learned only the bad things

Sesame Street taught kids about death and divorce, Steven Universe had an example of a horrible relationship, and Mr. Rogers discussed violence and shootings (and even gave discretion before doing so), but the second Gumball touches bullying on Tumblr, people are all like “NO,, KIDS ARE WATCHING THIS, THIS IS BAD!! THEY’LL ONLY LEARN BAD THINGS FROM THIS!”

I lowkey kind of dont like the “use pen all the time!!” argument bc while it DOES help alot w making urself feel more sure about your strokes, it can be a real fuckin struggle if youre like me. Like I use pencil bc i can erase, of course, but im scared of pens bc i have such an unsteady hand; its terrible lmao i like clean, crisp lines but i simply CANT do that with pens.

Those penmanship videos?? The speeddrawing videos with perfect slow lines?? I cant do that; my hands get all shaky and the lines come out too wobbly. So i have to do quick strokes to make anything look decent. Bt that means if I do that with pen, theres a 95% chance that the lines will overlap and get messy n wobbly, its ugly™. Pencil makes it look nicer bc i can erase those 15 extra, unnecessary lines i keep accidentally making

I dunno what the point of this was, just that my hands are shaky, not all artistic advice works for everyone, and dont feel bad if some of the professional art tips just Dont work with you.

smmk118  asked:

So, is it bad that the only thing I learned from the previous post about souls is that Yanderes are probably souls of kindness? xD

Oh definitely. Yanderes are definitely kindness souls taken to a dark extreme. Ideally, kindness is tempered by things like justice (so that you treat people fairly) and integrity (so that you encourage them to make their own choices even if they aren’t the ones you would make). A Yandere is obsessed with the object of their affection and seeks to control them, regardless of how anyone else, including their target, may feel about it. The soul trait of kindness really only requires a predisposition to focusing on other people. Whether they do so in a positive way or not depends on the individual.

Friday nights
  • Some friends: Yeah, I went out and partied. Made a few friends...I think. I can't really remember much
  • Me: I learnt how to conjugate Finnish verbs... All night

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as a b1a4 supremacist, what do you think one should do to get to know them? i only recently kind of got into them because i didnt really know them until sandeul released his solo album

that’s CNU, btw, used to invent long hair before nuest ren or seventeen jeonghan.

also used to rock hipster glasses before it was cool. kang daniel the shoulder gangster? idk her. it’s CNU.


where should i start? BUT a major note to take about B1A4 is they went from this:


to this:

hallelujah. read more here.

listen, friend, i go way back with B1A4. i literally cried watching this subbed video lmaooo skip to 43:40.

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What I should be doing: Reading my linguistics book, studying Japanese vocabulary and Kanji, reading my meditation book

What my brain wants to do: Continue plotting the epic fix it time travel Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan gen fic my brain stumbled over inspiration for last night. 

HC: Loneliness.

It’s a bizarre feeling, kind of like when you get a lump in your throat before you cry or puke, but in an entirely different place. It makes your whole rib cage ache and your chest numb, but there’s a much deeper, dull throb, too. Yuri knows how it feels when he misses people, he spends his life missing his family and his cat, but it’s never manifested this way before. It’s never physically hurt

It isn’t painful, per say, but it’s not a pleasant feeling. It’s difficult to ignore, extremely so, but Yuri finds a few things can make it ease. Things like text messages, pictures and hour long phone calls, but it’s all temporary, and then this stupid, irritating feeling comes back. It’s hard to deal with, and it takes Yuri far too long to figure out why. 

People always say the first day after separating is the worst. Yuri doesn’t think that’s true. It’s the third when it always hits him, and a small part of him wonders if Otabek feels that way, too. The first day apart is filled with promises, I’ll see you again soon, you won’t even miss me, the second is filled with the overwhelming sense that he can breathe, which is nice after being joined at the hip for a week, but the third always hurts. The third always comes with the realisation that they aren’t together anymore, almost like he’s missed a hit of some incredibly addictive drug and the previous hit as finally worn off. 

He isn’t used to missing people, not like this, and a little part of him hates Otabek because, well, this is his fault. It’s only a little part, though, because the longing comes with the thrill of being inlove in the first place, something Yuri wouldn’t change for the world. It doesn’t make it any easier, though. 

