learned only the bad things


manga meme (1/6 female characters) ; 

“i had always believed that trusting others was ‘good’ and doubting others was 'bad’. but because of this, i never really got to know my friends. even though we were able to make conversation as if we were close… when exactly was it, i wonder, that i started to run away from trying to understand their true thoughts and feelings?” – kanzaki nao, liar game

I realized the reason I can’t stand my dad locking up my cat for meowing when he’s trying to ‘talk important business’ is because I hate that he’s treating my cat the exact same way he treated me and my siblings growing up. 

Like a nuisance. If he’s spending time with my mom he doesn’t want to be bothered (everyday, every single day this happens) and sends my cat to be locked up in my room. It wouldn’t be so bad if it were only for a few minutes but it’s for hours and I have to listen to her sad requests for freedom that I can’t grant. 

So yeah, I figured out why it sparks my old anger, I don’t want my cat to go through the same things I did. I’m so angry and hurt and I can’t forgive him. Maybe one day when I’m far from home, I can learn to forget but when I’m reminded of it everyday I just can’t. 

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Is goodness learned? Do you think if one never feels guilt, they could never learn how to be good to others? Do you think, if a person were to somehow grow up isolated from all other humans- therefore not being exposed to the social standards and morals that we have- that when he meets other people, he would be "good" to them. What does being a good person even mean? If a purge day did exist, do you think people would really go out to kill and rape others by the masses?

Merciful heavens. What a lot of questions.

My dear, better philosophers and thinkers than I have tried to answer these and everyone was still baffled after they did. 

It seems pretty obvious to me is that goodness must be learned. It only makes sense that way. People naturally want to do bad things, I mean, you don’t have to teach a child to lie, but you do have to teach him to tell the truth. It seems that people are selfish creatures that need at the very least some morality in order to keep them from going out and doing whatever they want. Otherwise they hurt the folks around them.

And as for being ready to go out and kill and rape others, well, I’d say that this would vary from person to person. Some people are naturally more led by their appetites than others, and those are the sort more likely to go out and destroy things en masse. There are those more likely to weigh consequences, and they might not want to join in mass killings, even if all morality is taken out of the picture, because they think it would be detrimental to society as a whole. 

But it’s kinda hard to take morality out of the picture. Every society, no matter how supposedly basic, has some sort of moral code, and it is just as much a part of humanity as wickedness is. Yes, unrestrained appetites are something every person must fight against, more or less, but we also know that we’ll destroy ourselves with them. People also have enough intelligence to know that they can’t just do what they want all the time. 

Personally, these hypothetical situations are not nearly as important to address as the question of whether I am willing to engage the self-control necessary for morality. I cannot answer for the actions of others, but I must answer for my own selfishness. That is the greater question that every person needs to ask, because it’s much more important to develop yourself and become more mature than it is to mull over questions that cannot be fully answered.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

I don’t give a damn about the statement you’re trying to make: Stop telling girls that learning how to defend themselves is a bad thing. It only makes them more susceptible to getting hurt in a situation where they would NEED to defend themselves.

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Infinite and B1A4

YO i never saw these!! my bad :’y I haven’t listened to infinite well enough to have a top 10 but I can do a top 5

  1. paradise
  2. back
  3. last romeo
  4. bad
  5. the eye

b1a4 was the first kpop group I tried getting into! they’re special 2 me

  1. tried to walk (legendary…)
  2. my love
  4. only learned bad things
  5. baby
  6. sweet girl
  7. how many times
  8. what’s happening!!!
  9. beautiful target
  10. lonely
A sorry slime.

