learned on bass

-people thought he was gay in highschool

-people also thought he was on hella drugs in highschool because he lost weight really fast

-used to actually be kinda pudgy

-got lasik (broke my heart)

-loves sports (mainly professional wrestling and hockey)

-roots for the LA kings (probably likes the Devils too tho)

-recovering addict who hid his use for several years! im so proud of him!!!!!!!!

-plays DND with Gerard + friends

-hair looks like a chocolate chip

-despite how quiet/shy he seems gerard has actually described him as being the more extroverted one of the two

-used to be a hella scenester in the NJ scene. interned for an indie label and hung out with all the local musicians

-didnt, contrary to popular belief, learn bass just for MCR. he just put it down after he+gerard’s band raygun jones broke up and picked it back up for MCR

-Hambone (of Pencey Prep) loaned him a bass when MCR formed because he didn’t have one

-Likes all kinds of music but electronica + new romantic music (like joy division and the cure) seem to be a huge HUGE influence if you listen to Electric Century

-Really good at naming things. He came up with the name for Electric Century in school, also came up with My Chemical Romance. 

-Came up with the name New London Fire which is the name of his bandmate Dave Debiak’s band!

-Loyal friend, has been friends with people like the Debiak brothers and Gabe Saporta literally since the 90s

-Love Of My Life

-a dad now! he just had a daughter named rowan

[translations] 2017.03.26 NCT DREAM fansign at Jeonju fan accounts

1. Seating arrangement: Mark Renjun Chenle Jisung Jeno Haechan

2. OP: Is there anyone Chenle would like to be roommates with? (Chenle currently rooms with their manager)
Chenle: Erm.. Jisung! [_JEONG_YUNO]

3. Mark went to YouTube that morning and watched the clip of Renjun crying during NCT LIFE hahahahahaha [_merroNCTg]

4. Jisung says his hands are bigger than Mark’s, so Jisung is hyung [___19990802___]

5. OP asked Jeno what was his favorite scene from NCT Life Entertainment Relay, Jeno said,”The part of Chenle and I, when I took out all the tissues” [gocksdk]

6. OP asked if there’s anything he would like to do when he grows up, Jisung said he would like to try lifting those heavy stuffs in gyms. Jisung drew x10000000 hearts for OP too, lol. [_merroNCTg]

7. OP asked what names did Jisung save the NCT members as in his handphone. Jisung,”I didn’t save their numbers” [thankU66]

8. OP: Who is the most interesting in NCT DREAM?
Jeno: That guy (Used his thumb and pointed at Haechan who is next to him) [nct_jeuha]

9. Mark’s four leaf clover [soda990802]

10. OP: When did you become so handsome?
Jeno: I think it’s since I entered SM.
OP: Nope, I think you have been handsome since birth.
Jeno: *laughs* [naro000323]

11. OP took out the photo card and asked Haechan to draw a lucky charm for him. He drew and was laughing to himself at the same time, and said he’s sorry for it [thanku66]

12. OP asked if Haechan started learning the piano at the age of 5 because he wanted to do so. Haechan says he wants to learn how to play the bass. [_merroNCTg]

13. OP: Any traits of the members would you like to have?
Jisung: Ah hahaha Chenle’s…. 
OP: Chenle’s???
Jisung: Chenle’s president identity. Mr. President [gocksdk]

14. OP: Jeno, what camera app do you use?
Jeno: Me? 
OP: Yes, because the photos you took turn out great
Jeno: I use the same app as Renjun. But I forgot the name [voice_haechan]

15. OP: Donghyuck ah, who is the best?
Haechan: Noona is!
OP: No it’s not noona, other than noona?
Haechan: Ah, it’s me! [gocksdk]

16. OP asked if Donghyuck has a solo, what would he like to do? Haechan said he wants to sing and do dance tracks too. OP asked other than singing, anything else? Haechan closed his eyes and said,”Musical”… Hope he gets chosen one day T_____T [seventeencity]

17. OP: Haechan said you wanted to get ear piercings right?
Haechan: I was thinking maybe I don’t want the piercings anymore
OP: Why! I think they would suit you T_T
Haechan: Really! I thought maybe I wouldn’t suit them….  [gooddingjak]