So at nights, sometimes he cries because he misses Beka. Sometimes he cocoons himself in his duvet or makes an Otabek-shaped lump to sleep beside. Sometimes he just sits and feels the dull ache in his chest, but never once does Yuri wish the feeling away. 

It’s a twisted turn of fate that you never truly notice how deeply inlove you are until you’re torn apart, but Yuri supposes that the world just works like that sometimes. Every good thing has a bad to counter it, only this ‘bad thing’, Yuri is learning to embrace. 

The dull ache in his chest serves as a reminder that they’ll be together again. That ache reminds him that he is loved, even when Otabek isn’t there to say it. 


Because B1A4 has a ton of good albums with a ton of good music to ask a ton of great questions!! Inspired by: x 🌱 Questions with an * are taken directly from this brilliant post.

Let’s Fly

  • O.K.: A childhood crush?
  • Remember: The one thing you want people to remember about you?
  • Only Learned Bad Things: A habit you want to break?
  • Bling Girl: Choose one of your possessions to give to a crush or s/o.
  • Only One: The most encouraging thing someone’s said to/done for you?

It B1A4

  • Beautiful Target: How do you pursue a love interest? Are you active or passive about it?
  • My Love: Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Chu Chu Chu: Have you had your first kiss?
  • Wonderful Tonight: You (and your friends or s/o) are free tonight!! Where do you go? and/or The best party/event you’ve ever been to?
  • Fooool: Do you easily trust others? and/or How loyal are you?*

Ignition (Special Edition)

  • Baby Good Night: Worst thing you’ve done to avoid someone on social media, or just in general?
  • Because of You: Best childhood or relationship memory?
  • Baby I’m Sorry: Ever had your heart broken (or vise versa)?*
  • This Time Is Over: Worst memory you’ve ever had? and/or Worst thing you’ve ever done to someone?
  • So Fine: 2 physical attributes that you are attracted to? and/or 2 physical attributes of a bias that you love?
  • Super Sonic: 3 things you look for in a s/o?
  • Just the Two of Us: Do you believe “true love” lasts forever?
  • Smile: When was a time you were so happy you cried?
  • Feeling: A song that never fails to lift up your feelings?
  • Crush: How do you act/react around your crush? Are you super-obvious?
  • You Are My Girl: How do you fall in love? Do you fall fast and hard for someone or does it take time for you to fall in love?

In the Wind

  • In the Wind: Do you believe in fate or free will?
  • Tried to Walk: What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to give up?
  • If…: What is one thing you can’t live without?
  • I Won’t Do Bad Things: Your relationship deal-breakers?
  • What Do You Want to Do: What would you like to do on the perfect date?
  • Be My Girl: Have you ever confessed to a crush or told someone “I love you?”
  • In the Air: What do you do to relieve stress?

What’s Happening?

  • Starlight Song: A song that makes you sad/cry?
  • What’s Happening?: Weirdest/Strangest situation you’ve ever been in? and/or Most bizarre/craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  • Yesterday: A memory you would like to relive?
  • Good Love: Biggest regret?
  • How Many Times: What’s the greatest thing you’ve done to impress a crush/someone?

Who Am I

  • Prologue: Introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met in just 10 words (can be in a list or sentences).
  • Lonely: Do you like being alone? and/or 3 songs you listen to when you’re feeling down.
  • Love Then: What’s a situation that seemed bad to you at the time, but actually turned out to be good?
  • Amazing: 5 words to describe a bias
  • Baby: What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to work at/for?
  • Oh My ***: What has surprised you the most this year? and/or What’s the biggest drama you’ve ever been involved in?
  • Too Much: Someone/Something you miss right now or a lot?
  • Pretty: When is a person most beautiful/attractive? and/or Do you believe in ideal types? Do you have one?
  • Who Am I: Describe your past, present, and future in 3 words (1 word for each).
  • Drunk with Music: A song that turns you on~ hahaaa
  • Road:  Who do you look up to? Name those (living, dead, fictional, real, etc.) who have inspired you in life.
  • Seoul: A place that reminds you of a special memory?