( @uzbosti )

*Tim the sewer Slime. Life was tough. with where they were, & how they started out, they couldn’t become ‘specialist’ or developed like some other slimes. Most ignorant people thought the difference between intelligent & animalistic slimes was if the Slime had access to specialty ‘clothes’ that let a Slime ‘stand up’ & look more like a traditional humanoid… Tim has learned that usually only bad things happen when they try and go topside… But… it almost feels worth the risk, seeing that someone has just accidentally dropped their lunch on the sidewalk*

*if they could just… squeeze on up, and rush back down… maybe it would be ok*

*Tim sets their plan in motion, starting to squeeze up through the grate*


Friday, 1/15/15, 6:21 pm | Spent most of the afternoon at the Boston Public Library with a friend getting some work done for next week. It’s a great atmosphere, and I listened to a whole lot of Real Estate (my favorite band), so I was really, really content. I put the most effort into re-writing some notes from one notebook into a bigger one, which actually was a great way to review and memorize what I learned in my first week of classes. The only bad thing was that the wi-fi was extra spotty today (the library was packed) and you can’t have drinks in there, so I was without coffee or water for, like, four hours. Pretty sure I almost died.

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I was part of the SJW movement for about a year, and let me just say that the time I spend 'indoctrinated' (trust me, this shit is a cult) was hands-down the worst experience of my life. When I first immersed myself into social justice culture, I had only just come out as a lesbian, and I saw in them a community where I could just be myself - they encouraged me to accept myself for who I am and what I'm like as a person, and I spent a lot of time just talking to some of these SJWs and (cont)

wondering why anti-sjws existed because the movement was so good and accepting to everyone of all sexualities, genders and races. Over time, I managed to cosy up to some of the ‘high-ranking’ SJWs, who basically groomed me to take on their beliefs and denounce everyone who doesn’t agree with me as a hateful and horrible person, effectively cutting me off from the outside world.

As a cis white girl, I was emotionally manipulated into believing that I was 'privileged’ and that I needed to denounce my 'privilege’ by teaching others about how they could be saved from the evil and horrible 'privilege’ that was inside of them by adopting the words and beliefs of the SJWs - I was basically groomed into becoming a mindless evangeliser, and was taught to hate myself for things that I couldn’t control such as the colour of my skin  which really fucked me up - I began to believe that I was an evil racist beast despite the fact that I’ve never been intentionally racist to someone in my life. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety soon after, and my life basically went of the rails as I fell further and further into a pit of self-hating. Now, I’ve managed to leave, and while I’m a lot happier now I still find myself questioning my own beliefs, like someone who escaped a cult would do.

By the way, if I forgot to turn off anon at least once on my long list of messages could you please find some way to hide it or just not post my massive tirade at all? I’d really like to remain anonymous as this is rather personal stuff that I wanted to share…

Don’t worry anon, you made everything completely anonymous.

Yeah, that’s a chilling retelling of your experience… As you get sucked in I think it’s harder to tell where the line is between “social justice advocate” and “Social Justice Warrior™.” That’s when they hit you by pointing out all of your “flaws” (which are really just descriptors like race and gender) and the only way to be truly high ranking is to master the act, or to be everything they don’t hate (a near impossible task).

I’m glad you managed to get out of that and hope you can come to accept yourself as a person. I think the fact that you’re concerned about this stuff in the first place shows that you are a good person, and that if you channel those feelings into a way that YOU are in control of that you will better be able to prove to yourself that your beliefs are valid.

I mean, look at this blog… I started off with hardly any followers. I tagged all my shit, attracted the notice of @takashi0, and really took off as a result (I may have been able to do it without him but to be honest I wouldn’t have grown as fast as I did without the publicity he gave me). Now I get people who argue with me, which I see as an opportunity to reexamine and more fully develop my beliefs, and also people who support me, which make me feel like this is worth doing.

Of course, I do get some straight up hate, but I’ve learned to laugh at it. Clearly if they only have bad things to say about me instead of my arguments and opinions, then their opinions aren’t worth considering.

Anyway, hope that helps.