18. Quote of the day: God feeds every bird but doesn’t put right in its nest [I9990802_]

some SOFT CIVILIAN ANGEL CONCEPTS, because i love civilian angels:


a lone virtue, much smaller than many virtues but larger than some, is assigned with just one miracle– any miracle, it doesn’t matter, so long as it is moved by grace. some virtues turn planets with their miracles, but this one knows it should start smaller. much smaller, probably. it touches down in new york city, 1947, between a bustling club and a small pawn shop.

it’s very easy, once both feet are on asphalt, to stop listening to the hum of every voice in heaven and to focus on the the chorus here on earth; new york is as busy as the gates to purgatory and twice as noisy. and the music… there is really something to be said for the boundless nature of human music. the virtue sits in the window of the club and watches the musicians’ hands, losing days learning swing jazz measures.

after a while, the virtue sends a prayer up to God: “can i stay right here, where music and light never stops? there are countless patterns to it, and i want to see how people dance.”

so the virtue completes its task– one miracle, moved by grace: it learns to play the double bass, and joins a jazz band.


there are a few reasons God never sends seraphs to earth, the first of those being that they can never seem to stick the landing. the first seraph’s attempt is long, long before humankind is around to be embarrassed for it.

“smaller. slower. much less fire next time.” God says, grimacing.  “try again in 65 million years or so.”


it is the duty of a throne to know and impart all the wisdom of heaven, intermediaries for the rest of the angels and saints. this is an awful lot of knowledge, even for a mind as endless and intricate as a maze of mirrors– so much that some thrones can’t be bothered with the sharing. some find that human ears don’t take too well to their voices, simply can’t hear them at all, like colors outside a visible spectrum. one throne finds it’s much easier to whisper secrets to the dirt, all her voices at once, and make flowers bloom.


a few odd million years later, the seraph finally makes its way to earth. it gets the pacing right, squeezes itself into a form just about perfectly human, and causes no extinctions this time. but here’s another reason God never sends seraphs: they just don’t know how to shut up once they get going.

“listen, you’re on earth now. there’s only so many hours in a day for talking, learn to make it count.”

the seraph approximates a frown and says “but talking is my favorite.”

“and you’re very good at it. just maybe try only one voice and language at a time. speaking in multitudes scares the kids.”

“that seems fair.”

“– and enough with the flames.”

“i will try.”

“and remember you don’t need to cover your face when people look at you– i promise they won’t burn up.”


there’s a principality who spends all their time with dogs.

they abandon their post in heaven and come to earth with the express purpose of opening a shelter for abandoned ones, big and small, young and old. “but… couldn’t you have just let a human do that? isn’t that what humans do?” asks one skeptical angel, a malakhim, lowest of the choirs. “aren’t you supposed to be overseeing the rest of us? isn’t that your job?”

“because,” says the principality, comfortable under a pile of sleeping puppies. “half of you are so tiresome. look at these– these are the real angels.”

Lyn-Z Way: Stands for feminism, is well-read, an independent artist, is in a band and doesn’t just sing, breaking stereotypes, learned to play the bass in a week, believes you can build your own family, made it into a band before her relationship with Gerard.

Every person on here: Hella gay 4 Lyn-Z Way lolz. Gerard’s wife. Backbend. What band??? What art???? Lol love her husband.

ID #77818

Name: Lauren
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m from the midwestern United States, and going to be in my third year of high school this fall. I’m a massive nerd for anything involving history, geography, and languages. I only speak English fluently, but I’m working on my Spanish and dabbling in German and Korean.
I’m on the speech and debate team at my school and I’m very passionate about it, which has fed into a fascination with all things politics, philosophy, and international relations. I love to write, so chances are if we’re pen pals I’ll probably rant to you about my characters and plot lines a lil bit, and I also love reading so it’d be great to have someone to talk about books with. (Favorite book I’ve read recently was The Kite Runner, but for all time favorite, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is still the closest to my heart) Despite all the time I spend online, I love being outside and going for walks in my neighborhood creek, and I can’t wait until I’m out of high school and have the chance to travel.
As far as music goes, I’m super into theatre, so a lot of what I listen to is showtunes, but I really enjoy almost everything, with my favorites probably being alternative and jazz. I also play both standup and electric bass.
I really want to meet someone on here that shares some of my interests and I can talk to about anything, whether it be funny or serious. We’d have to start off on email because postage can be expensive depending on location, but it would be cool to eventually send snail mail.