  • SOLO DAY: What would you do on your SOLO DAY (aka if you had a day all to yourself)?
  • You Make Me a Fool: Your most embarrassing moment?
  • Are You Happy (with Him)?: If you could ask your bias one question, what would it be? and/or If you could get the answer to any question in the universe, what would it be? And, if necessary, who would you ask it to (your person can be dead, alive, fictional, real, etc.)?
  • A Glass of Water: Something on your bucket list that you still want to experience/accomplish?
  • Drive: 4 songs to jam to while you’re going on a long drive/road-trip?
  • You: 3 reasons why you love a bias

Sweet Girl

  • Sweet Girl: Favorite dessert? and/or Favorite scent?
  • You Are a Girl I Am a Boy: Do you believe a guy and a girl can “just be friends?” Have you ever maintained a close friendship with someone of the opposite sex?
  • After 10 Years: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • Wait: Something you’re looking forward to?
  • Love Is Magic: Have you ever been in love/Are you in love right now?* and/or What is love to you?

Good Timing

  • Time: Your favorite time of the day? and/or How have you changed the most within the past year?
  • A Lie: Biggest lie you’ve ever told?
  • The Moment I Fall for You Again: When did you fall for your bias?
  • Good Timing: Pick one person to go time-traveling with!!
  • Nightmare: What’s the worst dream you’ve ever had (or one you remember very vividly)?
  • In Dreams: Conversely, what is the best dream you’ve ever had? and/or What is your life dream/goal?
  • Sparkling: Why do you like being a BANA (or the B1A4 fandom)?
  • To My Star: The most amazing/beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?*
  • Melancholy: Have you ever experienced unrequited/one-sided love? and/or What’s something you hated at first, but eventually ended up loving?
  • I Will Find You: The most precious thing you’ve ever lost? and/or Have you ever been lost? Are you good with directions?*
  • Drunk on You: What is something (show, book, song, person, etc.) that you are currently unhealthily obsessed with?
  • With You: Why do YOU ♡ B1A4?


  • Rollin’: Falling in love/Loving someone else is like _________________.
  • You Need Me: Something you really need (or want) right now?
  • Love Emotion: Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? Why?
  • Smile Mask: Use a color to describe your mood right now. Why did you pick that color?
  • Call Me: How much time in a day do you spend on your phone (or other technology)?
  • Like a Child: Name something (like a thing or event) that has made you feel old recently.
L is for Little Black Dress

 Author’s notes: This is for the amazing @simons-thirst-squad‘s challenge! this story follows this story do i have to title it. also i do have to say i’ve never really wrote smut before. I’ve ever only written fluff, because i love fluff. also if there are any grammar erroes, or spelling errors please for give me i’ve done this on my phone.

Warnings: Smut 

Pairing: Simon X addie

       Simon’s group had found an abandoned plaza they had yet to search for items, it seemed untouchable in this post apocalyptic world. So they got to work gathering and packing what they could use in the sanctuary. Once they filled up the trucks and we’re ready to go home, Simon realized Addie was missing. Arat informed him that Addie had went in to the abandon clothing store, stating that his girlfriend need new clothes since hers were hand-me-downs from her previous group. With instructions to his people to go home, promising that they would catch up he headed toward the store looking for his Addie.

      He had found her in the women section of the abandoned clothing store. She was looking at herself in the mirror turning this way and that, as if debating to keep what she was wearing. There was a bag full of clothing and shoes next to the mirror, Addie’s messenger bag neatly placed on top. Simon never seen Addie in a dress before, especially a black dress that hugged her curves. A dress that made her look so innocent and seductive at the same time. He admired her from afar, she hadn’t realized that he was watching her. He noticed the dress’s bodice had a heart shape cut, which had lace joined that came up to her neck. The dress stopped mid thigh, showing off her shapely legs, she had found lacy tights that had small hearts scattered over the fabric. Simon watched as she bent over to strap on heels she had found and he groaned in pleasure to see she wasn’t wearing underwear underneath her tights.