BPD Bitch Horoscope
  • Aries: you’re totally oblivious to the fact that sometimes you depend on others, which means you end up inadvertently fucking people over. Learn to recognize when you need external help and have some damn humility. Also, yeah - you got the shortest horoscope. Accept it.
  • Taurus: when the chips are down, nobody cares what you’ve built, what you own, how brilliantly you can cook or how good you are at sex if your personality is overbearingly fucking boring and/or possessive. Substance over style isn’t always the best way to go for you guys. Sorry ‘bout it.
  • Gemini: The reason you find meditation and mindfulness so torturous and dull is actually because you really, really desperately need it. Somehow, you react to your environment without even taking anything in. Use your breath for something other than talking trash and find something a bit deeper and more spiritual than your shallow attitude.
  • Cancer: Breaking News - there is no such fucking thing as a fully functional family unit! The reason why you have those weird eruptions of emotion that can (at their worst) make you look downright evil is because you put unrealistic expectations on having a stable base to operate from… and also because you side-step literally everything until your feelings boil over. Take a damn challenge and fly the nest, do you even know what you’re truly capable of?! JFC…
  • Leo: You’re just like a Hershey’s Kiss! Sweet, cute and totally fucking wrapped up in yourself. You’re 100% naive when it comes to relating yourself to those who may be less fortunate… and unfortunately for YOU, that means you’ve gotta tone down the constant introspection and learn the true needs of others. Brightening up every room you enter is lovely, keep doing that, but let’s be realistic - it’s not actually achieving much by itself.
  • Virgo: Lol, you have wasted SO MUCH TIME agonizing over every life decision that you invariably end up picking at random because you run out of opportunities. Your mental energy and critical abilities are so heightened that you’ve cycled back round to crashing through life like an idiot. You think you’re the world’s greatest actuary when realistically, you should probably just do some therapeutic gardening and wind the fuck down. Let the chaos of life be chaotic.
  • Libra: When the fuck are you going to talk to yourself the same way that you talk to others? You spend all your time keeping your interpersonal relationships on a level while simultaneously beating yourself up about everything. Maybe if you were nicer to you, then you wouldn’t panic and end up lying all the fucking time? Just a thought.
  • Scorpio: We get it. You lost. You got hurt. That one time. Several fucking years ago. Every day you’ve spent obsessing over it, another door has slammed shut in your self-pitying face. I mean come on, Scorpios have a whole script to their sign about making the choice over whether to indulge their Lower or Higher selves - at what point did you decide you were special enough to completely ignore this and get so petty over your basic bitch of an ex-lover?
  • Sagittarius: First of all, to the 2% of you that haven’t already dyed their hair red or black: you would look better if you dyed your hair either red or black. Second of all, STOP SAYING “IT’LL BE FINE” ABOUT THE THING AND THEN IMMEDIATELY BEING HIGHKEY NOT FINE ABOUT THE THING, BECAUSE WHEN YOU’RE IRRITABLE YOU ARE JUST THE WORST. In fact, just stop saying “it’ll be fine” altogether, because psychic intuition is pretty much the only thing you’re bad at learning. Oh, and cut out the martyr complex, it’s exhausting. You’re basically a genius lost in a cloud of social ineptitudeI mean, you’re on the opposing side of the zodiac wheel to Gemini, which is the sign of dumbasses who are great at PR, so go figure.
  • Capricorn: Emotional intelligence? Someone? No? Not nurturance, you’re great at taking people under your wing, you’re just not the best at judging whether or not what happens under your wing is beneficial for the people who are actually there. For instance - people sometimes feel reeeeally unwelcome in your house because you never sit the fuck down and take off your “host with the most” mask. Learn the goddamn difference between an empathetic decision and an executive decision.
  • Aquarius: Not everyone wants to hear what you think every second of every day in every situation. Nobody is right all the time and that’s something you gotta be able to admit if you’re called out on it. When you throw a tantrum because you’re wrong or you feel ignored, it often comes across as a bit pathetic. Also, there’s an extremely fine line between being a cool-ass bitch and being a total shithead. You’re on that line whether you like it or not, so choose wisely.
  • Pisces: Do fish have a backbone? Yes, so why the fuck don’t you? Calling on other people to deal with your confrontations for you is the shitty thing you do that causes the until-now unexplained guilt you’ve been feeling all your life. Get to know where your fucking boundaries are and build up the self-reliance to speak out when they get stepped on, you flimsy bitch.
Since you moved in:

