fake chuckle. “Where’d uhhh…. where’d you get that from buddy?”

“I’m not your buddy Steve, I’m just here to make a deal with you. So listen carefully. We can run around and you can do a few things to make mommy happy, or I can just shoot you. I’ll never in a million years get in trouble for shooting my kidnapper.”

“Let’s make mommy happy,” Steve replied with a big fake smile.

“Good choice….” Benjamin said darkly. “Now head for the nearest bank. Your going to start making up for being mean by getting mommy some money so she doesn’t have to worry about bills.” Benjamin pulled out another pistol and threw it on Steve’s lap. That’s a bb gun, it’s not loaded but it’s not like it would help you if it was. Just….“

“Wait,” Steve interjected. “I can’t rob a bank. They’ll throw me in prison.”

“Just get in and out fast.”

“No way, I might as well just go in there and tell them the truth about what I’ve done and that you have a gun. I’d probably get less time anyway.”

“FINE, how about this….” Benjamin spat back. “You go in there looking for help and when the police question me I tell them you touched me. After they find out you kidnapped me they’ll believe anything I tell them. Now what sounds worse to you, attempting to rob a bank or being in jail where everyone thinks your a pedophile?”

Steve was blown away. This kid was way smarter than any other kid his age. He shouldn’t know how to screw people over like this at 10. Steve now had no choice. He headed for the nearest bank.

When they arrived, Steve parked in the closest spot to the front door available. He slid the bb gun in his waist band and took a deep breathe.

“Remember steve,” Benjamin spoke with a devilish smirk. “Inmates don’t much respect kid touchers.”

“After I do this I’m dropping you off at home and I stay away from you two forever right? No tricks?” Steve questioned.

“One more quick thing and after that we never have to see each other again.” Benjamin replied.

Without a word Steve got out of the car and headed through the front door of the bank.

It wasn’t a very big bank. There were 3 customers, two bank tellers, and one security guard inside.

The security guard had to be in his mid fifties and wasn’t very big, but he did have a tazer so Steve would  have to take it. He noticed he was also wearing a watch. That sparked  an idea.

He approached the security guard with a friendly smile. “Excuse me sir, would you be able to tell me the time?”

“Certainly,” the security guard answered back with a friendly smile.

But as soon as the man tilted his head down to read his watch Steve threw an upper cut at his face so hard he fell flat back on to the floor unconscious.

Steve immediately grabbed the tazer and stuffed it into his pocket, then he pulled out the bb gun and grabbed one of the customers by her hair. “As you can see, this is a robbery!” Steve bellowed out. “Do what I say and no one gets hurt! You two,” he pointed at the bank tellers. “Each of you go to the vault and come back with a bag of money and nothing else. If you try anything stupid or you put that blue dye shit in there I’m gonna empty this clip into this bitches head.” He shook his hostage around a little. “You have exactly 20 seconds…. GO!”

Both employees flew to the vault and were back in no time, each with a big bag of cash. Steve shoved his hostage away, grabbed the money, and sprinted back to the car.

He peeled out of the parking lot and almost hit two cars while making his turn.

“That was……. amazing!” Steve gloated. “I didn’t think I had that in me! I mean, I can’t believe I really just did that! And I got away with it! And it was so easy…. I should have been robbing banks a long time ago.”

“You didn’t get away with it stupid. You think they don’t have cameras?” Benjamin laughed. “They have your licence plate and face. Now head back to that desolate road you probably thought I didn’t know about before.”

“So I’m still gonna go to jail? It really didn’t matter what I did, did it? I’m still screwed!” Steve blurted out in anger.

“No, neither of us will ever get in trouble for this. Trust me.” Benjamin replied cooly.

Steve trusted nothing about this kid. How could he have dated this little psychos mother for almost 2 years and not seen the real him. This kid was not normal, but right now Steve had to listen to him. This is the kind of kid who really would pull the trigger with no remorse and he’s had the gun pointed at him the entire time.

An awkward silence filled the car until they got back to that long woodsy road.

“Pull over here and get out” Benjamin demanded.

They both got out of the car. “So what are we doing here?” Steve asked nervously.

“We have to bury the money, I can’t just show up at home with two big bags of bills.” Benjamin answered.

“How are we gonna bury it? I don’t have a shovel in my car.”

“First of all ‘we’ aren’t gonna bury it, YOU are, and I see a hammer in the back seat on the floor. Use the back of it to loosen the dirt and then dig with your hands.”

Steve reluctantly grabbed the hammer. Then Benjamin lead him down a long path through the woods.

After about a mile in, Benjamin pointed to a spot on the ground. “Start digging,” was all he said.

Steve dug for hours. He figured the kid would have him dig maybe two feet down but he was way past that now. He was bleeding under three of his finger nails and one almost ripped off completely when he came across a rock, although the dirt wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be. He barley had any energy left but Benjamin wouldn’t let him stop. When Steve asked how much deeper he had to go Benjamin would only say, “you’ll know when you get there.”

Finally after hours and hours, with very little sunlight left Steve found something. At first he thought it was a rock but he felt it and it had a weird texture. Not to mention an awful odor was beginning to engulf the hole. Then he heard the sound of the gun’s hammer being cocked back. He spun around and looked up at Benjamin who had it pointed right at his face.

“Sorry steve, but the hole was really for you.” Benjamin was now smiling more wickedly than ever. “Mommy already told me she would take care of the money if I took care of you. You were really mean to her and she hates you now. She hated my daddy too.

Steve spun around and looked at what he had just found while digging…… He could now make out that it was a body.


Benjamin walked over to a large oak tree and pulled out a shovel from behind it. He then filled in the hole with it.

When he was done he grabbed the money bags and the shovel and started walking toward the road. But then he stopped. "Maybe I should keep this out here. Just in case….” He said to himself as he put the shovel back behind the oak tree.

Written by: Sage