Preferences: Agewise, probably between 14 and 19, but I’m interested in meeting anyone who thinks we’d click!

ID #78825

Name: Char
Age: 17
Country: England

I’m a non-binary high school student studying French, German and Maths at A-Level. I also play bass clarinet in my school’s wind band. I like music, reading and films.
I’m looking for someone to practice French/German with, preferably over email.

Preferences: 16-20 years old only please! No homophobes/transphobes

Who Are You? (Heechul)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hi there. Can I request heechul scenarios where your group had debuted for almost 3 years but still not that popular yet and you guys become guests on knowing brother and heechul take an interest in you. And you and him start going out after that. Thank you so much. Have a nice day 💖

Y/G/N: your group name

You were part of the rather unknown Korean rock group Y/G/N which consisted of four members 3 boys and 1 girl. After three years you all were about to call it quits but your manager had convinced you guys to stay together and try your best to promote the group. He believed you were an amazing group who just needed to be seen or recognized and then boom you could be the next CNBLUE. You weren’t a very well known group not that some of you weren’t known or anything, you had came into the idol world as a child actress who had a huge career ahead of you but you decided you didn’t want to be an actress and went into learning how to play the bass. Your drummer was an actor as well but none of you were not able to get your music career take off. 

“What do we do if we can’t get popular?” Jongkyeol, the lead singer asked as you buttoned up his school shirt “well I can go back to acting. I haven’t been in anything in a long time but I’m sure I could get roles. If that doesn’t work, we can just be normal people” you tell him. “I guess you’re right” he spoke as you smile. 


The door slid open as your guitarist, Geunsuk peaked in and all the cast members of Knowing Brother filled with confusion before the rest of you walked in. “Oh it’s Y/G/N” Kyunghoon called out as you looked surprised “they’re a rock group” he continued. “Are you the singer?” Soogeun asked you as you looked around at the others before pointing to yourself. “Me?” you asked “I’m the bassist. Jongkyeol is the singer” you told as you smiled sweetly. “Jeo Pongwoon” as the conversation shifted to your famous drummer. You felt eyes on you as you glanced over at Heechul who looked at you like he was trying to figure out who you were. “Y/N L/N? Like the child star” he spoke interrupting the current conversation before he was smacked. “Wait are you?” Hodong asked as you nodded lightly feeling embarrassed. “Let Pongwoon talk” you spoke as you were too embarrassed by your child self.

“You were so cute when you were little. What happened?” Sangmin spoke not meaning it as rudely as it came out. “I became ******* beautiful that’s what happened” you spoke your face was just as sassy as your tone as you shot the answer out almost instantly. Knowing it was bleeped out the room filled with laughter and shock that you would even respond like that because of how silent you had been for the past 20 or so minutes while the other members were answering things or getting picked on. “Now if 5 year old you said that” Janghoon spoke “I probably would have been hit on the butt by my mother” you told honestly “I don’t remember if she said she was going to watch this. She’ll call me and lecture me even though I’m 22″ you told them. “She will call Y/N and lecture all of us if we do something inappropriate and she finds out” Soogeun comments “and you always end up feeling like you’re a disappointment when she’s done” Pongwoon finishes. 


As the show went on they learned so much about Y/G/N. You guys could play your instruments and you could play them very well at that. You guys could even play the other members instruments as well if you wanted to switch it up for a song. You guys were honestly an underrated group like many others who got swept up under everyone else’s fame. “You look too cute for a rock band” Heechul comments not really caring as he began getting teased, his eyes were right on you as you gave him a look “she seems like she’s delicate” “these delicate hands can smack you pretty hard” you threaten getting closer and playfully swatting at him. “She’s the toughest member because people underestimate her based on the fact she’s a girl” Jongkyeol spoke. “She didn’t want to be a cute actress-” “I wanted to be a punk princess” you cut off the cute moment your group was giving you and you were hating all the compliments. “I am a punk princess actually” you finish. “I was trying to be nice” Geunsuk whined “I don’t want you to be nice. Tease me. This show is for teasing-” “and romance” Heechul cut you off giving a wink. “All this romance is really getting you even more single isn’t it?” you ask as his demeanor changed as the teasing started again. “She’s not like the others” Hodong spoke to him as Heechul laughed at it all.