        Addie spun around to see Simon leaning against an empty display stand that once held jewelry. She felt her face burn with embarrassment. She hadn’t seen him standing there. She was also embarrassed because the dress she was wearing was a size too tight. 

        “good lord above.” Simon growled voice husky with desire, he had taken a few steps toward her. “you look,” he paused eyes trailing up and down her body, he licked his lips and grinned down at her. “mouthwatering.” 

           She didn’t say anything, she was too shy and embarrassed. Addie never wore anything like that before. Hell, before the Walking Dead took over she was a pants and t-shirt gal telling herself that maybe one day she would wear something sexy, but that time never did come. 

         “thank you.” She said softly, she had her back against the mirror looking down at her feet. Simon took another step closer to her until he was a few inches from her. He stared down at her, she still looking down. He took a mental notes that the heels had gave her five more inches to her height. He reached out taking her chin in his hand and making her look up at him, but she looked away. Simon sighed in frustration. 

           “Is this because of the twinky thing?” he asked. “I said I was sorry.” Addie looked up at him in confusion. 

        “what? No…” she trailed off, biting her lip in thought. Simon was her boyfriend, she could confide in him with anything. “it’s just, I’ve never wore a dress like this and I’m a little embarrassed.” Simon raised his eyebrows in disbelief. 

      “embarrassed?” he took a step back and gave her the up and down. “you look hot mami.” Addie laughed and shook her head. “muy callente.” He finished wiggling his eyebrows at her. She laughed again. Simon had begged her to teach him a few things in Spanish, but he only wanted to learn the naughty things, the bad words or to cuss someone out. 

       She found herself reaching up to hug Simon, he was so sweet and kind to her. he returned the gesture in a tighter form. Addie felt something hard poking in to her hips. A blush formed on her face when she realized what it was. She looked up at Simon, and saw him smiling down at her. He reached up cupping her jaw in his hand and leaned down to kiss her forehead. She felt her heart thumping against her rib cage, the wetness between her legs suddenly apparent. She wanted him. 

      She found herself reaching up and grabbing his hand to kiss his palm gently. She then kissed him on the mouth surprising the taller man. He pulled away, mouth open in disbelief . Addie was surprised with herself as well. She and Simon hadn’t had sex the two months that they had been together, and she was too shy to kiss him on the mouth. They had a chat about it when they first got together, and Simon had promised never to push her into something she didn’t want to do. He had patiently waited. It took her two weeks to let him hold her hand, a month before he could touch her, two weeks ago she allowed him to kiss her on the forehead or neck. They didn’t share a room at all, but every now and then she liked to nap with him. 

          Now Addie wasn’t a prude, she just wasn’t used to the idea that someone would want to have sex with her. She had only two lovers in her 28 years of life and both of them were really bad. They always told her to be quiet, one of them didn’t like that she scratched or bite. The other once told her if she had lost weight she could have an orgasm. She never had one with either of them. Taking a deep breath, she kissed him again. But quickly pulled away when she felt him tense up. 

       “I’m sorry, I-“ Simon cut her off by kissing her again and pushing her up against the mirror, hands at either side of her pinning her in place. He kisses were needy and rough. She found herself moaning in his mouth when he begun to grind himself against her. 

       “may I touch you?” he whispered, kissing her neck and biting her earlobe gently. He pulled away from her to stare down at her. Addie didn’t answer but closed her eyes. Simon felt himself smile as he leaned down and kissed her again, his hands gently running up and down her hips. He groped and squeezed at the back of her thighs, pulling her closer to his harden member. He couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to taste her. He had dreams about it, hell he even touched himself in the privacy of his room to the idea of being on his knees, pleasuring her with his tongue. He was about to come to the idea of it. He pulled away from her again. “may I taste you?” Addie’s eyes widen and stared up at him. She didn’t know what to say. Her exes never had done that before, she didn’t know what to expect so she answered with the first sentence that came to mind. 

       “do you want me to take off the tights? Or my dress? ” Simon gave himself a mental high-five and shook his head to her question. 

        “oh, hell no. I want you in that dress.” he whispered his voice growling with want. she watched him as he sank to his knees giving her kisses allover her chest and torso, down her stomach. She watched him run his hands up and down her hips and then he gently begun to push up the edge of her dress, slowly, it rode up over her thighs, and finally up to her hips. Simon found himself moaning as he was greeted with the sight of her. 