Since you moved in:

I’ve learned that you nuzzle into me just before you wake up.
I’ve learned that my favorite place to kiss you when you are sad is your temple.
I’ve learned that your shoulders keep all of your worries, well past the point that your mind gives up on them.
I’ve learned that some trees in the middle of the city is not nature.
I’ve learned the freckles on your chest make a spiral, not a circle.
I’ve learned your scars are soft, but the memories are hard.
I’ve learned that you don’t like cucumber or bananas quite as much as you say you do.
I’ve learned that you have a hard time keeping your feelings about injustice or ignorance off your tongue.
I’ve learned that we can’t be happy unless we have pizza for dinner at least twice a month.
I’ve learned that your body is most at ease when it is pressed against mine.
I’ve learned that your eyes are even more fascinating than a camera could convey.
I’ve learned that your favourite spot is laying on my chest, your head under my chin and our arms around each other.
I’ve learned I won’t actually squish your heart til it explodes if I lay dead-weight on top of you (in fact, you kind of love it).
I’ve learned that the dog listens to you more than me.
I’ve learned that showering together takes less time about 85% of the time.
I’ve learned that I am capable of loving you more than I thought possible.
I’ve learned that we can bicker or argue and it doesn’t diminish our love for each other.
I’ve learned that the sound of you singing while you get ready is my happy place.
I’ve learned that the small of your back is the most ticklish, but your side gets the biggest reaction.
I’ve learned that our kids are going to be the luckiest in the world.
I’ve learned that if I’ve had a bad day, the only thing that will make it better is you.
I’ve learned that your hair has a mind of its own. I’ve learned that you crinkle your nose so hard when you laugh naturally.
Ive learned that it’s not a matter of if we will get married, simply when.
I’ve learned that I have chosen the absolute best partner for me; for the rest of our lives.

Friday nights
  • Some friends: Yeah, I went out and partied. Made a few friends...I think. I can't really remember much
  • Me: I learnt how to conjugate Finnish verbs... All night

lemme tell you something if you’re against ace headcanons bc the character in question has had sexual encounters, claim that ace headcanons could only be the result of something traumatizing, or it would take away something from any character you need to

1. rethink your choices and

2. think about how shutting out acehead canons is really fucking detrimental to a whole spectrum of people and effectively continues to censure them so please kindly not

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You really have such a beautiful outlook on life and I'm wondering what your secret is?!?

When I was younger I spent a great deal of time moaning and bitching about insignificant things without ever trying to make them better. 
I would let tough situations and negative people destroy me. 
If there was one thing bad in my life, no matter how small, I would let it outweigh the overwhelming amount of good I had, and I’d take things and people for granted, a lot.

I guess I learned how precious and fragile life was when I witnessed the absence of life..
When my best friend died at the age of 17, it hit me that at any given moment, I could be gone. 
I didn’t want to spend my days angry, feeling sorry for myself, focusing only on what made me upset. 
I learned to flip my perspective. 

Bad things were going to happen, are still coming.. but I don’t need to anticipate them, I don’t need to let them consume me. I need to look for the good, hold onto it, and appreciate the hell out of it. 

Being happy doesn’t come without challenge, but it’s worth it to try.

I journal daily, keep my life and the space I occupy as clean and happy as I can make it. I do my best to not dwell on the past, and things I cannot change. 
I dismiss negative people, and find a solution for the hard times. 

Mostly, I am unapologetically myself. On most levels I am just happy to be alive, I accept myself and do my best to not let anyone break my spirit. 

My secret isn’t a secret at all, it’s just working hard to be happy no matter what obstacles are thrown at me, and passing along that happiness to others. :)