learned only the bad things

I don’t give a damn about the statement you’re trying to make: Stop telling girls that learning how to defend themselves is a bad thing. It only makes them more susceptible to getting hurt in a situation where they would NEED to defend themselves.

I realized the reason I can’t stand my dad locking up my cat for meowing when he’s trying to ‘talk important business’ is because I hate that he’s treating my cat the exact same way he treated me and my siblings growing up. 

Like a nuisance. If he’s spending time with my mom he doesn’t want to be bothered (everyday, every single day this happens) and sends my cat to be locked up in my room. It wouldn’t be so bad if it were only for a few minutes but it’s for hours and I have to listen to her sad requests for freedom that I can’t grant. 

So yeah, I figured out why it sparks my old anger, I don’t want my cat to go through the same things I did. I’m so angry and hurt and I can’t forgive him. Maybe one day when I’m far from home, I can learn to forget but when I’m reminded of it everyday I just can’t. 


Friday, 1/15/15, 6:21 pm | Spent most of the afternoon at the Boston Public Library with a friend getting some work done for next week. It’s a great atmosphere, and I listened to a whole lot of Real Estate (my favorite band), so I was really, really content. I put the most effort into re-writing some notes from one notebook into a bigger one, which actually was a great way to review and memorize what I learned in my first week of classes. The only bad thing was that the wi-fi was extra spotty today (the library was packed) and you can’t have drinks in there, so I was without coffee or water for, like, four hours. Pretty sure I almost died.


B1A4 has to play a game where they have to guess the song that the English teacher is translating in English to. The song he was translating was ‘Only Learned the Bad Things’, and Baro guesses it correctly because the part that was being translated was his rap. Sandeul has a raging fit and exclaims “I don’t know his rap!” and Baro backfires with “I don’t know his song!” LMAO


「Miracle Radio -2.5kHz- Vol.1」

  1. 歩いてみる (Tried To Walk) -Japanese ver.-
  2. Angel Eyes
  3. Chu Chu Chu -Japanese ver.-
  4. Wake Me Up
  5. Beautiful Target -Japanese ver.-
  6. Ready To Go
  7. If…君さえいれば -Japanese ver.-

「Miracle Radio -2.5kHz- Vol.2」

  1. Tipping Point
  2. Fly Away
  3. Bling Girl -Japanese ver.-
  4. Tell Me Why
  5. 悪いことばかり学んで (Only Learned Bad Things) -Japanese ver.-
  6. Only One -Japanese ver.-
  7. O.K -Japanese ver.-

「Miracle Radio -2.5kHz- Vol.3」

  1. おやすみ good night -Japanese ver.-
  2. Yesterday -Japanese ver.-
  3. イェッポー (Pretty) -Japanese ver.-
  4. HEY!!
  5. Empty Mind
  6. Who Am I -Japanese ver.-

「Miracle Radio -2.5kHz- Vol.4」

  1. Believe In Love
  2. イゲ ムスン イリヤ〜なんで?どうして?(What’s Going On)
  3. So Fine -Japanese ver.-
  4. One Love
  5. Baby I’m Sorry -Japanese ver.-
  6. ムルハンジャン (A Glass of Water) -Japanese ver.-
  7. Beautiful Lie

「Miracle Radio -2.5kHz- Vol.5」

  1. Solo Day -Japanese ver.-
  2. In The Air -Japanese ver.-
  3. 星影のうた (Starlight’s Song) -Japanese ver.-
  4. Oh My God -Japanese ver.-
  5. You Are My Girl -Japanese ver.-
  6. 白いキセキ (White Miracle)