       He gave light kisses, he gently pushed at her thighs until her legs were spread out . He littered her thighs kisses before ripping the tights in the crotch area. He looked up at Addie, giving her some time just in case she decided she didn’t want to do this. But when she nodded down at him his heart sang a chorus of “yes!” Then he buried his face in her aching arousal, she cried out as Simon’s tongue begun to work her. She found herself digging her nails in to his shoulders and moving her hip against him. Simon found himself palming his hardness through his pants. 

     He was in heaven. Her taste was beyond what he had dreamt, her moans and curses made him hurt with an intense need. Curses and moans escaped Addie’s mouth, she was trying to be quiet just in case the undead was near by. She pleaded and whimpered. She had never thought oral sex was this amazing. She could feel her climax building up, she wanted this, she wanted him. Simon’s name spilled from her mouth in pleasure. Simon couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to be inside her. just before she came Simon pulled away. Addie gave a sound of protest, but he grabbed her by the neck and kissed her hard on the mouth. 

      “I’m sorry,” he whispered as he picked her up and pushed her against the mirror. “need Inside you.” He couldn’t form sentences, he just wanted her, to feel her heat squeezing at him. To have her moan and scream his name. He reached down between them and freed himself from his pants and with a quick movement he sank in to her. Addie cried out, he groaned. She gripped his shoulders as he begun to thrust into need. She wrapped her legs around his waist and rode against him. She was lost in pleasure, she didn’t care if her back slammed in to the mirror behind her, or if she was being too loud. She bit and scratched at Simon, demanding for more. He growled and groaned as he pounded into her. 

         “bite me!” she demanded grabbing his hair and yanking Hard. He snarled as he sank his teeth in to her chest, she cried out raking her nails down his strong arms. “Simon, can you please choke me?” she whispered. Addie mentally cursed herself, why did she say that out loud? She didn’t want to scare off Simon, but at the same time it was one of her fantasy. Simon’s head snapped up to look at her in disbelief. ”please.” She took his hand and placed it around her neck. Simon felt a smile form on his face. He was ecstatic, he continued the momentum of his hips, firmly grasped Addie by her neck with his right hand. He leaned down mouth against her ear. 

     “do you like me pounding your tight little wet pussy?” Simon asked. Addie whimpered, nodding her head. “good girl, now come for me.” He squeezed at her neck, and Addie saw stars. Simon begun to whisper dirty thing in her ear and while squeezing and releasing the grip on her neck. He continued to pound into her with such savagery. She thought he was going to break her. At that point, she could no longer hold back. Pleasure erupted within her. Her entire body shook and trembled with her climax, Simon‘s name falling from her lips. Simon roared and reared up, sinking deeper in to Addie as his orgasm hit him. He let go of her neck and violently shoved his hips in to her, slamming her against the mirror. His orgasm coursed through him. her moans, her heat, his name flowing from his mouth was too much for him to handle. 

      Neither of them moved as they basked in their afterglow. They stayed in that position for a few minutes, Addie up against the mirror her legs wrapped around Simon’s torso, him holding her up and his head resting on her shoulder; both trying to catch their breath. Simon slowly removed himself from Addie with a groan and she gave a little gasp. He then gently lowered her to her feet.

         “would it be weird if I asked for a high five?” Simon asked her as she let go of him.Addie shook her head as she readjusted her dress. Her legs felt shaky and unsteady. she was a little sore, but happy. 

         “hell, no. I just had my first orgasm ever, that deserves a high five!” she smiled up at him and hit his extended hand with hers. Simon nodded his head and begun to adjust his pants, but froze when he realized what she said. 

        “first? As if you never had one before?” he asked looking up at her after zipping up his pants. she nodded, a blush on her face. Simon felt pride bloom through him. He looked around suddenly feeling scummy. He had given her, her first orgasm in an abandon and walker ridden building. He should have waited or asked her! He would have planned it better. Addie watched Simon’s face change through a phase of emotions. She knew he was internally arguing with himself. She reached out taking his hands in hers. 