“Thank you everybody for having us on. Please check out our new album coming out” Pongwoon told as you all bowed. Soon the cast broke off into small talk with the members as you had invested your self in Kyunghoon. You two were in a conversation before Heechul tapped on your shoulder “I was wondering if you wanted to go out for food later” he spoke as you stood there for a second before realizing his words. Little did you know you would find yourself in a relationship with a member of Super Junior. Your group ended up gaining more popularity from being on the show and of course when your relationship with Heechul was announced it also skyrocketed as people were curious about what you were. But over all your manager was right, all it took was being on Knowing Brother to boost your fame.

anonymous asked:

Can we get some random LynZ facts??

Sure !

Lindsey started working with paper because her mom used to bring home bags and bags of it from her job and it gave her something to do!

She got into dioramas because her and Gerard have themed Christmas presents every year and one year it was dioramas and she became obsessed with it and had a lot of fun doing it :-)

When Lindsey found out Gerard was going to be doing Projekt Revolution too, she started working out and dieting because she wanted to look pretty for him

The first 2 songs she learned on bass were Cherry Bomb by the Runaways and Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure

She got a vine tattooed on her stomach when she was 18 and sometimes has days where she hates all of her tattoos and ‘wants to rip them off’

She’s friends with Brody Dalle!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not a super fun fact, but it makes me happy)

Can we talk about Lynz Ways audition for MSI

-While at her art show she lied about know how to play the bass .

-She crammed learning bass lines a week before the audition

-She BOMBS the audition

-And during the middle of playing an audition song pulls out bacardi 15, lights two matches she hid in her pigtails, and blows fire everywhere almost setting the set on fire.

She got into the band.

ID #45436

Name: Bella
Age: 15
Country: USA

Hi guys! I’m just looking for funny chill people to be pen pals/friends with. I’m kinda shy at first, but if it’s over text or whatever it doesn’t matter lmaooo. I’m 15 yrs. old from NC. My first language is English but I’m working on Spanish rn. I love animals, writing, YouTube, reading, and makeup, also SCIENCE. Music is 11/10 too. I listen to some pop, but lately I’ve been into more alternative stuff, so if u can reccomend music we are already pals. I’m currently learning how to play bass guitar so that’s neat. Best form of communication would be email or text.

Preferences: Ages 15-17, but don’t talk to me if u are racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. (Race, gender, sexual orientation doesn’t matter)

so next year in band my teacher wants to have me

  • be the tuba soloist in a wind ensemble song
  • learn euphonium so that i can do a euphonium solo
  • learn upright bass
  • be first trombone in jazz band
  • rotate playing tuba, trombone, euphonium, and upright bass for wind ensemble 
  • be senior tuba (again)
  • be low brass section leader
  • be his teachers assistant during his first period

I refilmed a bass cover of You’re No Fun Anymore!! The first time I did it was when I was just learning bass and I was sitting on the floor in the video skdjhsldg… so I hope this is better than that one ,,,

My timing is slightly off in two little parts and it bothers me a lot, but oh well.

ID #41656

Name: Cierra
Age: 15
Country: United States

Howdy! (I tend to greet everything like this so be prepared)
I’m Cierra, as shown above, and I’m 15
The best way to probably describe me is Sarcastic, so please don’t take most of what I say to heart.
I absolutely love music, classic rock mostly but I am seriously into Fall Out Boy and have been for about 6 years now? (I’m going to see them live soon!)
I also love games, 99% of my time is mostly playing video games if I’m honest
I also really love reading I just finished the entire Harry Potter series and I absolutely loved it
Some random things about me are I know how to play bass guitar and Violin. I seriously enjoy memes and mostly the offensive ones. I’m in the process of learning French, so I may know a bit of that! I am also Bisexual
I also tend to swear a lot so, warning in advance.
I don’t mind talking over Snapchat or Tumblr, Tumblr may take a bit longer though,

Preferences: Any gender is perfectly fine! And any sexuality!
I prefer someone between the ages 14-18