       “ it’s okay!” she smiled at him. “truth be told this is was  one of my fantasies.” Simon gave her a small smile.

     “really?” he asked. she nodded. 

       “yep! It was amazing. can we do it again?” she asked. Simon laughed and pulled her close. 

     “of course.” He answered his voice husky. Addie giggled and kissed him on the mouth.

       “as in right now?” she asked hopefully. A image flashed through Simon’s mind, Addie on her back in the back of his truck, eyes glazed with lust and mouth swollen from kisses. He could feel himself hardening with that thought. He needed that today happen asap. would she be willing to do that ?

        “okay, since we fulfilled one of your fantasies, it my turn.” Addie’s eyes lit up with excitement, and gave a quick “okay” he mentally cheered once again. he smirked down at her  “have you ever done it in the back of a truck?” Simon asked. Addie shook her head. oh, she was going to be the death of him. he had so many scenarios running through his head.  “well, my lady. “ he said sweeping out his arm. “we have a few minutes to spare before Negan starts calling us.”  Addie giggled with glee, before picking up her items and taking Simon’s hand in hers. The two ran towards the entrance of the building like two horny teenagers past curfew.

Things I Learned Today In The Science™ Relm

-Mars Reconnaissance took some really amazing pictures of Mars, they’re so pretty

-The Engineers are very bitter about the James Webb spacecraft having not launched yet to replace the old one

-The Science People make fun of each other by pointing and explaining part of a satellite and then saying ‘but that’s not important, is it (insert person who created that part)?’

-Goddamn do they love their acronyms

-When satellites take pics of galaxies and nebulas, they’re taken in infrared, so they don’t actually look like that in real life (to us)

-Heres a really cool (infrared) pic of the Amdromida Galaxy

-Once you start the scientists talking about something sciencey, there’s no stopping them

-When the Science Place plans events they always order wayyyy to many cookies (nobody minds though, they just put the left over ones in the break room)

-All of The Engineers will start teaching anyone in their general vicinity about their field of Science™ if you leave them there long enough

-This one guy was almost in tears while he was arguing with this other guy about Propulsion Systems compared to Electronic Systems. They were tears of rage.

-They’re all huge nerds and they don’t even deny it

-The time period between satellite launch and orbit is hated by all because of the messed up schedule

-Boy do they love their power points

-97.4% of their population speaks purely in passive aggression and/or sarcasm, your ears will bleed

-They get very happy when you show genuine interest and ask questions about the Science Thing they’re talking about

-The Engineers are all a mixture of Chaotic Good and Lawful Evil

-Great™ at naming their projects

-Two of the buildings were named SSB and NSB, which stood for South Science Building and, you guessed it, North Science Building

-A C R O N Y M S

-They’re all ridiculous

-Mars is a really big ice cube with a bit of sand covering it

-Jupiter has a LOT of radiation to go with it’s really big gravitational pull and I think it also has a really big electromagnetic field? Not quite sure in that last one

-Space is really big and while it takes 8 light minutes for light to get to Earth from the Sun, it takes light 58 light minutes to get to Jupiter

-Science is really important you guys

-They’re the only company in the world who is doing these projects

-NASA only funds them, they don’t actually run the discovery missions

-Space is so fucking cool

anonymous asked:

What should I do if I have suicidal thoughts ? Pls help me

suicide, suicidal thoughts, they’re definitely not an easy topic, that’s for sure. fortunately, there are ways to be able to overcome these thoughts, and the most important one, is learning. it’s learning to change the perspective you have on this world. it’s learning to take these thoughts as a benefit. to alter them into something that keeps you living. learning, from experience.

of course, learning is a process, and it’s okay if you don’t learn quickly, people learn at different rates, and no matter how slow or quick you are, what’s important is that you keep learning, because learning is never ending.

to me, i learned from my suicidal thoughts after i changed the way i look at the world. mostly, i look at it as a battle, there’s you, a fellow soldiers, and then there’s life, the land you’re fighting on, and your enemy, or the thing you’re fighting to reach, which can be whatever your goal is (happiness, a certain dream, etc…). there are also the other soldiers, you may be associated with them (family, friends, etc..) or you might not know them (people around you in general). 

in order to reach your goals, you need to fight. fighting is not easy, it takes time, a battle can be won in many different ways, there are so many ways to fight. in this battle, however, there’s only one way to lose: giving up. if you give up you’re running away from the battle, meaning you couldn’t do it, you couldn’t reach where you want to go. and it’ll be hard for the other soldiers around you too, because they’ll be weaker without you. and if everyone in this world gave up, we’ll lose this fight, and we won’t get to where want to.

and i’m sure you’ll be able to make it through, everyone can, if you think you’re too weak, you aren’t, everyone has their low points in life, and when you’re at your lowest, remember that the only way left is up, and keep learning from the bad things, what to avoid, and be yourself. these experiences might change you, no matter how long it takes, be strong. and i’m always here if you want to vent, you can message me or ginny anytime, we’ll be there to help you. any of you, that are reading this. here or here. and i love you so damn much and i’m proud of you for reaching out, don’t be afraid to do so, stay strong. ily


manga meme (1/6 female characters) ; 

“i had always believed that trusting others was ‘good’ and doubting others was 'bad’. but because of this, i never really got to know my friends. even though we were able to make conversation as if we were close… when exactly was it, i wonder, that i started to run away from trying to understand their true thoughts and feelings?” – kanzaki nao, liar game

ah yes here i am back in the swing of things

would u believe i had to look for almost as many references of a volleyball as i did for bokutos hair


B1A4 has to play a game where they have to guess the song that the English teacher is translating in English to. The song he was translating was ‘Only Learned the Bad Things’, and Baro guesses it correctly because the part that was being translated was his rap. Sandeul has a raging fit and exclaims “I don’t know his rap!” and Baro backfires with “I don’t know his song!” LMAO

Since you moved in:

Since you moved in:

I’ve learned that you nuzzle into me just before you wake up.
I’ve learned that my favorite place to kiss you when you are sad is your temple.
I’ve learned that your shoulders keep all of your worries, well past the point that your mind gives up on them.
I’ve learned that some trees in the middle of the city is not nature.
I’ve learned the freckles on your chest make a spiral, not a circle.
I’ve learned your scars are soft, but the memories are hard.
I’ve learned that you don’t like cucumber or bananas quite as much as you say you do.
I’ve learned that you have a hard time keeping your feelings about injustice or ignorance off your tongue.
I’ve learned that we can’t be happy unless we have pizza for dinner at least twice a month.
I’ve learned that your body is most at ease when it is pressed against mine.
I’ve learned that your eyes are even more fascinating than a camera could convey.
I’ve learned that your favourite spot is laying on my chest, your head under my chin and our arms around each other.
I’ve learned I won’t actually squish your heart til it explodes if I lay dead-weight on top of you (in fact, you kind of love it).
I’ve learned that the dog listens to you more than me.
I’ve learned that showering together takes less time about 85% of the time.
I’ve learned that I am capable of loving you more than I thought possible.
I’ve learned that we can bicker or argue and it doesn’t diminish our love for each other.
I’ve learned that the sound of you singing while you get ready is my happy place.
I’ve learned that the small of your back is the most ticklish, but your side gets the biggest reaction.
I’ve learned that our kids are going to be the luckiest in the world.
I’ve learned that if I’ve had a bad day, the only thing that will make it better is you.
I’ve learned that your hair has a mind of its own. I’ve learned that you crinkle your nose so hard when you laugh naturally.
Ive learned that it’s not a matter of if we will get married, simply when.
I’ve learned that I have chosen the absolute best partner for me; for the rest of our lives.


Friday, 1/15/15, 6:21 pm | Spent most of the afternoon at the Boston Public Library with a friend getting some work done for next week. It’s a great atmosphere, and I listened to a whole lot of Real Estate (my favorite band), so I was really, really content. I put the most effort into re-writing some notes from one notebook into a bigger one, which actually was a great way to review and memorize what I learned in my first week of classes. The only bad thing was that the wi-fi was extra spotty today (the library was packed) and you can’t have drinks in there, so I was without coffee or water for, like, four hours. Pretty sure I almost died.